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Groups In Government Mega-Quiz/Mini-Exam

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question
_____ 1.

In the U.S., any party other than the Democrats or Republicans is called
a. the Independent Party
b. a third party
c. the American Party

_____ 2.

Giving favors to reward party loyalty is called

a. Patronage
b. Ward payments
c. Illegal favors

_____ 3.

The watchdog of a political party in power is the

a. Third party
b. Democratic Party
c. Party out of power

_____ 4.

The basic local unit of a political party is called a

a. Precinct
b. Caucus
c. Coalition

_____ 5.

In the U.S. nearly all elected officials are selected by these, in which a
single office represents all voters living in an area
a. Third party elections
b. Single-member districts
c. Proportional representation

_____ 6.

The media tend to give great attention to the early leader in a political
campaign, also known as the
a. White hat
b. Dark horse
c. Front runner

_____ 7.

This president was known for his fireside chats on the radio
a. John F. Kennedy
b. Ronald Reagan
c. Franklin D. Roosevelt

_____ 8.

Includes all the means for communicating information to the general public
a. Newspapers
b. Mass media
c. Wire services

_____ 9.

High-level government officials may be questioned by the press during a

a. Media event
b. Backgrounder
c. Press conference

_____ 10.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed by

a. the First Amendment
b. Libel laws
c. The Federal Communications Commission

_____ 11.

Support candidates who favor their ideas, but do not nominate candidates
a. Nominating committees
b. Interest groups
c. Political parties

_____ 12.

Basic beliefs about government, culture, and society are known as

a. Cultural values
b. Ideologies
c. Public opinion

_____ 13.

Lobbyists can influence government by

a. Collecting taxes
b. Drafting bills
c. Making judicial appointments

_____ 14.

PAC stands for

a. Political Action Committee
b. Political Alliance Consortium
c. Policy Advisory Center

_____ 15.

Which of the following is a scientific method of measuring public opinion?

a. Reading political news websites
b. Conducting polls
c. Attending press briefings


Match each item in BOX A with the correct item in BOX B

_____ 16. Organized to influence government policies
_____ 17. Release of secret information by anonymous government officials
_____ 18. Statement of a political partys positions on important issues
_____ 19. Journalists who travel with military troops in combat zones
_____ 20. Third party
a. Embedded reporters
b. Leak
c. Interest groups
d. U.S. Taxpayers
e. Platform

True or False

If the statement is true, select True. If is false, select False.

a. True
b. False
_____ 21. Political parties were first established in the Constitution.
_____ 22. Super PACS have unlimited fundraising capabilities.
_____ 23. The press very rarely has access to government officials and information.
_____ 24. The government maintains national security by classifying information as secret.
_____ 25. Social media and the internet have made it harder for candidates to reach voters.