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The Levitical Covenant Fathers as Priests of God

The Levitical Covenant is the priestly covenant administering the Gospel of Salvation for the New
Covenant. A priest functions as an intercessory or mediator between God and man, and fathers have a
natural and divine right to fulfill this role with their families 1 Cor. 11:3, Gen. 1:28, Ex. 19:6, 20:12.
Using Yeshua/Jesus as an example to obtain the rights, keys and powers of the priesthood set forth in the
7 chapter of Hebrews, fathers may obtain this same priesthood to bless and save their families by
committing to the Oath of the Melchizedek priesthood.
The Melchizedek priesthood has both the right and power to administer the Gospel of Salvation contained
within this lesser or Levitical/Aaronic priesthood and the higher Priesthood administering the Gospel of
Exaltation with its rights and powers to heal the sick, raise the dead, command the elements, bind
covenants with heaven, and commune with the divine, etc.
This Melchizedek priesthood is received direct from God through the authority and ministrations of the
Holy Ghost by entering into this covenant and taking the Oath of the priesthood Mosiah 18:12,13.
Additionally, under an established patriarchal organization, fathers consecrate their sons to this priesthood
when they marry.
Covenant Title
The Levitical Covenant Malachi 2:4
Covenant Rite
The rites of this covenant are patterned after those which the Lord employs with the priests in
Lev. 8 save the requirement of descent, which is fulfilled with the Oath of the priesthood.
1. A Lit Menorah which is tied to the Feasts and our relationship with God Num. 8.
2. A washing of the body and clothing (white clothing) Lev. 8.
3. Making the Oath Hebrews 7, D&C 84.
4. Being consecrated with olive oil Lev.8.
5. Donning the vestments of the priesthood (robes, sash, mitre/veil) the robe to be placed
on the left shoulder representing the gospel of salvation (in later covenants this will be
changed to the right shoulder for exaltation) Lev. 8.
6. The Sacrament/Communion of the bread and wine instead of animal sacrifice.

Establishing a Patriarchal Order

Fathers who initiate a patriarchal order receive their authority and consecration through the
ministrations of the Holy Ghost as a priest to their family. The Initiate will anoint their own head
and consecrate themselves in the name of Yeshua the Messiah and through the authority of the

Holy Ghost conferring the Melchizedek priesthood with the rights, keys and powers to administer
the gospel of repentance and salvation.
An Established Patriarchal Order
In an established Patriarchal Order, Fathers consecrate their sons when they marry as a priest to
their family.
Consecration of Wives
Husbands who enter into this priesthood should also consecrate their wives as priestess to their

Covenant Sign
An Altar is the covenant sign which represents a forgiveness of sin and redemption through an
atoning sacrifice. The table upon which the Lords Sacrament/Communion is presented is an
altar. Fathers should administer the Lords Sacrament on a home altar during the Feasts instead
of the animal sacrifices.
Covenant Law
Fathers to their families
Teach the laws of God Jacob 1:19.
Are accountable and answer for the sins of his family - Jacob 1:19.
To Baptize.
Administer the Lords Sacrament.
Ministering of angels.
Bless his family as directed by the Holy Ghost with the laying on of hands.
To Provide and Protect.
Mothers to their children
Teach the laws God to her children that are received through her husband.
Bless her children as direct by the Holy Ghost with the laying on of hands through the
priesthood of her husband.
Designate the birthright heir with her husband.
Primarily responsible for household and relationship matters.
Bears responsibility to carry child in pregnancy and nurture during early years.
Both Fathers and Mothers
Be Pure
Be Married
Take the Oath of the Priesthood to magnify it D&C 84
Magnify the Priesthood Jacob 1:19

Covenant Blessing
The covenant blessings are life and peace Malachi 2:4-7