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Dr Hayley Siddons Personal Statement (4293920)

Relationships: High Expectation & Open

During my pre-service teaching placements I have
strived to developed positive and respectful
relationships with the students and staff at the
schools where I was located. I do this by
remembering names, engaging staff and students
in conversations and being an enthusiastic and
approachable person. In working with students in
the classroom I like to show students that I care
about their learning, have high expectations of
them and their achievements; all the while
providing support and scaffolding to maximise
their success in learning. For unproductive
behaviours in the classroom, I minimised issues
before they become major problems by how I
conducted the classroom management (myself as
the teacher or the classroom setting); and/or by
talking and work with the student(s) to come to a
mutually agreed upon win-win situation for all
those involved. In building these positive school
communicate is key. Regular open communication
with students about their learning, with parents
about student achievement and concerns, and
with other school staff members allows all parties
to be on the same page; which in turn fosters a
learning community which is interested and cares
about student progress at school. This open
communication can come in many forms. For
example, I had regular contact with mum at home
about the nature of upcoming work for a
particular student on a Negotiated Educational
Programme at one of my placement schools so
that mum could prepare student at home before
class. This resulted in the particular student being
able to fully complete set work within class time
(which was not being done before home contact),
and resulted in a fuller and more comprehensive
understanding of the work being completed at the
Student Learning: ICT-rich and Student
In my teaching I utilise a variety of different
pedagogical methodologies, including whole class
and individual instruction, class discussions,
research, open investigations and practicals to
convey and reinforce new ideas to students. I
endeavour to have a student centred approach to
the learning, making use of a students cultural
backpack and making learning relevant to
student and everyday life. Particular in the
learning area of Science, I am a believer in
Learning by doing; whereby students are
provided with frequent opportunity to be
experiencing science, either through practicals,
open investigations and research. I design the
learning objectives to be able to have multiple
entry and exit points in the learning, which
provides differentiation within the learning for a
class of students who may be at different levels.
For example I structure maths investigations
which have a number of open questions, so that

Dr Hayley Siddons (0412 755 461)

students will be able to answer and expand upon

their knowledge of the learning, without limiting
them to just the taught content. I believe in
fostering and maintaining students naturally
curiosity; along with developing their critical
thinking and scientific inquiry skills. I aim to
promote students self-regulation in learning,
preparing them for their future learning and work
life ahead of them. I do this by modelling and
reflecting on student learning with the students
and encouraging students to take control of their
own learning (while providing support in the
assessment also plays a large role within my
classroom. Giving prompt and constructive
feedback to students, especially from formative
assessments, allows students to know how their
learning is progressing and lets them reflect on
what they (and me as the teacher) need or can be
doing to improve. Within this digital era I also
consider it highly beneficial to incorporate an ICTrich curriculum. I believe it engages and
augments student learning, as it provides
opportunity that would not be normally available
(for example seeing the working of a cell at the
microscopic level, or looking at Galaxy, Star or
Planet formation); as well as preparing students
for the present day and future working life. ICTs
applications (iPhone and iPad) and other on-line
learning tools. In the future I am also enthusiastic
to develop and conduct some Project Based
Learning (PBL), as I believe that PBL is a great
way of integrating curriculum and makes learning
more real for students.
Curriculum: For Effective Teaching and
I am qualified to teach middle school science,
Biology and Chemistry to Yr. 12 level. I have also
had experience during my pre-service placements
in teaching maths in years 8 to 10. In my teaching
experience I have planned and delivered lessons
and unit of work according to the outlines in the
SACSA and ACARA frameworks (middle and senior
secondary science and maths). I also have
experience in teaching SACE Yr 11 Chemistry and
Biology, along with developing assessment tasks
based on the SACE Achievements Standards. At
the same time I have used the SA TfEL framework
to maximise student-learning outcomes. In
planning a unit of work I build in reporting
strategies (such as rubrics), and I record and
calculate overall grades using Microsoft Excel
spread sheets. I use these unit plans and the
grading spreadsheets to keep both myself as
teacher and the students know where they are at
any given time within the unit of work; which
helps with student self-regulation and motivation.
I am highly motivated and committed in regards
to ongoing professional development and
reflective practice. I am a member of the South
Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA)

and the Mathematics Association of South

Australia (MASA); in which a regularly attend up
skilling and professional development training
workshops as part of the reporting to the
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
I have previously studied Molecular Biology and
Chemistry at a Postgraduate level and conducted
a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in molecular biological
research. From this I have developed close ties
with both the University of Adelaide Agriculture
and Plant Sciences departments and CSIRO Plant
Department of Education and Child Development
as part of the TeachSA recruitment; bringing
qualified science and mathematics professionals
into teaching.
Safe Work Practices:

Dr Hayley Siddons (0412 755 461)

From previous laboratory work and science

teaching practicums I have extensive knowledge
of a working laboratory. To making a safe working
and learning environments with the classroom, in
particular within the Science Lab, I promote
Class and/or Lab safety routines and
Lab specific safety procedures, such as
chemical waste procedures
OHSW and risk assessment, safe operating
procedures and MSDS use
Following school codes and policies for
behavioural expectations
I take my duty of care for the students and the
class/lab environment seriously, to promote the
best possible student learning.