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DP Baral: Student

Delan Jensen & Julie Pugmire:

Laughter Yoga.
30th July 18, 2015

Refection Paper
Laughter Yoga is a new form of exercise similar to internal jogging that promotes the use
of laughter as a form of physical exercise. Its core premise is that your body can and knows how
to laugh, regardless of what your mind has to say. Because it follows a body-mind approach to
laughter, participants do not need to have a sense of humor, know jokes, or even be happy.
Laughing is an easy way to strengthen all immune functions, bring more oxygen to the body and
brain, foster positive feelings and improve interpersonal skills.
Morning freshness give whole day good symbol of success. We may have noticed there
are times when you dont have to struggle hard and things come easy in life. Then there are times
when certain good or bad things happen and one just does not know the reason and gets quite
puzzled. Therefore, if we do laughter yoga early morning and understand and swallow these
principles as a whole, we can live a life of complete flow without asking too many abstracted of
the day. Laughter yoga will help the logical mind to accept what is not working and why we face
problems in life which are incomprehensible and make us upset and angry. What cannot be
explained logically can be understood by these spiritual principles. If we align ourselves to these
principles, one can experience moments of happiness, peace, harmony and unlimited potentiality.
That is the power of laughter yoga in breath of a sense of gratitude and then exhale laughter our
mornings first offering to the world.
The positive things laughter can do is that, it helps every individual to reduce stress in
some extent. A good laugh has great short and long term effects. When you start to laugh, it does
not just lighten our load mentally, it actually makes physical changes in your body. Laughter

enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases
the ability of thinking power in our brain also good medicine to deals with a stressful situation. A
carefree laugh fires up and then cools down our stress response and increases our heart rate and
blood pressure. Laughter can also encourage flow and aid muscle relaxation, both of which help
reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress too. Overall, laughter yoga work as a bridge of
efficiency way to bring down the stress in human life. Humans were designed to laugh. Laughing
is nature's stress-buster. It is our own personal stress release valve we can utilize whenever we
need it! It lifts our spirits with a happy feeling that makes us feel good and improves our
behavior towards others.
Where there is no mind, there is also no ego, and no room for conflict or power struggle.
Laughter is a universal language that transcends all barriers: language, age, gender, race, and
social background. It improves interpersonal relationships and enhances communication. It
interrupts the power struggle and breaks down the instinctive barriers between people. At a
deeper level it proves that discomfort can be overcome and also that we can all live in peace
together. It is now indisputable that laughter plays a role in healing, staying healthy, controlling
stress reactions, and maintaining emotional balance. Laughter has been rediscovered as a
powerful tool in the battle against many mental and physical diseases. Laughing causes the body
to release into the bloodstream high concentrations of communication substances related to
feelings of happiness, warmth, unconditional love, bonding, tolerance, forgiveness, kindness, and
compassion. Lets call this a joy cocktail. The presence of this joy cocktail of hormones and
neuro-peptides prevents the production of other hormones and neuro-peptides that correspond
with hatred, fear, violence, jealousy, aggression, and the emotions associated with war and

By laughing in groups, the amount of the joy cocktail is raised to high concentrations
through the multiplier effect. People leaving Laughter Yoga sessions go forth and interact with
many people who are in turn affected to varying degrees by this powerful emotional state of joy.
While Laughter Yoga teaches few exercises, it does promote the use of breathing
activities in-between laughter exercises as a way to relax the body and mind. Yoga teaches that
the mind and body mirror one another, and that breathing is the link between the two. This is
extremely important because when you deepen your breath, you calm your body. When you calm
your body, you calm your mind. When your body and mind are relaxed you start becoming more
aware of the present. The ability to fully live and experience the now is of greatest importance
because it is the only moment where we can experience happiness. Being in the now frees us
from the regrets of the past and the anxieties of the future and enables us to enjoy simply being.
Laughter Yoga is a delightful way to promote health while playing with friends or in
informal social settings. Laughter Wellness is a new form of lifestyle medicine that uses the
energy of laughter there is no humor or comedy to promote health and wellbeing in body, mind
and spirit. It offers a reliable, sustainable, and low cost complete practice to lessen the illness
impact and help improve peoples lives.