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gan a Sati te a ae Into the Desert Curtis Stephan and Sarah Hart INTRO (=e 132) erm { Capo % (Bino3)) (F#m/A) (Gsus2) (Bin03)) (Fém/A) (Gsus2) | gi eS Pee nem ei Sel pi 5% VERSES: -— 0 om 4 2S 2 sae SP ? ep set ; “i fees eae eee ee ee Fe ee eine ete oer wet eee oe et 2 ee eee eon ae ee ee a eae = © = Sct capoce ary aaa aaNet ef na eee pea ae Soe oi 3. And from this death you shall a - rise, ‘a rise with “me. \ Gromer = SS SSS $ a ——- Se frereaty 1 (D) «© (G) (By © ae Fy : i aes F = SSS | et CP wh ka Ren me tence my word wil speak == tie 2 sete ee a7 f i et » © © Bena) Dawes Begs J 5 Bo ae ieee bias yom a 169—IntotheDesers (2) 1 (1) Bino3)) FEMA) (Gsus2) (x(m03) (F4miA)——_(Gsus2) D> Dinos) Ame Bsus? ines) Ame Bows? in DS. tere a cz 3 Final (Bp ) DS tavere3| DP sottran | Dy (asus2(24) iisus2(e4) Disus2(e4) Dowus2ie4) Bisuszt) Deus2(84)