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Goodbye UPLB, Hello World!

Five years ago, I was troubled

which university would I enroll. Luckily
of the four universities I had tried, I
into University of the Philippines Baos. At first, I wasnt really sure with
course I got into - BS Biology.


The first year was really fun,

especially if your dormmates whom were
wild and crazy yet sweet, intelligent true
friends. Because of them, bit by bit I
learned how to appreciate the hardships of
being a college student.
On my second year, a lot about my
study habits, eating habits and sleeping
habits had changed. I studied less, I ate
more, and I sleep less during weekdays
and more on weekends. The erratic
patterns made me moody and grumpy. But
with the help of new found friends, I never
forgot to smile.
On my third to fifth year, the love-hate relationship with my course had
emerged. I was in the verge of doubting if I had truly made a terrible mistake of
pursuing Biology, or should I transfer to another course aligned with my innate
money handling skills. Unfortunately, my parents would not allow me to transfer so I
had to find my focus within Biology. With Gods grace, I had found my answer - to
sought the thrill of adventure in field works and this helped me not to quit.
I am thankful to you UPLB. I wont be a strong person that I am now if you
hadnt pushed me to my limits and dragged me through a near fall. The lessons you
incorporate in every experiences you had forged in my heart, mind, and soul. Ill
keep and nurture it. As I close my five chapters of college life, let me thank my
adviser, all my previous professors and instructors, the college and institute staf
aides, my fellow students, my college friends, my close friends and my family who
had given me advice to move forward for a better future.
~Saynara UPLB! Sekai ga matte imasu.~
Kyra Mari Dominique E. Aldaba
2010 - 52165
BS Biology