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Artifact 6 Harry Wong Professional Development Presentation

Artifact 6 Rationale
Professional development is a huge part of education. As teachers we attend countless
workshops and seminars, because we too also never stop learning. Teachers are constantly
improving best teaching practices, classroom management techniques and learning to integrate

new technologies into the classroom. In most cases professional development is through
teachers teaching teachers. This artifact is a professional development presentation that I
created to teach other student teachers, the importance of classroom management based on the
theories of Harry Wong. This presentation not only once again displays my strength at creating
visual lessons, but also the ability to teach adults as well.

As Mentioned the presentation was about Harry Wong, who is an expert at classroom
management. His theory is that classroom, procedures and routines need to be implemented the
first day of school and reinforced over and over again, until the students can manage themselves.
As new teachers this is important to know, because a classroom management is crucial to
teaching. If the class is noisy and out of control, lesson cannot be taught effectively, because the
teacher is simply trying to calm the class down. This presentation breaks down all the important
information from his textbook and displays it in a way that is easily absorbed by the student
teachers, who can then apply the techniques in their classrooms.