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Yaayanlar (Ya-sha-youn-lar) Willins

Central High School
phone: 502-485-8226
web site:
Course Description: My common goals are to prepare you for the rigor of the senior year, to
increase your ACT score, and give you the skills to be a college ready student. Junior year
curriculum is heavy with rhetorical analyses, sharped critical thinking skills, and nimble fingers
for writing.
Course Objectives: Here are specific objectives we are going to work on and practice:
Close reading
Organized writing
Effective speaking
Attentive listening
Materials needed:
1. Loose leaf paper, pencil, pen, and eraser.
2. One inch three ring binder. Soft and flexible ones are better for backpacks.
3. Six (6) dividers. Label them as: 1. Vocabulary, 2. Grammar, 3. Reading Materials, 4.
Reference 5. Literacy Portfolio 6.Graded Work.
4. Composition Notebook (black and white marble looking notebook)
5. English Notebook (spiral bound notebook)
1. Reading Log (R.L.): 15 pages in a day, 75 pages in a week, which totals to 450 pages in
six weeks. See the attached Reading Policy
a. Independent Reading: Enter every book you read and finish in your Reading Log.
b. Class Reading: Enter every text (poem, short story, article, essay, e.g.) we read.
c. Turn in your Reading Log every six weeks for a grade.
2. Vocabulary: As you are reading your independent reading book, if you did not come
across a word you do not know in the first 20 pages, it is time for you to return that book
and get a more challenging one. That book is easy; it is a good weekend read. Choose to
be challenged to expand your vocabulary for a better ACT score.
a. Write down the words you do not know AS YOU ARE READING.
b. Look up the definitions in a dictionary BUT do not copy it; put them in your own
words. Write your definitions as if you are explaining the new word to a friend.
c. Turn in minimum 20 words every six weeks for a grade.
d. Contribute one word to the classroom word wall.
3. Reading Response (R.R.): You will write a reading response about the book you read.
Reading responses are used sometimes to answer questions you have about the book or
sometimes to practice new learned skills in the classroom.
4. Annotated Bibliography (A.B.): A.B. will be written in class in the Composition
Notebook. Refer to the Annotated Bibliography guidelines and examples.

Writing: prewriting, writing, revision, and editing

Writing Portfolio includes: personal essay, infographic, informational with narrative, editorial,
rhetorical analysis, literary analysis, poems, and reflective personal essays. These assignments
will be spread throughout the school year. You will be writing one or two of the above mentioned
writing each grading period. Do not lose them and save them to your flash drive, print a hard
copy, and save them to your Google Drive. Keep the whole writing process from pre-writing to
the final copy- together and place them in your portfolio folder so you can have a complete
literacy folder.
Speaking and Listening: Your speaking and listening skills will be necessary for:
1. Oral presentations.
2. In class discussions.
3. Socratic Circles.
Literacy Portfolio: Table of Contents is attached. You need to include all writing you did in all
of your classes, not just the English class. This portfolio contains reading and writing work.
1. Reading Portfolio: all reading logs, reading responses, and annotated bibliographies.
2. Writing Portfolio: personal essay, persuasive speech, informational article, informational
with narrative, editorial, rhetorical analysis, literary analysis, poems, and reflective
personal essays.
3. Presentations: persuasive speech, Prezi, power point, and group presentations.
4. Content Area Writing: Writing pieces you wrote in other classes.
Grading Policy:
1. All assigned work should be turned in on time; makeup work is given for excused
absences only. Ask for your work; this is your responsibility. Check the web site at home
or lesson plan book in the first 10 minutes of the class to find out the work you missed.
2. No late home work will be accepted, unless you have an excused absence. When you
finish your work at home, put it in your English binder, so you can easily find it.
3. Homework will be collected in the beginning of the class.
4. All assignments matter. Do not judge an assignment by its possible points. I will give the
final approval for completion of all writing. If it is not completed to my satisfaction, it
will come back to you.
5. Grades Components: 1. Engagement: 20 % (Participation, group work, class

discussion, journals/logs/notebooks, projects, teacher observation, student

reflection) 2. Progression: 30 % (Homework, problem solving, class
assignments, quizzes, anecdotal records, projects, student self-assessment) 3.
Mastery: 50% (Tests/Proficiency assessments, projects, performance
assessments, presentations)
6. The grading scale is the standard JCPS scale:
A= 90% - 100%, B= 80% - 89%, C= 75% - 79%, D= 70% - 74%, U= 69% - 0
Behavior Expectations:
Respect yourself, your family, and others well.
Be prepared to actively learn every day.
Be in the assigned seat when the bell rings.
No food, drink, or gum during class.
1. First time: Remind you the behavior expectations privately.
2. Second time: Same as above and a parent phone call.
3. Referral: Inappropriate behavior will bypass all of the above steps.
I may revise this syllabus at any time as necessary.

Please sign and return this portion to Mrs. Yaayanlar. This is your first homework assignment.

We have read Mrs. Yasayanlars English course syllabus and agree to abide by the rules. Doing
so will aid in the success of the students education. We have discussed the consequences that
may occur should there be any infractions of these rules.
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Class Period: ______________________________

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