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(© Cat Haymanne Vain Ke Lubtmuger Safe 49, 0-50808 KON AD 2000-Merkblatt Ics 23.020.30 April 2002 edition Manufacture and testing of pressure vessels ‘AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 4 Test supervisors and testers in non-destructive testing “Arbeltsgemelnschaft Oruckbehalter ae Cowared by AD 2000-MerkblatG 1 The AD 2000-Merkblater are prepared by the seven associations isted below who together frm (AD). The sttscture and the agploation oft AD 2000 Booy of regulations andthe precedual uidetn Tae AD 2000-Merkblatter contain safety requirements 10 be met under normel operating conditions. If above-norma loadings are tobe expected during the operation ofthe pressure vessel, this shall be taken info ecccunt by meeting special requirements. | there are any divergences trom the requirements ofthe AD 2000-‘erkblat, it shall be possible ta grove that to stander of safety of this body of regulations has bean maintained by other means, eg. by mstarial testing, less, strass analysis, cporating experiance. Fachverband Demptkesset, Behéitor- und Rohrotungebau @V. (FOBA), Dissoldort Heyptverbnd der gowerbiichen Berutsgonassenschatton &.V, Sankt Augustin Verband der Chemisohen Indusee ev. (VO, FrenktutMain Verband Deuischer Maschinen- und Anlagenbau eV. (VOMA), Fachgemairschatt Vertahrenstechnische Maschinen und Apparate, Frankturibain Verein Deutscher Eisenkittenloute (VDER), Dasseldort GB PoworTech 0, Essen Verband der Technischen Uberwactungs-Vereine eV. (VaTOV), Essen. The above associations cominvously yzcate the AD 2000-Merkibtir Inline with technical progress. Please adoress any proposals for {his fo the pusher: Verband der Technischen Uberwachungs-Veroine e.V., P.O. Box 103834, D-45038 Essen. Contents 0 Foreword 1 Scope 2 General principles 0 Foreword ‘The AD 2000 body of ragulations can be applied to satisty the basic safety requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive, principally for the conformily assessment in accordance with Modules “G" and “B+ F. ‘The AD 2000 body of regulations is structured along the lines of a selt-contained concept. other technical rules are used In accordance with the state of the arto sove related prob- ors, itis assumed that the overall concept has been taken inte account. ‘The AD 2000 body of regulations can be used as appropriate {or other moduies of the Pressure Equipment Directive or for, different sectors of the law. Responsibilty for testing is as specifiedin the provisions ofthe relevant sector ofthe law 1 Scope This AD 2000-Merkblatt deals with the requirements for test supervisors and testers in non-destructive testing of welds on Pressure vessels or pressure vessel components. 3 Test supervisors 4 Testers 2. General principles ‘As a rule, the non-destructive tests stipulated in AD 2000- Merkblatt HP 8/9 shall be periormed by the manufacturer. ‘The tes! supervisors and testers will normally be employees at the manufacturer's works. The manufacturer may use out- side testers who satisfy the requirements of 3 and in order to perform non-destructive tesis. Test supervisors and ‘testers shall possess a test cerificate to DIN EN 473, issued by a recognized third party organization in accordance with Anicle 13 of the Pressure Equipment Directive, 3. Test supervisors ‘8.1. Test supervisors shell have the necessary knowledge ‘and basic experience in welding techniques and be trained, ‘qualified and corified in accordance with DIN EN 473 (to Level 2 as @ minimum) for the “welding” industial sector. ‘They shall be fully conversant with the testing procedure ‘according to the requirements laid down in AD 2000-Merk- blatt HP 5/3. They shall also make sure thal the testers have the necessary training and thatthe test equipment is in good ‘condition. Supersedes October 2000 edition; | - Amendments to previous edition preted copyright The igh af use parila of any Warslaor,reproducion, extrac rs transis photo: ‘estan means and storage nde raaval eyes. even ot etc, ar renewed the auto. Cal yarns Vain has xen a ease Teasure to neu ho ecuracy of tis rans Bu regret hat No esporsilty cat be acoeped any aor. MSIE oF NACE. cas (doubt or spt, eet elton ol the German tx onl Is va ee RD ooo Merkblal cs es Page 2 AD 2000 HP 4, 4.208 econ 3.2 The test supervisor shall be independent from produc- tion departments and shell be nominated by the manutactu- 3.8 The test supervisor shall give instructions onthe testing procedure to be adopted and how the tests are to be con- {ducted in detail, as laid down in AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 5/3 He may do this after consulting the customer and he shall also allocate work to the testers, 3.4. The test supervisor shall sign the test report to be pre- pared as staied in AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 5/3, 4 Testers ‘Testers shall furnish proof of training, qualification and cert ‘alion In accordance with DIN EN 47S for the "welding" industrial sector for all the test methods which are to be used. ‘They shail have sutfcient basic technical knowledge so that they can carry out the tests which they have to perform com- potently, in accordance with the requirements specified in ‘AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 5/3, Publisher Verband der Teetnischen Oberwachungs-Vercine eX. E-Mail: vatuev.essen@t online.ce hupsiwerw vetuev de ‘Source of supply: & , Carl & Heymanns Verlag Luxemburger Strate 449, D-50999 Kain Telefax: 0321-9 43 73 603 E-Mall: