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Signal conditioning is one of the most important components of a data acquisitio

n system because you cannot rely on the accuracy of the measurement without opti
mizing real-world signals for the digitizer in use. Depending on your sensor, th
e signal conditioning can vary widely with no instrument having the capability t
o provide all types of conditioning for all sensors. The key to a successful sig
nal conditioning system is to understand the right circuitry needed to ensure an
accurate measurement whatever your channel mix. The Engineer s Guide to Signal Co
nditioning is designed to help you:
Master the fundamentals of each type of common signal conditioning type from amp
lification to isolation
Achieve the best measurements by understanding signal conditioning for specific
sensor types
Explore best practices when building signal conditioning into a data acquisition
The Wireless Test System (WTS) upsets the status quo in wireless production test
. The WTS couples NI s PXI vector signal transceiver (VST) and multicore processin
g technologies to deliver industry-leading test speeds. With faster measurements
, you can reduce the cost of manufacturing test for wireless devices such as mob
ile phones, tablets, and infotainment systems. The WTS supports wireless standar
ds from LTE-A to 802.11ac to Bluetooth LE. Its advanced switching topologies are
ready for multisite and MIMO test, and its software supports chipsets from top
vendors such as Qualcomm and Broadcom.
Welcome to the software-designed instrument and NI FlexRIO examples and IP commu
nity. This group serves as a central repository for examples built to run on NI
software-designed instruments and NI FlexRIO devices, as well as host and FPGA I
P which has been verified to work on these targets.
Application IP is unique host and FPGA code for common applications which can be
used to enhance your design. It is distributed as hardware-agnostic source, ena
bling use on a variety of products.
Examples are pre-compiled applications for a given hardware target which feature
application IP.
You can browse the examples and IP by hardware product, or you can choose to vie
w all available IP. Be sure to join the group at the link on the right, then sel
ect "Receive email notifications" to be alerted when new code is available. Also
please feel free to leave comments and complete the survey below to provide fee
dback for future development.