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EverFocus DVR

Open Internet Explorer

The login in screen will appear-User Name is ciu and the password is 12345678
If prompted to install ActiveX controls click OK and install

To Archive files:
1. Select Disk No.: The hard drive you want to archive from
2. Disk Storage Time: Start Time/End Time indicates the start and end time of the
selected disk
3. Camera: Select the camera that you wish to archive from.
4. Start: Select the start time of the archived video.
5. End: Select the end time of the archived video.
There are 3 ways to search either Start or End time to be archived. Press


1) Press on the M button to change the Month to be searched, D for day, h for hour, m
for minute and s for second. The buttons on the left side are to decrease the value,
whereas those on the right side are to increase the value.
2) Move the slide bar between the buttons to change Month, Day, Hour, Minute,
and second to be searched. Move the slide bar to the left to decrease the value, or to the
right to increase the value.
3) Enter Month, Day, Hour, Minute, and second directly in display bar.
4) Press OK to select time.
5) Press ARCHIVE button to start archiving. An .arv file will be saved.
6) Press STOP button if you wish to cancel archiving.

7) Check Display video, if you wish to display what you are archiving on the screen
while archiving file at same time.

8) Repeat the steps above if additional camera views are needed.

In order to play the archived EDR MPEG4 Files (.arv), you will need to download viewer:
1. Press Download DVRViewer button.

2. Select Run or Save the file.

3. Open the DVRViewer.exe for loading the archived EDR MPEG4 Files (.arv)

Detailed explanation of DVRViewer is as follows:


Load File: to load the archived EDR MPEG4 Files (.arv).

Stop: to stop playing video.
Play: to play video.
<<Step: step backward after pausing.
Pause: to pause playing.
Step>>: step forward after pausing.
Capture: to capture the current image as .jpg file.
Save to Avi: to save the archived EDR MPEG4 File as .AVI file.