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This study was conducted to trace and evaluate the

employability of the graduates of Bachelor of Science in
Accountancy of Our Lady of the Pillar College from 20102014, to know their employment history, to know if their
degree helped on their current career, and to help the
department identify the improvement needed on their programs
and curriculum. The descriptive method of research was used.
The data gathered were analyzed percentage and frequency
distribution, mean and t-test analysis. The study revealed
that the BSA graduates of OLPCC-C are fully employed in
their field of concentration. Being competitive and
qualified graduates, the organization or administration
allows them to be employed in an occupation associated to
their present job position. With the graduates employment
status, this shows that the graduates of the Bachelor of
Science in Accountancy of OLPC-C are offering high quality
education and that the graduates have met the qualifications
expected on them by their employer.