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Kayla Davis

Professor Lynn Raymond

Daily Writings
Daily Writing #1
My mom read to me every night as a child. In addition, she often made me complete several arts
and crafts projects that focused on me learning the alphabet or learning how to spell simple
words like mom or dad. Determined to make me a strong reader and writer, my mom often
made me write short stories and illustrate books she had me read outside of school. Along with
my mom, my Aunt Hazel, my moms oldest sister, has been a huge contributor to my literary
narrative and my love for reading. Every book Ive ever asked for, no matter how strange or
weird, my Aunt Hazel will find it and mail it to me instantly. For Christmas and my birthday, she
always manages to slide a Barnes and Noble gift card in with the books she purchases as well.
My Aunt Hazel truly stressed the importance of reading any and everything; never sticking to
one genre or author.
Daily Writing #2
The library of my elementary school, Wendell G.T. Magnet Elementary School, definitely shaped
my literacy narrative. I fell in love with reading there and spent most afternoons with the
librarians until the library closed at 3:30. All of the book fairs were my event of the school year
because that meant I got to spend my parents money and expand my book collection. I loved the
idea of actually purchasing books that I did not have to check out of the library or return. I also
thoroughly enjoyed finding new genres of books to read and reading entire series. I gained such a
sense of satisfaction when I finished a series of books I had been working on for a long time.
Daily Writing #3
School book fairs played a major role in shaping my literacy narrative. Each year my interest in
books changed and I fell in love with a new genre, author, or series. My interest would range
from mystery books, to girly books, to adventure books; I honestly had no preference and was
truly interested in it all. I believe that book fairs really allowed me to have a diverse writing style
because of the wide variety of books I was exposed to at a young age.
Daily Writing #4
When considering my favorite childhood book and author I am almost conflicted because I loved
reading so much. I spent many hours reading in the reading corner of my elementary school
library and even more time reading aloud to my parents while they cooked dinner. Although I
could list several books as my favorite, I believe that Love You Forever by Sheila McGraw
was my all time favorite book as a child. I can remember my mother tucking me into bed every

night and allowing me to pick three books to read. One book that never changed was Love You
Forever, and we faithfully read and sung the song together. It was our special tradition.
Daily Writing #5
The first time I used a computer was in the second or third grade. My father brought home a
Windows laptop from work and let me use it to play farm-themed educational games. I know I
used computers in elementary school too, but my earliest memory of that is the fourth grade
when I took a typing class. I believe I made my first power-point in sixth grade because thats
when we started taking bulleted notes and Cornell notes off of our teachers power-points.
Daily Writing #6
I dont really feel a connection between myself and the characters of the Secret Life of the
Bees. However, I am now incredibly interested in the Black Madonna and would like to look
more into her and the history behind the statue. Until now I had never heard of the Black
Madonna and wonder why its not popular in our culture. Im eager to do more research!!!
Daily Writing #7
1. Am I related to anyone famous?
2. Where is my moms fathers family from?
3. What plantation were my ancestors slaves at?
Daily Writing #8
While visiting with family this weekend I was able to collect a lot of information, as well as,
gather old books and binders full of family history. I also contacted my aunt who once did a
family tree project back in 2001 for our family. Im interested in learning about my grandpas
side of the family even though I initially wanted to focus on my grandmothers side of the
Daily Writing #9
When my family gets together for Christmas each family is designed specific dishes to make. My
Aunt Barbara and her children, my older cousins, are in charge of the greens (string beans,
collard greens, cabbage), while my Cousin Sherri and her family are in charge of the potatoes
and macaroni. The men of the family specialize in fish, beef, as well as, fried and baked chicken.
My mom, myself, and younger cousins focus on desserts. The rest of my aunts and family
typically provide the side dishes which consist of beans, or ham, or potato salad; ultimately
making one big feast. Although all of this is great and considered ideal Christmas foods, my
Cousins Seanta and Schwannas famous lasagna is my favorite. They learned how to make it in
their high school home etc. class.

Daily Writing #10

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose Zora Neale Hurston
This quote speaks to me because while researching, I think it is important to start with a plan and
then go as deep as you can with your research. Starting with a plan is important in order to have
structure and a clear path on which direction you plan on taking your research. I would definitely
consider myself as a list maker, I receive an extreme amount of satisfaction when I can cross
something off of my list.
Daily Writing #11
I have always been super cautious about who I let edit my papers in high school. I was selective
because I wanted the best review I could receive and always seeked students who I knew or
thought were strong writers. After receiving feedback from my peers on assignments I would
thoroughly review their comments and if I still wasnt satisfied Id ask another person to review
my papers as well. Many times Id have two or three people read my paper to get the best
possible feedback possible.
Daily Writing #12
I remember in sixth grade my English teacher, Ms. Livingston, would assign weekly reading
logs. I found them pointless. We had to read a book then journal about it daily and finally turn it
in at the end of each week on Friday. Although the reading logs were an easy assignment I
procrastinated or failed to complete the project in its entirety. When interim reports came home
and my mother saw that I had an 80 in an English class she flipped! I was forced to stay up all
night completing three weeks worth of reading logs to boost my grade.
Daily Writing #13
I recently watched a video for my LBST class titled Tim Wise: The Pathology of White
Privilege and I was deeply moved. I can honestly say that Tim Wises video changed my entire
life and perspective on life. Although it was an hour long and I initially thought it would be
boring, The Pathology of White Privilege kept me entertained and informed. Wise discussed
the effects of white privilege on the black community with other Caucasian people, hopefully
providing them with insight that challenged them to rethink many of their actions when
interacting with people of color.
Daily Writing #14
Picking a college to attend was definitely one of the hardest decisions Ive ever made. I was so
conflicted and torn between where to go and if I was making the right decision. I would even say
that I meant through a minor depression the early part of the year after being wait-listed from my
dream school, UNC-Chapel Hill. I knew I didnt want to settle when it came to attending a
college and I also knew that I had to make the right decision because it would ultimately effect

the next four years of my life and I didnt like the idea of transferring. I also knew that I needed
to attend a school that would be perfect for my major although I was still confused on exactly
what I wanted to do but knew I wanted to focus on something international. I honestly just
wanted everything to fall into place perfectly because for as long as I can remember Ive always
had it all together. Before making my college decision I had never been in a situation that tough.
Daily Writing #15
I want to make three note cards, but havent put any work into formalizing what I need/want to
say this weekend when I went home I was unproductive with my work which is terrible. I have
too much to complete this week to not have taken advantage of my weekend home. I know that I
will pull it together, but I am honestly upset with my lack of progress because our project is
basically done and just needs minor touchups.
Daily Writing #16
Wake County Public School System is notorious for being the last school in the entire county to
cancel school. The no school because of snow has definitely happened to me on multiple
occasions because Wake County cancels school for almost everything after they close it for one
day. There have been instances where we have been out for nearly two weeks because of heavy
snowfall. This past year on our snow days, however, I couldnt enjoy them the way I wanted to
because of my AP classes. The dates of the AP exams dont change because of snow days so my
teachers continued to assign work daily in order for us not to get behind. I spent most of my
snow days doing large amounts of work for each class just to stay on track with my AP exams.
Daily Writing #17
Inside of the wallet the man found in the street was a picture of his wife! The man put the
wallet back down and swiftly walked away so that he could get home to confront his wife. Why
was her picture in someone elses wallet?