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The New Covenant

Covenants define our relationship with God. Gods New and Everlasting Covenant of Life is
comprised of sub-covenants which provides an incremental process that will help us develop a
full relationship with God. These sub-covenants build on each other and include: The New
Covenant, The Levitical Covenant, The Davidic Covenant, The Abraham Covenant, The
Enochic Covenant, and The Messianic Covenant. I will be presenting my view on these
covenants in this order. This week will be the New Covenant.
The New Covenant is Gods basic covenant for man and is a covenant of life. Yeshua, the
Messiah, perfected the Sinai Covenant by teaching us how to live it with a pure heart. This
covenant is summarized below.
Covenant Title
The New Covenant Jeremiah 31:31
Covenant Rite
Baptism is the ceremonial rite that witnesses a persons entry into this covenant 2
Nephi 31.
Covenant Sign
The Sabbaths given to Israel (Lev 23) are the ongoing witnesses that we are in a covenant
relationship with God (Exodus 31).
Covenant Law
Take upon the name of Yeshua the Messiah 2 Nephi 31.
Bear one anothers burdens Mosiah 18.
Being Perfect by applying the Law with a Pure Heart Matt. Chapter 5-7.
Jehovah gave the Israelites the Sinai covenant which was comprised of a covenant of life
(Deu 4:1) and the law of Moses the sacrificial system. Jehovah, as Yeshua, came in the
meridian of time show us how to apply this covenant of life with a pure heart. The Jews
at the time of Yeshua had corrupted the Law with man-made traditions, which took them
away from God and the Messiah.

Even though we cannot live all of the righteous law given to the Israelites, we can
demonstrate our loyalty to God by keeping those laws we are able to keep. Here are a few
of these laws that we are able to keep.

Commemorate the Lords Feasts outlined at Lev. 23 with a special meal and
the reading of appropriate scriptures.
Live a Kosher diet.
Live the law of the Tithe properly based on surplus/increase.
Pool our surplus resources.
Post a mezuzah at our front door.
Tzitzit attached to four corners of the garment.

The diagram below shows the relationship between the Sinai Covenant and the New
Illustration: The New Covenant


A Pure Heart
Love God with all your heart and mind.
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Sinai Covenant
Law of
A Covenant
of Life
Deu. 4:1
Situations left to Families and
portion of
the 613
laws God
gave to

According to the rabbinic reckoning, the Torah has 613 laws. If, as Scripture makes
clear, we are to live by what at most can be called 613 laws, then we cannot have a
power-state nor a power-church, because their sphere of relevance is limited to a very
few of those 613 laws. It means also that those laws of 613 which are not reserved by
God to His own enforcements, or are given to state and church, are placed in the hands
of individuals and families. (Rushdonny, Institutes, Vol. III, p.1,3)

Covenant Blessings
The primary covenant blessings include spiritual and physical life:
A Spiritual Salvation Obtains the Holy Ghost
A Temporal Salvation - Perpetual Inheritance, Enduring Posterity, Physical
Protection Temporal
Covenant Meal
A meal shared by the covenant parties sealed the covenant between the covenant parties.
With the New Covenant, this is represented in the Sacrament of the Bread and Wine
representing the Messiahs body and blood.