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Want an edge on

scholarships, applications,
and resumes?
Become a Completer!

By completing a pathway through Family and Consumer

Science courses, you will be eligible to graduate as a
completer in two different areas.

Completers will be recognized by:

Career Education Completer Ceremony
Official Completer Cord to wear at graduation
Completer Certificate

Complete 3.0 credits for each pathway

** required course

Family and Consumer

Services Pathway

Teaching and Training


**Family & Consumer

Science 1.0 credit
Human Relations - .5
Parenting - .5
Food & Nutrition - .5
Nutrition & Wellness .5
Child Development - .5
Housing & Interior
Design - .5
Financial Literacy - .5

**Orientation to
Teaching 1.0 credit
** Child Development - .5
Family & Consumer
Science 1.0
Parenting - .5
Human Relations - .5

Family, Career and Community Leaders
of America is a national organization that
provides personal growth, leadership
development, and career preparation
activities for students in FACS education.
Our focus this year will be on community
service and outreach.
If you are interested joining, dues are
$15.00 which covers local, state, and
national affiliation.
**Looks great on college applications!**

Housing &

Mrs. Bland - Fall 2015

Greetings and welcome to Housing and

Interior Design! I am thrilled that you are in
this class and I truly look forward to getting
to know you this year. I want you to know
that I am here to be your advocate and
support. Please come to me if you have any
questions, concerns, confusion, or just need
someone to talk to. Im here for you and
want to help. Very excited to have a great
semester with you!
Course Description
Housing and Interior Design (10, 11, 12)
1 Semester Career Focus Credit

This one semester project-based course focuses on

personal and family housing needs, options for meeting
those needs, including the elements and principles of design
as well as addressing housing needs, trends, finance,
construction and artful principles as applied to housing.
Major projects will include creating floor plans using the scale
and blue print symbols correctly, as well as designing the
interior rooms of the house using the elements and
principles of design and addressing housing needs.


Pencil or Pen
Notebook (will stay in the classroom)
Good attitude and willingness to participate
Contact Information:

(479) 445-3050

Grading Policy
Grading Scale:
90% - 100%
80% - 89%
59% and below
Grade Calculations
80% - daily work, homework, quizzes

20% - Final Exam

Students who have an excused absence will be permitted
to make up all work missed, including tests and other
graded material. Students will receive 2 days, per day
absent to make-up any missed assignments. Students who
are in school when a test, assignment, and/or activity is
announced and then miss the regularly scheduled test,
assignment, or activity will be expected to take the test,
complete the assignment or activity upon the day of their
return to class.
Students are responsible for obtaining and completing
missed work.
Report Cards
Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. A
final grade is given at the conclusion of each semester.
Semester grades become part of the students
permanent record and are used to compute grade point
average and class rank. Report cards are sent home with
the students. Grades may also be viewed on the Grade

Curriculum Information
Unit 1: Housing Needs and Decisions
Hierarchy of needs, the history of housing, types
of housing, renting, leasing, & buying, and the
decision making process related to housing.
Unit 2: Architectural Design and Construction
Different architectural designs, evaluating floor
plans and blue prints, drawing to scale, traffic
patterns, basic home construction and materials,
types and purpose of lighting, automatic drafting
systems, and green design in housing.
Unit 3: Furnishings and Design
Elements and principles of design, components of
interior backgrounds and how to calculate material
costs, period furniture, guidelines in the selection of
furniture, factors to consider when arranging
furniture, and factors to consider when purchasing
major appliances.
Unit 4: Safety and Security
Home pollutants, fire safety precautions, security
systems and devices, and home safety precautions,
Unit 5: Careers in the Housing Industry
Explore career opportunities in the housing industry,
list employability skills relating to the housing industry,
effects of technology, and relate current housing
trends to business industry and the economy.

Bonus Points are not allowed per FPS district policy.

How to Access Grades

Go to:

On occasion, pictures and/or videos will be taken of
students and their participation in activities and projects.
These may be posted on our Instagram page (@FHSFACS)
or included in program marketing. Parents must contact
me if this is not acceptable for their child. Signing this
syllabus signifies parental acceptance of the possibility of
students being captured on film.

Careers in Housing
Careers related to Housing and Interior Design are
Architect, construction worker, interior designer, real
estate agent, civil engineer, graphic designer,
industrial designer, landscape architect, urban and
regional planner, real estate appraiser, drafter,
electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, surveyor,
carpenter, construction inspector, electrician,
roofer, property manager, and MANY more!

Class Policies
Class participation is required. We work in
cooperative groups often. Lack of participation will
have a negative impact on your grade.
Students will be considered tardy if they are not in
their seat, with their notebook, when the bell rings.
We will follow FHS policy regarding tardies and
Cell Phones
Cell phones are not permitted during class time
unless explicit permission is given by the teacher. Cell
phones that are out during class will be confiscated
and sent to the office. Students may pick them up
at the end of the day. FHS policy will be followed
regarding consequences for cell phone infractions.
Hall Passes
Students must sign out and take a hall pass to leave
the classroom for any reason. Class time is
important and passes should be used sparingly, few
and far between.
Be respectful, courteous, and polite to self,
others, and classroom space
2. Be responsible for your own actions and
respectfully accept guidance
3. Manage your own behavior
4. Put forth your best effort and do quality work
5. Use all materials correctly and clean up after

By signing this document, you are signifying that student
and parent/guardian have read the syllabus and accept
the responsibilities and requirements of Housing and
Interior Design.
Parent Signature: ________________________________________________
Student Signature: _______________________________________________
I do not want my childs image to be used publicly by
Mrs. Bland or the FACS department.