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The evaluation of the IT competence of language teachers

The study and use of electrinic processes have been developing extremely fast creating
changes in the teachng process, methods, teaching contents as well as eveluation processes.
The development of digital competence is one of priorities of The Education and Teaching
Strategies of 2020.
Therefore the education department of (name all your shools and education board,
university), have started to implement the Comenius Regio project, which is a part of
Lifelong learning program of EU New Approaches to Foreign Language Teaching in Turkey
and Latvia ICT in Language Classes, agreement No.2013-1-TR1-COM13-48818 2, and it is
wanted to evaluate the ICT competence of the language teachers of city Dyiarbakir.
The questionnaire is anonymos and it will in no way influence everyones working process.
The results of the questionnaire promote the use of ICT in the teaching process of foreign
languages improving the quality of education, enlarging the participantsmotivation to
acquire the knowlwdge of foreign languages in a contemporary, dynamic way.
This questionnaire promote the educational processes and further the development of
professional skills.

1. What level of educational institution do you work?
a. Pre- schhol
b. Primary/Elementary
c. Secondary/ Hihg School
d. Univerity
e. other__________________________
2. What is your age?
a. below 30
b. 31-35
c. 36-45
d. 46-55
e. 56-62
f. above 62
3. What is your pedagogical length of service?
a. 1-5 years
b. 6-10 years
c. 11-20 years
d. 21-25 years
e. Over 25 years

4. The number of participants educated in your educational institution?

5. The number of students in our lessons (classes)?

a. 4-10
b. 11-18
c. 19-26
d. above 26
6. What subject do you teach?
a. Turkish
b. English
c. Russian
d. German
e. French
f. Spanish
g. ....
7. What is the number of contact lessons (classes) a week?
a. 6-12
b. 13-21
c. 22- 28
d. More than 28
8. How many lessons (according to the curricular, do you have in one group (class)?
a. Less than 2
b. 2-3
c. 3-5
d. More than 5
9. What is your level of education?
a. secondary
b. Univerity degree
c. Master of arts
d. Doctor
e. Other____________________________

Accessibility of Technology
1. Is computer accessible in the classrooms you work?
a. Yes
b. No
c. I use my colleagues computer.
d. other___________
2. Is computer and overheadprojector provided for your lessons/ lectures?


No, but if it neccesary it can be installed

3. Do you have a regular access to the Internet?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Yes, but the Internet is slow
d. No, but we can use it in the library
e. other _________________
4. does your educational institution have its own management system, such as Moodle
or Blackbord??
a. Yes
b. No
c. No, but we use the system of other institution.
d. other_________________________
5. Does your educational institution have any policy or demands for the improvement
of ICT skills regarding the teaching staff?
a. yes
b. no
c. Possible, but I havent heard
d. other_______________
6. What is your attitude to the use of ICT in the teaching process?
a. Positive
b. Negative
c. Neutral
d. Its not bad, but I can get along without it.
e. Im interested in it, but Im lack of knowledge
f. The use of ICT is useful but time demanding
g. Im too old for it.
h. other______________________________
7. Would you like to have a support team at your school for preparing the electronic
a. Already exists
b. Exists, but its not clear what they do
c. Does not exist and it is not necessary
d. Does not exist, but would be nice to have
e. other_______________________________

ICT skills and work with ICT

1. Do you use ICT technologies in everyday work with the students?
a. Yes, regularly
b. Yes, but not regularly
c. sometimes
d. hardly ever
e. No I use chalk and board
f. other________________________
2. Do you prepare your lessons/ lectures with the help of ICT?
a. Yes, regularly
b. Yes, but not regularly
c. sometimes
d. hardly ever
e. No, I use books and xerox only
f. other________________________
3. Tick the programmes you use in your teaching process:






Ms Office (Piemram, Word, Excel,

Smart Board
The Internet presentation tools
(e.g., Prezi, Youtube, GoogleDocs
Specially electronically prepared
Social nets
other ___________________________________________________________

4. How do you prepare for the lessons with the ICT

a. I regularly search for ready made teaching materials offered by the Internet
b. Create myself
c. Sometimes I use ready made teaching materials offered by the Internet or
make myself
d. I use materials which are as an additional materials with a Course Book
e. I have some I have got from my colleagues
f. I dont use
g. other ___________________________________

5. For what kind of activities do you use ICT in the teaching process?
a. For presentations
b. Marration is supplemented with the computer materials
c. Students use the computer at the lessons
d. For cheching knowlidge
e. Students work in groups to create the materials
f. Students work/ show with the presentations
g. Watching video materials
h. I dont use
i. other____________________________
6. How much time of lesson/ lecture do you spend using the computer?
a. 1% or dont use at all
b. Less than 10%
c. about 20%
d. about40%
e. about 50%
f. about 75%
g. the whole lesson/lecture
h. other_________________
7. What is the necessary time for preparing the materials for one lesson/ lecture in
order to use ICT??
a. A lesson against an hour
b. 2 hours
c. More than 2 hours
8. How often do you use the computer personally.
a. Every day
b. Once a week
c. Several days a week
d. Once a week
e. Less than once a months
f. I dont use it at all
g. other______________________________
9. What would you propose the Dyiarbakir teaching staff for the improvement of ICT
skills and its accessment.