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Purok Malakas, San Isidro

General Santos City
TLE - 1
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Mr. Robert U. Galino

Identification. Directions: Read the statement and identify what is being described or defined.
Choose your answer from the words inside the box.
Long Nose Pliers

Fuse Combination Pliers


Electricians Knife



Philips Screwdriver



Male Pug

Portable Electric Drill

Vacuum cleaner

Stubby Screwdriver

Wire Stripper

Air drill

Circuit Breaker

Junction Box

Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Utility Box

Hand Tools

Machine/Power Tools


Pneumatic Floor Jack

Identify the hazard

Assess the Risk

Engineering Control

Administrative Control

Eliminate Hazard

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment


_______________1. This is used for gripping, holding, and cutting electrical wires, cables, and
even small nails. It is usually used by linemen in doing heavy tasks.
_______________2. This is used for cutting and holding fine wires. It can reach tight spaces or
small openings unlike other pliers and is also used in making terminal loops
of copper wires.
_______________3. This has a cross tip resembling a positive (+) sign. It is used to drive screws
with cross slot heads.
_______________4. This is a tool used in driving or pounding and pulling out nails.
_______________5. This is a tool used for removing insulation of medium-sized wires ranging
from gauge #10 to gauge #16.
_______________6. This is a small drilling machine with a chuck capacity of to . It is used
for making holes on metal sheets and concrete walls.
_______________7. This comes in either Standard or Philips screwdriver with short shank or
blade and shorted handle used to turn screws in tight spaces where
standard screwdriver cannot be used.
_______________8. This is used by linemen to remove insulation of wire and cables in low and
high voltage transmission lines.
_______________9. This is a device inserted to a convenience outlet to conduct electric current.
A flat cord is attached to it on one end and the other end is connected to a
current-consuming instrument or appliance.
_______________10. This is a circuit protective device that automatically blows and cuts the
current when an overload or short circuit happens.
_______________11. This is a rectangular-shaped metallic or plastic (PVC) material in which
flush-type convenience outlet and switch are attached.
_______________12. These are electrical materials used as the passage of wires for protection
or utility boxes.

_______________13. These are used to attach metallic or non-metallic conduit to the junction or
utility boxes.
_______________14. This is a protective device used to automatically cut off the current when
trouble in the circuit such as short circuit or overload occurs.
_______________15. This is an octagonal-shaped electrical material where the connections or
joints of wires are being done. It is also where the flush-type lamp holder is
_______________16. Uses compressed air to flow into the jack cylinder and causes the ram to
extend and raise the vehicle.
_______________17. Tools manipulated by our hands without using electrical energy.
_______________18. Are used to drive or turn screws. The common type has a single flat blade
for driving screws with slotted heads. The other type has a cross slotted
_______________19. A tool used to turn screws, nuts and bolts with hexagonal or six-sided
_______________20. A tool used to remove gears and hubs from shafts, bushings from blind
holes, and cylinders liners from the engine blocks.
_______________21. Used for cleaning the floor and car interiors after service.
_______________22. This is lighter than a comparable electric drill. Repeatedly stalling or
overloading does not damage or overheat the air drill.
_______________23. A gadget that protects workers from injury or illness caused by having
contact with the dangers/hazards in the workplace. Used by linemen to
remove insulation of wire and cables in low and high voltage transmission
_______________24. This wrench uses compressed air to quickly and powerfully turn nuts, bolts,
and other objects.
_______________25. These are tools manipulated by our hands and with the use of electrical
_______________26. It includes ear and eye protection, respirators, and protective clothing.
_______________27. It may mean changing a piece of machinery (for example, using proper
machine guards) or a work process to reduce exposure to a hazard.
_______________28. Working a limited number of hours in a hazardous area
_______________29. The process where you identify hazards, analyze or evaluate the risk
associated with that hazard, and determine appropriate ways to eliminate
or control the hazard.
_______________30. Identify the source of the problem.
II. Multiple Choice. Directions: Choose the letter of the object being described and write it on
your answer sheet.
31. An instrument used to measure the amount of electrical current intensity in a circuit
a. Voltmeter
b. Ammeter
c. Micrometer
d. Ohmmeter
32. A pocket-sized tool used to test the presence of current in a line wire or circuit
a. Test light
b. Wire gauge
c. Ruler
d. Pull-push rule
33. A measuring tool used to measure the length of an object in centimeters and inches
a. Test light
b. Wire gauge
c. Ruler
d. Pull-push rule
34. It is used to measure the diameter of wires/conductors in circular mills. It can measure
small and big sizes of wires and cables.
a. Voltmeter
b. Ammeter
c. Micrometer
d. Ohmmeter
35. It is used to measure the voltage, resistance, and current of a circuit. It connected in
parallel or series with the circuit depending on what to measure.
a. Volt-Ohm-Millimeter b. Micrometer
c. Ohmmeter
d. Ammeter

36. An action to clean your work place thoroughly so that there is no dust on floor, machines
and equipment.
a. Sort
b. Sweep
c. Sanitize
d. Self-discipline
37. A condition of training people to follow cleaning disciplines independently.
a. Sort
b. Sweep
c. Sanitize
d. Self-discipline
38. An action to identify and eliminate all unnecessary items from your work place and dispose
of them.
a. Sorting
b. Sweeping
c. Sanitizing
d. Self-discipline
39. An action to arrange or put every necessary item in good order so that they can be easily
picked for use.
a. Sweeping
b. Systematizing
c. Sanitizing
d. Sorting
40. A condition of maintaining high standards of cleaning and workshop organization at all
a. Sweeping
b. Systematizing
c. Sanitizing
d. Sorting
41. The cross disciplinary area concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people
engaged in work or employment.
a. Waste management b. PEC
d. OHS
42. The collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste
a. Waste management b. PEC
d. OHS
43. TLV means
a. Threshold limited value
b. Threshold live value
c. Threshold limit value
44. TWA means
a. Time-wasted average
b. Time-weighted average
c. Total-weighted average
45. TLV-C means
a. Threshold limit valueb. Threshold limited valuec. Threshold live valueceiling

Text Twist. Directions: Inside Box A are jumbled letters. Arrange the letters to form words
pertaining to electrical measuring tools and instruments. Write the words inside Box B.
Box A

Box B