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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
Name: Ishak Alptekin

Date: 7/18/2015

This template is adapted from
The plan should guide the LEAs use of education technology for the next three
List specific start and end dates (7/1/2015 to 6/30/2018). Provide a brief overview School
of Science and Technology- San Antonio , its location and demographics and/or share a
link to the SST-San Antonio`s website.
School of Science and Technology was started to education in 2005.
It is a college prep charter school.
It is accredited from Texas Education Agency and Texas Charter Schools

It is member of TACAC, NACAC, NASSP and College Board.
Its location is on 1450 Ne Loop 410 in San Antonio, TX 78209.
Its website is
Its students` levels are 6th through 12th grades.
The total number of students (enrollment) is 437.
54% of the students are economically disadvantage.
This technology plan is between 7/1/2015 and 6/30/2015

Describe how a variety of stakeholders from within the SST and the community-atlarge participated in the planning process.
Campus Technology Advisors
School of Science and Technology has 2 computer teachers and with other 42
staff which makes contribution to campus technology plan by using and

implementing technological tools to teach their content area and lessons.

Central Office Technology Plan Development Group
District IT manager and District`s instructional coaches from each department
collaborate with campus teachers to plan how technological devices can be use in
the classrooms and how teachers can implement them easily to their classrooms.
Gathering subject teachers to discuss and share other beneficial technologic tools
for their classrooms.
Finance Department and Department Chairs collaborate in central office about
technology usage needs for campus . They are contributing to how the planning
process of implementing technology in the school and checking economically the
statues of school in order to school needs academically.

Summarize the relevant research and describe how it supports the plan's curricular
and professional development goals.

School of Science and Technology is a system of high performing college

preparatory open enrollment charter school that focus on math, science, engineering
and computer technologies.(SST Employee Handbook, 2014-2015, p.7) Because
that reason SST San Antonio has a goal to increase usage of technology in the
campus to increase the level of quality of education and expand effectiveness of

instructional technology education.

Addition to that, usage of technology will increase participation of students to
lessons. This will help teachers to reach many students in short time and help
students to effectively improve their learning skills. Moreover, usage of technology
will change monologue and ordinary classrooms to more engaged and more active
learning classrooms .Students will be eagerly to come school and be better learners.


The Plan must establish clear goals and realistic strategy for using
telecommunications and information technology to improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)
Describe teachers' current access to instructional technology and current use of
digital tools.

Academic leadership follows regular classroom visits to teachers rooms to monitor

the progress of the programs implemented as well as establishes support meetings
for those who need improvement in teaching methods and implementing

technology in classrooms.
School of Science and Technology uses Eduphoria software program for teacher to
submit their lesson plans, create homework, classwork, quiz and test. Also
Eduphoria helps teacher to see students` results and teachers can evaluate students
learning progress objective by objective. In addition to that teacher may assign
assignments through online which will let students to use technology other than
paper assignments. Preparation of more personalized and objective-specific tutoring

materials have been made possible use of technology in the Eduphoria.

SST provides laptops, IPads and Chromebooks to students and teachers use and
utilize for their lessons.
Such as science department has a suite of laptops that are powerful enough for
Video editing and interface with Vernier probe ware, and we have acquired
complete classroom sets of iPads and Chromebooks. Students use these
technologies to research information for projects, to collect and organize data in

laboratory experiments, and to create presentation aids.

Math teachers use Chromebook for their students to assign Think Through Math
program objectives to help them to more practice at least one period of day.

Also math teachers use Accelerated Math and CPS clickers once a week for class.
ELA teachers use IPads for students to assign more article assignment and reading
article assignments. Also ELA teachers Accelerated Reader program every day

during reading time to see students level of reading progress.

Evidence of the use of this technology can be found on campus frequently as there
tends to be classes using the 3 carts above every day. These mobile technology
platforms are in addition to the two computer labs on campus, each of which have

an entire class set of desktop computers.

Lastly, our robotics team was able to acquire a 3D printer, and our PBL teachers
will begin brainstorming how to design Math and Science PBLs that use this new
technology. Our goal is for our students to have access to and the knowledge to use
technology whether its for simple web browsing for internet research or for
designing 3D objects and printing them all while maintaining good digital citizenry

and making real world connections to technology use in the workforce.

Describe students' current access to instructional technology and current use of
digital tools. Include a description about the SST policy, practices, and/or
replacement policy that ensures equitable technology access for all students.

SST-San Antonio makes technology available to all students one period in a day.

SST-San Antonio offers 6th through 8th grade students to Robotics and Technology
Classes, Digital Publishing.

SST-San Antonio provides high school students different technology elective

classes. Such as Robotics, Digital Graphics and Arts, Consent of Engineering and
Technology, Advanced Journalism.

SST-San Antonio allows students after school to use computer laps for their

SST provides all students to access school database to get fast and efficient school

SST provides 8th-12th grade students to access Naviance to help connect academic

achievement and improve college and career planning.

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for using
technology to improve teaching and learning. Describe how these goals align to the
SST-San Antonio`s curricular goals that are supported by other plans. Describe how
the SAT's budget (LCAP) supports these goals, and whether future funding
proposals or partnerships may be needed for successful implementation.
-SST`s curriculum aims and plans are provide technology software programs
which helps teachers to provide best lesson planning to teach and helps students to
meet at least state standards and prepare them to be ready to go colleges.
- SST`s goals use the best software programs to improve student success by
following students improvement by using these software programs. For example
SST provides 8th-12th grade students Naviance to track their college readiness
planning steps.
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, to address
Internet Safety and the appropriate and ethical use of technology in the classroom.

SST-San Antonio arranges trainings at the beginning of school year to throughout

school year for school staff to how utilize and implement technologic tools in the

SST computer classes schedules in order to meet with students` technology literacy

needs and set to improve their computer skills.

-SST-San Antonio students` schedules arrange to take Lab classes which includes
improving their computer skills.


The Plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff
understands how to use these new technologies to improve education services
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)
Summary of the teachers' and administrators' current technology proficiency and
integration skills and needs for professional development.

SST San Antonio encourages administrators and teachers to attend to workshops,

professional development opportunities and webinar meetings in order to improve
their technologic needs.

SST-San Antonio determines administrators and teachers technology usages and

technology skills by checking their work and observes whether they use technology
in their classrooms or not.

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for providing
professional development opportunities based on your SST-San Antonio needs
assessment data and the Curriculum Component of the plan.

SST San Antonio provides presentations and instructional videos to their teachers
which explain step by step how to use in classroom and school. Also providing
every detail in order to students possible needs and questions.

SST- San Antonio uses database system to give teachers and administrators to see
students educational backgrounds and fill out their needs.


The Plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware,
software, asset management, and other services that will be needed to improve
education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)
Describe the existing hardware, Internet access, electronic learning resources,
technical support, and asset management already in the LEA that will be used to
support the Curriculum and Professional Development Components of the plan.

SST- San Antonio uses school email system for students parents and guardians
notify them by email about school programs, students academic progress,
discipline issues and events. School reach system which voice mail establishes to

inform parents about school upcoming events and news.

STT-San Antonio considers that for parents to have internet, home phone and cell
phone to rather using email, voice mail options to reach and inform them by using

these communication tools.

Describe the technology hardware, electronic learning resources, networking and

telecommunications infrastructure, physical plant modifications, technical support,

and asset management needed by the SST's teachers, students, and administrators
to support the activities in the Curriculum and Professional Development
components of the plan.

SST-San Antonio accepts that computer and internet are the main components for
teachers and students for implementing Professional Development curriculum

SST-San Antonio consider that implementing the technologic curriculum software
programs will improve students success by proving them more resources and
software programs to assist their needs


The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor
progress toward the specific goals and make mid-course corrections in response to
new developments and opportunities as they arise.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)
Describe the process for evaluating the plan's overall progress and impact on
teaching and learning.

SST-San Antonio uses tests, assignments results to evaluate students learning

progress and decide whether current method or plan effects students success or not.
-SST- San Antonio uses results of assignments and assessments and comparing
them by the previous assessments to determines whether implementation changes

students` success or not.

Describe the schedule for evaluating the effect of plan implementation, including a
description of the process and frequency of communicating evaluation results to
tech plan stakeholders.
-SST- San Antonio aims to collect nine weeks data to evaluate their learning

progress. Department Chairs, teachers and Dean of Academics in charge of doing

improve student learning progress and collaborating to finding better solutions.
- SST San Antonio asses Benchmark tests and MWEA tests in order to collect data
to analyze students results to take action to see implementation whether work or

SST Employee Handbook, 2014-2015, p.7