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Clark Junior High

301 Panther Parkway
Princeton, Texas 75407



Au g u s t 2 4 , 2 0 1 5
Volume 2, Issue 1

Ms. Mays Classroom Newsletter

Great Expectations!
Welcome to your last year at Clark Junior
High School! Im so glad that I have the
opportunity to share this year with you, and I
look forward to watching you grow and
stretch as we take that last big step on the
way to high school.
What should you expect in Language Arts this
year? Were going to work hard, move fast,
and have fun, so come to class ready to go
each day. Just as you did in 7th grade, well
continue to develop your reading and writing
skills, pushing you to deeper, more complex
levels of thinking. Well be studying fiction,
short stories, poetry, non-fiction, and novels.
Additionally, we'll work on higher level

vocabulary each week to help you increase

your level of comprehension.
Exploring different types of writing will be a
big part of our year, including both narrative
and expository essays, poetry, literary
analysis, and persuasion. You'll continue to
refine your writing process and polish those
final drafts. We will write for many purposes,
and my hope is that you'll find your voice and
learn to express yourself.
Most of all, well be working on the reading,
writing, and thinking skills that you need to
have a successful year and to prepare for
your next step. Youll learn to effectively
manage your time, both here and at home.
Im so excited for all that you will accomplish
as you grow into a 9th grader!

Keeping in Touch

When you need to find classroom information

or to contact me, use one of the following: Emails will

be answered no later than 24-hours after


Teacher WebsiteThis is a great resource

announcements, updates, assignments,
information, and my tutoring schedule can
be found by following the link on the CJH
home page.

Textbook/Novel Information
Having a textbook available is necessary in
order to complete classroom assignments. A
class set of books is available for student
use during class. For the purpose of
students will also be assigned a literature
textbook to take home.This book will be
used at home for outside reading and other
assignments and may be left at home until
the end of the school year. This textbook is
the responsibility of the student and should
be returned in good condition.
Students will also be reading several novels
this year. Again, class sets are available for
use during classroom instruction. Students
may wish to purchase a copy of the novel,
but that is not required. More information
will follow as needed.

Ms. Mays Classroom Newsletter Page 2

Homework Counts!

Meet Ms. May

The 2015-2016 school year begins my 20th year
of teaching: 6 years in 7th grade and 14 years in
8th grade. With the exception of one semester,
all of my experience is in middle school because
I love it. Theres nothing like watching the
transformation of my students each year.
As a 1985 graduate of Princeton High School, I
am thrilled to be back home! My teaching career
began in McKinney ISD at Faubion Middle School
(when it was the ONLY middle school in
McKinney). Later, Clark Junior High became my
home for four years, before I took some time off
to support my family as we moved out-of-state.
A few years later, I returned to teaching 8th
grade in McKinney at Evans Middle School before
landing here at Clark again.
I have three childrentwo in college and one
who will be a 9th grader this year. When Im not
teaching, I enjoy reading, spending time with my
family, and relaxing. My favorite place to do all
of those things is the beach!
I truly believe that 8th grade is one of the most
important years of your education. I am grateful
for the opportunity to spend this time with you
as you move toward your future. Go, Panthers!

What should you expect to be doing at home?

1. Reading a selection that well be using
the next day
2. Completing class assignments. This
might mean finishing a worksheet,
annotating a piece of literature,
finishing your output page, etc.
3. Studying your vocabulary list for the
4. Completing your Anchor Activity (This
will be an extension activity and will be
different each week. More info to

Tutoring Schedule
Attending regular tutoring to get extra help is
so important. Once the year gets going, youll
be able to find my tutoring schedule on my
website and posted in the classroom. You
should schedule a time to work with me if you
1. Extra help with our class work
2. Help with make-up work
3. Help with our writing assignments
4. To make up/retake exams

Supplies for This Year

The following supply list includes items
that will help you be successful this year:

1. 1 spiral notebook

(Interactive Notebook)

2. 1 pocket folder with brads

3. 1 composition book
4. Pens (black and red)/pencils
5. Highlighters
6. Tape (double sided, if possible)
7. Glue sticks
8. Colored pencils
9. Scissors

5. A quiet place to work on any


Final Thoughts
As we start this new year together, it reminds me
of what I love best about school. Each year is a
fresh start. You have the opportunity to begin with
a clean slate and write the story of your 8th grade
year. Although Im your teacher, Im also a mom
who just finished up her third round of middle
school parenting. I know the challenges you face,
and I hope youll trust me to help guide you
through those challenges and toward your future in
high school. Welcome to my class!
What lies behind us and what lies before us are
tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson