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it UNIVERS TRUTH You. 1, NO. DEDICATED om FREEDOM, JUSTICE, AND EQUALITY A Vicious Assault On the Unborn Child by, Prince Fard “The babies in this boarder nursery at Harlem Hospital are the children of cocaine wera Cracked Babies At the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 30% of 3,500 babies born were to crack addicted mothers. The Philadelhpia Perinatal Society reported in a survey of eight other Philadelphia hospitals an average of 16.3% were born to cocaine addicted mothers. Some doctors say that the true per- centage is higher. Said Jing Ja Yoon, Chief of neonatology at Bronx’ Lebonon Hospital, "I've never seen mothers like this before... These mothers don't care about their babies..." According to Maurice Macey, Western Regional Manager for Missouri's Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, babies die of neglect. “People who start using [Grack] have got to find money. Children aren't being fed. Mothers sell their food stamps. Young women sell their bodies, and that's done in front of the children. iven when heroin was at its worst, it wasn't like this-- it wasn't openly done. Hospitals in Dallas, San Francisco, and Gainesville, Florida, discovered evidence of cocaine use by women giv- ing birth in about 10% of cases. But even those tests applied can only detect drug use for the last 24 to 48 hours. Doctors believe that they are only seeing the “tip of the iceberg." Probably a higher percentage of women have used cocaine at some point in their pregnancy. Some estimates put the number in the U.S. as high as 200, 000. And the problem is at its worst in the crack infest. ed inner city neighborhoods. At Harlem Hospital, David Bateman, the chief of neon- atology, claims that 50 to 70 percent of the babies born in a typical week had cocaine in their urine after they were born. Can you imagine flunking a urine test at birth? Kathryn Crowley, another neonatologist at Harlem Hosp- ital noted, that not only were many babies testing pos- itive for cocaine in their systems, but that they were also found with syphilis contracted from their mothers, she said. “Five years ago we never really saw syphilis," she added. (But five years ago you didn't see crack either). Headlines have already appeared in city newspapers: “SYPHILIS EPIDEMIC HITS CITY." Billed as the worst outbreak of syphilis since World War Two, the New York State Health Commissioner ordered that all newborn and stillborn babies be tested for the disease. Dr. Lloyd Novick, Chief of the Community Health for the Health Department said that last year, more than 500 N.¥.C. infants tested positive, with the number of women infected jumping 200 percent since 1986. Accord- ing to Novick, and other experts, this alarming increase can be traced directly to crack users and indiscriminate sex for drugs. Neonatologist Leonard Glass of the Children's Medical Center of Brooklyn says, "We have reason to believe that as much AIDS or more AIDS is being transmitted in the crack houses of 1989 as in the bathhouses of 1982." (The bath houses were the "Turkish" or steambaths where homosexuals congregated until City ordinances closed them down for “unsafe sex pract- ices.") Harlem Hospital estim- ates that between 40 and 50 per- cent of women who did not register at that hospital for prenatal care have been exposed to the AIDS virus. With these kinds of facts and figures, the impact from cocaine on infants should be considered a national health crisis. The key word here is “national.” After all, what nation are we talking about? A VICIOUS ASSAULT ON THE UNBORN CHILD. Since cocaine is soluble in fat, it can easily penetrate through the placenta (the circular, flat, vascular structure in the impregnated uterus forming the principal Cocaine is fat-soluble, ietting it easily penetrate the placenta, which nourishes the fetus. A byproduct, oreocaine, is water-soluble and remains trapped there. medium of physical communication between the mother and the un- born child, i.e., the fetus). A byproduct, norcocaine, re- mains trapped in the amiotic fluid, and the fetus ingests it, exeretes it, and ingests it‘ over and over again. Be- cause the fetus has not yet fully developed, the liver is useless as the detoxifying organ it is designed to funct— ion as. As a result, the cocaine is not broken down for that reason either. Babies have suffered intra- uterine strokes, born with- out sexual organs, or with underdeveloped ones, mal- functioning kidneys, clogged lungs, and a condition known as ileal atresia, or dead bowel--- in which part of an intestine fails to develop as result of the lack of blood. Many babies have been born without middle fingers; and not because of a genetic defect, but because of the lack of bloodflow to the area. These are the obvious physical manifestations. Others are retarded growth, stiff limbs, and a tendency to just stop breathing. Psychologist Linda Spear at the State University of New York at Binghamton, has been making tests on animals with cocaine to discover its effects on the unborn. Her results show deficits in learning abilities. Her focus is on benzoylec- gonine, a byproduct of co- caine when it is broken down in the body. It has its own peculiar physiological effects. Benzoylecgonine directly affects calcium levels. In an adult this has little effect on the brain which has a fully developed protective barrier. But in an infant, or a fetus, not only is this brain barrier not fully developed, but virtually everything connected New research shows thata pregnant woman who uses cocai ‘exposes the fetus to stresses that Continue long after the drug is used The risks of miscarriage, premature birth and stibith are increased, ‘and because of cocaine’ chemical ‘roperties, a byproduct ingers in the system, repeatedly battering the developing chil. with the development of the brain in the unborn child is dependent upon calcium regulat- ion. In plain language, the use of cocaine by pregnant women in all probabilty will not only put the baby at risk of physical deformaties but also retard their mental growth. So, what we will be dealing with in the future, will not only be the “boarder babies" deserted by their mothers in the hospitals, ——unloved, un~ wanted. They will be emotion- ally alienated, with short attention spans, an inability to learn, and will exhibit short term memory loss. They will be extremely insecure and uncomfortable in new or differ ent places and situations. That's a very bleak future. Many of them will have been raised in institutions. what kind of teenagers are they expected to be? What kind of future are we, collectively allowing to come forth through the allowance of crack dealing in our communities? Those are the hard cold facts, But let's not forget the human face to this tragedy. A female named Alicia from Bushwick spoke on her experience with crack. She's been off it for over a year. "The high isn't good at all. When you inhale it, you feel it, but as soon as you exhale it, it's gone. You go out and and do things you never felt you'd do for just a few dollars. “A friend just passed away... They found him in his house. His brains were beat open. But that didn’t stop'me from getting high. You know, my brother, they beat him up with an axe and busted his mouth. That didn't stop me. T've been in jail. That didn't stop me.” Eventually she was brought into an emergency room naked and in a coma. She didn't even know how she got there. She's been clean now for a while, but for her and most of he us, the socio-political analysis remains the same: If cocaine use unemployment, poor education, i generations of poverty, and during pregnancy all the legacy of enslavement without reparation or repatri- were a disease, ation. All this is the motiv- it ation for crack use, abuse, impact on and sale within the inner i cities. All the above must be poe eliminated, but they won't be be considered with the present form of gov- ernment, social system, or anational economic structure. The only os solution ig too sophisticated health-care crisis. for the 85% that most require it. They continue to sleep while the 10% are selling them dreams and drugs, and sucking the blood of the masses, keep- ing them slaves to a mental death. The cries of the babies must wake the sleeping giant. “Basically, I didn't really want to get high," said Alicia “I just wanted something better for'myself. And then they all came knocking on my door with the crack and saying, ‘this is the cure.'" We have got to eliminate both the conditions that breed crack infestation, and those parasites who feed off it. We have lost a lot of ground since the Sixties. These crack deal- ers are killing off our next generation before they are even born. We can't afford a Crack Generation, and we can't afford parasites within our own body to kell off our ability to reproduce healthy babies. if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Eliminate the problem! Eliminate the dealers! e Universal Laws Death to Traitors! -5- She Was A Beautiful Young Black Woman By: Obafemi Senghor AKA: August Aerrell ‘She was a beautiful young black woman, at one time. She was a precious flower of humanity Trying to rise out of a genocidal soil, which is the Ghetto with truly humane and Sweet aspirations. Her aspirations had such lovely fragrances, like the smell of roses in June's time. And her Spirit, though delicate was clearly a Friend of Sunshine, But crack’s hunger for death came, and cracked her young mind. Crack, and other drugs know, That human innocence is blind, and that black people pay homage to apathetical minds. So they stand-by, and allow their children to die, and the drug sellers get rich and live high. Now this once beautiful young black woman as been reduced to a jutter mind, iving hopelessly in slime, ’ to support a crack mind. ‘U.S. GENOCIDE PLAN Genocide is in full effect among the original population of the U.S. Drugs are a major problem throughout the wilder— ness of North America, and are being supplied by design exclusively amongst the orig- inal peoples. We are the majority populat- ion in New York City alone, and are expected, in census projections of the year 2000 A.D., to make up the majority in almost every major city of the U.S. In this majority, a great number are youth— our future! Two out of ten stars (sons and daughters) are, or have been known to have used the deadly substance known as CRACK? Just recently while viewing a T.V. program on the drug problem in the government cap- ital of Washington, D.c., I observed the youth laying in pools of blood, shot by their own peers because they were victims of Yacub's tricknowl- edge. They were drug dealers, dealing death to their people, and so death was dealt to them. There are always others to take their place in the underworld of drug lords. The problem is a major one because our youth have become savage in the pur- suit of happiness; and thus we must build on a “SOLUTION”... The facts are manifested in the mathematical order of our existence: that we must not look to the REACTIONARY forces for help, nor should we depend on the BOURGEOISIE... For it is written: “If you want a job done right, you must do it yourself." TALK HAS PLAYED OUT! Those who deal drugs will not pay heed to our wise words. Action is the method of these times and it's the only thing that captures their attention. A drug dealer must be ackn- owledged in his true capacity: "a tool and a trader." A tool because they are being used by the RICH SLAVE MAKERS, and have been told that they will receive more gold (money) for their labor (selling drugs) in spreading destruction among the original people, asleep to the fact that they are victims in “DEATH BY DESIGN” a-k-a GENOCIDE. They are traitors because they have turned on their own in the pursuit of happiness, chasing a pipe dream, —The American Dream. They are so willing to sell, that they fail to see that they are betraying their own, by doing the bidding of Yacub's representatives. You may be asking, “WHAT'S THE SOLUTION?” I refer you to the Law of Sequence. Under this law we learn that every- thing proceeds from something, and that it is succeeded by something. Thus it is noted, that for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. The drug lords are dealing in negativity: The Destruction of a Race! They are similar to cancer; eating away at the core of our existence. So, a reaction of equal but opposite force must take place. That's Cosmic Law. And so I also refer you to the Laws of Death, which states: “When he/her has thus impiously disobeyed nature, and turned their face away from that which is immortal; behold, they are then disinherited from their birthright, and are no longer counted among the children of nature because they become a thing of evil; a perverse thing, possessing only those things which are mortal, and they are punished with death.” Is my meaning clear? Have I relaid an understanding (need) for Positive reaction, in response to the Negative being manifested by the drug Tords? "J" is the tenth letter in the Supreme Alphabet. This stands for JUSTICE, and its manifestation is: ‘Just-I-C- Equality. One's ways and actions will determine their rewards and/or penalties. The ways and actions of a drug lord determine the verdict under the degree of the tenth letter. Thus, we must SHOW AND PROVE to them the reality of things. After all, what is the duty of a civilized person? If a civil- ized person does not perform his duty, what must be done? And _what is the prescribed law of Islam, for said person of that ability? — Only God knows that Truth! The youth that are served death on a mental level can be born into the true knowledge of self. Those who wish to take it to a physical level must be dealt a physical death. The youth, sixteen and below can easily be saved on the mental level by educating them in history, economics, politics, discipline, and general facts; thus saving them from a physic- al death. Those who are above sixteen that are dealing drugs and take not heed to wise words and become physically rebell- ious when forced out of their negative business. They are to ve served under Universal Law. I say DEATH to the TRADERS (drug dealers) and TRAITORS (vetrayers of their own), be- cause they are only concerned with the money made and not the damage done to their own people. They would sacrifice the progr- ess of their own nation for their own selfish greed. Their concern for their own people is non-existent. They have sold their soul to the devil. They could care less about the people feeling the negative effects of their actions, and are dying from the drugs being pumped into them. Yacub's people front as if concerned, and while projecting their meaningless anti-drug propa- da, they are covertly mporting the drugs into our communities across the country because it serves their purpose: GENOCIDE. The responsibility for the change is with us,— the progr- essive 5%,— those who are aware of the problem, and the need to do something about it besides lip-professing! Some of you readers might ask, “Why is this God using the age limit of sixteen as a margin in his draft on breaking down and doing away with the -8- drug lords?" Acknowledge this wisdom: Eight (8) points stand out prominently on the Universal flag. Each point has two parts: 8x 28 16. At this point in life the young are held responsible for their ways and actions, because this is the age of self-responsibility. Thus, the pen has been lifted and the ink has dried. This is the hour of chaos, and it is for God himself, in the flesh, to restore order in his Universe. Allah is mercif- ul, but there shall be no mercy for the merciless. Action is needed in the completion of the positive cipher and the supreme positive future for our Star: By any means necessary, save the children. Divinely yours, Supreme Justice Malik Shabazz Allah P.O. Box 215 Maury, N.C. 28554 ee rae ea 5% GODS & GODDESSES Building What About Drugs? The War On Ourselves Realistically speaking, one forces us to use drugs Although we may take drug: after the abuse of drugs, drugs will soon be taking us to our graves. no Yes, it is a very critical situation, and if we don’t stop talking about the drug problem and start doing some- thing about it, then things will only get worse. Speaking from experience, drugs, when abused, produce nothing constructive but in return, causes the user to suffer a mental and physical death. Many people who abuse drugs say "No, that can‘t happen to me, because I'm too strong to let this thing take over my life." They think they can control the substances, but in actuality, they can't. ‘hey are only lying to, and fooling themselves. < con= cerned people approach them Sha"aays FYou're looking bad, it seems like you just don't care anymore,” that should be enough for an individual to know that he does not hav control over that substan: and that he should get help. You see, at one point in time, or the other, many of us were offered help but had too much false pride to accept it. Not many people miss a drug addict when they are dead and gone because the majority of them have already buried him in their mind. The best help comes from within oneself. A person has to admit to himself that there is a problem and, "by any means necessary,” get help. Some tum to drug programs, religions, couns- eling, and many other things that are outside of thense: but the real help comes from within, No matter how relig- ious, or how many programs a person attends, those things can only help bring out that which is already inside the person. Just saying "No," and not principles They are commonly known as “lip professors.” For, as we all know, “action speaks louder than words." In any society, specific- ally the inner-cities, the youth are being taught and trained to sell drugs as a means of survival. They look up to the neighborhood drug dealers with expensive cars, gold jewelry, and fancy clothes. These false heroe: only pave the way for t early death or long term imprisonment for the youth. The school dropout rate fer us youth of the inner-cities has increased 40 to 50 per cent. Thinking inferior and with no hope to compete be- cause of mis-education by the so-called educational system, we are being labeled as rejects by European-American (white) society, and turn to selling drugs as a means of employment. The government is planning to stop drugs at a local level, spending billions of dollar: to employ the police agencies to occupy our neighborhoods like foreign troops. While drugs keep coming into into this country and into our neighborhoods, one would think that the logical thing to do is to stop it at its source. If you can stop it at the source, it will never get to the local level (our neighborhoods). But it's all a sham. The war isn't on drugs, the war is on ourselves, the ones who accept drugs into our communities and homes. In the ghetto there is a church and a liquor stors on every corner. It's genocide and suicide. When the European first showed, he brought a Bible and a bottle; if he couldn t get you with them, he killed you in your sleep like Fred Hampton. The European sells the Indians liquor, gets them drunk, sells them guns so they can shoot each other, and then he them with his cavalry. and Is drinking alcohol any vetter than using drugs? Of course not. Alcohol is not an alternative to drugs; alcohol is a drug, and is also addict- ive. So there we have it; drugs and abuse, but drugs are what? Crack, dope, cocaine, ster- oids,” ete? ‘what about cigar- ettes, coffee, sugar, salt, and poisonous animal meats? These are all actually addict- ive to the human system. ‘The nicotine in cigarettes, the caffeine in coffee, and the instant, highly ceneentr- ated energy, sugar. Most people have no idea of how highly addicted to sugar most people are. Either sugar or salt, or both, is added to all prepared, ‘or “processed” foods. Processed foods are foods that go through a reman- ufacturing process where they are reconstituted. Everything is done on an assembly line for profit... not decau: these companies wanted to feed people and make them healthy. Sugar is a stimulant. So is crack, caffeine, and nicot- ine. Just like cocaine and speed. Education concerning these things must begin at home. It is now reported that the drug abuse rate is up 300% since the early 1980s. “why is this? Is it that those who advertise this “Say No to Druga” thing, are saying “Y to the prof- its they are pocketing from the sale of drugs in our communities? ‘The government won't bring about a change by making the laws more strict; that’s just an excuse for putting more of ug in jail. As they lock one =10- of us up, this is only giving birth to three more to pick up where that one left off. The communities will have to work together as a whole to seize back the neighborhoods that now, they are so scared of death of sitting on their porches, or walking to the corner store. Before judging another's child, don't de so slow in judging your own. We may have a drug dealer or abuser right in our ow hones, and know +» but neglect it instead of doing something about it. No" is a very small word that many of us do not possess in our vocabularies. Some. times experience is the best teach but we don't have to indulge in drugs to mow about them. Look, listen, and learn. That's the best exper- fence to leam from about drugs. My Greatest Fear vy 8. B. Allan My greatest fear is not the blatant genocide directed toward the non-white masses of this planet’s population, al- though it is of great concern. My greatest fear is not the white man's manipulation, dis- tortion, and suppression of true world history, although it is disturbing, My greatest fear is not the white man's malevolent efforts to strip me of my self-pride and dignity, although it does anger me. No, my greatest fear is ny Black’Brother; those who have succumbed to the doctrines of white supremacy; those who have fallen by the wayside, and wallow in the filthy sands of self-destruction and self- hatred. I tremble wide-eyed with fear, paralyzed in the shadow of my Black Brother, who would believe himself to be less than aman, This, the product of white supremacy, perpetrated through institutionalized rac- ism. I fear that We, as Black people, have become too compl- acent, too dangeriously pass- ive too abridged are our def- initions, too incomplete, and too shallow are our points of reference. It is so frightingly simple, so blatantly obvious that, we inadvertently fail to see what it is on which our eyes are focused. As my foreparents were beat- en_and enslaved, raped of self, I too bear the scars of their injustice. Scars that urn unhealed, infected, and reeking with the foul stench of hatred and injustice. I too have been beaten, hanged, and burned. Not for crimes against the white man, but for the peautiful pigment of my flesh. Not for what I've done, but for who I am. As the white man plots the destruction of "mine-kind," he drives himself to the ends of insanity; blind with madness, hatred, and contempt for what he lacks. I don't hate the white man, I hate the manifestation of his fear, and the hypocrisy of his behavior. It's this hatred for what the white man does that swells within my heart, it punctures the very essence of my soul. And still... The white man in all his belligerence and self-right- eousness, dares to wonder... why? Meeeneenesnnesaananeeereenseees -12- advertise in TneUNIVER: TRUTH @ collection of writings available from the progressive 5%. Advertizing Rates The Universal Truth reserves the right to reject unsuitable or fraudulent ads. Make checks or money orders payable: 5, Henry P.0, Box 526, Gracie Station New York, N.Y. 10028 -13- A Universal Proposal It has come to my attention that a so-called “National” Proposal has been advanced to cure “differentations, alterations, and modifications of our national doctrine," etc. This proposal concerns itself with some of the textual changes that have occurred in the various versions of 120. (Version: A form or variation of an earlier or original model). On the face of it, I think that a critical examination and exegesis of 120 would be in order in this day and time. I suggested this many times since 1981. I recommended a panel of scientists and scholars be nominated and that an authorized version be adopted with a commentary citing various authorities. Well, at this point in time I can still see that that idea has not been grasped in its entirety. But more about that 1: Te Now, one of the early deletions pointed out, “skunk of the planet Earth," was not deleted from the lessons I brought out of the Temple. Guess who it was that said these lessons were “poison"? Ana yet how often ald they get copied while at Auburn Prison by the who had the copying concession? But as word is my bond, I Rover received ene free copy, but paid in cagh for ali I required. As a true and progressive 5%, I bear witness that the original man is the Asiatic Blackman, maker, owner, cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization, and Universe. Rot a tribal God, a neighborhood Cod; or a national God, bat a UNIVERSAL God. I am the God of many nations, and many attributes. The most basic and fundamental degree of Student Enrollment says quite plainly: "God of the Universe." The flag of the 5% is a WNIVERSAL flag. Those 120 degrees are not a national teaching but a SAL teaching. Since this is known and cannot be honestly disputed, why then, when faced with this doctrinal error, so basic and so simp: do certain individuals not correct themselves? Because it would mean that they were in error? If one single individual, through egoistical lust for self-importance chose to continue this course of action for himself, rather than admit error, then the matter would be of no concern to me. As I have said: “Let the wise pursue wisdom and the fools perish." But this is no time for individual selfishness, but for the collective self. We face genocide. After a long period of silence, I am now moved to speak out in time to prevent a reactionary priesthood from causing any further division. What we have today are lessons in a concentrated form that were presented in written form in the early 1930s. The wisdom of commentary have since expanded that knowledge in the manifestation of Supreme Wiadom 1 and 2, and Message to the Blackman in America. 1b All the locks had been opened. The Knowledge and Wisdom have been made manifest and the door left wide open for a long time. The key has always been in the Understanding. The seals have long ago been lifted. The wise have pursued wisdom, and the fools shall soon perish, because while they try to play the wiseman, with their own words they reveal their foolishness. If they had only kept their mouths shut no one would mow the fools that they ar Sheyshey) spent their days writing letters and speaking slander Dehind every true and living God who spoke the truth and challenged their religious nologies in (Allah is not unseen and unheard, but is seen and heard everywhere, for he is the All- Seeing-Eye). : Just like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time, in their jealousy and ignorance, these hypocrites would seal off the true understand- ing for others, and yet they get it not themselves. Allah came and left. The Messenger left his message. Now, these current religion- making frauds forever obscure these teachings while elevating the teacher into a supernatural personage. “Oh, he was much more than aman," they say, But they lie! He was a’man and a God like you or I, and what he taught is for us to go forward with. We are not here to worship Allah, but to be Allah. And now these priests have a new religious ornamentation: .*(PBUH)" which means "Praise Be Unto Him.* which of course, comes from the Ansar Muslim teachings. I mow this probably go over big with the 85%ers that are to be found in many of today's ciphers. After all, these are the "follower: that the 10% reactionary priesthood recruit and lead. While these priests are borrowing the religious orientation from the Ansar Muslims (like that Gumar-Oz-Dumar mythology*), they encourage blind worship of the dead prophets, while slandering the “true and living God." We don‘t need another religion. In a few. years, if these priests have their way, they'll have prayers and candles lit in front of Allah's picture at the ciphers. A True History of the Lessons Allah received his 120 while in the Temple of the old Nation of Islam. These lessons were known then generally as Lost-Found Muslim Lessons, or “the Lessons." Before that, during the days of Fard, they were known as “The Secret Ritual of the Nation of Islam." | After the power struggle in the mid-1930s upon the depart- ure of Master Fard Muhammad, it was from . his student, Elijah Muhammad's individual copy of the lessons that the subsequent N.0.1. copies were made. My Lost-Pound Muslim Lesson No. 2 says at its very beginning, (which Thad underlined on my copy), “This lesson answered very ‘See ary, fol. ‘On the Word Gods A comment: -15- nea correct tt..." Does anyone know why? It was because a wise man Woomnizent that error can exist, that he can make the proper pre- cautions to prevent or offset it creeping in. It is the fool who will never admit error that always repeats it. Since he has denied the possibility of error, and thereby réfusing the admission of such, there can be no correction on his part. Further, the admission of the possibility that error could creep in kept a vigilance around the contents of the lessons. This was because in those early days, every set of lessons were individually +: The photocopying machines that we know today hadn't oven beer tivented yet. (sack in those days we had “photostatic" machines which reproduced copies in the negative). And so, because every set of lessons were individually typed, each had its own peculiarities. Even the liquid correction fluid that most of us take for granted now-a-day, didn't exist in the early sixties. As a result, no two sets of lessons were identical. Still, that presented no problem. My consort had received her Student Enrollment with “Father of Civilization” missing. When she inquired of the M.G.T. officials concerning this, rather than admit error, they said that Chicago had provided the lessons that way. When I had asked individuals in Auburn Prison why “skunk of the planet Earth,” was missing, they told mer “Allah took it out because, since the colored man came from us, how could he be a skunk?*' And so they blamed Allah... when it was Allah himself who said: “Don't change a word of it." How come you never hear these characters who always say “Allah said..." never quote him on that? When I was in the freedom cipher I had at least twelve different sets of lessons. A lot of the old Gods out there collect the different versions available. Since my imprisonment I've seen all kinds of different versions that the holders were willing to argue were right and exact. They weren't having it otherwise. As I say, “let the fools perish.” But the point is not whether the lessons have been changed, here and there. They have, and that's a fact, bdut their essence have already been expanded upon by scholars and scientists; that someone now brings up the subject does not make it a new one. What is important now, is that we don't take up our time with trifles, or give priority to that which does not unite the 30 million, like making a religious sect of a Universal teaching. I want to make a record of my objection to this so-called ‘National Proposal” because it is not addressed to a national bodys that nation of thirty million knowingly excluded. I must object because I do not have any confidence in the intelligence, honesty, or personal integrity of the person making this so-called "National Proposal." And while not making a challenge of the names nominated as leaders (called in the document “elders"), I do here propose that a larger body of scholars and scientists be nominated by the 162) people (The 5%), in whose name the proposal is made. I think that it is both right and exact that the people who are to be directly affected by decisions made in their name ought to have the right to nominate those whom will decide. Por too long, individuals, for their own reasons and personal motives, have spoken in the name of God and the 5%, that are not representative of truth or righteousness. To many, outside of the ranks of the 5, see the whole cipher as one of a street gang who prey like parasites on their own nation (the 30 million people of African descent in the wilderness of North America.) Yes, I know that the priests won't admit that they belong to this nation of thirty million because it would contradict what they are saying in reference to a Pive Percent “Nation.” But time is running out. We cannot permit a few individuals who, because they refuse to admit error, would doom an entire nation to genocide. And so, Decause too many lies have been taught in the name of Allah, Allah himself is invoked to appear. From time to time the necessity comes for the All-Seeing-Eye, God himself, in the flesh, to come forward and manifest himself and be seen and heard. Let Us come into the open and nominate 24 scientists who may diligently compare the various degrees extant and settle the question forthrightly by issuing an “Authorised Version of 120 Degrees.” Speaking in my present capacity as Editorial Director of The iver: Truth, all comments, both critical and suggestive, will Be published, as woll as the names nominated to settie the issue~ PRINCE @) cuBA The Universal Truth iti P.0. Box 526 Writing letters Gracie Station |g 5 New York, N.Y. 10 to the editor Executive a Life 4908877 Egitor c/o G. White ‘The editor welcomes letters that ato Lock Bag R ‘comment on articles in this issue or Rahway, New Jersey 07065 ‘hat discuss other matters of impor- tance Lettersneednot Editorial Prince A. Cuba commenton any paricularartcle. © Director P.O. Box 2000 i + ONY. 16871 Early responses to articles have the Ese Ceca 8 iY best chance of being published. F Allah, Preave bs concise oratave vor Associate Knowledge Born Alla! letter i $.J.M. Shabazz Allah, Se et cone Ealsee® Righteous Born Allah, pores Assistence: Phtah. <17- Peace Prince Fard It is often said that “Peace” is the Universal greeting. We know that in Arabic it is said “Salaam alaikum." In Hebrew it is “Shalom aleichen." If you were to see a small circular plane land near you, and its passengers disembark and walk to you, it might be best to put your two hands, with the palms facing toward them to show that they are empty, (un- armed), and say “Peace” in the language you generally use, as in the case, it is English. I recently came across some- thing that would have been appropriate for the last issue where the topic was women. I found that the ideographic symbol (writing) in Chinese for the word “good" is a woman with a child. The Cantonese phonetic value is hao for this word. There are many different dialects for the spoken Chinese language, ‘but the written language (characters), are all read the same way, regard- less of how they are pronounced in different regions. (This is similar to the situation in Spain where there are five major regional dialects, but this is not the situation in Latin America where Andalusian is the dominant style Spanish spoken for the simple reason that most of the explorers and pirates to the "New World” came from Andalusia province in Spain). The word for “Peace” in the Chinese characters is a woman under a roof. One can take that to mean that it's good to have a woman with a child, and it's peace to have a woman at home. Womant Child Roofs os é Es ‘ALL THE HUMAN FAMILY =18- BEWARE Although I come packaged in a small plastic bottle "Beware." I'm even bigger than life! As quiet as it's kept, my name is Death. But on the streets I'm a/k/a Base, Jumbos, Yum Yuma, Rock, Kibbles & Bits, yet most popularily mown'as Crack. Upon my arrival in this country, my use was restricted to the wealthy and affluent, but through smart marketing and the introduction of my 10.5, and now 3 dollar bottles, I have made death easily affordable to all. Asa result, my kingdom has more than tripled in the last year, and is growing steadily with every passing day. In the 60s it was King Heroin who ruled the streets. In the 70s it was P.C.P, and now in the 80s, it is I, Crack, who sits on the throne of Death, evil, and destruction. I am the most potent and powerful of all time... Don't fuck with me. etto streets of New York City, through the Windy City sof Chi-Town, all the way to the plush suburbs of L.A., all will feel ay wrath. Prom 8 to 60, Man, Woman, or Child. Black, White, or Brown; All are welcomed into my kingdom of doom. For you see, I am an equal opportunity destroyer. Do not fool yourself into thinking that your affair with me will be a short, cheap, sordid one. I am not a tramp or a plaything, but a force to be reckoned with. I am your worst fucking nightmare come true. I have made the biggest fall, tured the rich poor, and made the proud beg. T am serious, deadly serious don't fuck with me. With just one beam up to my cosmic white cloud, and while you fly on my not so friendly skies, Scotty will have you body, and I will take your soul: the very essence of your existence... Don't fuck with me. Your transformation froma decent, respectable, human being, into a parasite will begin; the beginning of your end. All of your waking hours will be spent on missions and vaporizing dreams. In the pursuit of me, you will forsake even the most basic of human nacessities: food, sleep, clothing, shelter. And with your self-imposed exile from the shower, your body will reek with the foul odor of death that 1s soon coming for you... Don't fuck with me. As a test of your loyalty to me, you will be called upon to make human sacrifices, from the slaying of a priest, the murder of your mother, tothe slaughter of your child. When you are apprehended by the authorities, as you most certainly will be, -19- tell them it was done in my name, so that to honor me. Once again I will make spectacular headlines, as I relish being in the lime- light. In order for me to thrive and flourish, you must worship me daily with your glass pipes and fire, in my temples called base houses, now in every neighborhood of every city.’ Come one, come all, Bring your friends. Your girl, your man. Bring me the young, for I especially love them; so that I can destroy the future as well as the present. Beam up, beam up, beam up. Burn, burn, burn. Till you perish in the hell of your own choosing. Remember what I’ve told you, and all that awaits. Don't forget. Don’t fuck with with me. Not even once. by Pedro LaFon (NYC) Hundreds of thousands of babies are being attacked by cocaine while still in their mothers’ womb. Some will die. The others will have their development dangerously impaired. VIEWPOINT: Dick Thornburgh: “According to the polls, people favor prayers in school.” George Bush: “That's right, end capital punishment, too.” Thornburgh: Obviously there's a real longing to put this country back on the track, to return to the old but cherished values.” Busht “Praying.” Thornburghs "and killing.” seeeneeneneeeeoseseresseseseasessnneossnaanes: seeeeeerenenereeas -20- Neutralizing the Drug Dealers by Prince Life Allah As a child cries out, “Mommy, I'm hungry," I want to go and take the head of the individual who introduced “Mommy" to “Scottie” (crack). It's because of him that there is no food in the house, the lights are off, and poor innocent children go to bed hungry, not knowing where their mother is at, when some strange man with enough gold on to feed them for the next ten years is knocking at their door, asking for their mot! Everyone is aware of the drugs within our neighborhoods, and those who are putting thei in there. Many say that we have no control over the situat- ion, so they just ignore the problem and allow it to grow like cancer, instead of remov- ing it. What god would allow drug dealers to corrupt neighborhoods, and starve, and destroy childr- en, and having people fight, kill one another, and women selling their bodies? Surely, no just and true god will allow such actions to take place with- out bringing about a complete chang. Those who sell drugs are destroying our future: and who are the future but our children? There is a solution to this problem. The solution is neutr- alization. “The optimum method of neutralization is elimination." Eliminate those who desire to make slaves of our children so that they can live in luxary. Eliminate them by that which is final, which is deatht We, the progressive Five Percent have duties to fulfill, and that is saving the babies, uplifting the weak, and resurrecting the mentally dead« Our job is to save all those who want to be saved, and destroy Yacub's so-called civ- ilization. Drug dealers are supporting oppression and en- slaving those who are asleep (ass), to drugs which are mastering them. No one wants a slave, so it's "Preed- thi" Death to all oppr- and those who support oppression, in order for us to obtain our freedom. I have personally come into encounters with the reactionary faction pretending to be within this movement for freedom, justice, and equality, who categorize themselves as of the 5K. They try to justify sell- ing drugs as a means of surv- ival. “Don't believe the hype." They will also get what is due them, death. This is Universal Law: Death to all those who fall victim to the law. Thus, the law will be enforced on those who carry slave names as well as those who use righteous names as shieldss it makes no differ- ence. “Things aren't what they used to be,” is @ popular phra: now-a-days. Well, things will never be what they used to be, if we allow the drug dealers to control and destroy our children. Things will not be as they were if we allow drug dealers to compel our children to become their slaves and lose all respect for themselves and their elders. must regain the peapect: of the children by going directly to the source of the problem. The problem is the dealers. They instill in the youth a false sense of self-esteem which has them with an attitude of “I gots to get mines.” Many of us need the attit- ude of “getting ours," but not with the negative attitude and outlook. We should reclaim our own, and what is more ours than our children?. We have to get the drug dealers away from our children, so we can keep what is ours. A true and living god does not support oppression in any way. A progressive 5% does not support oppression in any form whatsoever, and will do all within his power to elim- inate oppression. Drug dealers are oppressors, no matter how one may View the situation. If it is death to the oppressors to receive my freedom, then it is death to all oppressors, and all those who aid them. This is a very serious problem, and those whom it affects the most, must them selves, do something about it. We can control this problem by elimination. Through elimin- ation, we will see a rapid improvement and then we can honestly say that “things are like they should be, Peaceful." I don't want to live in the way that our present day elders are living, (which is in fear), when I get their age, and jmowing that I shouldn't have to. For the love of our people, we must deal with the problems that affect us the most, and we must deal with them our- selves. The government does not care if we fight and kill one another over drugs as long as the profits keep on coming in. We must govern our own neighborhoods in which we live in, The corrupted police do not live in our neighborhoods, and don't care about the putt- ing of drugs into our commun- ities: in fact, tney jail or murder those who try to put a stop to it. The same law that applies to the overt traitor drug dealers applies to the police also, They are no diff- erent from the drug dealers. DEATH T0 THEM ALL? We want freedom, justice, and equality, and will do ail that must be done to receive it. This is a worthy cause; a good deed. For good deeds we will be rewarded. And "what will be your reward...2" Peace and Happines Everyone should want peace and happiness. But how many are willing to do what must be done for peace and happiness? Only a few, five percent of the whole, the real, true and living Pive Percent, the Progressive 5%, will do what must be done. Let's eliminate the drug dealers as a priority in our struggle for Universal Liber- ation. They have no mercy on our children, so why should we have mercy on the merciles: The penalty is deatht this “Neutralizing the Drug Dealers." . * * . * Readers are welcome to respond or correspond with writers and editors c/or Universal Truth, P.O. Box 526 Gracie Station, N.Y¥., N.Y. 10028 -22- SAVE THE BABIES by ALi Parad Everlasting God Allah We as original people are on a Universal rise to Power all over the planet Earth. The youth are the ones to inherit this future Power, and if they are not properly educated, then they will misuse that Power. Power that is not pos- itively directed can only destroy lives, property, ete. Such is a witn as the pres- ent conditions. we can all agree, babies need to »: taught, but you must know exactly twhat to teach these inquisitive young minds. It's an actual fact that education ig the key. But this present educational system is inoperat- ive, We need an educational system that will liberate our people. Because it is education that civilizes us, then without a proper education, our youth are headed for total destruct- On « The future is for simply by the calcu: 3 of the thoughts that are conceived. The key to fortelling the future is mathematics. Once a thought is conceived in the mind, it must be made manifest, be it positive or negative Unfortunately, our youth are today endowed with many negat- ive thoughts and ideas which are producing volcanos and earthquakes in the land. n The answer to these major problems can be implemented simply by teaching the children a thorough knowledge of then- sely Teach them that there thin each one of them, “Supreme Greatness." Teach them to love self and kind! For if they have not love and respect for themselves, then they cannot love and respect others... “Because the love of self, is predicated upon the love of others." P.E.A.C.Ee * Philadelphia are BLACK OR LATINO (Courtesy of Liberation Inform- ation Center, Mrs Bankole Irungu, 3334 N. reet, Philadelphia, PA. 19140). FOSTER PARENTS URGENTLY NEEDED Hundreds of N.Y. children urgently need foster homes. abies and pre- In return for you will receiv: payments for ro clothing, medical expenses, counseling, and many other support services. Call the FOSTER CARE NETWORK serving all boroughs (212) 643-0178 Se habla Espanol (212) 643-0179 FBI Probes Contras’ Alleged Ties to Gun-Running, Drugs am: ny ee State Department Report Admits = Centra Role in Drug Trafficking == i i i dit Be i He ll ti it th as rae i Ht il Nichols is snitching on his former lieutenant Howard “Pappy” Lorenzo “Fat Cat" Mason. Nichols and his mother ran a $100 million a year crack Dusiness in southeast Queens. Does anyone realize how much a hundred million dollars is? Can anyone calculate how much misery and death have been. caused? A drug dealer asked: “Do you think that Fat Cat will mitch to free his mother?” I angwered without hesitation: "Of course he will." And so I was asked an additional quest- ions "Do you think that that's right?" I had to pull everything to it was such a ridicul- ous question. Patiently, I asked, “Don't you understand that a person who sells these kinds of drugs to his own people puts his own desires be- fore anyone else? It's not a question of morality or consc- ience. A drug dealer who selis rugs to his own people is a traitor to his own race. He engages in the genocide of his own people. He has no morality, no social conscience, no respect. Of course he'll snitch on someone to get something he wants. That's his program.” a stop, But Fat Cat Nichols and Pappy Mason are just a step up froma pawn. Do they control the means of production of the cocaine? Do they import it into this country? The answer is "Emphatically NO." They are the footsoldiers of the banks, the generals, and the secret agents who orchestrate the importation, distribution, and move the pieces on the chess board. Cocaine is imported into the U.S. by highly trained and organized professionals. Many of them anti-Castro Cubans trained by the Central Intell- Agence Agency (C.I.A.). In the late 1960s and early 1970s heroin from southeast Asia was imported by the same people. No, not “the Colombians.” Colombian nationals may freel- ance the import and sale of coke in this country, but they do not have the protection or sanction of the government. If they are caught, they go to jail, and that is why you find thousands of Colombians in state and federal prisons. ~2he There is no shortage of evidence to show that the air- craft that fly guns to the anti-communist contra bandits in Central America return with their cargo holds full of cocaine. Neither is there any lack of proof that these same pilots under the protection and flag of the United States government land with their cargo unmolested by the Customs agency of the same government. The C.I.A. airlines, “Air America" transported heroin and guns to and from southeast Asia for years with the same modus operandi. This has been well documented in the book “The Politics of ins. Agia es Dy Alir leToy Harper, 1972). Reactionaries and blood- suckers of the poor have always worked hand-in-hand with the oppressor against the people. The C.I.A. are international police for United States gov- ernment imperialism. Anyone who knows the nature of police knows that anyone who works with the police is on the same level as a snitch. We have other words like collaborator, traitor, agent, or contra. Those whose self-interesta counter to the inte: masses are against Those whose profit is based upon the exploitation of the people or their suffering do not want to see a change in the political status que. They are therefore anti-revoluticnary, Back in the of slavery there were those 8 who were against ‘the emancipation of the masses because it threatened their own privileged (they thought) pos- itions in the slavemaster's house. Drug dealers, snitche and police are all anti-revol- utionary. They are all equally against change; and they make common cause against those who have come to bring change. snitch 10% know the 85% make judgements on face value, and so they know thi value of camouflage. Because an open traitor is hardly fash- ionable among the masses, the vest “protective coloration” is the “ultra nationalist,” or “holy man.* And so you find these little Savimbis with names like Abdul wearing kufis, or wearing dreads. But like Bob Marley sang, “Rasta don‘ work fer na C.I.A." No Rasta, Muslim, or God would sell drugs to his own peopli That's an extreme manifesta of self-hatred. It's genocide. The Philadelphia Inquirer (8/20/89) in ita Metro section made reference to a drug dealer in Camden county who went by the name “Supreme.” The Newark Star-Ledger (July 25, 1989) rena headlines “Drug dealer admits bribing Red Bank cop." The text outlines the case of one Donald Lee Jones, going under the attribute of “Jamal Wonderful Allah". Acc- ording to the story Allah was paying the devil protection. It seems that Jones was sell- ing drugs in Monmouth County and he paid a policeman $500 a week for protection against arrest. Imagine God paying punk dues for “protection” to the Devil? So, the cop lied and fooled Jones who took this Trader at his word. Can the Devil fool Allah? Not now-a- day; but he can fool the 10% anytime. Jones took a plea. These drug dealers are look- ed up to by the 85% because they teach the poor lies and have all the luxaries born from their slavemaking activ- ities. The 85% are pawns. 225 They are not to be enslaved, but to be trained as private soldiers in a Universal Liber- ation Army. Pappy Mason is seen wearing dreads. A slavemaker of the poor is going by a righteo attribute. What are the 85% to think? Judging by appear- ances, they see the rude bwouy wit’ dreads as a Rasta, or the bloodsucker with a Universal flag asa 5%. We can't allow this to go on. Allah don*t sell cocaine; never did, never will. It's pretty bad when an: outsider thinks that the Five Percent are heavily involved in drug sales, but what is worst, is that many use the 5& names, insignia, etc. as camouflage to do their dirty work. This must come to an end. * * * * * Some might remember the movie “The Godfather," and the part where all the gang- sters are sitting around talk- ing about selling drugs. One thing became clear: they didn't want them in their community. Some might remember some of the news programs that have aired recently concerning this topic. The news stories showed "buy and bust" operations where Euro-Americans who came into the inner-cities (Black town- ships) to purchase drugs were arrested. And why do you supp- ose they have to come into our communities to make those purch- ases? Because there's no way that the government will allow anyone to operate in European American (white) communities the way they do in ours. The drugs Yaike the AIDS virus) was not designed for them, or their death and destruction. The Kerry hearings showed Congress the high levels of people engaged in the drug trade. The military, and the banks were involved, and they are not being indicted or go- ing to jail on these crimes. They are making billions, Their daughters are not on crack or having sex with dis- eased men in crackhouses, for a two dollar vial. Oliver North is not worrying about his grandchildren being born deform- ed or mentally retarded because his daughter is “on the stem." The executives of the major banking institutions or the C.I.A. are not experiencing massive military invasions of police into their suburban communities, or the large- scale, indiscriminate round- ups of individuals, and the aling-off and emptying of entire buildings of their occ- upants. And their youth are off attending Harvard, Yale, and Princeton on the drug prof- its, while ours are sent off to Shockcamps and maximum sec- urity prisons, sometimes 500 niles from their hometowns, and sometimes with 25 year sentences. Under the pretext of law and order, the ruling class of the U. through ite state apparatus of repression has created the ideal justificat- ion for its “final solution" of the “Black Problem“ in the U.S.A. It is imprisonment and genocide. murder and suicide. This effort is being made with the cooperation of the 10% who supply their police erime partners with information against revolutionaries and the real 5%. These false gods, false dreads, fake Muslims, fake nationalists are the fifth colums of the enemy in our communities. =26= The agents in jails are not quite pamas; they are the ones who provoke tribal (racial) ware between the other prison- ers, or who put out fal rumors (“bad wires") and mis- information on other prisoners in hopes of discrediting t Revealing this information makes a target of this writer) but this is war. * . * . * In 1986, the Re State Department admitted in a report before Congress: “The avail- able evidence points to involve- ment with drug traffickers by a limited number of persons hav- ing various kinds of affiliat- ions with or political sympathies for resistence groups...” The report cited official intelligence information show- ing that the contras shipped cocaine into the U.S. in exch- ange for a C-47 aircraft, two helicopte: and $100,000 long with a commitment of $20 000 a month once the shipments began. (Imagine the bulk profit necessary to make these payments Teaeabies. ‘The same report noted the arrest of two contra agents charged in San Francisco with cocaine trafficking. Zavala, as saying that the profits went to the contras. In December of 1985, the Associated Press reported that the contras operating out of Costa Rica “engaged in cocaine trafficking to help finance their war against Nicaragua's leftist Sandinista government." The State Department's lobby- ist, J. Edward Fox stated: "... the administration believes these allegations are fa. John Kerry, Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts responded,—"Blanket statements by the administration that the allegations false do little to help Congress determine whether the contras are smuggl- ing cocaine and heroin into the United States." (State Depart- ment Report Admits Contra Role in Drug Trafficking, The Buffalo News, Aug. 27, 1986). Prior to the "Contragate” hearings publicity and the viol- ation of the Boland Amendment stipulating strict adherence to neutrality laws, and well before the indictments of either General Secord or Lt. Col. Oliver North, an ongoing in- vestigation was leaked to the Associated Press in mid-1986, According to the information waked and subsequent investig- ion by the Associated Press reporters, Oliver North was questioned several times by the FBI in 1985 concerning neutral- ity law violations. According to Steven Carr, who formerly worked with the contras , and is now conveniently dead, guns were run to Central America. tigators and contra supp- 's have told the Associated that smuggling operations of guns and cocaine involved all of the contra groups. (FBI Probes Contra's Alleged Ties to Gun-Running, Drugs, The (Auburn, N.Y.) P, tandard, April 11, 1986). Anyone familiar with the Contragate hearings is aware that the controversial portions were in closed session. Some may recall the matter of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Man- agement Assistence) concentrat- ion camps that was brought up at one of the hearings. Even though it had been reported in the Miami Herald, it was quickly relegated to the closed sessions. That reminds me of the earlier Watergate hearings. Remember Nixon's friend Vesco? “.s, an investigation into a 200 kilogram smuggling deal was curtailed when the name of thi billionaire Robert Vesco enter- ed the enquiry; records were lost and a valuable informer was discredited and abandoned.” ¢ treet Journal, Nov. 19, 1980). Anyone really interested in learning about the contra-U.S. government ‘drug connection can read about it in a book by Leslie Cockburn, "Out of Control: the Story of the Reagen Aanitn tetra tion 3 searet War in Nicaragua, the Tile; dom Dives sie Cotes Connection “(ht lantio Monthy Press, 1987). Also see: the Great Heroin gence, Coup; Drugs and nation Fascism, Sree tee Kruger (South End Press, Boston, 1988, $8.00). -27- A WORD TO THE REACTIONARIES: , "According to the past hist- ories of prophets and reformers, the very people to whom they were’sent with the light of truth were their rejectors and even their enemies. When the time comes for a change in the life of a people, there are those who will not appreciate a change. They are suspicious and doubt that which is other than what they have been deliev- ing all their lives. The people of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus doubted that which these prophets brought to them from Allah (God) until Allah brought a showdown be- tween the two." Message to the Blackman, pp. 81. Brae Hes Save the babies. Adopt two, or more. SPECIAL ADOPTIONS CONNECTIONS 1-800-34-AD0PT So asks the European-held minority government of South Afrika (Azania). 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