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Instructor: Meg Jones
The goal and purpose of this class is to enhance the students musicianship through choral
music. The class will focus on learning fine choral literature, proper vocal technique, musical theory
concepts, and the history of music. Students will learn to read music and sight-sing. Students will also
evaluate vocal performance and practice proper performance and audience behavior. Students will
relate music to history and culture, to the arts, and to other core disciplines. Throughout the semester,
aspects of the CCRS will be covered in class. This class fulfills the fine arts credit for graduation.
Choir Dues
Concert Choir singers have $50 dues to be used for music, buses, subs, etc.
Important Events
All Concert Choir students are required to participate in the winter and spring concerts,
the homecoming bonfire, the Veterans Day assembly, Supper & a Show, Coffee & Cake,
and State Performance Assessment. Students may choose to participate in Madison County
Honor Choir, the Alabama All-State Choir, and the Buckhorn spring trip. See the choir calendar
on for specific dates and information.
Materials Needed
Pencils (Pens are not allowed.)
1-Inch Matte Black 3-Ring Binder
Loose Leaf Paper
Concert Attire: Girls-Formal Gown/T-Shirt ($75) Guys-Tux Ensemble/T-Shirt ($125)
Classroom Rules
BE RESPECTFUL: Behave appropriately towards your classmates and teacher (including
BE PREPARED: Bring the necessary materials (paper, pencils, etc) to class everyday.
BE ON TIME: Be in your seat and ready for class BEFORE the bell rings or you are considered
Discipline Procedures for Off-Task Behavior
1st Offense: Verbal Warning
2nd Offense: Honor Codes
o Honor codes must be turned in on the next school day.
o If honor codes are not written, the students parents will be contacted and the number of
honor codes will be doubled.
Repeat offenses will result in loss of trip privileges and/or the ability to return to the
Buckhorn Choral Department.

Class Procedures and Expectations for all Choral Members

Failure to comply with the below procedures may lead to suspension from future choral activities and
possible dismissal from the Buckhorn Choral Department.
Students should respect fellow choral students as well as the director, including substitute
teachers. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
In accordance with Buckhorn policy, any cell phone that is seen will be confiscated and given to
Assistant Principal Davidson. Also, any student who is caught texting inside of a purse or
sweatshirt will have the cell phone confiscated. Cell phones are to remain in lockers or in
backpacks during school hours. Confiscated cell phones may be picked up by a parent on the
Wednesday of the following week.
Students are not allowed in practice rooms or Ms. Joness office unless they are sent there
by Ms. Jones. This expectation will be strictly enforced. Students who are seen in these areas
without permission will be punished accordingly.
Food, gum, and drinks (with the exception of water) are not allowed in the choral room. Honor
codes will be assigned if a student does not meet this expectation. Students will lose the
privilege of having water bottles if the bottles are continuously left in the room or under risers.
Students should be prepared everyday by having pencils to write in the music with, as well as an
organized notebook with syllabus, music, pencils, and paper.
Students are expected to actively participate in every class rehearsal. This includes, but is not
limited to: board work within the first 5-7 minutes of class, sight-reading, taking notes, warmups, and rehearsal of choral literature. If the student is ill and unable to sing, he or she is still
responsible for participating and following along in the music without singing. The student will
receive 10 points for a daily grade based on participation in class.
The Buckhorn policy is the no student is allowed out of class during instructional time. Students
must visit their locker and/or use the restroom during the time allotted between classes. A
student may choose to write 3 honor codes to be allowed to use the restroom.
It is the responsibility of the student to find out what information was missed in class due to an
absence. Students are expected to make up any missed assignments or tests the day the student
returns to class. For absences exceeding three days, Ms. Jones will make provisions for makeup work. Unexcused absences will result in a daily grade of zero.
Advanced Choir students are not allowed to do make up work during choir. Tests and
assignments must be made up before or after school.
Each student will be assigned music. If this music is lost or damaged, the student will be
responsible for paying for the replacement of the music.
Ms. Jones will abide by the Buckhorn High School tardy policy. Any student who is not in his
or her seat with appropriate materials when the bell rings will be considered tardy. The
tardy policy is as follows:
o 1st Tardy- A verbal warning is given.
o 2nd Tardy- The student signs documentation, verifying tardy.
o 3rd Tardy- The student must write 10 honor codes.
Grades and School Conduct
As a member of the BHS Choral Department, members are expected to conduct themselves
appropriately. Suspensions or repeated discipline referrals are grounds for dismissal from future
participation in the Buckhorn Choral Department.

Grading Policy
Quizzes: 60% of Nine Weeks Grade
o Quizzes may include part-checking in which small groups of students will sing their parts
for a grade, as well as recorded sight-reading checks.
Daily Grades: 40% of Nine Weeks Grade
o Each student receives a 10 point daily grade in addition to any other daily grade
assignments. To earn all 10 points, the student must be present, prepared, and must
participate fully. An unexcused absence results in the loss of these points for that day.
Final Exam: 100 points, 20% of Semester Grade
o 50% of the final is participation in the concert; the other 50% will be a written,
comprehensive exam.
Concert Performances
The choir will perform several times throughout the semester and all performances are
mandatory. We work very hard in class as a group and each person is essential to the makeup
of this choir.
If a student is absent from a performance with prior approval from the director, he or she may
complete a make-up assignment to recover the lost points. In the event of an unexcused absence
from a concert, the student will receive a zero.
Participation Grades
Each week, the students will have the opportunity to earn 50 participation points for doing
exactly what is expect of them in rehearsals. (10 points per day) If a student fails to follow the
basic skills in class, he or she will lose the daily points. The behavior will be recorded and the
student will sign, verifying the behavior and acceptance of the consequence.
Every Concert Choir will be required to clean the choir room during break once per semester.
This will be a 100 point participation grade.
We will have 2-3 fundraisers per semester, including the variety shows. Every student is
required to participate in the fundraisers and to raise a portion for the choir account. Monies
raised about the minimum amount may be applied to students balances for the spring trip.
Basketball games concessions are one way in which the choir raises money. Every Concert
Choir student will be required to work one shift of 2 hours and 45 minutes at a basketball game.
In the fall the students will put on Snacks and a Show and in the spring the students will put
on Coffee & Cake. These shows allow soloists and small groups to perform music that we
otherwise would not perform in choir. Every student is required to make either a dessert or tray
of fingers foods for the shows. Every student will work both shows but will only have to bring
food to one of the shows.