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Generally for 210 MW units, 3 phase generator transformers are

supplied. For 500 MW units 3 nos. of single phase transformers are
Generator Transformers of Extra High Voltage (EHV) class is the
vital link between power station and the system for evacuation of
power from the generating station to the ultimate consumer. There is
a general impression that this equipment being a static one, it should
not pose any problem, which is a misconception. The transformer is a
complex equipment experiencing disturbance from EHV system on the
transformer experiences the dynamic behaviour of electro magnetic
field and electrostatic field. Thus it deserves utmost care in design,
manufacture and selection of components (accessories). Any minor
lapse may result in break-down of the equipment causing enormous loss
on generation to the Power Station.
200 MVA single phase generator transformers at Talcher STPP
(500 MW) units-1 and 2 were experiencing problem of high dissolved
fault gases. The Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is an indication
healthiness and incipient slowly developing fault in the transfarmer
during its operation. The problems were attributed to the following
a) Presence of moisture in the transformer due to long storage of 6
Ts of site without oil, which could not be completely dried out
during normal oil filtration.

b) Failure of insulation between split care, causing abnormal heating

due to circulating current.
c) Higher stress between 420 kv lead in tank and end frame
d) Tight clearance between HV line lead in the transformer with
respect to earth.
1. Out of 7 transformers, 6 no. of transformers are provided
with modified split care insulation through out its length to
prevent abnormal heating.
2. Modified turret (HV) and bushing stress shield adopted to
get more clearance and better stress distribution.
3. Dry out of transformer with Vapour phase carried out till
due point are achieved. In future transformers are to be
strictly transported and preserved at site with N2 capping
to prevent deterioration.
4. Deviation in clearance between the leads with respect to
earth attended.
With the above corrective action already implemented and DGA of
oil is monitored at regular intervals, the availability of transformers
has improved.