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Business Case Analysis Introduction

Nurs490W Nursing Leadership

Business Case Analysis
Purpose of Assignment
To analyze a problematic situation inherent to the nursing leadership and provide
a rational solution which addresses the problem.
Approach to Assignment
After reading over the brief scenario, that detailed a staffing problem that
Monarch General was experiencing on their second shift, I devised a plan that was
detailed in this business case analysis. This analysis weighed the financial aspect of
staffing as well including input from the staff to find a solution in covering holes on the
schedule, especially the second shift.
Reason for Inclusion
Monarch Generals problem with staffing shortages is not an isolated issue. Many
hospitals experience this dilemma. By including nurses to solve this problem, the
hospital found an amicable way to benefit both the hospital and the employees needs.
Scheduling had been my forte until I went back to school and although the balancing of
shifts is often stressful, it was rewarding as well, especially when we were able to achieve
a win-win solution. With this assignment, I had to be fiscally responsible from the
managers point of view, which was a new concept to me.
Critical Thinking
o Uses decision-making skills in making clinical or professional judgments

In this scenario, management formed smaller task forces to meet and

find solutions for the staffing shortage on the second shift. After
considering the scheduling proposals the task forces devised,
management considered and implemented one or more of the options
provided from the groups work.

o Engages in creative problem solving

This assignment required creative thinking to cover the understaffed

shifts. The proposal consisted of staff sharing nurses from other units,
monetary and nonmonetary incentives to fill in holes, temporarily.
Long-term solutions consisted of hiring and retaining nurses.

o Evaluates nursing care outcomes through the acquisition of data and the
questioning of inconsistencies

In this situation, I recommended staffing surveys to continue to assess

the needs of the nurses. At one time the second shift may have been
ideal for the needs of the nurse, but as staff marry and start a family,
their scheduling needs may change as well. Through surveys and
votes, staff gains ownership to the problem and are more likely to help
fix the dilemma. This is also helpful in retaining nurses.

o Revises actions and goals based on evidence rather than conjecture

A recommendation that was detailed in this analysis, called for

continued monitoring of the needs of the nurses in regards to their
schedule. It was recommended to conduct surveys periodically. The
problem in this report was specific for covering the second shift, but
future surveys may reveal a need to cover Friday nights, due to low
staffing. By the continued assessment of the needs of the nurses and
being proactive with staffing, the thought is to prevent a large staffing
dilemma from reoccurring at Monarch General. By setting up
guidelines to ensure everyone is assigned an equal amount of shifts,
this may increase compliance and help with retention of nurses.

o Assumes a leadership role within ones scope of practice as a designer,
manager, and coordinator of health care to meet the special needs of
vulnerable populations in a variety of practice settings

In completing this assignment, I was able to look at the schedule from

the managers perspective. I had worked on the schedule in my nursing
practice for sixteen years before going back to school. Although I had
significant experience creatively covering holes, I had not ever had to
consider the financial side of this challenging task. In completing this
assignment, I had to balance the finances with the creative ideas in
order to cover the schedule.

Organizes, manages, and evaluates the development of strategies to promote

healthy communities

In order for the situation to be solved in this scenario the managers had to
organize a small group (task force), give them a time period to come up with
solutions and then have them report back their findings to the managers. The
managers then weighed the options before implementing any changes. Once
change was put in place, I recommended that each unit continue to show an
investment in their employees by surveying their scheduling needs. This is an
effort to prevent staff from leaving their jobs and seeking employment elsewhere
for scheduling purposes. Scheduling has played a large role in staff retention and
job satisfaction in my personal practice. Increased staff satisfaction is also a

component in the criteria if a hospital is attempting to gain Magnet status.