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a TART FANT a at cearg gprs SI AfeirT-aEMT IL. 8. 8 Whom the Sages, the Makers of Hymns, the Wise Ones, And the Gods also, sought with Fervour and with Effort, Her, the Divine Speech, with this offering we pray, May She vouchsafe Welfare unto the World. | Wana: Test your understanding, English translation and exercises on page 28. then — afer are forge: — gfet tra! atyad qr 7? aan — any ad, ad eter eT AH Bat Hepa aTCH HGH Geeta ‘frere: — ear 24 aire — ary ard 8 fren: — Sa: Breu | ee: TA Fay 6 that — (wet rey ea, aa aes 77 angi — 4H are angi frere: — wat ATH, Gat ar ate: Fieg: AH a P them — sane, sae | ra eT apsTTATeT 710 fara: — PATER HH TTS are Cane whey ee Pree: A 7" sargit — Prez, aniaterar gti! fren: — arf, ag dep sath | sire — ard, way ferent aig afore forry aren: way afta tt farerap: — erm oft 2 arene, 2 Toa, 7/5 wpe — 5 fier emcee) ore fed 1 warner free: — wea a sreeeRT7 stat — sd, aaa reg seer oT fae a etfs fara: — raft, cre sree afer wea afe a ee, A Sars |? tha — ad, war wer aT 7-0 freee: — a: TT wera P! afrem — a: aRer 2? fveyape — were rere Ee fe) camera] TER AA 223 areet — sary are, carafe 2 9 fern: — ary) et oT Her ate a aTshewaPeTPs arg — sepyfranfin aehseg, ard 126 frre: — area yada P7