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History Course Syllabus

Orangewood Academy
Mr. White
Fraser, James W. By the People: A History of the United States.
Pearson, 2015, AP Edition
ISBN 9780131366183

Supplementary Materials
By the People: A History of the United States Test Prep
ISBN 9780131366190

Course Description
This course is designed to provide a college-level experience and
preparation for the AP exam in May. An emphasis is placed on forming
historical arguments with the use of relevant historical evidence,
chronological reasoning, comparison, contextualization and historical
interpretation. The course will emphasize a series of key themes
throughout the year, emphasizing the ways in which they are
interconnected and examining the ways in which each helps to shape
the changes over time that are important to understanding the United
States. Each unit also utilizes discussions of and writing about related
historiography: how interpretations of events have changed over time,
how the issues of one time period have had an impact on the
experiences and decisions of subsequent generations, and how such
reevaluations of the past continued to shape the way historians see
the world today. There will also be unit specific discussion topics
generated by possible free response questions, short answer, multiple
choice responses and/or document based questions at the end of each
unit. In addition to discussion, for every unit students will be required
to identify and show the significance of key terms and do unit-reading
breakdowns of the required readings.
Course Expectations
Readings: Students will be expected to read assigned passages from
the required textbook prior to class meetings as well as outside

materials as is necessary. Students should be prepared to read on a

regular basis (6-10 hours per week).
Assignments: All homework assignments will be due at the beginning
of class. Inappropriately formatted assignments will not be accepted.
No late homework will be accepted with the exception of excused
absences. In the event of an excused absence, students are expected
to be proactive and are responsible for contacting the instructor or a
fellow student for the homework assignment that they missed. Being
absent the day before an assignment or exam does not excuse a
student from taking that exam at the time it is scheduled.
Evaluation: Daily quizzes and unit tests will be the main forms of
evaluation. Quizzes and tests will be a mixture of multiple choice, short
answer, essay, and document-based questions.
Participation/Attendance: Regular class attendance is expected along
with regular class participation in discussions and activities.
Grading Scale
Student Learning Outcomes (specified in the Orangewood
Academy student handbook)
Spirituality: Each student will identify and demonstrate components of
a Christian lifestyle including moral and ethical behavior based on
biblical principles and founded on a grace orientation.
Scholarship: Each student will acquire skills in studying, critical
thinking, practical living, goal-setting, and personal assessment.
Sportsmanship: Each student will demonstrate fitness, self-control,
teamwork, and honesty by modeling respect, courtesy, and
Service: Each student will recognize membership in the world
community and an inherent ability to positively impact the
environment and society.
Honesty Policy

See OA Student Handbook for policy.

All homework assignments and other relevant information to the class
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