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September News

Contact Information:
Phone: (919) 554-8686


A peek at the month


: We will be learning how to answer who,
what, where, when, why questions while reading
fiction and nonfiction books and passages. We will
also be learning how to use illustrations and words
in fiction texts to identify characters, plots, and

Math :

We're working on addition and subtraction,

reinforcing the following strategies with the
students to help them solve their problem faster;
using number lines and counting on (with fingers
and pictures). We will also begin working on
addition and subtraction two-step word problems
and identifying key words.

Save the Date

9-4: Early Release
9-7: No School Labor Day
9-23: No School Teacher
10-16: Early Release
10-23: Durham Life and
Science Field Trip
10-23: First Quarter Ends
10-26: No School Teacher

We are working on citizenship

and government unit.

*There willImportant
be tests each Friday in

Writing/Grammar :

and spelling
on the
I am so excited
to content
have your
week.this year. Its going to be a
in mythat
filled time packed with lots of learning!

Social Studies :

We will be working on
writing personal narratives first quarter. For
grammar we will be focusing on identifying
subjects and predicates in sentences as well as
identifying common and proper nouns.


*Homework will always be the same every week,

unless there is no school.

Monday Math Worksheet and Read for 20 min.

Tuesday Writing Prompt and Read for 20 min.
Wednesday Math Worksheet and Read for 20
Thursday Write 7 spelling words in a sentence
and read for 20 min.


Each day your child should be bringing home

to you their teal daily folder, as well as their
agenda to show you how their behavior was as well
as their homework for that night. In their Tuesday
folder, you will find graded work that your child
completed the week before, as well as any
information sent home from the school.
I will be conferencing with each parent
near the beginning of the 2 quarter to discuss
your childs progress so far in the 2 grade.
Please let me know if you need a conference before
this at any time.
Also, we will be needing volunteers for a
field trip we have coming up at the end of October.
Please make sure that you are registered as a
volunteer so that you can chaperone if you would
like. You must complete the volunteer registration
each year, so if you havent already done so, please
come to the school and do this in the media center.