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Artifact 8 Stained Glass Window and Rubric

Artifact 8 Rationale
This artifact is the culmination of a detailed art unit for my second placement. My
previous artifact was one of the first lessons in this unit. The goal was to teach important skills,
of patterning, colour selection and creativity. These skills would then be utilized to create a
stained glass window out of construction paper.

This was a very personal lesson for me. In my eighth grade class, I created the same
work of art. It was until I was collaborating with my Associate Teacher that the idea of teaching
how to create this artwork came to mind. As we brainstormed we both realized that creating a
stained glass window required a lot of pre-existing knowledge. It was then that I was given the
responsibility to create a unit that would work its way towards a final project being a stained
glass window.

This example Ive shown is not from a student but one that I created as a model for the
class. It is the post of the movie Jaws that I broke down into section. I chose bright colours
and bold black lines separating each section to give the desired stained glass effect. I felt it was
important to create my own not only as a guide for the students but also, by going through the
process, I knew what was difficult and could plan my lessons accordingly. I created a rubric
based on what I thought the student should be able to accomplish and give it to them early so
they knew exactly what was required to achieve a high mark. Art isnt something the is usually
prevalent in a teaching portfolio, but I believe this was one of my strong lessons, and really
showed my strength at planning a unit to teach.