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Springs of Water, Bless the Lord Assembly, SATB Choir, Descant, and Keyboard Based on ASSURANCE by Phoebe P. Knapp (1839-1908) Lynn Trapp Adapted and arranged by Lynn Trapp INTRO (4. =ca. 70) AT D G D Env/G D AT D Keyboard ne SS REFRAIN ‘© 2005, Lynn Trapp. Published by OCP Publications, 5536 NE Hassalo, Portiand, OR 97213. All ights reserved. ll score and parts for Brass Quartet and Solo Instrument I & II are available from the publisher, edition 70494-Z3, Please visit 3 NE Hassalo Portland OR 97213 OCP Publications 1-800-548-8749 ocp.ore to Verses , last time to Cada ©) Give him glo - ty andpmise__ for - ev - er to Verses last time to Coda Printed in USA. ation 20178 Springs of Water, Bless the Lor 2 Unison Choir (Si 2 eee Sa ees Se lem - ple, the side of the Lord, And all to whom ——_—__—_——_—— : eee a —— a * = 3 - om fF Sao ) —S SSF & lwa - ter came were — saved, and they shall sing: ‘Springs of Water, Bess t