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FSU Law School

Amanda Duffy

2014 Class Profile (What to


Applications-1,922 Enrolled-188
LSAT Minimum-156 LSAT Median-159 LSAT Maximum-165
GPA Minimum-3.22 GPA Median-3.43 GPA Maximum-3.65
Ethnic/Racial Diversity- 30.9%
2+ Years of Work Experience-20%
Majors Represented-45
Age Range-20-35

What you need to know about

Florida State University College of Law is ranked
#1 in the State of Florida Law Schools.
Highest Score on the Bar Exam compared to USF, FIU,
UCF, UNF, UF, and University of Miami
Very successful Alumni Networking Association, and
Most Accredited Curriculum.
Most ethnically diverse law school student body
population in Florida also

What you need to know about FSU Law

(part 2)
FSU Moot Court Team has won 1st place in 11 national
FSU Black Law Students Association won 1st place in
National Fredrick Douglass Moot Court Competition
FSU Law Faculty was awarded 35th best in the nation of
all Law Schools
FSU Law Students earn academic credit at the in house
live client clinics that benefit future job placement

FSU Law School Values

Academic excellence
Community Involvement
Job Placement
Successful Alumni Association

How to present these values during

Academic Excellence-your transcripts and LSAT scores
will reflect your educational ability to the Admissions
Department if you can handle the curriculum of Law
Community Involvement- you should mention your
community service hours and charitable experiences
during your interviews as well as adding them to your
resume. Also, discuss the non-profit organizations FSU
Law School supports and how you as a student will
contribute to their cause.

How to present these values during

admissions (part 2)
Job Placement-On your resume, include all work and
work related experience youve had in the past years.
Internships are crucially important as well. Also, inform
yourself on the live-client legal programs FSU Law School
offers to students and which field you would be interested
in and mention this during your personal statement and
Successful Alumni Network-During your interview,
express how important maintaining this legal community
is to you, and your plans to be involved after graduation.

What To Do Now
Meet with a Pre-Law Advisor and discuss your plans
regarding your major, minor, and classes needed to
prepare for Law School
Create professional relationships with your instructors for
letters of recommendation
Keep up your GPA, DONT LOSE FOCUS!
Prepare yourself for the LSAT, purchase the guidebook
and take practice tests

What To Do Now (part 2)

Become involved in the community, complete service hours, volunteer.
Present yourself as not only a well rounded student but person.
Create a very Professional Resume with work experience,
community service, awards and recognitions, academic achievements,
Start brainstorming about your personal statement. How will you
relate law school to your everyday life and history?
Contact an admissions counselor to schedule an appointment to
discuss your needs.

Florida State College of Law

College of Law Advocacy Center is where the
meetings out held, awards are presented,
conferences take place, and seminars are given.
College of Law Rotunda building is where the
admissions office is located.
College of Law Main Classroom building is
pretty self explanatory
College of Law Library is where you will have
your legal textbooks and resources for research