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Parents: Scan the QR code on top right or

go to to
complete form when you have
read/discussed this syllabus with your



Materials: Bring by August 28th/31st

Composition Book: Students store these in the
classroom. If ever lost, student MUST replace.
Clip Board: To be stored in class.
Something to write with each day.

Course Goals/Expectations:
1. Speak Spanish 100% of the time.
2. Be fearless with your language skills.
3. Take risks and make mistakes!
4. Infer meaning and circumlocute (describe the word,
draw it or act it out if you dont know it).
5. Participate, be respectful and be part of our
language COMMUNITY!
Goal is Novice Mid at the end of 1 st Semester:
I can communicate on very familiar topics using a
variety of words and phrases that I have practiced and
I can present information about myself and some
other very familiar topics using a variety of words,
phrases, and memorized expressions.
I can write lists and memorized phrases on familiar
I can recognize some familiar words and phrases when
I hear them spoken.
I can recognize some letters or characters. I can
understand some learned or memorized words and
phrases when I read.

PHONE NUMBER: 841-4170

ROOM: A224
Electronics policy and consequences:
All electronic devices will be collected at the
beginning of the block and returned by the end of the
block. Devices will be distributed when needed for an
instructional activity. When student is not using the
device for instructional purposes, the school policy will
be followed.
As much as I realize Bowie students are outstanding in
every way, there are consequences to distracting and
unacceptable actions which can include: Warning by
teacher, Sent to another classroom during class,
Detention (before/afterschool), Phone call home,
Phone call to athletic coach, Referrals
All grades will be weighted equally
Grades are based on language performance goal
is Novice Mid at the end of 1st Semester and Novice
High at the end of 2nd Semester.
If absent, go to website to see missing work. You get 2 school days for
every one day of school that is missed and work
assigned prior to the first day of absence is due the
day the student returns to class.
If student doesnt show proficiency on Non
Negotiables, they can reattempt the assignment once
they are proficient in the Non Negotiables within that
6 weeks.

Goal is Novice High at the end of 2 nd Semester:

I can communicate and exchange information about familiar topics using phrases and simple sentences, sometimes
supported by memorized language.
I can usually handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering simple questions.
I can present basic information on familiar topics using language I have practiced using phrases and simple
I can write short messages and notes on familiar topics related to everyday life.
I can often understand words, phrases, and simple sentences related to everyday life. I can recognize pieces of
information and sometimes understand the main topic of what is being said.
I can understand familiar words, phrases, and sentences within short and simple texts related to everyday life. I can
sometimes understand the main idea of what I have read