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7th Grade Art 2015-2016

Welcome (back) to art class! Im very excited to start off the

new year with all of you and I hope youre looking forward
to making some fantastic artwork to show off at this years
Exhibition night. We will be sticking with a few projects
from previous years, but we will also be trying out some
new things as well, so bear with me.

Ms. McKenzie
(Mrs. L)
7th Grade Vocab to Know!
Optical Art

Expectations and Rules


The art room is just like any other classroom you step into
at school. I expect the same behavior and attitudes
towards your work that your English, Math, Science and
Social Studies teachers expect. When you walk in my room
you are agreeing to take a seat, participate, put in effort
and behave appropriately. I love that many students like
to come to the art room to chill out and let off some steam
from the stresses of other classes, but I still want you to
show me that you care about the work you are creating
and that you respect me as a teacher! If you put in the
effort and follow the rules, you could make some great
work this year!

Surreal Portraits
Zentangle Pinch Pots
Lined Paper Drawings
Op Art
Photo Finish

1. Act Responsibly:
Keep your hands, feet, body and art
supplies to yourself!
2. Be Respectful:
Take care of our supplies, and the art room
Keep your hands to your own work
Try and act your age...youre almost in high
school people!
3. Try your best:
Put some effort into your work, dont do the
bear minimum.
Stay motivated...I can not I cant

4. Be Creative:
No copying, you have an imagination...use it!
5. Stop, Look and Listen:
Youve been doing this since kindergarten, so
I think you should all be masters of this by
now. If I am talking, you are not!
6. Work together:
There are many of you and only one of me, if
you dont know how to do something, dont
just wait for me to come help you, ask your

I agree to the rules listed above_______________________________________________ date___________

* If you do not want to follow the rules, Id love to see some reports on the artists were studying,
or how about helping me organize my room, maybe clean some paint off the walls? Something can be arranged ;)