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Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School

Math III
Parent Letter

Important Dates and

Powerschool Info:
Interim Dates:

August 14
Sept 4
Oct 30
Nov 20

Open House: Aug 10

Early Release:

Aug 14
Sept 4
Oct 16
Dec 18

Sept 7
Sept 26Oct 11
Nov 11
Nov 25-29
Powershool is the system to see a students
grade. If you do not
have access, please
contact the main office
or Mrs. Cotten ( to get
the log-in information.
This will allow you to
see the students grades
and progress in their
classes. I update my
grades on a regular
basis. Interims will be
sent out every 3 weeks.
If you have questions
or concerns about the
grades please feel free
to email me.

Mr. Trevor Johnson

*Please allow me 48 hours to respond to your concerns.*

Course Overview
The most successful students are those who take
responsibility for their own progress. So, help your
son or daughter grow in self-motivation and in developing good study habits such as promptly doing
their homework, preparing for class, taking notes,
and working with a study partner. Students are expected to master the objectives in the North Carolina
Standard Course of Study for Math III.

Technology: Students at SRMHS are required to

have access to a TI-83+ or 84+ graphing calculator.
This calculator is an excellent investment in your
childs education and will be an integral part of all
class and homework assignments. These calculators
will meet the requirements for all math and science
courses offered at SRMHS and also for most college

The Common Core Survival Pack

A 2 3 ring binder

Notebook Paper and Graph Paper

Pencils with erasers

TI-83+ or 84+ calculator

July 27, 2015

Bulldogs show.
Pr oactive
Respect and Responsibility
Integr ity
Inside this issue:

My Contact Infomation

Course Overview

Survival Pack

Grading Procedures

Classroom Policies
(tests, HW, etc)
important dates

Classroom Rules and


Tutoring Sessions
Other teachers
Mr. Mills (2209) T/Th
Ms. Snellgroves (2201)
T/Th 6:45-7:15 am
Mr. Willis ( 2503) T/Th

SRHS grading
scale will be used as follows:





less than 60

Coursework will be graded on the following basis:

Test Retake Policy: A student must initiate the r etake

policy and is only allowed to retake the test once.
Students must meet the following conditions in order to
retake the test:

Student must make corrections on all tests from the


Student must obtain assistance during remediation

and/ or tutoring

Student may be asked to complete an additional alternate assignment approved by the teacher

Topics that will be covered in this course:



Skills Practice


Quizzes, Labs, Mini-Projects


Tests, Major-Projects


Topics that will be covered in this course:


Sequences and Series



Systems of Equations/Linear Programming

Mini Quizzes will be given fr equently thr oughout each

unit. Mini quizzes will consist of problems which outline
the section and reflect homework and/or vocabulary. If
you are absent on a quiz day you do not have to make up
the quiz.
Tests will be given cover ing each unit. Tests will be
announced, so please pay attention! If you are absent for a
test, it must be made up!! A unit test grade will replace any
quiz grade in the same unit that was lower.
Skills Practice includes homewor k and classwor k
grades. Homework will be given on a nightly basis. Homework allows the student to demonstrate knowledge of new
material so that they can ask questions the following day.
Every problem should be attempted. Students will be allowed to ask questions before the days lesson begins.
Students should be prepared because grades for these assignments will be taken at random.
Skills Practice grades include:
Homework checks
Homework skills
Class work
Warm ups
Cumulative Reviews

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Students will receive the higher of the two test grades.

There is not a retake option for any open note/book tests
or take home tests. A RETAKE TEST grade will not replace a lower quiz.
Final Assessments: A compr ehensive midterm exam
will be given and will count for 10% of the first quarter
grade. The final exam will be worth 20% of the students
overall grade. The final exam will be a comprehensive
teacher made exam. Several review days will be devoted
to preparing for exams in class. There will be no retake
options for the midterm or final exam.
Classroom RULES:
1. Be on time! We have to work from the first bell to the
last just to finish the curriculum! I follow the school
2. We will also follow the school wide bathroom policy.
3. RESPECT! It is the expectation in this class that the
teacher will act respectfully toward students and students
will act respectfully toward the teacher and each other.
Students will also respect school property and each others
4. Students are expected to follow ALL rules, policies and
procedures set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.
Please make sure you read and comply with these policies.
Teacher consequences may include warnings, lunch detentions, and time out with a buddy teacher depending on the
severity and frequency of minor disruptive behavior.
5. Please follow the Classroom Electronics Use Policy
The parent and student contact sheet and classroom
electronics contract is separate. Please return to Mr.
Johnson by Aug 4th . If you have any additional questions please email me or write them down to ask me
during Open House, August 10 6:30.
Math III