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Revival Crusade in North India

With Rev. Mohan Gowda (from Karnataka)

Lighthouse Foundation Organized revival Crusades in different cities & Villages in
North India. Anointed man of God from Karnataka, Rev. Mohan Gowda was invited to
Preach & Teach from the Word of God.
We started in the City of Chandigarh. We had a Two days crusade in Chandigarh.
God did powerful works in many lives. After the Worship Service many Testimonies
came forward. Here are some pictures of the Crusade in Chandigarh:

At the end during the Testimony Time, people came forward and
shared amazing testimonies. Some of the highlights:

A non-Christian boy named Chandrakant was passing by the

venue and a strange voice pulled him in and he attended the
whole worship service and was greatly influenced by the Word
of God and & anointing. He decided that he wants to serve
Jesus in rest of his days.

Another non-Christian Young boy, Babban, suffering from some

kind of Cancer in the Stomach. He was unable to eat anything
in the dinner. If he eats in the night, it used to pain the whole
night. He testified that God healed him as we prayed from him.

A lady named, Mamta was possessed by an evil spirit. God

delivered her on the first day of the Crusade.

Ravi was in fever and was not feeling like to come to the
Worship Service. However, later he decided to attend the
worship service. When we were praying, he immediately got
healed. The heaviness & the fever left.

Seema had been suffering with a pain in her body for quite a
long time. She testified that during the prayer time she was

thinking about her pain and the Pastor suddenly announced

that the pain that has been there for long time was getting
healed. She testified that she received her healing right then &

Another boy who was looking for job later told us that he found
a good job after we prayed for Him in the Crusade. Otherwise,
he was not getting a job.

There were many more Testimonies how God blessed them and
delivered them on the first day in Chandigarh Revival Crusade.

All the efforts of the Team were fruitful. After the worship we had a
fellowship Dinner. Even during the dinner, everybody was sharing
testimonies with each other.
We thank you so much for your prayers & support.
Please continue to remember us and ministry here in your prayers. Please
convey our love & prayers to all the dear ones at home.
Thanking you in Expectation. We expect your continuous prayers & Support for
the Lord's ministry here.

Financial Accountability
We are open and transparent both before God and man in stewardship of
gifts and donations entrusted to us. Every year all our accounts are
audited by a Govt. Authorized Chartered Accountant. We submit our
annual financial statement to the Government of India and to the donors
concerned. All gifts given are used appropriately to advance the Gospel of
Christ & for the extension of God`s kingdom. Every effort is made to
minimize the administrative costs associates with each gift.

We need a good Ministry Van that can accommodate the Team to reach
all the area of North India as it is very difficult to travel with whole
Team of Gospel workers. Sometimes, in some areas, while praying and
preaching it gets very late and it becomes very difficult to find a bus.
In some villages they do not have a regular Bus Service and Taxi is very
expensive. The condition of the road is also not very good. But the Love
of God compels us to meet these workers and share His love with them.
Please pray.