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Job Title: Network Analyst ID #2764

Role: Analyst
Relocation Available: Yes
Industry: Financial Banking
Location: Idaho
Town / City: Pocatello
Job Type: Permanent full-time


Financial Institution looking for a Network Analyst.

The main responsibility will be to continually evaluate and recommend network technologies that allow the
organization to achieve its business and technologies goals. Implement / update all of the appropriate processes
and procedures to ensure the organization's network is running at an optimum level. Manage all telephone
systems, routers, switches, mobile device management, firewalls, cabling Network security, patching and
licenses and vendor management to ensure a high-level of uptime and proper level of data security.

Create, maintain, and support the institution's local and wide area network needs. This includes event
monitoring, QOS, expansion and tuning.

Developing centralized, efficient methods for managing network systems to minimize downtime and
increase security on the network

Excellent knowledge of Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and encryption.

Strong expertise with routing, network security, flow control, TCP/IP and associated protocols.

Excellent understanding of VoIP and telephony systems

Strong skills in working with multiple vendors and projects

Ability to efficiently manage network expansion.

Excellent knowledge of how data networking interacts with other areas of IT.

Handles purchases, patches and updates on all network equipment.

Able to write technical policies, procedures, and documentation including user guides, troubleshooting
guides, etc.

Oversees and controls the network software and related hardware and communication systems.

Participate in weekly meetings with the IT team to discuss progress and issues to be resolved.

Manage the information flow to members, Administration, branch levels, and external interested parties.

Create, maintain, and support the institution's local and wide area network needs. This includes event
monitoring, QOS, expansion and tuning.


A results oriented individual who thrives working in a fast paced environment. 2-4 years of experience with
Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and encryption. Preference given for post-secondary
degree in computer science/computer information systems, or related field or a combination of related
experience and education. Self-motivated with the ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, and manage
changing priorities. Willingness to work outside of normal business hours. Excellent English oral and written
communication skills. Ability to work with other department supervisors. Knowledge of data processing,
hardware platforms, and enterprise network systems. Ability to maintain the confidentiality of the institution.
Understand network systems and implement resolution to network problems. Make recommendations to
meet the goals and objectives of the institution's functions, procedures, and policies. Analyzing information
and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
Perform tasks requiring manual dexterity (processing paperwork, filing, stapling, sorting, collating, typing,
etc.). Sit and stand for extended periods of time. Lift 20-40 pounds of office supplies (copy paper, computer
paper, mail, etc.). Repetitive motion using wrists, hands, and fingers. Reach keyboards. Ability to operate
basic office machines (calculator, computer, telephone, copy machine, fax machine, etc.).