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Jaime Nowakowski



Integrated Marketing Communications (GoPro)


Industry/Company Review



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Industry/Company Review

The GoPro video camera falls in a unique spot, an industry that is still forming for rugged extreme sporting capable cameras while also fitting into the mature, over 150 year old, camera industry. The camera was invented in the mid 19th century and the video camera came around, based on the Nipkow disk, in the 1920’s. GoPro separates itself from the average video camera with its rugged and lightweight build that is durable and able to be used in extreme sports or mounted on fixtures such as helmets or cars.

The extreme sports industry is a subset of the sports industry that came around to the popular eye in the 1990’s. With the growth of the extreme sports industry, the demand for ‘extreme video cameras’ happens in tandem. Professional videographers essentially recorded all video capture of extreme sports in the 1990s. Turn of the century and introduce the GoPro video camera in 2002, the ca mera that allows athletes to mount the camera to their helmet or surfboard and get a completely new first person view of the sport, unlike any other angle before.

GoPro was started by Nick Woodman, a surfer, in 2002 when he was to go surfing in Australia and wanted to capture quality images while on the surfboard. He soon found there wasn’t practically priced equipment for photographers to purchase and use for close action shots of him surfing. With this realization he came to the conclusion a better camera that could be mounted for his extreme sport and others, was what he needed. The company received funding from Nick’s parents at the sum of $2,000,000 as well as he sold beaded necklaces and camera straps out of his VW van. With the idea in motion t he company sold their first camera in 2004. Within the last 10 years the company has introduced to their camera, HD captures capabilities and video.

The mountable, action- capturing industry is a young, immature one with few competitors for GoPro to fight for consumers. This industry however, is also a niche industry, not everyone is looking to go take the GoPro out for a spin on his or her surfboard or on his or her snowboard down the mountains. This young and fairly small industry, there are three other leading competitors, Sony’s HDR- AS10 (as well as their HDR - AS15 and HDR - AS30V), Garmin’s VIRB, Xiaomi’s YiCamera. GoPro and its competitors have a lot of potential for growth with a young industry. Currently GoPro is the leader of the mountable camera industry but only time and technology in the competing companies will tell if they stay the leader.


the mountable camera industry but only time and technology in the competing companies will tell if


Currently GoPro sells a product line of three cameras - technically four, however one camera is the plus additional of another- the HERO, the HERO3 (HERO3+) , and the HERO4. Each camera holds the same concept, mountable and made for extreme living photo capture. The HERO4 and HERO3+ are considered professional grade lens and capture capabilities while the HERO and HERO3 are for the average consumer looking t o capture their backyard, winter toboggan ride. The megapixels also double from 5mp for the HERO and HERO3 to 10mp for the HERO3+ and 12mp for the HERO4. What GoPro may lack in company size compared to Sony, a competitor, they make up for it in their products.

Product Review/Buyer Analysis

GoPro made the transition to a publicly held company in February of 2014. It is a relatively new company and for this reason all financial data used will be from February 2014 through the present date.

GoPro is in the digital camera market and is most often associated with extreme sports videography. While GoPro has many competitors as far as the digital camera market goes, they specialize in extreme sport experiences. Polaroid (a digital camera manufacturer) is offering a similar product called the Cube, but thus far this product has not become a threat of rivalry for GoPro. GoPro offers unique point- of- view footage that set them apart from the competitors. They are portable, attachable, digital cameras that are perfect for travelers, sports enthusiasts, etc. to use during highly mobile activities without needing a separate photographer.

As the leader in their specific market, GoPro is seeing tremendous financial growth. GoPro’s revenue for the past three years is as f ollows:

2012 Revenue 526K with gross profit of 227.5K

2013 Revenue 985K with gross profit of 361K

2014 Revenue – 1.4 million with gross profit of 627K

GoPro’s profits have more than double since 2012.

GoPro is definitely a high - involvement purchase for consumers. While there is a diverse range of prices depending on the camera the consumer chooses, they are not inexpensive, so this is a product that consumers will spend time and effort researching before purchasing.

The typical consumer for a GoPro will be young, active individuals. While GoPro began as being used specifically for sports footage, such as solo filming surfing, it has since expanded into other areas. For instance filming a canyon hike, a DJ filming


such as solo filming surfing, it has since expanded into other areas. For instance filming a


himself scratching records, and even consumers attaching a GoPro to their dog’s collar to watch a typical “day- in - the - life” of their household pet. The possibilities and uses of GoPro are limitless, and still expanding.

There are definitely certain factors that influence the purchasing of a GoPro. For instance, a surfer in California may be more inclined to buy a GoPro than say, an office worker in the Midwest. However, consumers are getting more and more creative with their applications of the device (as seen above) so the geographic factor may be less and less important as we move forward in the product’s lifecycle. As far as demographics go, it is likely that we will see more sales of GoPro’s in younger consumers than older. Although, once again, this factor may not hold true going forward . Recently, videos have been released under titles such as “Cooking with a GoPro” where an entire recipe will be carried out all while filming with a GoPro, offering a unique look at a culinary art. This type of creative application of GoPro cameras really expand the usage of the device. It is clear that GoPro’s are no longer just for young athletes interested in extreme sports.

Competitive Review

Direct Competitors

When it comes to direct competitors there are two that really stand out above the rest and those are Sony Action Cam and the HTC Re. The action cam is second when it comes to the video camera market. GoPro currently holds about 30.4 percent of the market while Sony has about 20.8 percent. When it comes to price the action cam is less expensive t han the GoPro coming in at 270 dollars, while the GoPro starts at 400 dollars. The action cam is currently the second highest selling action style camera on the market behind the GoPro Hero 4. The major benefit that the Sony action cam has over the hero 4 is the price. Sony is also a much larger company than GoPro so they should be able to have the power to produce a product that is far more advantaged. Sony has made their device a little more user friendly, and the audio in the action cam has higher rating s. But some things that Sony could improve on deals with the screen size. The Sony device does not seem to get the exposure than the GoPro receives. They don’t really take the steps in marketing the product as much as other similar products and that is seriously hurting them because not a lot of people are familiar with their product.

The HTC Re doesn’t sell near as much products as the action cam or the GoPro. They seem to appeal to a user that are looking for a far less expensive product but still has the same type of idea. The He is currently selling on amazon for 120 dollars. This is about 280 dollars less than the GoPro and still 150 dollars less than Sony’s model. HTC Re is really user friendly and works very well with a smart phone. The price for


dollars less than Sony’s model. HTC Re is really user friendly and works very well with


this product is far lower than its competition. The device has a very minimalistic design that is easy to handle. When it comes to the most user friendly product on the market the HTC He is hands down the winner. But some things that the Re could improve would include the quality of video, better durability, and better application quality. This product as well doesn’t seem to receive the amount of exposure that the GoPro gets. This is also a device that is more targeted to customers that are not looking to use the camera for extreme sports.

Indirect Competitors

When it comes to indirect competitors the two brands that stand out above the rest include Nikon and Cannon. Cannon currently controls the overall market share and Nikon follows them. Nikon controls about 29.8 percent of the market currently while Cannon c urrently has control of about 44.5 percent of the overall market. Both of these companies offer products that range in price from about 100 dollars all the way up to nearly four thousand dollars per product. These more expensive camera are used to shoot hi gh- end movie productions and so fourth.

Both of these companies have similar key benefits that include global marketplace, innovative technology, and very strong customer service.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Position

Go Pro focuses on selling their pro duct (a high definition wearable and durable camera) to sport enthusiasts all over the world. From professional athletes to your normal amateur player, go pro tailors to everyone.

Because of the high quality picture and durability, GOPRO has been able to sell to just about every person looking for a camera, not just the sports enthusiasts. No a days it seems that just about everyone wants this camera. People use them for family pictures, wedding captures, vacation memories and so much more.

For this project our marketing team will be using the average sports enthusiast to market to. We will focus on this group because our Advertising firm is Weiden+Kennedy. Weiden+Kennedy seems to segment to athletes, and usually have high quality commercials. They recentl y came out with a Nike Commercial featuring Rory McIlroy dreaming to be a professional golfer and to be like Tiger Woods. His dream came true and at the end of the commercial Rory teed off with Tiger at a tournament.

We want to advertise to the average sp ort enthusiast because this is what go pro is all about. To take just a average player, and give them a way to get their name out there. With GoPro all of this is possible. The high quality shots and durable case will allow that person to capture everythin g the need to get their skills to go viral.


quality shots and durable case will allow that person to capture everythin g the need to


We also want to target much more than just than people who participate in sports. We have a goal to target people who could use this camera in everyday life. Whether that may be throwing the camera on the back of a dog to see what a dogs point of view is or its someone who just wants to get their own cooking channel on YouTube. We believe that there is a much greater target market than just people who play sports so we will get those people to buy this item.

Currently GoPro seems to position their ads through social media. We would also like to use social media to position our ads, but to also focus on showing our ads through mainstream TV. We are going to use all major sports channel such as ESPN and also many reg ional sports channels. We would also like to position our advertisements through regional sports channels throughout many parts of the United States. There are many people who watch these channels for local sports, and we believe the people that watch thes e channels are your “average” sports enthusiast. We want to show people how much fun it is to use a GoPro, and what the benefits of what a GoPro can be.

Social Media is a huge marketing and advertising strategy today, but it can be very cluttered and ads tend to be driven towards people’s recent history on their computers. So with our positioning strategy we should be able to hit a larger part of our market and make sure that nobody gets left out on this useful camera. Our ads on a television shall catch the consumer’s attention and take them to GoPro’s website.

The Plan for the Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning include the following:

We want to segment to all sports enthusiasts and all people who could use a camera for everyday life. Cooking, family parties, vacations and much more will be the target market. We will target these people by showing them that they will want their performance, memories, documentation and much more on a high definition camera. Our plan is to position our advertisements though the traditional advertising channel. We figure that because of most of GoPro’s already comes through social media that we need to take it back to the traditional approach. Through the advertising we believe that people will purchase these cameras.

Communications Objectives & Budget Request

In hoping to influence buyers into making a purchase decision of GoPro, it is necessary to focus on the objectives of the campaign, and what steps needed to be taken to reach that purchase decision. It is helpful to focus on certain response hierarchies when forming these objectives and perhaps the most helpful is the hierarchies of effects model. This model is essentially the advertising process laid out as a series of sequential steps that consumers take from first being made aware of a product all the way up to purchasing that product. The steps in the hierarchy of effects model are as follows:


of a product all the way up to purchasing that product. The steps in the hierarchy








The first step, and the most crucial, is boosting brand awareness for GoPro. Consumers cannot purchase our product if they are not even aware of its existence. We need to focus on promoting GoPro through reliable means with a wide reach. Expanding more into television commercials will be our next big step. We have a fairly heavy promotional reach on the Web, but making the jump to television and investing in advertising there is a needed step toward making consumers much more aware of our product. This advertising effort will also supply our consumers with the k nowledge they need to being contemplating a purchase decision. Cementing our product in our consumer’s cognitive processes is the first big step that we need to be absolutely sure we are accomplishing.

With knowledge and awareness, we then need to make su re our consumers in our target market are retaining interest. Because there are relatively few competitors in our market, we do not need to stoop to comparative advertisements, we can focus solely on the benefits of our product and making consumers consider all the possibilities of a GoPro. We want to show consumers that our product is relevant to them even if they aren’t at all interested in extreme sports. With GoPro being applied to more and more situations every day by its users (think cooking with GoPro, or filming the inner workings of a saw mill) our advertisements will highlight the fact that there are many reasons to be interested in GoPro. Also, not having to resort to comparative advertising will position our brand positively in consumer’s minds. After building awareness, supplying knowledge, and generating interest, our consumers will be ready to make a purchase decision regarding GoPro.

Of course, this awareness, knowledge, and interest cannot be generated without spending the money to achieve it. However, this spending should not be looked at as a cost, but rather as an investment. Money spent on advertising and promotional materials will be repaid in the business and awareness it generates for our company. We propose that the advertising budget be set at $250,000 for this campaign, using the objective and task budgeting method. A good portion of this should go to traditional advertising, around 60%. The other 40% will be split between non - traditional media objectives, sales promotion, etc.

Cre ative Strategy Statement

Copy Platform


be split between non - traditional media objectives, sales promotion, etc. Cre ative Strategy Statement Copy

Critical Information

A. Exclusive or differentiating features


1. GoPro is a very durable camera that captures pictures and videos at a very I quality


2. The camera can be mounted on my different items in a very safe matter so the client

knows that he/she will not lose their camera.

3. Camera is Waterproof, has a very long lasting battery life.

B. Functions these features perform for the prospect

1. Athle te will be able to perform at an extremely high level while at the same time

being able to shoot pictures and videos of themselves.

C. Other features or functions of note

1. GoPro is now offering other types of mounts for animals and pets. Also G oPro is

making new advances in technology to give the athlete the ultimate filming


Who is Our Target Audience? Anyone who could use a high functional camera. Every day users.

A. Who is our Competition? Where are they in the Mind of our Audience?

Contour, EyeSee360, Vievu Samsung. All of these company’s offer a camera that people can use to film shots of high performance. Consumers will choose our brand because we are more reliable and structured to the high performance athlete.

B. Where would we lik e to be in the minds of our audience?

Most do not realize all of the things that you can do with a GoPro. For instance football players are able to mount it to their helmets. This would allow team sports to be able to use these cameras for film studies. W e want to be a trusted brand that can fulfill every athlete’s needs. We would also like to see this camera to be used by you everyday person to capture everyday memories.

Creative Tactics

A. What is the “Consumer Promise”

GoPro makes it easier than ever to capture and share your world like never before!


What is the “Consumer Promise” GoPro makes it easier than ever to capture and share your



What is the tone for this ad? The tone of this ad will be happy, informative, and exciting.


What will be our Source of Communication? We will be using television, social media, and the internet as main sources of communication.



GoPro has the ability to advertise their products in such amazing ways because the product was developed to capture self - made footage from the most talented people all over the world. In order for GoPro to maximize the advertising approach the best way to reach out and attract the most interested customers is by using other low profile extreme sports athletes. By using athletes that are not known it can make the customers able to relate because it develops this feeling that it is possible for anyone. It would be easy just hand amazing athletes GoPro’s and have them bring you back advertising gold. It involves little to no effort from our company but will produce the most appealing advertisement on the market.

Sales promotion

The advantage to GoPro when it comes to sales promotion is that the products are so much better than the competitors on the market that there is no need for sales promotion. How many people have watched self made videos on YouTube of Sony’s hands free product that competes with GoPro, that’s right, no one. When is comes to competition GoPro doesn’t need to worry about price because everyone knows that the products our company products are hands down better than the competition. We will sell the highest quality products for the highest price and still blow the competition out of the water. We understand that some people will fear our price point and that is fine because they will end up settling for one of cheaper alternatives on the market, and will find there way to our website after they had had a bad experience to buy our high quality products in the end. Our motto is high price equals high quality footage.

Public relations

When it comes to spending money on marketing this is the area that GoPro needs to invest the most about of money. GoPro doesn’t necessarily have bad PR but they don’t generate enough for it to make an impact on the company’s sales. We feel that the best way to boost our public relations is by hosting more events that will benefit


company’s sales. We feel that the best way to boost our public relations is by hosting


large amounts of people that are interested in what GoPro can do. We should team up with companies such as red bull, monster, and rock star energy as a way to promote what our products are capable of. We need to take the time to involve audie nces that are younger that have more time to use the camera because they don’t have to work forty hours a week.


With YouTube we can build this product into the most well known camera in the world by simply selling our product to cust omer who are willing to upload all there footage to a channel without paying them a cent. These willing and able customers that want to empress everyone that clicks onto there video would be the best marketing possible for GoPro. But GoPro has the ability to grow this into something that would create buzz all over the world. If as a company GoPro hosted Internet contests often that would reward the individual that uploaded the video with the most views on YouTube a craze would form. Everyone that was into t he brand would be posting video for there change to win, and it would flood the Internet with video of people self- endorsing GoPro products. GoPro could also capitalize of this promotion by promoting the latest and greatest product that will be needed in ordered to increase the changes of winning the prize package.

Direct marketing

When it comes to direct marketing the best way for GoPro tackle this objective is by using the Internet to best of their ability. Make sure that every time someone searches sports that an ad for GoPro is visible on the screen. Use social media sites such as twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote your products. Use hash tags to grow the awareness of your products and in return with get the users of these media platforms invol ved as well. But the use of YouTube is the most important because it gives the views the most hands on view in video form. GoPro is a product that has to be witnesses in video form because that is the whole reason for the product. Find ways to get involved with YouTube to ensure that your ad will pop up every time someone tries to watch a video dealing with sports of any form.

Personal selling

GoPro needs to develop their company into a media empire that is known all over the world as the most needed product to produce the best footage possible. Don’t use precious marketing money talking about what your product can do, show the people in live footage. Take advantage of the customer’s time by instilling into their mind that the only way to remember amazing experiences is by have hard footage of the most amazing times people have had. GoPro as a company needs to continue to


xperiences is by have hard footage of the most amazing times people have had. GoPro as


grow by using personal experiences that people has had with their products to give incentives for people that have not had the chance to o wn a GoPro product. When investing into this company you have the ability to catch every moment in your life without having the hassle of holding a traditional video camera the whole time.

Specific Media Objectives/Mix

GoPro’s young company profile determines our plan of reach, the reach for our integrated marketing campaign for GoPro is a large one geographically and by consumer type. We desire to reach a wide audience and broaden the appeal of the mountable camera to reach out to people that may not be involved in extreme sports. Our campaign would like to also reach the social media savvy generation that likes to integrate their social media platforms into their daily activities. By reaching the social media lover we can gain a higher number of poten tial customers who would use their GoPro to help publicize their activities on social media platforms.

Frequency determining how often we potentially expose the consumer to our product, we want the balance of exposure that is effective but not overkill that the consumer selectively tunes our advertising out. We will employee an even frequency of consistent exposure that a consumer may see our ad on the side bar of their Facebook page once or twice a day but not all day. They will then again see our ad the next day and the next and so on but never for the entire day. Our media will deliver our message mainly on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and Instagram. The message, as we have been saying all along, is one that the GoPro camera is for everyone and everyday, not only the day you surf, but the day you go for a bike ride, the day you go snorkeling and the day you walk your dog. GoPro is more than an extreme sports video camera.

With our client being one that is born i n the United States, we feel it best to have our campaign’s geographic focus be in North America. With focus in North America we can budget for United States as well as Canada and measure our media success to then decide the rolling out of additional camp aigning in countries outside of the continent of North America. Media will be side banners on social platforms, short video ads before YouTube videos and short video ads displaying current GoPro users on the GoPro company instagram account. Currently GoPro has minimal advertising and relies heavily on word of mouth of happy consumers that use and talk about their GoPro or publish their GoPro videos to their social media accounts. With this in mind, we want to have a fiscally responsible and reasonable media plan


to their social media accounts. With this in mind, we want to have a fiscally responsible


for the company to have the most impact, return on money, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our overall media rationale is to produce a reasonable media plan that employees video, banner advertisements and even distribution of the thematic message t hat anyone can use the GoPro mountable camera. Our campaign will be a six month long campaign with rotating but unified advertisements that will match along all of the media platforms used and we will budget a media plan for a six month timeframe. We wil l employee the GoPro instagram account, Facebook side banner ads, both full and half size, ‘promoted’ GoPro twitter account tweets that will have links to the GoPro instagram account advertisements and GoPro YouTube account advertisements, and finally 15 second video advertisements on YouTube videos. With our theme of anyone can use the GoPro camera, we will focus on the alternative uses of the camera, such as a family cookout and backyard bocce ball or a dog going on a walk with his or her owner in a summer afternoon with the end message: the GoPro camera is for everyone.

with the end message: the GoPro camera is for everyone. *Disclaimer: this proposed chart of media

*Disclaimer: this proposed chart of media pricing and length of run for media is only an estimate and not set, can be tweaked and added to or subtracted from as the client sees fit.

Pricing is also based on cost per click or cost per ad view for 30- day months and at least 10,000 views or clicks. We suggest a base number of 10,000 and then can be added to after the first three months depending on the success of the campaign on each of the media platforms. On YouTube we suggest 100,000 views of the advertisement per day cap. Our integrated plan is to analyze the success of the


YouTube we suggest 100,000 views of the advertisement per day cap. Our integrated plan is to


media plan each month to better tweak it on each platform but to start with all four platforms to reach the la rgest target market initially.

platforms to reach the la rgest target market initially. Evaluation Program The Integrated Mark eting

Evaluation Program

The Integrated Mark eting Communications (IMC) plan for GoPro is the key to successfully increase brand awareness, and build and maintain relationships with customers. Our IMC plan guarantees GoPro’s reliability, therefore improving relationships with the target market. It is important that our marketing efforts are unified and all departments communicate in a unified voice. GoPro’s IMC plan is designed to promote GoPro’s slogan/logo, improve relationships with customers, and more closely monitor digital and social marketing efforts. Areas such as public relations, direct marketing, and media (paid and unpaid) will also be include in our IMC plan. To ensure that our IMC plan is effective and will be suc cessful, we will run a few different evaluations.

To determine the effectiveness of our IMC plan, we will have specific evaluations for each objective. These objectives include:

1. Boost monetary intake

2. Increase gross margin

3. Stay under 150 million dollar media budget (traditional and nontraditional)

4. Increase number of sponsorships by 20% from the previous year

5. Increase brand/public awareness level

6. Generate monthly media coverage and events

7. Obtain new users to the website daily

8. Obtain new fans on Facebook /Twitter/and Instagram each month

9. Increase number of YouTube videos made using a GoPro product

The first three objectives will be quantifiable and easy to calculate. A daily assessment of cash intake, gross margin calculation, and total amount spent on the


and easy to ca lculate . A daily assessment of cash intake, gross margin calculation, and


IMC plan will account for GoPro’s monetary and non- monetary revenue. This data should be calculated and updated at the end of each month.

Awareness is vital for any developing company. Evaluation of product and brand awareness will be determined through surveys. Because GoPro is a relatively new company, we will provide monthly and yearly surveys to track changes in awareness level and perception of our organization. To maintain GoPro’s green and healthy image, we will save paper by offering online surveys.

Media coverage is another objective that needs to be constantly evaluated. Media is most commonly and most effectively tracked online through sites such as Google Alerts and Hootsuite. We will keep track of followers and hash tags that mention GoPro. A ny blogs that mention GoPro should be printed out and stored in a specific media folder. Tracking radio and print media will require team members and volunteers. Any articles, or listings pertaining to GoPro should be clipped and stored in the same media folder as mentioned above.

Monitoring online website usage is also important in measuring the effectiveness of GoPro’s IMC plan. We will use Google Analytics to gather statistics on GoPro’s website. Through this service, we will be able to monitor traffic, where it is coming from, what content is most popular, and what words most users are typing in to search engines in order to locate our website. Any social media activity will be carefully monitored to assess the amount of GoPro customers that utilize the Internet. The compilation of web data should be tracked on a monthly basis.

It is imperative that we continuously document and evaluate our marketing efforts. The tactics outlined above will contribute to the improvement and growth of the GoPro brand and the “Hero” image. With this IMC plan, GoPro will be able to expand its reach in the community and as is its vision. We look forward to working with you in executing this plan and helping GoPro reach its full potential.


its vision. We look forward to working with you in executing this plan and helping GoPro



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