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Nutrition and Wellness

Mrs. Sykes

Nutrition and Wellness enables students to analyze the

interaction of nutrition, foods, and fitness for overall wellness
of individuals and families throughout the lifespan. In this
course students will develop nutrition and fitness habits to make wise
decisions regarding healthy living and prevention of disease through
these practices. As active learners, students develop higher order
thinking skills and academic skills in the areas of math, science,
language arts and social studies through the evaluation of relevant
nutrition and wellness information. This course is recommended for
all students regardless of their career cluster or pathway, in order to
build basic nutrition and wellness knowledge and skills, and is
especially appropriate for students with interest in human services,
wellness/fitness, health, or food and nutrition related career


Units to cover and be tested:


Nutrition, Wellness, and You

The Nutrition Health Connection
Nutrition: Take it Personally
Your Active Lifestyle

Needed for class:

Pen or pencil
Three ring binder


Once a week you will be expected to take part in some type of

physical activity such as walking, or a light workout. The
participation of this physical activity will be part of your over all grade
unless you have a doctors not advising against participation.


Daily grades- 5-50 points, 1 point taken off for every day late unless
excused absence.
Projects- 30-60 points, 0 if late unless excused absence
Notebook checks-notebook must be organized and all assignments
must be completed. Checks will be at the completion of each unit and
worth to 75 points.

Quiz- may be given weekly and worth up to 50 points.

Test- test will be given after the completion of each unit, worth 100
points. If you score under 70% you can re-answer the test for half
credit back.
Final- a comprehensive final will be given at the end of the semester.

Cheating and/or copying on any assignment, project, or test will

result in a 0 for all involved.


1. Be Professional
a. Arrive on time
b. Be prepared
c. Dress appropriately
2. Phones are not to be used in the classroom, unless all course
work is complete and teacher gives the okay.
3. Be respectful to others: Peers, teachers, and others
4. Be kind

First time
Second Time
Severe disruption

detention assigned up to 3 days
Student sent immediately to the office

Missing work/ Absent

- 0 will be given for all missing work, including test, unless you have
an excused absence.
- Students are responsible for gathering their missing work from the
teacher as soon as they return to class or via e-mail while out.
- Make-up work or test will be given before school, after school, or
during lunch.
- Students will NOT be allowed to make up work for another class
during this class time.
------------------------------------------CUT AND
STUDENTS: I have read the classroom policy and understand it. I
will honor it while in Mrs. Sykes class.
Print name__________________________
PARENTS: I have read the classroom policy. I understand it and will
support it. I know that I can contact Mrs. Sykes at any time for
questions or concerns at

E-mail and or phone number _______________________________________
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