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Macho PatiLemba

It is said that in the plantation La Diana Soler lived a slave

named Mariwanga, woman of "flesh and blood" strong, to
whom many feared her even the mayorales, even her fame
as a Yayi or witch traveled from mouth to mouth
throughout the whole area, and by then it was said that
"when a woman says to be Witch as Mariwanga, the Taita
better tie his pants.
They are the devil, and all have wood of witches. " In
Cuba, mainly in the area of Matanzas, the name is related
Mariwanga to the orisha Oya, but also in the Branch of
Palo Monte that there are many ngangas That bear her
... Mariwanga came to America with two of her sisters.
These ungangas went to Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico.
A Mariwanga came to Cuba. But as it arrived at La Diana
warned the Contramayoral that the day she felt the
Musinga (leather) on her ribs, they would not see her
anymore, and that day came. She hid in the letrine and
from there she returned back to Africa flying.
... Mariwanga entertained herself in throwing kimbamba
(witchcraft) to the Congo of Soler and all the surroundings,
but everyone thought who ever was throwing kimbamba
against them was a man. The situation got so serious that
the eldest nkisa with clear sight, started looking to find out

who was the enemy, finally he saw in the mirror the figure
of a person lying on the floor:
- Ya ta - he said - Here is someone facing down talking
to a nganga. Ah! But it has a big behind. Matako
Mandunga! That fat ass does not looks like a man.
They started to follow the yimbi (medium) that took
on all fours, sniffing the ground, following the trail to
the hut that belong to Mariwanga.
- She opened the door.
- I am Mariwanga! I have seven skirts! And she started
to remove the seven skirts and throwing them one by
one individually to the Mbua, who had discovered.
Then she shuts the door.