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THE DEVANAGARI SCRIPT Devanagari letters, their English equivalents and pronunciations are as follows: VOWELS aH oa rural a od father 5 i fal # of feet a u full co a fool HOF merrily a OF marine Roe they a af © Kaikeyi a oo ge a oau =) Kaushalya m & Harisa A @ sal CONSONANTS =e ik kil @ kk inkhorn 1 og get 3 gh loghut gE F sing, Zoe church B ch hitchhike qo} soy BH oA hedgehog Afze ga gaan A 2408 28° 0 0 2 a A vi ! th d edit a ! tA d ah ginger rue anghill drum redhead tournament Similar to the previous five but with the tongue against the teeth as in the French dentais put uphill bear: abhor map year red full ivy (but like w after consonants) sure shun saint hear [5 fo chr & chm FR 6 Sip r ix [SID bs no ne bs py Be o- LS hin fb 9 SY EF EF IT pe