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D Coherence, Science and the NES HEALTH NES miHealth Healing Cycles Through Energy & Information Figure 1: Inductive ideas in impressionist art The Picnic on the Grass The poinilism of Seurat in Impressionist ar, s based on an inductive theory. It works as art because the cognitive system of humans knows how to assemble and comprehend an image which is made up of milk lions of points of different locations, colours and in- ‘ensities.| suggest that there is a body wave made up of milons of resonating points, and that it func- tions as « framework for information that is quantum in quality. This means limitless amounts of informe tion can be used in the human body-field. 4 simple electromagnetic system would not be able to do: this. The quantum electro-dynamic field carries the information that is needed by the living matrix of the cells of the body. Ihave slowly developed this theory over 28 yeors by linking up a vast system of information and energy. A few months ago, | began to wonder it any other far-reaching scientitic discoveries had proceeded in the same way. And I thought of Charles Darwin, the author of the biggest theory ever to hit biology. His is a theory that defies proof yet is deliciously probable, H, foo, is based on millions of bits of data arranged in a certain way, coming from many disciplines of sci ence. And the way itis arranged is one which shows coherence of data The Scientific Method for Big Theories In 1859, after 20 years of prevorication, Charles Darwin published a theery which unified bio- logy. geology, population mathematics and genetics. This very complex theory was based upon decades of careful observation of host of animals, birds, fossis and the then existing theories of creation, In publishing his theory. Darwin was chary about his astonishing achievement. It was suggested by the philosophers J,$. Mil and W. Whewell that the scientific method he used wos not of the deductive type but that he was using the principles of synthesis In fact Mill, when the Crigin of Species was published, commented that he thought that it agreed with ‘the. sirict principles of logic’, Nowadays we see Darwin's method in science as a way of understanding rather than a method of proof. In fact, for big theories about biology, the inductive empirical method is surely the most suitoble scientific procedure’. Bioloy Theory of Evolution Figure 2: Inductive ideas in science Looking at medicine and biology, we can consider the various fields of scientific knowledge that form part of our medical theories. In order to develop the heories of NES Health , [Needed to unite these disciplines by a process of synthes's. The result was a system of informational correspondences written in a specific place in a wave. My discoveries were produced in reverse, as is common in discovery. The informational correspondences between things appeared fist and finally, 28 years later, there appeared the human body-field wave, as c way of understanding haw information is related in different fields of knowledge. Figure 3: Inductive ideas in the development of human body-field theory The idea that science, if itis to be considered in any way conect, should be internally coherent in logical sense andi also with other theories fs quite an accepted notion. And so in the scientific method that |100 used, I needed only an energetic connection between two or more things. This connection was a manifestation of exchanges of energy in the quantum wave. This snowed coher- ence when the energies of one item and another were inked in the energy field. In the NES system, we allthis Space Resonance Matching (SRM). And so ‘we look at the NES system and how itis inked with other ideas, tke the theories of Dr R. G, Hamer, which were published in 2000. My question is, does energetic coherence exis! between my theories and those of Br Hamer? We have moved from an idea of logical coherence to one of energetic coherence, based on the Phenomenon of Space Resonance Matching. Of Course we are interested in the theories of bio- logy that use waveforms of any type to expicin phenomena. Why? Because the very way in which the human brain works may be one of information matching, and therefore this will show up in how scientific theories are presented and conceived. Dr Hamer's ideas have been summarized in a waveform, a version of which Is reprocuced below. It represents the electromagnetic wave that is produced in a holistic sense by the function of he sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in the human body. It shows the responses of the nervous system to stress. It oppeais at first to have little 1o do with the later idea of NES Health that there is a human body wave. Bu! we do need an electromagnetic wave lo make the H8F work! CComespondences in Science Homer 1981 center Heotzg creases Neate bot Figure 4: Phases of disease described by Hamer Dr Hamer proposed, and I have inferred trom this, that every illness had a structure imprinied in the electrowave that was produced by the nervous system. He said thot the symptoms changed constantly as the iliness progressed, starting with the original shock, followed by an active phase of the diseose, then, at the pivotal point, by contlict resolution, orn NES language, coherence. At this point the polarity of the wave changes and we move to the recovery stage, swinging from sympathetic to parasympathetic. in this, Hamer was referring to the widely recognized progressive stages of disease. This s logical. He was not speaking about a series of cherrical actions, out changes in body responses, the nervous system and episodes beginning with event-specitic crises. He traced the activity of cisease to emotional information and. showed how coherence af information inside our body and mind is of huge importance fo recovery from disease. In developing a modem science-based energetic medicine framework, huge efforis have been made to fitt all into some composite waveform aready recognized by the cogniscienti of science. But now, in 2011, 1can say with certainty that its not possible 10 do this. So what are we left with? We have three wave structures that are necessary for Us to explain the energetic medicine phenomena. By ‘phenomena’ | mean ihe apparent coherence, internal and external, of the human body-field, The waveforms are as follows: |. The electric form of the wave. from the nineteenth contuy. The Maxwell Wave, if you like, which we need fo explain all the physiology thats Cependent on electrical charge. this en compasses almost all of neuro: physiology as well as chemo-physiology. 2. The Miller proton wave, trom the early 1980s, which we need in order to explain transfer of energy as well as information in the external environment of the body physical. The proton is needed to explain biochemistry as well as the electron and photon. The Miller wave is double wave and looks ike an egg carton. Itis logarith- mic in nature. The ovoid or human body-field wave, from 3,500 years ago, developed from the solid geometry favoured by the ancients. Ths is he most interesting of all the waves. it may be ovoid in shape, rather than a sphere. itis a standing wave in space which links fo the Maxwell wave ‘as well as fo the Miller wave, with quanturn characteristics. t has to explain specific patterns of rarsfer of information as well as of energy hat the electrical model simply cannot co. The idea of the human body-fieid wave, then, is derived trom very ancient sources and explains the structures and functions in space that are part of energetic medicine. Therefore, in 2011, |began the process of superimposing the ideas of Hamer and these of NES Health, all ihe time looking for coherence. The results were sensational and are why we are having this lecture loday. The following images are of the three completely cifferent waveforms that | test coherence (by this | mean the possioilty of communication exsting between them). 1. Homer's hwo pars of an electrical wave’ Two Phases 2. The Traditional Chinese Mediicine In the NES. human body-fiele: Fraser 2008 By emotional ss system Figure 6: The phases of Chinese medicine ‘drawn on a logarithmic wave Figure 6 isnot an electromagnetic wave but a three-dimensional standing wave in space. In this ovoid wave, we find sic segments of 60" resulting in 360 degrees. In Traditional Chinese Medicine we hove five elements, Out Fre ohase is made up of two types, Fre of Heaven and Fre of Earth, so making six elements in effect. When we say ‘elements’, we ore faking about stages of change. The eneray of Fire of Heaven is reflected in the energy of Fre of Earth os the wave changes polarity. Ifwe look al th diagram of Hamer's two phases (see Figure 5), we can see that the peaks of the wove are omitted. These are the two Fre phases, which in the NES method we see are damaged by conflict betw temotions. We can say that when y coherent emotional siate, that is, not in conflict, all stages of change cre equal. all ore at 60°. When this occurs, there is coherence and then health is possible 3. The wave of Dr Miller describes the waveform created by sub-atomic particles in space: Figure 7: The Milller wave representing the proton This is the wave wherein Dr Hartmut Mallerin 1984 de scribed the wave function in space of sub-atomic portticles. and this is basically the proton function because of is much greater mass than other Poricles. This wave also appears to be the basis of Coherence, which appears in nature when in ils resiing stale. Its the basis of a framework that gives, coherence to 0 lot of information by ts actual structure. In this lecture we are looking at structure and coherence and the Miller wave. If there I naturally occuring coherence in natu, that is because there is c waveform connecting all parts of space. |am not only looking for coherence, but a0 forstruc- tute, The Miller wave provides this. The Miller wave, | found, only Space Resonance Matched experimentally with the NES Info- ceuticals when the wavetorm was divided into two pictures, This meant that it was a double wave. In the NES system we propose that the fist wave is physical ond hence is related to bio- chemistry, and the second wave is metaphysical, being exactly the same but in a different place. | propose there is a metaphysical wave which at last explains the human bedy-field, linked to the function of the nervous system. Hence we find o match with the NES method and the Miller wave, We can now understand how there can be a physical as well as a metaphysical human body-fiola, Itis ive that these thvee diferent waves that hove described above ore not related, because they ofiginate from very different sources. But they have coherence although they describe symptoms of disease (Hamer), the si elements of Chinese medicine (Froser| and the function of the stancing ‘wave in space (Miller. In physics interaction of ‘waves is not a strange idea at all. Hence itis not surprising that these waves communicate at tne energetic evel. Lom simply saying again that the Maxwell wave, or electromagnetic wave, and the other waves cannot be separate from one another. During 2011, | did! some experiments and! discovered that the 12 meridians of acupuncture, in the form of the Energetic Integrators of NES Health, form a Space Resonance Match with the Miller wave. The HBF is not the some as the Miller wave, bul these two waves can communicate. Therefare, | decided to drow c diagram of the Chinese meridians so that they were a superimposed ovoid wave of Traditional Chinese Medicine. | tested all the specific locations and the order in space showed very strongly. The meridians actually appeared in the diagram in the arder given in Traditional Chinese Medicine, How could that be? This is because there ‘exists an order in space, o special structure. The Space Resonance Match phenomenon works for solid geomeiry. In other words, we can get il fo work visually as well as mathematically. This is how this information was obtained - by visual Space Resonance Matching! Now we can take a lock at this key Glagram [see Figure 8 below) It was for me @ great mystery that the 12 main meridians formed a series of undulations in the intemal structure of the ovoid wave and appeored ina particular order. Bu! there is an idea in Chinese medicine that gives us cn explanation of the origins of the energetic system in humans. This idea is more than 3,000 years old. But today we can take it and place it in. a waveform and it works better like that, Figure 8: The body wave and the 12 meridians of acupuncture The acupuncture meridians have a specie order ‘and when | drew them on the ovoid wave, they followed this order, as ciready mentioned. The 12 meridians appeared around the axes, so |began to wonder what these axes were. Because | studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for so many years | thought | knew. But | didn't know anything, Why? Because it turned out that we can go way beyond current TCM theory by simply following the SRMs that occur with the ovoid wave. We can now ‘explain the existence of the eight extraordinary meridians from traditional acupuncture by showi that they ors a sort of axis, related, no doubt, to human embryology studies. The Embryo os on Egg, . 599, cole wave, [\e\_ CY ~~ Figure 9: The embryo as an egg This shows the eight extraordinary meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine as slices of an egg. Each sice is folded ands of 60". The lines represent the primitive meridian system of eight axes. The meridians form around these axes. In the Hindu and Chinese traditions, everything goes back fo the egg. From this diagram, we see the wave folded backwards to make an egg shape. The axes Du Mal, (or Governor Vessel. and Ren Mai, or Conception ‘Vessel, form the primordial meridians, the guiding force in embryology. Astonishing! ‘Of course, we can then superimpose the Hamer disease phase diagrem directly onto our diagram which outlines the full body wave, with the meridians located on it, When we do this, we ore doing what the great Charles Danwin did to get to his theory of | the origin of species. Is it valid to use Hamers electromagnetic wave with the other waves? Yes, because the real wave is needed fo support the quantum wavel The virtual travels on the real We have to find the underlying coherence anc ‘order in something that looks quite chaotic. The final port of my scientific procedure is to get coherent Gata fo produce new data then test them to see if they work clinically, Tying 10 see through andl beyond the apparent chaos was mind numbing! But found an inherent orci in 2011. When we use the part of the mind that is more: ‘analytical and critical, we see that the Miller wave, ‘explains the structure in space. Meanwhile the egg ‘of Chinese medicine explains the siruc- ture within’ the body. itis evident that they are linked in terms of energy. Changes in the cosmos affect the activity of the body's meridian system. The Chinese knew this 3,000 years ago. The Shock of Harmer's Model - What is It? We can now look again at the model of a wave presented by Dr Hamer. In I, he explains that shock Can iniliate a certain type of disease and that there are phases of recovery that follow a set pattem. There 1s a problem of course. What is shock? I do not see it 05 a biochemical pheno- menon, Isee it as the sence of coherence - one bil of information does not relate to another bit of information. Tiss shock, of course, But there are cifferent types of shock and some shocks cause chronic disease while other shocks cleaily do not. Also. some people ore ‘exposed fo shock and do not get sick, while others do, so we must have some kind of shock protection mechanism. The people in Meta-mecicine think that it has to be @ shock for which you were not prepared ‘hat causes you 10 got sick. 1sof UP an experiment with 14 types of shock and used the energetic number sets provided by the late Dr Copen of England to test the diferent types of shock: 1 2. 3. 4 5. 6 7. 8 °. 10. n 12, 13. 14, Shock from puns Electrical shock Emotional shock Financial shock. Haemormhagic shock Insulin shock ‘Mente shock Physical shock Toxic shock Psychological shock Sexual shock Spiritual shock Surgical shock Shock due to accident Out of all the above, only emotional shock registers bby SRM in fests on the many so-called stages of cancer in what we may call the orthodox model ot cancer. | wondered what ‘emotional shock’ could be, since it represented a very specific reaction or response lo shock that Dr Copen, the author of these test numbers, had found. | thought it might be shock ag I the Heart Cavities, so | also tested EDS Heart Driver. For emotion, too, | tested ES8 Chill to see. wha! happened. Emotional shock was the only type of shock to link to ED6 and ESB Infoceuticals. But more astoundingly. all three linked energetically to every stage af cancer. Interesting. Fascinating. One hundred per cent comtelation in science hos to be impertont, This is the key. Ampoule Name in Cellular Theory of | SRM Emotional] SRM Heart nea ac) a Pay) 1 No Aron co No Notmal Cell No 2 Cell Dysplasia. Yes Yes Yes 3 Early Stage Benign Growth Yes Yes Yes 4 CIN-1 Yes Yes Yes 5 ciN-2 Yes Yes Yes ‘ CIN Yes Yes Yes 7 Transformation to Malignant Yes Yes Yes 8 Primary Malignancy Yes Yes Yes 9 Later Stage Primary Malignancy Yes Yes Yes 10 Secondary Malignancy Yes Yes Yes Coherence 100% 100% 100% AENES Health we think emotional shock triggers a reaclion in the HBF that Icter is iranslated into a problem with the cell activity it stats to become clear that shock affects the wave, possibly because itinhibits the hears ably to imprint information. | found that in one case, a person with cancer had ‘only 30% imprinting function. Unfortunately you connot stop cancer or arts simply by using ED2 imprinter Driver. wondered! why this was 50. Obviously we had fo treat the ofiginal shock. we Use EDé Heart Driver and E58 Chill we can stop the shock a litle bit, but not entirely, so | began to look for away to remove the shock entirely from the system, Failure to Control Growth fiat years of investigation I can, broadly speaking, say lam in agreement with Dr Hamer. From his study of embryology, which was very deep, he found that shock caused loss of control of growth, To throw more light on this theory. | 1ook a test item for “emotional shock’ and discovered that there were relations between Il and various ciseases which result from failure to control growth. Here are some ‘oxomples, Many incurable and incomprehensible diseases are simply those where tissue grows foo much or too little ‘orin the wrong place. None of us can cure any of these diseases because we don't know how to slop absolutely the shock and its ongoing side-effects on the HBF, Figure 10: Coherence In cancer mode! 2011 {a} Tissue plus, cancer of all types, polyps. b) Tissue minus, sclerosis of all types. including multi ple sclerosis. ¢) Arthitis, excess growth of bones or insufficient growth of capsules. d) Psoriasis, excess skin growth, ©) Diabete: some time. issue minus and tissue plus at the 4), Fibrosis of all lypes are tissue plus. List of Tissue Plus and Tissue Minus Conditions Ano fissure Antishock Artis Bone cancer Brain tumour Breast cancer ‘Cancer of Omentum Majus Cancerous ulcer Carcinoma generally Cerebellar tumour, carcinoma and sarcoma Cerebral tumour, carcinoma and sarcoma (Cervical fibrous tumour Cervical polyp Cranial tumour, carcinoma and sarcoma Diabetes, insipidus, mellitus and phosohatic Ear sorcoma Emotional blocks Emotional shock Encephaloid cancer Fibroadenama, breast and arachneid Fibromyoma Fibrosarcoma: Fibrosis Fibrous tumour Fiorously degenerated hear Fissure ‘Gummy tumour Hip sarcoma Hodakin’s disease Joint stiffness, ankylosis Leukaemia Lung cancer Lymphadenoma, adenoma Lymphogranuloma, benign lymphogranuloma, inguinal or ventral lymphosarcoma Mammary fioromatosis Mammary sarcoma Mediastinal tumour, carcinome and sarcoma Medullablastoma Melaena Melonocarcinoma Melanosarcoma Multiple sclerosis Muscle wasting, progressive Myelosorcoma Myosarcoma Neuroblastoma Neurofibroma Osteomyelosclerosis Osteosinusts Pancreatic cancer Pelvic concer Prostate concer Psoriasis Pyloric cancer Renal polyp Renal polyp, malignant Sarcoma myeloid Sarcoma of the nose Sorcoma orbital Skin fibroma Spinal tumour carcinoma and sarcoma Spindle cell sarcoma Splenic cancer ‘Stomach cancer Stomach poe Testicular cancer Uterine concer Uterine fibroma Uterine polyp Uterine sorcoma ‘Vaginal poly Voice box erthrts A Map of the Chinese Ovoid Wave and its Stages of Phase Change Related to Disease Here I superimposed the ovoid wave of Trasitional Chinese Medicine with the Hamer nervous system wave and then added the information that it cared, The disease begins. itis quite certain, as an emotional shock marked ‘A"in the nex! diagram. When you think about it, shock is information incoherent information) and lam sory, but physicists say that information is indestructible. tt cannot be destrayed. Its only possible fa change it sightly by changing the location, or offentation. Or by changing it fo another form of energy, like hect. So how can we get rid of shock? If only we knew, we would have the greatest medical revolution that ever happened. Well. can say that we are very close! This shock begins, without doubi, as an auditory shock, something you hear said. Of course it can be visual in nature as well. The emotional heart shock re- moves the top of the wave at 'C’ {and so stops or disupis imprinting and also disrupts the throat chakra (a chakras a series of spherical waves situated in front ang behind the spine, as described by the yogis of Inia over 700 years ago). This has already been discovered and can be seen working in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). which tries to deal with shock by vocalisation ang honesty. We can also see Matrix Reimprinting using EFT being used 10 reimprint information in the heat These are people looking into ways to correct shock. Frag fee -:) eR A. Initial Emational Shock B. Fire of Heaven for Heart ¢. Imprinting/Chakra 5 D. Conflict Resolution, Initial E, Pivot - Change to Healing Phase F. Later Conflict Resolution G. Correction to Pericarcium H. Emotional Crises in FGH Region |. Resolution of Disease, Healing Figure 10: Stages of disease In Chinese medicine, eneray moves fom Metal 10 Water end likewise from Weed to Earth, but we con see from the diagram that Fire of Heaven controls the progress from Metal fo Water and Fire of Earth Controls the movement from Wood to Earth. The Fie elements are crucial. thissinteresting, since we now suspect that these ‘Fire’ phases represent the genetic information base of the body, So, we have to correct shock, we have to corect imprinting and we have to resolve conflict. We can mecitate, chant ‘OM’, tty to talk to our parents - there are many ways that don't work. lam trying to find something more effective. Science is a process of the continuous refinement of knowledge. Itis not stalionary. in this respect, by October 2011 it was clear that the Miller proton wave linked to specific parts of what | call the human body-field spherical wave, based on Chinese sacred geometry from antiquity. They do not really overlap at all Astonishingly, the connection between the Miller wave and the HBF wave seems to explain what the Chinese hove referred to for centuries: the peaks in activity in the 12 meridians at specific periods during the day and night. You can’ see in this diagram that Fire of Heaven links fo the Miller wave, as do all 12 organ meridians. Our meridian system is so responsive to what is outside us! Figure 11: Links between the ‘Miller wave and the HBF The Superimposition of the Chinese Ovoid Wave and the Electromagnetic We start with the comer wave, the magnetic enve- lope. The Infoceutical ESR functions by correcting this, only, bu! that is 90 per cent of everything. The points where the axes meet the magnetic envelope are where the phase changes in the wave. The horizontal and vertical axes relate to the tour pi- mordial meridians, the internal ones which do not have any acupuncture points, There are four more: primordial meridians. Framework of the Active Phase of Disease uma rae YY, Deal ettocs ne pine onstrcin ong veloc ne motors and ear on Gos chacs me hermes Dal Walter the wast rea anda, Fost imal ore abyigy Inet we faopment Erevan Dai Mai or Belt Channel Active PhaseFramework F1-Colen F2- Lung E3- Smal intestine EA Heart E5- Bladder Kidnoy Figure 12: Framework of the active phase of disease The first six Energetic Integrators and the active phase of disease are arranged around the four primordial meridians. These are the point at which we can influence the wave. These meridians ore affected by active disease stale and should be in NES therapy. * a woe or penical ‘energetic blocks can oa "Eicteets wth ee, es ute te xs ae FE iirareuwlsrnece 100,000 shocks 24,000 ils of Genetic Information 100, 000 Toxic Environmental Chemicals Event Memory Energeticaly linked fo DNA Memory Confit Development from two Previous Sectors Figure 13:The active phase activity We describe here the qualities of each section of the evelopment of a disease of the matrix. It links with the theories of Dr Hamer, and shows what happens in each segment. In the informa: tion world, we enter the level of metaphysics - information in our heads thal we can't quite account for. But remember, information is indestructible and so this is where we can come across all sorts of unexpected information from past lives or other people's lives, not just our ‘own, In the Fre of Heaven section we find a link to genetics, lo DNA, and that chemical toxins con change genetic information, thereby damaging the heart and small intestine most of all. From this picture: we can see that event memaries, memaries af our lite, can affect genetic information. Extraorcinary! Finally. in the Water section, we find conflicts developing from the previous sections, and itis these: conflicis we need torresoWve, The Punchline of Coherenc: The Matrix Connection Years ago | developed 42 Infoceuticals during basic research to help ¢ friend who had concer ond | had no idee at allat the time that they might have a. common thread. Many years later, | tested all of these Infoceuticals again and found that 10 of them formed @ Space Resonance Match (SRM) with the test item for the matrix, That was in 2008, after the ideo of the matrix received such prominence from biologists at the new famous Copenhagen Conterence? These 42 original formulae eventually went to make Up the 10 Matrix Regulators that we use today. Now NES Health is using them as the basis ofc systern of removing blockages in the human body wave. As Or Homer says, fssue pIUs on tissue minus lseases care about the func- fion of the matrix in the body-field. The matriis in fact a system of cellular cond exira-celiuar fluids in the body. as proposed in 2001 by Dr Gilbert N. Ling, betonging to the protoplasm of the cell. The theory is made up of idecs about layers of situctured water. But itis no longer 2001. 1 now oppears, in 2011, that the Mer proton wave proposed in 1984 trovels via ths fic matrix in the body. What I have done is fo combine these ideas, and we now have a theory that encomposses many othe's concerning the causes of isease. The matrix sometimes needs reconnecting, because the amino acids become compted by chemical toxins. say this on the basis of many hours of experimentation 2 Quantum energy Mecho Corfe, Copenhagen. 19-2 Saptemeor 708 Active Phase Correction using Matrix Regulators Chala Tengormetion ‘ede cris conectons the rontormaton oye wil afiac oOo! Moran ES alk (toe! ol ruse te cenect ard ako forsee nchon, fo SSE CNS-Heart Links head MIO” Matric ‘ond heart Unis damaged 2 MR6~— Reconnection “fmcherena “sepous 3 mea “EgRSEeREE" Repats nerve carne damage vent OnA 4 MR5——-Harmony memory pareny Resolution of 5 MR2_—Calmmina Resolution. Restore Correction of 6 Ro. Matrix errors Figure 14: Matrix Regulators, active phase We use the MRs in that order, with the aim of re-establishing coherence. These are now available on the NES miHealth, You will notice that the focus of this section, connecting to all parts, is MR3, or the Chakre Transformation Cycle. This is a cycle on the NES mittecith which runs through all the chakras in order, It you are going to get better, you need to change. We are not going to hang out chemicals. The change Is the integration of information into your life - you have to reconnect with the information. When we treat a disease with the series of Matrix Regulator Infoceuticals in the correct order, many changes can be seen in an active disease. The key to the system isthe lf memories, the recollections held in the chakras that are linked energeticalty to the matix. My 28 yoars of experimenis show that there is a relationship between the memories of your lite and your disease. itis best to treat the chakra, system as @ whole. The key to the system appears to be your life memories and the fact that sore of these memories Gon't fit with who you think you are or who you ‘would lke to be. You can study the Upanishads in Sanskit, which ore about the storage of information in your ile, and gel mysticcl diagrams. ancient Hindy thinkers assembled this information trom meditation. Scientsis find out what is actually heppening, | developed infoceuticals for ecch of the chakras: and they are allinked to the bladder divergent meridian, to Tust, the chakre that is the basis of our ife, and to a point on the lumbar spine called Ming Men. The heart divergent meridian, the small intestine and the heart meridians ail ink to the chakras as well. lis all about Charisma, your presence. Its also important to corect the physical heart os it is the heart that has the job of integrating information. We can co this with a healing cycle Love Contentment Figure 16: Transformation with the chakras Correction When There is No Resolution of the Disease There are various cyclic treatments thot ore holistic ‘and wil affect everything. The cycle of Full Matrix Regulation can be used fo activate allot the body's healing progeammes at ance. Linked to this is the metaphysical cycle of healing, the second Miller wave in fact. This leads fo a final fransformation, right af the end of the cycle, where the incoherent parts of your lite can be finally incorporated into your fe without stress. What happens when you decide to transform - and you can de so by using these cycles - isnot aways very comfortable, and your client will have to be prepared for some changes to occur. $0 let's look at physical regeneration, ta be found in the fist Mller wave and its coresponding Chinese ovoid wave. Regeneration Phase Framework B10 en eta soeen 4 Prmgtil esos Torteaonsoton ‘crong val otect ne + ons ora sie ‘yn Glo ta ott ne, immer tte Trochos ard rity. crcvlaon and emotions Figure 17: Framework of regeneration phase Information appears to move cirectly from Wood to Eorth, but Fire of Earth is the control. These meridians affect these areas in a very general sense only. ‘The focus of this phase is the cell with ED3 Cell Driver or Biocell on the NES miHealth. This s used for the treatment of abscesses as part of the healing process. Regeneration Phase Meridians Information flows along lines of connective tissues in ‘the matrix. which is continuous. The meridians concemned with regeneration are the gall bladder ‘and panerees. This is why diabetes is so difficult to comtect. The shock comes right through to the Earth phase and also affects the pericaraium and circulation, and diabetes affects the whole wave. Asthma, intially at least, attects only the beginning of the wave, Metal phose. iW E17 ~ Gal Bladder matician E18 = iver mercfon EI. ~ Tree Heatermercian EI = Pericordium meridian ELI ~ Stomach mericéan £112 ~ Spleen/Panereas mesician Key: These meridians are used in regeneration phase: treatment. Figure 18: The meridians of the regeneration phase Regeneration Phase Activity Confit lenge and small One big or many Energetic Terains, mimic micro-oxgerisms “<0 Nosclond Paronexcl focus of dsease = Vatiform append focus of dsoase + Many emotions coming to surface = Regeneration of Tssue Figure 19: The activity of the regeneration phase So what happens in each part of the wave when you are healing? We have ou tle conflicts. or maybe one or two large anes, and these pop up as they are being resolved. The ETs are in the second section and now at lost we understand them | agree with Hamer. who says that the body actually produces viruses, bacteria and moulds in an attempt to heal itself. Homoeopaths have said this for nearly 200 years. (Whether these are recl bacteria or pictures of them in an ener- getic sense is yet tobe researched,| Nothing much in medicine is new! We just find a new context for the same information, In this section we also have the infections in the sinuses that no one can heal. Thiss a healing phase corning from shack - heal the shack and you get better. The third section sees emotions coming to the su face. If this becomes troublesome, lake E88 Chil ‘And finally we get regeneration of tissue. Infoceuticals can help regeneration, and there is iso a full NES mittealth cycle which is for the correction of shock/stress. Cure this and we cure the disease. People with tissue plus and tissue minus diseases often find they hove abscesses. In this case, use Biccell on miHealth directly over the abscess. For Regeneration Phase Correction MRI or Biocell Re New ie on 1 MR2— Calm Mind Use with £17 Nene ca Use with a2 2 MRE Core pea Regeneration cl carcton 3 MRP Liberation Use with Chakra 7, Love Microtubule Use with 4 MR4 “functions Chakra 7, Love 5 dif, Calcium and Use for tow Terrains —_ long periods 6 MRlor Super Cell Use for Biocell Driver abscesses Figure 20: MRs of NES provision for regeneration phase For further conection use: ESR, CHONG MAI (EI 12+ EI 10), Biocell or MRI Full Matrix Regulation Cycle 1 Matrix Cartier 2 minutes 2 MR10 4 minutes 3 MRE 3 minutes 4 MRS: 2.5 minutes 5 MRS: I minutes 6 MR2, 2 minutes 7 M3: 2.5 minutes 8 Combo of 1-6 3 minutes ° Mra. 2 minutes 10 MRE 2 minutes u MRS 2.5 minutes 12 MRA 3 minutes 13 mR7 3 minutes 4 MRI 2 minutes 15 Combool 1-6 3.5 minutes TOTAL 38 minutes There is @ case for the cycle on the NES miHlealth, since experiments have shown that the full cycie is the only treatment that has an effect on tissue plus ‘and tissue minus diseases. We found too that the Ms Needed to be much stronger, so that shorter times of broadcast by the NES miHiealth would stil be effective. The broadcast mode for langer periods is by far the gentiest, and is also cost-effective for practitioners. The full cycles for active phase and regeneration phase must be done at the same time: on the some day or even straight away, a second ireaiment is preferred. There is a good scientific reason for this: fhe human body-tield wave is a double wave, with four peaks in total. So a double treatment in one day is always more effective. This covers a dozen diseases which couse severe pain and for which there is no effective treatment. This Matrix Regulator cycle is planned for future versions of the miHiealth, although there is akeady an MR screen. IF you use this - and you will need to fora time - you will have to use the electro-stimulation method, not the broadcast method on its own. You can use the fimes shawn on the chart, but this will mean active sircking on the alfected areas. There are things thot stop the MR cycles in their trocks, 60 of course you need to know what these are 50 a5 fo avoid them, Detox really upsets the waveform. Toxins cause informational blockages. So we slowly detoxify using the NES miteattn Environmental sereen. Istress, onty detox the client feels well I the cient is very weak, do not detox. Detoxis only for stronger people. The Environmental Megatoxins COLON: BREAST * Allethrins + Neheptane Tin + General fungicides + Dichlorvos + Dichlorwos + Chioropyritos + Hydroxy-foluene PROSTATE LUNGS + Tin + Tobacco smoke + Cadmium, + Dioxone + N-heptane + Nickel = Chromium + Berylium These megaloxin groups can slowly destroy the function of the cellular matrix and its inks to the connective tissue that appedrs to act lke a second nervous system in the body. To find out more about this, look at the records of the Copenhagen Conference in 2008. There are tolks by Dr James ‘Oschmon and Dr Mae-Wan Ho. This antagonism caused by toxins means that if you have tissue plus or a tissue minus disease, the detox programmes using NES miHealth cycles have to be slow and gentle with a great deal of treatment using the Matrix Regulator cycles. The entire point is to remember what you are trying to achieve. in healing = and this is especially important - we are trying to restore the wave function. Doing too much detox or too many heart treatments or emotional treatments can really interfere with this basic objective. We are itying to get the waveform to communicate without eee. This is the reason why we arrange the cycle in a very specific order of frealment. The Matrix Calming Cycle has been developed to calm the matri after attempts have been made to get rid of toxins from, the environment. The Idea of Coherence Again We have spent our lime together tclking about howcoherence con be a measure of valve of data in the world of science, So now it’s ime to look at the framework of tissue plus and tissue minus diseases to check for any ‘coherence with the many cther workers whe have theories cnd therapies and insights into this strange chronic disease pattem. Fist of allwe draw the waveform, with its various sections or stages or phase relationships, then we dd to it, in the conect location, the various theories: Carcinogen Vitemin BI7 theory theory Gonolics Moco NLP theory theory of vocatzafion Hoon imprinter theory Popini machine Hindy heat ‘theory DrHomer's loriting confict theory rasiotion Anaerobic Pancreatic enzyme theory thecxy Detox'heory Dr Hamers shock theory using NP neon ina ere WOTRISney sous theory ot chaia memory Fungal theory NLP emetion Viol causes, favoured theory by he Nobel Comes Figure 15: New idea of coherence Everybody is ie bil right! So could the orchestra To protect your own metrik fom genetical lay @ bit better together? Or Homer's idea fat the domaged food. avcid these suspect foods. unless Stor of the system. So con we start there orgonicaly certiied: The MR cycle and Reconnection cycle wil form an + cone suger SRM with all he amino acids found in foods. Foods + carts that upset the human matrix may be those with + chicken genetically damaged arrino acids + citusjuices + cow's milk and products eggs + honey + olive ois + potatoes + tomatoes, raw and processed Not alll Only some examples are suspect. The point is, the same foods keep one showing Up in lests over many months. Genetic change is suspected. Ace USA. May 2011 and on ers Caled GMs. Gyphosate ard Tomarow pages SO

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