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Michele L. Scott
EDU650: Teaching
Learning and Leading
in the 21st Century

Overview of Contents
Educational Philosophy Week 1
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Classroom Management Week 2
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Different School Models Week
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Effective Lesson Planning and
Design Week
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Assessment Matters Week

I believe that education is the key that will open the doors to a wonderful life.
Education is crucial for students to learn the necessary skills needed to make it in
this world. I believe students should expect their teachers to be educated,
knowledgeable and there to help those who want to learn. I believe as a teacher
my job is to educate my students an help them to believe that through hard work
and perseverance, they can have all the tools they need to succeed.
Parents should expect teachers to innovate, create and educate their
children . Parents should work with their children and teachers to help their
children to succeed. Education is a partnership and it takes more than teachers to
help our children reach their full potential. I believe the most important
responsibility of being a teacher is getting my students prepared and educated. I
will teach 21st century skills, which are needed so that our students are able to
succeed in a globally perspective world.
According to research, 21st century skills are skills that will help students apply
knowledge in complex situations. Students will be able to solve problems, think
critically and collaborate with others. Research further states that students must
learn to communicate their thoughts through a range of media. According to
research the main objective of NETS-T is 'to improve the learning outcomes
throughout theU.S.A by means of developing national standards for usage of
technology in education in allgrades from kindergarten to 12th grade'. Research
points out that teachers are being prepared for NETS-S by using in service training
courses to better the teacher -student learning process.KIRANLI, S., & YILDIRIM, Y.

My classroom management plan is set the guidelines expected by

the children for the calendar year. I also will let the children know that I am
here to help them excel in their studies. The whole administration here are
here to help develop them in core curriculum that will help expand their
knowledge to help them achieve 21st century skills to compete globally.
Research points out that students are motivated when they feel like they
they are actually involved with their assignments, and they will get their
work done because of their involvement.
My classroom Management will be very clear and precise. I will set
guidelines for my students. I will help them to excel especially in learning
21st century skills. The text describe these skills as analyzing, creating
evaluating ideals, and understanding complex questions, thinking
critically, solving problems, creating and communicating. I will address
behavior problems from the beginning, so that the students will know what
is expected from the beginning. Rules and regulations are important to
the classroom because they help establish a great learning environment. I
will set high standards and encourage all of my students to succeed.


There are many different school models in today's
educational system. According to research, 21st century
learning takes place in a variety of learning environments.
The different types of models are, traditional, flipped, hybrid,
virtual, mastery and multiage. Teachers and students both
have roles in the learning process. In this paper we compared
and contrasted between a public high school and a career
center. Each school presented similar and some of the same
views on educating students.
According to research, using technology in and out of
class has been becoming more and more important recently.
University settings also become more dependent to
technology. Everything is changing fast and students have to
be prepared to compete.
According to Seth Goding, 'its easy to be exposed to
education, but actually quite a challenge to learn, he feels
that education is not sufficient'.
Newman, R. (2013).teaching and learning in the 21st century: connecting the
dots. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc
Stop Stealing Dreams: Seth Godin at TEDxYouth@BFS

Effective Lesson Planning and Design

I. What students should be able to demonstrate and communicate as a result of this lesson?
A. The Students Outcome
B. Common Core Standard
C. Teachers Performance
II. Assessments on What Students Have Learned
A. Tests
B. Quizzes
C. Meeting Criteria
D. Matches Common Core Standard Objective
III. Learning Plan
A. Remind Students of Assignments
B. Points Out Objectives For Common Core
C. Syllabus
D. Other Instructional Activities
E. Class Discussions
F. Teacher Workshops
IV. Independent Learning
A. Homework
B. Worksheets
C. Class Interaction

D. Study Time

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Effective Lesson Planning and Design


Developing instructional objectives or learning

outcomes , comes from providing learning objectives as
a guide to ensure that key concepts are being taught.
Bloom's Taxonomy is a good learning objective
because it aligns with higher order thinking skills.
Some pitfalls in planning effective lessons are learning
activities are sometimes mistaken for learning
objectivespitfalls can be avoided by collaborating with
other teachers and colleagues.
Backward design means with the end. Its focus on
what the students will learn from the lesson plan.
Common core state standards Initiative play a role in
designing effective instruction in a long range plan.
Common core helps steer the direction for where the
teacher and students will go in respect to learning
throughout the year.

Assessments are used in schools to determine if students are learning or

to see if students have mastered in certain subject areas. Assessment is the
process used to determine, in measurable terms, the knowledge, skills,
attitudes, and beliefs of the learner (Poehner, 2007). Assessments provide
more than just data for a point in time, but it serves as actionable
information for individuals-including students, teachers, administrators, and
community shareholders, Newman, R. (2013). The role of assessment and
evaluation in school improvement and measuring educational quality is very
critical in respect to students moving on to the next level.
Teachers should spend more time designing a good formative
assessment plan, because it will help students see the goal where they
should be , they can take feedback to help them revise themselves.
According to Rick Wormeli , on Summative and formative assessments,
Teachers focuses too much on Summative assessments, the real focus
should be on formative assessment. Good learning objectives provide a
guide to ensure that key concepts are being taught; for example, Bloom's
Taxonomy is a good learning objective because it aligns with higher order
thinking skills. We have to set high standards for our students and let them
know what we expect because if we don't reach high than we will fail our

Teachers and administration can show true leadership by finding ways to reinvent
education.If our education system wants students to think differently about their education, I
think teachers need to have a passion to explore and bring new skills into the classroom in
innovative ways. I would suggest if schools want teachers to operate
in a certain way, they have to take responsibility and help teachers with continual education,
more staff development sessions, teachers and administration need to use their creativity and
imagination to a world of uncertainties by providing skills that will innovate, lead and educate
our students.
In the video, Ted Talk, Play, Passion, purpose: Tony Wagner, believes that our education
system needs to be reinvented -using innovative tactics such as collaboration, interdisciplinary
problem solving and intrinsic motivation. I think as educators we can help our students to
create and use their imagination more by becoming new innovators, with new and fresh ideals
in the way we present lesson plans, using more formative assessments to help students to see
if they fail in something, they can work on their weaknesses and find their strengths through
different ways of solving problems from intrinsic motivation and using interdisciplinary
insights to achieve their goals.
Ted Talk, Play, Passion, purpose: Tony Wagner, shares some interesting views, on our
education system.
Mr. Wagner's opinionssuggest that our schools are not failing, but rather needs reinventing,
he further

The Big Interview Part 2

(Personal Interview)


Michele L. Scott