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Rise Kohyang Middle School

7th Grade Life Science (2015-2016)

Mrs. Sugay
Course Description:
This syllabus serves as a brief introduction to the class but will be gone over in more detail during the first week. Because
I remain flexible to your ideas, learning styles and interests, there may be changes in the syllabus throughout the year.
All scientific disciplines are living bodies of information that have been criticized as well as vetted for over years of
scientific inquiry and discourse. In short, controversy over principles, dogma, and morals has followed scientific
progress over time. Consequently, equipping students to develop laboratory, critical thinking, evaluative, and analytical
skills is the heart of my course. Rigorous life science content is a critical foundation, but these higher-order thinking skills
are the true highlight of any science course.
Topics Covered:
Quarter 1: From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
Quarter 2: Ecosystems: Interactions, energy, and dynamics
Quarter 3: Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
Quarter 4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
7th Grade Life Science Goals:
Students in this class will become scientific thinkers and doers. Students will:
learn about, explore, and be asked to explain scientific concepts.
ask questions and make predictions on scientific phenomena.
carry out experiments by following procedures carefully and making conclusions.
plan, design, and use models to explain a scientific concept
School-wide & Classroom Expectations:
PreparedStudents will come to my class prepared on a daily basis. Being prepared means: having all class
materials, having IWOC 100% completed, and having a positive attitude towards learning and participating.
RespectStudents will treat other students, teachers, and staff with respect. Students will also respect the
supplies that are provided in the classroom and the supplies of others students.
EngagedStudents will be active learners in my classroom. They will be asked to read, write, ask questions,
share ideas and answers, collaborate with others in class, and participate in labs.
ProfessionalStudents will act professionally in my class. Students will follow RISE uniform policy and will
speak and act in a professional manner in the classroom.
Mrs. Sugays Expectations for Students:
Do not give me or accept mediocrity
Be Ready, Respectful, Responsive & Relentless
Rewards: When a student is respecting the learning environment and contributing positively to the community rewards
will be given:
Verbal Praise
Raffle Ticket (for various prizes)
Fun Videos
Karaoke Time
Positive Note and or Phone Call Home

Consequences: When a student does not follow classroom expectations and rules, the following consequences will be
carried out (not always in this order):
Student-teacher conference/Reflection
Call home
Parent-teacher conference with Dean
Required Materials:
1 College Rule Composition Notebook
Pen (blue or black)
Glue Sticks
Grading Policy and Scale:
Students are expected to earn a 75% or higher in Science in order to earn a promotion goal. The following is a
break down of grades in Science class:
Digital Portfolio

Unit Exams


Midterms, Finals &

Performance Tasks


Content Standards (Labs & 65%


Make Ups and Retakes:

When a student is absent, the student is still responsible for all classwork that was missed. The student is responsible
for getting any missing worksheets and copying any missed notes. Labs and videos will need to be made up after school. I
will be available after school to help students with any make up work, but students must make the time to visit me. For
every day absent, the student has two days to make up anything they may have missed.
Retakes on quizzes, tests, projects, labs, and other assignments for a better grade must be personally arranged with
me. Again, it is the students responsibility to make arrangements with me to retake anything for a better grade.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you all! Please feel free to contact me about
any academic or behavior related questions about your student. I am open to any
opportunities to meeting parents/guardians of my students, so feel free to arrange a
scheduled conference with me.
-Mrs. Sugay
For Student: I have read and shared this information with my parent/guardian and I agree to all
the rules and expectations:
Students Name

Students Signature

For Parent: Yes, we have read the syllabus and are aware of the requirements for this class. WE
are also aware that you are available to answer any questions regarding our son/daughters
academic performance:

Signature of Parent/Guardian

Phone Number

Parent/Guardian E-mail