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The following are the main selection criteria used for this post:

Have experience in operating (Tank Farm Unit) for at least total experience of 1
5 years in operation including 10 years minimum as control
man and supervising operators.
Understand the Plant process and equipment and any other related plants intercon
nections, and know how to do the line service switching by
means of interconnections piping and valves.
Understand how to Monitor product quality and make recommendations and/or adjust
ments to maintain product quality, yields and production
A solid field experience in operations, including an outside operator, console o
perator, and supervising operators in different refinery
processing units, Utilities, Product Movement is preferable.
Be able to work as a control man or operator of the plant, if required.
He has the ability to deal with young operators and develop them and enhance the
ir knowledge of the plant
Have experience in processing unit s turnaround activities from scope development
to work executions.
Have experience in refineries emergency response plans, and must be able to assu
me the rule of incident commander.
Have experience in working with various control system including Honeywell syste
Shall be able to jointly work with others and be a key team player in problem so
lving, communication, work planning and organizing
Ability to closely coordinate with other plants to carry out a job that has an i
mpact on them.
Has to have leadership and capabilities of developing others in operations skill
Must have very good English language skills where he communicates well with subo
rdinates and superiors.
He should be able to write progress reports on different operational assignments
Be able to understand the complexity of the control systems of the processing un
Be able to identify operational hazards and resolve them as necessary
Be able to troubleshoot any arising problems and come up with reasonable resolut
Be able to undertake different assignments in different plants when needed.
Be able to work as a maintenance coordinator and provide all the support to the
Plant foreman
He should have participated in shutdown and startup of similar plants as well as
turnaround activities