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Buzz Roll Studies 8th notes with buzz rolls Going from single strokes to buzz (multiple rebound) strokes requires a different pressure, which is controlled primatlly with the fingers. The important thing to re~ member here is that “pressure” does not mean “rigidity” or “tension.” So these exercises, then, will help develop the sensitivity in the fingers that is necessary to control this pressure. You must be able to immediately apply the pressure when needed for a buzz, and then be able to immediately release it for single strokes. There are a variety of ways to play this Section, Following are a few sugges- tions: Play without accents. Play the buzz notes as staccato as possible. Play the buzz notes as legato as possible. Play the buzz notes as double strokes. Drumset suggestions: Accent buzz strokes with the Bass drum. t “a yt Play buzz notes on tom-toms, getting a muffled effect by pressing the stick into the head Play buzz notes on snare drum; all others on tom-toms. 22