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Ms. Krieck

World Geography

Ms. Krieck World Geography

McKinley Middle School

Welcome to 6 th Grade World Geography! This year we’ll be learning about the physical, political and human geography of our world. Students will learn how to read maps, identify landmarks, continents and countries and how humans and the environment support and destroy each other, all through a unique narrative. By the end of this class, students will be prepared to intelligently interact with and discuss the world around them as well as succeed in their upper middle school and high school years.


Rather than just focusing on testing and textbooks (although we will use both of those things), students will experience geography through a one-of-a-kind Earth Resettlement Narrative. Scholars are transported to the year 2815 and transform into a task force charged with resettling Earth after humans abandoned it 500 years ago. As they study the physical, political and cultural Earth of 2015, students locate, design and even build their own Earth settlements, honing their creative, critical thinking and public speaking skills in the process.

Homework Policy

Sixth grade can be a difficult adjustment for many students, especially in terms of work load. As such, I try to keep homework to a minimum; generally anything students need to do for homework is work not completed in class. When I do assign separate homework, it is imperative it is completed by the next class period.

Students will be required to record their homework (even “None”) in their planner each day and will have random checks to ensure this strategy is being used. If students struggle in completing homework, parents will be asked to sign off on their planner nightly for at least 2 weeks.

Contact Information

Although I will make a point of connecting with parents on a regular basis, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time for any reason.

(202) 281-3950

class website:

Daily Materials

Students should always have the following in class:

1 binder with 4 sections









1 Composition Notebook

Pencil Case with


Number 2 pencils


Black or Blue Pen


Colored Pencils


Extra erasers


Final grades compile a number of factors, and focus primarily on student growth.









Students will have 2 weeks to make up or re-do any assignment and are independently responsible for scheduling that make up time and/or informing me of an intent to re-do work. Tests/Quizzes, Projects/Essays, and Homework/Classwork demonstrate a student’s understanding of the concepts and material in class; Participation assesses student listening and speaking responsibility as well as respectfulness, responsibility and self-advocacy. These are important elements of success in school and in life and improvement in these areas will ensure a great experience for individuals and the class as a whole.