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PHILOSOPHY The Big Questions: Assessment Project

What is Equality? Are People

Human rights do we have
Lying Is it ever Right?
Lying Can we lie to
Animal rights do they have
Epistemology Can we know
anything for certain?

Are we responsible for our

Are human beings free?
What is love?
What is Art? Why is it
Ethics How do know how to
live a good life?
PHILOSOPHERS Choose one from
Immanuel Kant, Jean Paul Sartre,
Peter Singer, Jeremy Bentham,
Rene Descartes

PHILOSOPHY The Big Questions: Assessment Project

Pick any Topic or a Philosopher from the list above.

Research it/him.
TASK: You must complete a poster on your chosen Topic or
You have two weeks to complete it this means it is due on
It must contain no less than 200 words, some pictures, and
the following:
a) An explanation of the issue.
b) Reasons/Arguments for the statement (e.g. We can never know
anything. / Animals should have rights.)
c) Reasons/Arguments against the statement.
d) Conclusion your view of the issue, with reasons supporting it.
e) One or more Philosophers must be mentioned.

a) Brief information about the Philosophers life.
b) Some issue/s which the Philosopher discusses.
c) More detailed reasons for and against one particular
Philosophical view the Philosopher expresses.
d) Your opinion on the issue the Philosopher discusses, with reasons.
e) Some relevant quotations from the Philosopher.

Grade E/F
Grade D
Grade C
Grade B

Poor description of issues.

Little/no knowledge of Philosophical view shown.
No personal argument/ view provided.
Poorly presented work.
A basic description of a view.
I only give one side of an argument.
Poster looks rushed.
An adequate description of some views.
I am beginning to acknowledge differences

between views.
Reasons given for own views are generally weak.
Poster is organised.
I explain a variety of views and use some technical

PHILOSOPHY The Big Questions: Assessment Project

I explain contrasting views, and make it clear how
they differ.
Reasons for own views are good.
I am beginning to discuss the impact of beliefs on
those who believe them.
Poster is well organised and clear.
I explain contrasting views well and use
technical vocabulary correctly.
Reasons for own views are detailed and wellargued.
I respond well to the big questions and relate these

Grade A

to the impact they have on my own life and/or the

lives of others.
Poster is very well organised and clear.
An excellent, detailed, description of differing

Grade A*

Sophisticated evaluation of Philosophical views.
I defend my own Philosophical views using evidence
and sophisticated arguments.
Poster is very well organised and displays some

Philosophy The Big Questions:

Assessment Level Descriptors