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BeHFa: 1 Agitation, disturbance, -2 Rr.'—8 A. disonso of the culét outage ig staugh- sraeaH «1 Shaking off, =2 Throbbing, beatin outer ear. agitating, stirring, Inflammation of the geuraaa 1 Shaking off, agitating, - Soughtor |, SAUMATMTTA BT 50; ast mrdtazald a aicat Ram. 6.194, 11. 8 Beating Covith a stick). “& Probing, sticring a dart lodged te the body. -8 ‘The instrument used for this purpos Churning ups #4 Wshe ‘Tingle é TT AE Dag. 1. 18. Killing, a3 4 Mal, 9. 45. SATA «. Destroying or ° ‘Torments pong, doop pains °: c ser, 8s Killings. slaugitaenekiateoce eee Seas aed eames Ft HM 12.198 RP genie a. 4 Shaking, agiteting, -2 Tormenting. excruciatings PRARRARATA (TRHATSAT: ) Mal. 9. 10. gene 4 P. 1 fo be or become mad. -2 To Aclight, gratify. —Caus. (Sama) 47> madden, inebriate, render drunk (lit. and fg.); Beate Kilo7; Ki. 4. 16. 2 To excite, agitates ane Hea erates areH Av. 6. 150.4 gemet pp. 4 Agunk intoxicated. -2 Tnseney teantion ls Ete V. 25 80) Sara amt Ue 85.303 S. 63 Ms. 9. 79. -8 (a) Puffed, clovated. (b) Farious, wilds 721827 TIT FACET I Tew: PE. 1. 161; U. 2} Si G81. ~F Possossod by a ghost oF an ovibapitity Y. 2.825 Ms. 8. 161 (aaiveroarciarane Getareae: Mita. ).-B Very great, abnormal. Sra: comm gH EAT Rama. 5.02. 12, er tthe thom apple (4IE); N- of another trao (378). -2 N. of ono of the eight forms of Bhairava. ~Gomp. ~2at& N. of Siva. “THETA N. of a gountry (wher the Guage oars fariowly along). —XE, —S a. moniaolike, mad in appearence. “M@(Ga a. spoken in_drunkon ngss or madness. (-®A) the words of a madman. eiear A form of Bhsiraa, 7 “Alsfotna ott Ditghs “Haragiia a. pretonding to bo mad geMeH ao. 1 Insono, mad. =2 Drunk, intoxiontod. ‘BeHq a. 1 Totoxionted, drunks setearmgreaeHerM Re 2-9 16.04. —2 Mad, furious, extravagant 5 $i 10- 4p SHHRATCATEE 12. 44,775 16-59. 3 Causing intoxi> cation, intoxicatings TU#RIa7ar agonzaetee ITEC Bsa gi. 6.20. —Z! 4. Insanity. —2 Intoxigation, costacy } ESETA SHIT AEM ea ATTN Bhag. 1. 9. 40. seme a. [FzUs-ATAS] Afeoted or inflamed vyith loves 72H FHA Ku. 5, 49. RT SHALE «1 Mod, insane. —2 Tntoxioatad, drunk, =3 Tn rut (as an elephant); =aftst weoPrernieor: jeter APA Si. 12. 2 SoA a. 1 Mad) insane, —2 Extravagant. ‘Madness, insanity; 4&1 sr: U. 33 Mal. 9. -2 tonso passion, intoxication or extravagance of loves Mal. 8, 2.113 ACMA My. 2. 22 rapturous joy =8 Tunacy, mani (considered ss a_disoase of the ining); Regent AU aeAgEASINPT: | ATR safesang 214 At Suse. 4 (Tn hot.) Madnoss considerad as one of the 83 subordinate feelings Prt Sire sare: wlvmaate/e_S. D. Bs or necording to RG, fasseamrerste saree seme RAAT SHE, 8 Blooms Sare Het THT S. D. 2 —B A Kind of Ararat; Bhay. 2.10. SeHTgA: N. of the plant TE. SeHIZA a. Madidening, exciting, intoxicating. 7? One of the five arrows of Cupid- seargPtae a. Intoriating, onraptarings S. 1. Bea a. Mad, intoxicated. Tare aTgeyTRET sei aan aerate Ud. SeMIA a. Fond of drinking ( Ved.)- gemma, AER 0. [STN wiIstH] 4 Txcited or disturbed in mind, porploxod, agitated, smeaay’s ST samaraafearaaeneart Ria THR RK. 11.223 Ki Ue 45.2 Regrotting, repining for a lost, or departed. friend. -3 Anxious, eager, impatient; #9 SAETITET- aH Bh. 2.75. —$ Proud (UTA); HATA iAetecaee: $i 16. 8 Corhoro it also moans “anxious” ). gemava® Don. X., sHAHLA P. To booome excited or disturbed in mind, be unoasy, regrets A&A AT warty: Ki. 8. 9. ‘gent aa, 1 To hooome perplexed, excited. ~2 ‘To become absent-minded: Kasi. on P. V- 4-61. -8 ‘To he ono with god. geHaG 8 U. To make excited, distuch; TIT amgereivae Ki. 10. 87. TAAKT To bo excited disturbed genafrata: Absence of minds 71 merrdanaR, Brahmamet. Up. 4 SRR, Shining, eadiants SAS Fong R16. 6. seat 4 Rubhing, kneading. -2 A fragrant eztenco used for the purpose of rubbing, -8 Act. of purifying air. SEAT Ved. A measure, SHMIAA, 1 Weighing, measuring upwards #art ‘feararT; Mbh. V. 1.19 Vart. -2 A measure of si or quantity. 8 Price. ~§ Measurement of thickness or diameter. afar a, Measured. gftaf% /. Messuros price. SeH a. To be weighed; what is weighod. ~4% Weight, burden. Seat a. [ semeT AIA] Going to a wrong path. fr 1A wrong road, deviation from the (4g. also); Feargrntcinfira, Pt. 1. 2 An improper conduct, evil course» moral turpitude; Zarieaat afraani K. 1555 Sams: 109, ~¥el ind. Astrays by a wrong ways SH wea aeaey He Pt. 1. 16. Comp. ~7A a. going wrong. THA followin ovil courses. THRE, ~AF4. a. going wrong, erring, taking ‘8 wrong road. semi, a. Going: astray water). ‘SPATSFA The offer of a gift asa mark of complete gratification, 4 area RF Ate; Seka nae charitam 1. 8. finding an outlet (as SHAE a. Mixed with, variegated. SHAT GP. 1 To opon tho eyes; sfeaa nat alt Bhag; By. 5.9; Dk. 111. -2 To open (as the eyes ); soarateait Part Ku, 4.2, ~@ To opony bleom, be expanded (as lotuses ); SPuig@aa K, 22. -4 To riso, ep ues stars); Pam seamrTg K. 176. -6 To shine, glitter, flash; as 44-8 ‘To arise, originates strained, Sarria fas : SAAT a. Blown, opened. —¥: Opening of tho eyes SAFI yp. p. Oponod (8 eyes), blown, expanded fo SAH 4 A look glances ‘akerghalthen et ru. 5.953 K. 72. -2 Opening; aa ia aA R. 5. 68. etn SFR, —TA 4 Opening (of tho eyes), winking? twinkling (of the eyes); seasteharen Masa 21. 2 Blowing, opening, expansion: 4 31 wea aca sna Gar K. P. 10; AMARA HT: Kn. 2. 98. -3 Light, flash, brilliancy + 804 SIAM: Bh. 2. 114 light or flash : Gagtaeien Me. 83. —§ Awakening, rising, becoming visible, manifestation; at4° Santi. 3.18.8 The net of increasing, supporting, making ston pansion; ePiriageiaranaeir’ Ft addition, ex- 471 Mb. 1. 1. 63, SAFI a. Flying about, glittering abouts SRR sae: Mal. 6, FTE] P. 1'To opon (as the eyes); Weataiaaaty Bk. 15. 1025 16. 8.~2 To bo awakoned or rowed, he excited; Sante fag fautig: Si. 10.725 Bk. 1. 38, =8 To expand, blow (as lotuses )s BfMEMieaTa aa, a 5 To appoints become mi sda a6 falas Breaaeiieh Prod. 1. reweforthy burst aut) U. us. 4 ‘To open (oye lotuses Go. )s FETEHIe ATI Ve. Gs Mle 1. 3B =2 To display, show: ara araifi@ar, raft, -@ata1 1 Opening (of tho ayes), awakings saan ae Unfolding, oped ing (in general vation: U6. Bke 8 Touching up, painting: AT24° K, 267. ~§ Expand: ng» blowing. ~8 Action, working; %% feared a 1& Hie a] Mea. 4. 4). 8 Ay ps AL Oponods SF arora | ete a 8 A AE IL -2 Blown, expanded; % @rHi@aaedian Sh: area; K.P. 1s awakened: SRgahfeaaem My. 1.485 K. 110. -8 Touched up, paintods AeA aQeiea FA Ku. 1. 92. — AH Tn Rot, ) An open reference (to anything ) rae wo (eit s.) [S554 Hd FT] 1 Raising the face, looking up; “34 looking upwards; 3B: aia va: Fafeaergehia: Me. Hy 105; R. 1. 99,-11..265 ava? 1.58, -2 Ready, intent on, on the point of, about to, prepared for; WITT ARR. 8. 12 Shout to retire to the woods 5 16.0 8. 125 3eateRae fea ML, 5. 75 BalPRAL V. 2. 7s Ku. G. 48, ~B Bagers waiting for, expecting, looking ap to 3 afte daftinrana Sik aenarege Ku, 6. 345 Blea BAPE B, 19.966 21, 11. 23. ~$ Soundi King or making a sounds aegieyel Ku. 62 sperling through the euekoor =5 Coming from the mouth (WAP); wearer gehoge aves 3% Bhi. B 6.00. : SPPAAT 1 ‘Tho state of having the face raised. —B ‘Phe state of expectaney 3 Ks. SPAT «. Loudlsoundingy noisy. FAA GU. 1 To unfastens pull off; yea am fits Get R. 6.98; take off Calothes Re.); smagmetge BEAK. Hz, 675 Bk. 8. 22. ~2 Yo loosen, liberate, free from (as_a bond); "BG" Za0-0ef Mb. ; open Cos a letter); PATA Raj. Ts 3.2855 TK. Qa, <8 ‘Po raise, elevate, send forth Cas sound )s ena Fe we ‘Greg: Rau. 4 To flings hurl (as a missile), ~Caus, 1 To extricate, loosens froe; Zilea ais Pag ‘Mv. 6. 46. ~2 To deliver. BAAR pp. Pulled off, loosened 3H, bitterly. ‘ SeRYAAA, Unfastening, loosening. Comp, SAT samy (du) unfestening completely 5 27354 3 aray aif 1 Av. 5, 80, 2-4, war SPAR a. [ Se HAI ART] 4 Unsealed. -2 Opened, Blown, expanded (as a flower) JeBTA o. 1 Confounded, confused. 2 Silly, stupid. A oa Heres SET Sa GAA sage MON. 1. 1. SPAR 10 P. To oradivate, pluck up by the roots, extorminates MIOHTEN W Aa Ki 1. 415 Safe wert aera: Ua. Jags ain % a. Plucked, destroyed. aa aI Ram. 7. 16. 28. SPHRAT, 4 Plucking up by the roots, eradication, destroying, uprooting : 4 Waaryeraie te R. 2. 34. ‘SFaqe 2 P.1 To rub oF wipe off, clean by washing: Fase fhewcs soai eee aoe eT fffacey lot out, obliterate, V7 mrad sae ae Seat Av. 8-6. 1, 3 To recnve, aoept (Ved 3% 01 ned aH Rv. 5. 52.17. seats, Rubbing, wiping off, removing; 7 Dk. 161. BeHMAGA Repeatedly rubbing up and down. B. ID L 72. SFHE yp. Blotted outs bffgoed, bloxeeall Meat vipat ny da guenqeTns We 1s ae gFHZ 9 P. To rub, to do mast genta A rubbing down ofitha eric ariet sweet-smelling substances boforo sprinkling him with fat. of. WAGCIH TAA Sat. Br. 12. 8.8.16. and Styaya siys SR sadd wet | (Kor details read Dr. Gode’s paper ou, * Massigo in Ancient and Medi- oval India”, Annals of Bhandorkor Oriental Research Tustitute XNXVI, parts I-LT, pp. 85. 113). BERT. Corpulencer fatness $7 ind. 1 As a prot to verbs and nouns it expross- ‘es towards, neer to, by the side of, with, under, down Copp. 31). According to G. M. tho following are its sopees <3 anteater tear ardglagieetycrareanata qemaaaTsAy — (1) mowers, contiguity alee, sareaft goos near; (2) power, ability S485 (3) pervasion 271%; (4) advice, instructing as by a fetcge, seas (5) eye Sac: (6) defect, fault 390; (7) giving Sonat, mies (0) aotion, offort 34 1; CD) boginnims, gommoncemont STE, SUR; (10) sady sure | G1) reverence, worship SHERI, STARA Fae gm ‘t is also said to have the sensos of disease, ornaments command, reproof, killing, wish, rosomblanoo ko. -2 ‘As unconnected with verbs and prefixed to nouns, it exprossos ditection towards, soreness, rawemblanco, Tolationship, contiguity in space, mumbor, timo, dogtee Saree &e, hut generally involving the idea of eubordinnton Gv, Int generally involving tho dealt sane * ae ior STAMERI the finger noxt to the little {ingens SECT a secondary Purina; =¥UR ay asi: Honor tras ant 8 wleepresident. Tt usually, a SON, ere, Tl gn eel seein a or wn, Seti ae FR cat Ogata Se Dear str, = ae Duets a forms Seqragaite and means * nontly’, almost’; SUT: nearly ovis ZIRE she trey fo “F As septate ron «) with age. when it means inferion 4.87) SWE St Sk tho weds nae gene Oe ae iar SAPGT Vop. (5) With loc, it express shove, superior to; SHRM Tei , saver em; (2) additions (8) near to towasdey te the dirastion of, under’s (4) ats on, upon (5) upto, in, ee ¢- 9: $4 S13 on or above the peaks; ail 7 S8cIETs or sometimes (c) with the instr.; with, at the same time with, aavording to. -§ As a. soparahlo atch i Barely wed ib the sous of further moreover. Pia aieldaera: | caseatiern SrSHATTSHEAAE || PAT a ore I [of Cr. hupo? Ts mab: Goth. aps Germ, shee eS ‘SIR a. Ved. Reaching to the shoulder: ne arene =8 v.10 7-7. “eek The alt wader he anmupits Gopath. Br. 1.3.9. STEVE «, Near, proximate, "525 -USH 1 Prox ity, vicinity neighbourhoods 51% asaRearay ye, QR: Reb. Obs 19.48; Ku. 7.515 Mal, 9,3 4 BATHS S. 8.5. to the very ear. TAGE FateE: Ku. =2 Space near a village or its boundary. -8 Oue of a horse’s paces. ~ind. 4 Upon the neck, near the / throats stes EETAEA Si 3.a5, “aT the” Vicinity of near. STRUT A short story or tale seniaibar [saa afeiBart] The Anger noxt to tho little fingers the last but one finger (mri); Sik. 44. SAAEA Tho friend of one’s daughters P. VI. 2 1945 °3 near the woman's apartments. ABT 10 U. To hears farawBeravia eT! Si. 20.5. TART ind. Close to the ear» into the ear. saat Hearing. ‘SeRHHET Rumour, report. STRAT n. A rito in which the head of the hoy (3% ) is omelt at the 217M ceremony ; araviifer azar aif Mb. 12. 266.16. ‘SURE: An ornament, THAT Bhag, 8. 18.9. ae ‘ ‘SeRIea: STFA: A class of six-storeyed buildings ( Mana- sire 2. 16.). sqan@at Smaller variety of cardamom, or Fermel-flower-seed, Nigella Indica (Mar. wa FE ). safc Seo under 204, ‘sqaiiami 4 A relation or follower of Kichaka. =2'The army of Virtta under Kfchaka. -3 A subr branch of a Bamboo treo; ofthe paroomastic quotation frcizerit am amet (shore ARE can be separated as f% + 512, moaning a hitd wandered ). sypfx:, erat 1 The plant Nigells Indies (ee five). -2 Small cardamom. ‘Sur a. 1 Near, proximate. -2 Solitary, retired secluded. -9T5 ind. Near a jar. STFA 1 Tho plant Piper Longum ( Mar. Feat), 2 A canal, trench. STF: Fum-boil; a disoase of the mouth. STE 1P. To fill with eooi STH p. p. Made to resound (with cooing )- ae Filing vith cooing. SATA, -% ini. Noor a yolls Soar « troush fist yell for watering eatiley tlio “a! Amal cistern made of stone ( Mar. 21%, ivf). STR ind. On the shore; sags a aaferan: wt oma: (Fae) 1. 15. 28, SIS 8 U. (a) TeHtIA—weH. 1 To or bring near, furnish oF provide with, do or renders F674 GAME: V. 55 Me. 2. 149, 2453 5. 82. 2 lo assiat» surye, befriend, oblige, favour» benefit, helps SAVE Pe. 1, 83; Bk. 8. 185 (oft. with gon- of person )s ST amslienge aay Feat, Ki. 7. 98, 8. 13. MAARITA Meo. 1035 $i. 20.745 K. 17k; HR A aeeTCEA GET: Bs sometimes with loc. also; Me. 8. 84. —3 To foster, take cure of. —4 ‘To ronder homage, serve, wait or attend upon (with ace.) ‘ATH Sk. 5 To hogin, sot about anything (with dat. ). 6 To subdue, overcome. (1) 3IEREIA, FE. 1 To add, supply Caeanarert); sug aa P. YL, J. Sle To provide ot tamich wits Fe rae Bhig. ~3 To attend or wait on, serve. Fo adom, decorate, elaborate, refine, polish, prom pare, perfects tise aiaveeoH Ms. 5. 112s Stepat Sar Skes Uae: Bh. 2.15. —8 (a) To care for, take care of (with acc. of person); P. 1.8.32, VI- 1. 199. (4) To make efforts (with gen. of thing ); caemearege, ar aealagregal: Bk. 8.19) 19. 8 ‘To furnish badly, deform’ aii 42a7aVRIA Mp. 8, 257. =7 To corrupt, defile, censure; WHISARBG A Ay aa: (= val Sk. ). sqmat A palace. also 24h, SUROEC 1 Dong servo ot cen ee Materat toplamens isi larerearaat ed ta A oied Cart Dri, Ups. 4, Bap eaqaating U. 55 °F Mk. 3 SHH Weg. 8) serve as helping instruments, or istantss TI artiaaed e4i7H KK. 207; so TA° bathing materials; Pi 15 eat? athletic matorinlss sear Sele: TE 2.24; 80, 102106, 2013 Y. 2. 270, Ms, §, 70a As eg hn apna oral in 2 Ames or expedient; Ol teeta we a napeiedng, emmpodng, anborsing amma Seigin ot royale, “8 Tho ationdonte ot a Ral Comp. -#T a. Suitable, requinite. im STR «. Onw who does a service or fayoury use ful, friendly + ST17FAr Dk. 160; CAPA TR Fag R17. 58; Svs CHAU S. D. 6245 Siva gy, SURI! 1 Seryice, helpy assistance, favour, kip, nos abligation (opp. 28)s SEDER Rear ie aowea gmga Seat: AAR Mbh. on Pe IT. 7. samara fe ae eaNTa: Si. 2.875 Wagar Svat Ha Ku. 2.40) 8.733. 3: 285 Pe 1, apy ‘SqHL FL. fo he of servieo or useful (to anothor ); <9, Preparation. 3 Omament, deaoration. ~¥ Particalaadye, flowers; garlands ke. suspondel &t ghtoways, ag embellishments on festive oeeasions. “8 4 A poyay tent, palace. ~2 Caravansera 1 BUHEH «. Doing service or favour holping, tributing to, assiating, productive (of SearcaHATGTT Ki. 2. AB. qamifiont (also STE) 1 Protectress, a fey aositants “2 A palace. “8 A tent 2 catayansele 3 A kind of cake. gemnf@a c. Helping, sorvings benofiel 86.5 ayy. sorvienty benefactor sara u. { Deserving assistance or favour, be assisted. —@T A royal house, palace; tt 7aqj a rcetah aera wah EET 5.035 g gee tents AearearaiePAaTATE 5.41. 11. 98) 13-79, 16, Sciam saHAioT a. Doing servioo Ge -H A Bralmnagy in a stato of pupilage COFFE! ) who wishes to ye ‘on to the state of a house-holder ( 1424 ). . SABA yp. p- Assisted, bonelited, served &o, aay “Aid, favour obligation ; 941 1st ater STBAmaTTfag Gee Mk 5. 25+ é con: 3000 repalts ); SURGE Favour, obligation, 4a GP. To bestrew, senttor or throw down, Seatter or pour upon: Teiaetel ABN Mb, —2 (34g) ) To cut up, split, lop. (0) To hurt, strike. SaPHLOTT 1 Scaitoring or throwing over, coverings UPS Durying. ~2 Porvasion. ~ind, Nenw tho rays. Sats. Covered, strowod with; gwieeklfe wer ser (again) Mb. 3. 164 4. Sa¥ET LAL 1 Vo be tit fors AAAI Bas. <2 To bo propared or ready (at hand); SRAIETAT Ms. 3. 208, 8. 283. 8 To result in, serve as, Tend to dat.); ari axa zneeaPllewere Ms. 3. 202. fo become, tnke s (partigular)! form for sapal 4 To proparos got ready equip: UF Ve. 2. 2 To appoints sasigns allot; S4We4e 8H Pt. 13U. Y. 1. 109. -3 Lo vow, promise ; 2A Pt, —ITo set up, oxbibity 201 Hamwaievar Rarer Bhag. 1. 8 To render (homage )» communicate, ~8 ‘To br near, folch. —7 To assume, take. STHET An appurtmancos Bhay URCTAA, “AT 1 Proparation; eH Mare atime tomedvaera Suse. —2 Fobricating, making &e. STG p. y- 4 Propareds mado Go. —2 Second | ary, substituted | STR p. . 1 Brought near, at hand, -2 Rea prepared. ~3 Fitted for, adapted to, 4 Formed, Produced. | Sq Ne of a deughtor of S44 and wite of | Rea Ks. sqm 1 T., 42. 1 to go nears approach, came to, advance towards; THeMeaaal BI afazgrae Bk. 8. 25. ga MAMET a Ty, - 2 ‘To do, perform, set about; aa Fae HUmIrdAar Dk. 1205 HMAERAAMEYTAANe Mal. 8, 2.7; | Y¥. 8. 290. -8 To begin, eommenco (with inf. or dat.)s (Atm. ); 904 agar eK. 2. 985 aia PrOraneaigrwae I Ky, 3.08; Re 17.18. “8 To go Against, attack, assail, SMA aR Ram. -8 To make advanoas (of love ) to; # ey HA Ram, win overs Dk. 65. -6 To step overs stride, traverse. 70 treats wot towards, atéond on Cas ¥ pliysuian) cure or heal (as wounds); FIZ S. 8. v.15 eebatasiea: Dk. 683 9H 75 SHE A boginnor, one who wndertakes; Wat area Mbb. on P. VIL. 2 6. STRA: 1 Boginning, commencement; aig araeat recaftad FA TL. 12.42 box by Rama; fyi aT My. 2. —2 Approach, advance; Se forcible advance MAL. 75 so aMfa: Saree: ibid. 3 An undertaking, work, onterpriza, ~5 A plans con 42 AM trivango, means, expoiient, stratagems remedy; “Hat?=- feerR: Ms. 7.107, 159; M. 8; R18. 153 Y. 1. 8153 . 20. 76.8 Attendance on a patient, treatments prnetice of medicine, physickiny. ~B A test of honesty’, frying the fidelity of a frimd Ges soo S44. —7 A Kind of voromony preparatory to reading the Veda® 8 Heroism, Courage. ~9 Flight. —40 Boh viour, action: aeranaecrarhes: TGV: Rim. 5.64. 80. “it he rim of « wheel; Hh. SAURHM 1 Approaching. -2 Undertaking. —3 Commencement. —§ (Medic. ) Treatment, phyxicking. samafirat A preface, introduction. samara 4 To be approached, commenced tc. -2 Relating to the attendance Con a pationt ). 4A work on medicine. saataaes, STH por. yp. 1 To be commenced or undertaken. -2 Curapblos 29754 ats: Vs 2. gama a. (P. VIL 2. 88.) One who besins &e- STH «. 4 Commenced, undertaken. -2 Appi ched. =8 Treated, attended on. SqAST A play-ground, a place for playing: SAF 1 P. To blame, chide, revile. =Cavs To ‘cause to ety, Inmont. SqaRT:, TAH Censure, roprosels ignominy's 3 sefraaeatial R. 2. 535 arglaetoStA VAI Dk. 41. STATE «. Consurings blaming. m. An ass ( braying, aloud )- sam (wT) me [ sesms=%, or-99 a] The sound of « Inte or of Kinnoras. STEM Ved. A kind of worm or insects 32% very aes a1 sama Ay. 6. 50. 2 SUH LYV. or pass. 1To waste aways decays be exhausted, disappear. -2 (2,6. P.) To dwell near (Ved. ). STH ws Docayed, wasted. 7 1 Wastes decays loss. ~2 Uxponditure. -8 N. of Sivas Mb. 12. “2, ind. Near the abode. SAA «. Ved, 1 Dwolling near -2 Clinging or attached to; Sut Far Ta Rv. 8 19. 93. Saat py. p. 1 Decayed, exhausted, consumed. ~2 Disappeared; vanished. -8 Powerless SANT a. One who draws nears of one who dwells nears attached to (SaCETE ) TAT Te. 8. 1. 15. SAAT G P. 4 To throw aty east on, Inul against: Bait aq ag araBWeNI: Mal. 5.313 to diroot: ‘SWRA SIA M. 25 to entrust, assign; M. 3. -2 To one to: ua inalt, upbraid, accuse, charge withs TERE afte feidFa Rain. —8 Lo throw out (a hint) hint, indicate pub forth, adduces 2H aregUaGre Mc. 9.33 2 Safes Mu. 13 Mal. 1. ~§ To throw down, —8 To fgommences introduce, set on foot, begin; =¥/arrit fate Ma, 15 K. 162; Dk. 605 WIRE FUME: SAHA { Throving at, hurling, —2 Mention allusion, hint, mggestions weieseere) AAA TL Muy 4, 8; Ham RANT TIE Vo. 5. —8 A throaty specific ‘mention or charges ainrarsemresfaar=ai4, Dk. Gl. —¥ Commencement’; 219° M. 3. -§ Postal or figurative style in composition ( Wilson )- SAUTE «. Allading, suggesting. SANT 4 Throwing or casting down. <2 Acous ings Charging; Sk = qeeartrseraen Td ART HUA Sabdak. 3 Disregard nogligences =437 és GHEearHe Mb, 1, 218. 16. ‘SUE Supplement to » supplements sub- supplement. SqWHIOT a. Forming a smnall or subordinate class 81 4 A small or subordinate class. ~2 A smmall ‘number less than a troop. Samra Perfume, seont. SI 1 P. 1 To go toy approach} atéainy reneh (fig; also), arrive at, visits afangrrad fle Taga, RO. 85: s0 taiguerd 7m PL. 4; SET Bh 2 105 Bk 1.15 AH, Mu. 5 duly reosived. —2 Lo enter into, penatrates tease mee cor ge ee TROT $i. 9.29. -3 To undergo, sulfor 4 Pate ge te the sata of, tan, egies IO Pal Ku. 85 uisgetayet fe (i Si 9. 65 50 mare, ela. aie. ite, fen Re. 8 To approach woman (for sexual intercourse); gat ah Seer SO AAT Ms. g. Bh, A. 40. —6 To come upon» attack. -7 To cour, happens prosent itself IaH GAYA Me. 109, y. 1.8 To undertake, hoegin. -9 To suffer, shave in. —10 To admit, agree to, content, allows Wreitend wat Ms. 2. 160. —11 To worship » Weve Peayeear arena, ms. 2 Gs A. ~Cnvs. To cause ta come ness oF appranch Sa 0. (At the end of camp. only }4 Approaching» followings joining. a Receiving, Sw WaMTUat REMC: Ms. 1.465 Si. 16.68. ~8 Tit for, con ducives Mb. “4 Covered (aa a female SATA py. p. 4 Gone to, approached, arrived. <2 Occurred, appened. —3 Nest, at hand. ~% Gots obtained. —8 Undergone, experiencal. ~6 Purished with; (ofan, ga); mere « face een fac aan. 6.97. 12. —1' Gono to, booomer 8 Promited, agreed. 0 Passed away, dead. 10 Feelings sulfering (actively used ). “A 4 Wealth acquired. a SigerH ar, RENTAL AGA, Y. 2.93. STM J. 1 Approach, going now Wal Si». 75. —2 Knowledge, aequaintonde. coptance, ruccipt. ~& Attuinment, acquirement, 7 Sq a. 1 Approwhing: ~2 Getting, seaniring: 8 Knowinse “B Accoptins receiv 4 BAT, HAA 1 Going to, approach peat 24 adlyonts SaaFarraveseBaeT W 6. BD, 5 edge, acqusintanco. 8 Attainment, seducing, Brattiamenctard: S. 1.14. ~& Tutercourse (a8 of the sexes). -B Socictys company 1 SICH EL 17.6 Unstorgong, sion fing, 7 Acwontan Tonipt. -@ An agreement, promise. 9 A. parti Light number. 10 ~a_Arsumption, cecupting a up: soraea Fe sawgwon | SB. on MB. 12. 1, are “HH Performing, observing (925), TC FN Tre ME Bhi 10 70. 6. SAME o, Coming wears Ks. SORT «. Wishing or dosiving to go attaeargafantditerd fe Mo, SIME P. To peneteate or foreo ons way into, writ, em sun [iter Game B. V- tT2T ogy a mountain. “FN. of a country situated near g | mountain in the north. a SAH ful. Noss cows —AE A eowherd: a SARE 4. Hidden, concus lod: TH whoso wont concealed. ‘s BANE An assistant tonehor. —% inde None teacher, a STE 1 U. A To clasps embraces CRM. RIEL ISAT, Dee Licd0y Si 9-38 2 To heh conceal, covers encivele, gird round K. 24, 88. SITS p. p. A Hidden, concoaleds egy SACI HI. 90. —2 Linbeaceds dase, “8 1g supported ; sivxcrearamTzeTer R. 6. 13.-5 Supe ed. ~B Seized, arassuds Fare|=t see BHT ar Bhag. 4. 28.6, 6 Tilled with, coverels Sane fern enya er: Kam. 4.1.9. “2 AM embragg Sua FAG Ku. 4. 173 TELE ER Si 0. 88; woReATOTER Dh. 3 SOEAA, 4 Hiding, concealing 24% em =3 Astonishment, surprise; (in dame of any wonderful event. eerie pot. 4 Po be embraced -2 10 De ty or seized. “@ 1 An embrace. -2 A Kind of: regarded as impure (and therefore to be bidden J, AYP. To swallow down: Suét. 2. BT LP. £ To sing to anny ono (with dat. or aco) SFAGATT, Ch. Up. —2 To join praise in song, calobrates extol i SUT m. (ATE) A priest in a sacrifice who sings tho hymns. /. Accompaniment of a song, the song of the Udaityi priest, a choristor. SAMAR. Accompanying wusio: F maremeiat st safeehamem | SB. One MS. 10.4 8. SaMAATA Sinsing ariter pp. 1 Celebrated, sung by beds. —2 Commeneines to sings 4 slrgetieal Bar Ske ‘sarhifa: 7. A variety of the Arya metre; see App. BaiaA. Sons: WhRg. 5.26.58. STE A subsidiary writing or lass of such writings SasRE 1 P. To swallow downy devour, eclipse Mb. 2. ‘SEE 9 U. 4 To hold under, seize oF oalloct trom lows C24. ~2 To scizy tal tala. posserson of aie wiagage Rams STaaery Sa Ms, 7184, 8 To imect with, obtains 8 @qavI wae qt Chap. 1). -8 To subdue, vanquish. 8 To prove. 8 Ta cone Gdliato, take as one's ally, favous, supports agveeita Freotioiss Mu. 1.~7 To eonedive with one's mind, {grasp mentally + HATURPRTETA Bhag. BB. 21. Fe fo dexido, determine. ~B To accapt, approve SqAE: 4 Confinemonty ssizare. -2 Datest, frustea- i One who accompanies tions ot Fae Heme Ferma My. 2.3 A Pritoner. 3 Joining, addition. “8 Ca) Favours sistance, conciliation; AMER K. 156. onuoura gements arehaaa peareeTATE | Kau. A. 1. ARETE AEE A 94: Rramrait Mb. 12-96, 14. (4) Fovourableness, kind ost, complaconoo; EK. 201. 6 Use, 1 8 Kind of pence purchasol by giving over very things of, Fret wena’ GaeengmG H. 4. 121. =8 Tho yoive or pads of a verbs uiiganefaqran Mb. TET. 1,853 1.40: and 2.197. -O A. pile or heap of kkaia gears. 40 Tho presiding apitit ee enuse, which diceots 2 planet’s notion. ~U1 A miner planet: (E> e. ), n secondary heavenly hody, wach as a comets meteor. Eqee 4 Seising (from below staking hold of ain wahtaemt. = 2 Sine, apr taking a prisoner, 3 Supporting furthoring, promoting. —¥ Holy sindy, study’ of tho Vedas (aiter being inated into thom ); aRcmemnea aHaMTE oy Ram, SORTE! 1 Making « present. -2 A present; = ‘ease TIT: TRAE. EA ND, 2. ‘SAA pot. p. To be favoured or rotsined in servis Mu, 5. ~@E 1 An offering or prosent. 2 Particularly, & present oF offering to a great man or king; the redo Nazaraza. SaqAA Seo under SH: STHTAE! A smaller variety of a plant Cassia fistula (Afar. >y1). STAT 1, 10 P. To fill with noise, make resonant. SATYE p. p. 1 Resonnding with, noisy. —2 Resor nants =8 Sounding. ‘SaTSTTN Proclaiming, publication making Inown, sun [ suens ] P. ITT. 9. 85 S78 TRY, 4 Conti- guous supports T4aTHR: Sk; Barearanet ice R14. 1 2 Shelter, supports stay, protection. (AES: Prepeit) Rmaricgdaae... 1 Bk. 7.645 of also sreaat tare sisal weafearawaicelr | BR. 14. 1. 8 ‘That whieh rests upon ot is supported by. SAA P. To smelly to toush with tha mouths svigeensa ale sty R13. 70. sua: [aii zh ssareq] A variety of the ease. Mb. 8. 178. 7. sama on [sed wats] 4 An eyeglass spectacles ef. SHEE. —2 A superhuman oF divine eyo. guage a. (P, V. 4.77 Vint. 1) About four STAT AP. £ (a) Wo serve, wait or attend upon 5 faa Ku. 1.60; Pima K. 64s Ms. 8. 109) 4. O53 ewava WB wel aud Mk. 1 Oa Te. £96 (4) To honour, worships stat: Gee ETAL 1K. 40, 3253 V_ 8. =2'To toeaty deal with, ect towards entertain; faa Suaféqea Dk. 71 treated as a frionds islet maT 77, M17; at ATCHAATTICE 1BE Suse SPIT Re 14.17 pononred or entertained 2; aH gf Btrezaiaase V. 8, honoured with the lo of quoon, TaweSt qaceiesdarar: Sel WHET AUD IV. 1.163, -8 To attend on (as a pationt )» ttetty toni muraes aengesrlany 95 HoaaHeHerweRIME Pe 1, =# To approach, go towards. ~6 To underteke, begin (mostly Vedio in these: senses). —pare, To be ated figuratively or metaphorically, be applied figuratively to any one (with too,)s SenareagTE S, Ds Se ate its rte equ pits eis fares SaeEA hag. 5 year arn ae AEH ATE ATT Mali, on Ki Lois Be, SG 19s HART eA ae ep. STAT a. Accessory, suppleme approach. 2 Cure, tuatuent § R821 am: AP ourable. ~8 gqatcara Appranch: et Bees, nsily srattan . ‘gusta A particular rule of Sandi. saa por. p. [P. IIL 1.100] 1 To be served or waited upons t9 be honoured or worshipped 74: fea moat and ea Ma 5. Tots aH (2) Pt 1. Lol not requiring faiges, unassuming: Mine aiioalt to seryes ~2t 1 Service, attendance. “2 Phiricking treating) earns. SATETE: 1 Servi attensancos honouring worsip- ping, entertaining; Mk. 4; aeaf@AvarT, TR. 5, 205 K. BH. -2 Civility, politonete, courtesy, polite beba- ‘iow, (oxternal display of courtesy ), ASE: T.1. 114 avoid of civility, unoourteous; TaRAReeTHATA M. 8.5 SHMCOTIT Ke, 16. 293 Aetvateer ate HE 1. 755 osite gat: Ram.5 We ASEH Ku. 4. 9 s metely , complimentary sayings a flattering oom pliments °nTaRgcH, K, 999, 207; M. 4; “PFI Ms. 8.857 showing marks of favour, courting, (sending perfumes Ge.). 8 Salutation, nqual or customary obrisanoe, homage; ‘aeneHeeet G3. 175 AAT M. 45 °aftam 4,5; “waft: R. 8.11 folding the hands in salutation. 8 A form or modo of addres ot salutation; 8a aesieite Reet: erste: MD 9.162. io, Ua Pen at segraqes geet arrartamey Us 1s aml aeEMnTaICH 6; V. 55 Si. 9.78.8 Extarnal show er form: ceremony; agi femal TTaTEAE! V. royal servie, pomp or state of royelty + ARUT™ sit Mu. 25. y.1. -8 A remedy» physickings application of cure, ‘of remedy PPE’ Dk. 15; SA? Mi. 1s Dk 285K. 10g. 7 Praotion,porfoymance, ? conduct; management, procedure | A4FH° Ms. 1. Us Re’ 10, 39,9, 9595 ardreateg Dk. St in the conduct of love-affaine; mae} arate, (S10) Mb. SEereeramaecTe Me 8. 95 course of Tove do. MFA ae $2151 Rem. 2. 14. 30. skilled in tho employment GA VORMSS. ase uoayos seg atewRTATATAR: Te For TRIE fm U- 6. = Means of doing homage oF showins espe Seiten (arama, ) Te 7-4 (hanging garlands Ge): 9.41. “9 Menoes any newssary oF Foaniste saticle (of worship, eeremony, devorationy furniture €e.); presenting lowers, pesfnmios Se. 5 SAMMUT Re to, 775 wearer TET HUT. 88s BR: wAeaIe! V. 2; wo SeHMTOaT S. 65 OR TALE 6-2 tho nocosmary decorations (eanopy &e- 5 Cake Upichtras or artis of worship are variously caaieereds being 5, 19, 16, 18 or GL). ~£0 Behaviours eka deweanoge; Reagivene aM 1.105, (rl, Fae) eonduct in tees argeMTET: Ram. s “aftr Ai A. tt Uses employments K- 18% 12 Any FeusOw petformance, x ceremony 5 PESMCMaM ESTE 7-805 My. 1,34, 3 (a), Figurative or, mot Phorioal uses secondary application (opp- 3% or Pry Sense )s sansa aarageareeeit S. Bs EF (RaPrsheests a Sermagqartt ev Mason P. LV. 85 personification; so east SD. Amey ecard israel yeast K.P. 10. (4) Suppored_or founded on rerablance: 2¥R="t ri_K. P. (8. D. explains 7 Fraiansi: ereaPttenea es eseAOT) ¥ Dike. “18 A. pretext; Si 10.2. ~16 A reaueety sole citation. =I7 Occurrence of ‘Land in the place of Visargee 18 N. of a P42 of the Stmavedar ~Comp. SEAT A. kind of fallacious inference to Ibe refuted by roferonce to the real sense of @ word Used uphorically, eyo if any one from the sentence Ft: sata were to conclude that the 7 ( platform ) really ories and not person on the platform. Nstyadargamng, =W2ELA courteous or poite word, « mere compliment, ‘secre ie ears eT Ue | Kite 4 9. SHANA u. Serving for, belonging 109 FVM, ay we afta My. 4 51 eee a. Attending, serving. BATH por. p.iTo be served or waited upon to worhippad te A rec of meane AL Troggs ment. sa, fog int. On the SAT 5 U. 4 Yo zathor together, he*P UP> ACen Into els "rade Mes 67. Cr) a add, increase, str ie TATE Ku, 6. 255 Setroraraeaet Mu. 2+ TAT: a after ATH TT, 2. 25 Bk. 6. 93; Skok 1s 8. Hae KC. 6 jpeg doveloped’s 4, SEAT K. 205 aivtsyaster yates: WN? ST wares, 8 To cover over with ; SACAPARAHTAATIATE Sis 9, 5 Ms. 6.41. ~pases 4 To bo collested or aesumlatea 5 4% 6. 41. ~pasee 1 To bo collected oF 00st aM ing nea the skin. inorease, “become strung, to be covered "ih e.g ‘shove. ~2 To ho prosperous sucoeed, heise” PS Leggae olf eareeasiaze fae sty arg, a Me 8. 169, SAAT 4 Aconmylution, addition S05 ry asleravaarrsaer oa 4 emg: Mb. 8 TTS 9 =2 Tnoreate, growth, excoss; #2” K, 1055 STS Si, 2.975 steams 9. 25, AMAR RANT G dae of good fortune; so aiF*, ute, -8 Quem”, Team x4 Prosperity, clovation, riso. ARATE A Wtgge: AIFF | Siva B. 95. 92. -8 The thirds S60 tenth, eleventh house or pesition from the fits tign (or e lepeo ay chomap, Toe CER tnd fale progesdy ey Om are * *oalgge the Dandaka metre. : STAMP 0. Trorensingy grovins: ? HPiving, prosporons suaren: [ortehnes one EP! Ls TS] 4 A Kcind of sored fire, —p A pleoe f0F NONE Baers ficial fro, alan, hoary ; SAPAR p. ys 4 Collectod, gathered tozether, avon mulated; W2P4a: Me, 107. —2 Incteareds grown U. 6. 98; R. 9. 275. Ssam Hatt 9, 44 full-grown. Grown in power, strengthened; Si. 6.09: Te IT. 58 irene Mal. 1. $07 °4g: Mo. 343 Senile Sae1 Alu. 2 the popular ido war strengthened. ~§ Full of bounding in covered over with; 1 9. 583. Magara SFL Ph. 1. 85. ~8 Abundantly furnished with, plaster- eal, smeared safer: f. 1 Accumulation, collet» growth, increase; 8EiNGFA. BN Mb. 5194.5. —2 honour, gain; Seas: 8 Bhag. 1. 12. 99. ‘SATA «. Variegated, Coloured. ‘Saferat 1 N. of a tree ( frat). Salvinia Cucullata (Mar. scart, Aeerat); also S898, -2 N, of a Tunar mension #911; alto 24. 3 A partiulor metre. aaPaait A species of Chenopodium (Mur STASAT, Heating, burning; also TE", SITET! A coverlots cover in gonoral SATB o. Covored, concealed hidden searet earent). STHHT_10P. 1 To wheedle, faster, coax, ention invite: eA: S. 5, coaxed to drink wators arerergquee=zalt Sk. -2 To consilnte. —2 To beseech, request; R. 5.58 ~E To persuade ono to do a thing =5'To sive one something SASHA 4 A roquisite, apparatus; Marea a FRA Geese Ha Mb. 13. 65.12. 2 Covar. 8 Roquest, SqUBPTAA, 4 Conxins, porsuadings TORR Mt Barer AAA Dk. G5. 2 Tnvitings THEAMATe sort Ske. ‘SISA: Passing into the chamber (from the house): aa ardarangiett 4 Frei Ry. 1.28.95 passing low sexual intercourse! ). sqEwE p. ‘To dacine, ovorreach 5 Prab werarrelt A vanity of the Trisjubh metre in which three Padas contain twelve intend of elovenoyllablet sama 4K. 1 To be born or producod, originate arise, grows SAMAR Me. Leds TE, Pr 8s amaagzonat Bg. 2.625 MH. 11. —2To happen tnke place, beoome visible, appear; stufaqfirerarat K. 160. =8To be or become, be or oxist; aeteagrara Pt. 1. 188. 4 To be born again; Ssh Aare Mg. H. 25 ¥8.256. —Cane. (FAR ) Lo produce, cause Fou!0§ Iruseaaet K. 175. FH a, Increased, boing produced in addition Sq! 1 Addition, increase, -2 Appondase. -3 Rise, origin. 5 Addition of a Tettor in the formation of words; 3994 SIT: Mbh. on Siv. Si. 5. TH Ni =B Any letter, syllable or affix so added: iat 349041: Nir. “A The body. STA Ved. Remote posterity. (amet: fat: Ae HH Ay. 1. 19, STH pp. 1 Produced, caused; aa, OAT excited, moved to anger. ~°@2 Suffering from exhaustion, faint, feoblo; “8 confiding, elioving, ‘trusting: ~2 Happened, taken places U. 4. ‘SaMTA f. A mixed motre (seo App: )- SqAY 1 P. 4 To whispor into the ears of (another) win over to one’s party by scorgtly suggesting snything in the eqr: Seaqren TaauTaTea DK. 1045 amt geaaeg qe sigur Mb. -2 (Hence) to instigate to rebellion or treachery, conspite with’ ‘Sawrageet Ms. 7. 197. —3 To commit mischief. STAT a, ‘To ho brought over or instigated to rebalion by whisporing into the oar: SFAHaTTTs, Ms. 7. 197. STANT 1 Soorotly whispering into the ear or conmumnicatings 972” Mu. 2. -2 Secret overtures or negotiations (with the enems’s friends), sowing the soeds of dissensi treicherys_(eeguon Tustgnting te rebellions S4aTu: suet arensizameaTa Si. 2.995 FF onraert ftowaary a farsa audienaaT: Ki. 2. 47, 16. 42: aft aera meRgTaTY HoT: Mu. 2. —3 Disunion, sepo- ration, s0eeHe9 aeanegBert Kaw. A. 1-16 SOMITE «4 Whispering np the eazs ob insiga ing to rebaliony woafeeeetia) aT Ms, 92275. “A Prondherons, traitor SHEE inl. Towards old_aye or jn old s40s BV. detors Vanes ear area a. ‘SITET 1 P. 1 To talk toy converse with, chatior. “27 aay sacar, safer A tlk: CaN SITET: ev TACT Ram. 2, 60. 14. See, Giving advio STHTY a. Noar the Keo: 31HTae4 WE Mb. on wv. sais, —feeer 4 The wuly or soft pale epigotins . 3-97. 2 Watiegement of tho wndor side ol the tongup. —8 A kind, of ants EGWMrGMT MER ‘Sameertfa | Gd eg & am Rv. 8. 102. 21 ‘Saftw a. Living upon subsisting by. SOR, 1 A fection. —2 Enjoyments Bhag- 5-16-18. -3 Freqaonting, resorting. to. 4 Dose. Rit Seman fonts tor pemae! GREEN ase steeaeFSAaee hing. 7. be 19-2 Sil SGT Br srreetenee: Bing. 7-4. 19.2 Silent sam 9X, fd out he x ed A Ot Me pon, (Saree: REITER BTL) TN STR Av. 4. 38. aoo BURT lnlow- SAM ( asait gata sabay,}1 Knowledge acquired By onevalf and not Nanded down by tradition, inven- Bom Primition or untangnt knowledges wiually in taecee ti teated a8 a neuter noun (1-11. 4-21 sHPHEGRT Tee eae icy MATT, TAA, 1 15. G2 Vndortsking or commsenuing thing net done 4 To ascertain; to know. ~2 ‘To invents hefore; GAsusgeaia aut ised sr Malis Taghurania. BAIA 9. Laven. ZOEHT . Ved. Siviing or stopping upon gees arrose 9 ee Te La ZASFTT A. Compendium om astronomy. zacafrt o. Lighted, inflamed: Sats Br. U8, BAPE Cone. 4 To present (as an offering), walk a respectful offerings Tbk SAREAVGAIE IL-2 -B Do cerry outs accomplish a SUE A respectful offoring or presenls Nazar ‘SIME! The skirt or borders Mo, 50 “BE inde Noa the skint. a STAT 1 P.4 To make warm, heats SHE ee Reams Si 9.65 (oohoro & monn to prin 260) “2 Do foal pain, becomo sick; sufzmimnageaet, Aévale —3 ho alftiot, befall (as a sickness); sometimes used img sonally. parse 4 To be pained» bocome tls BeaFfiggs ed with; Fatigencisema: Me, 25 0 SA ec. -2To be emaciated with ponancer practise pen ances SWAT AT Ay, —Cans. 1 To Kindler ignite, burns 41 Beige AamPY Ay, 6. 8% 1 2 To tors mont, hurt, pain. -8 To offend, oppress ~# To mop. tity the boty by pone te SqAT w._ Intorign oats disnnse (VOL). Seay fearat aia feel Bri. Up. 4. 8 9 > BUATT a, Painings aiosngs SYCATOMT Ret aay wee: (feat ear) Ki. 12. 8 4 AMA p. pst Heed, parchot consumes “2 Dj treed, pained, tormented. TIF «Burning heating. we heat. 2 Any auto of beet “BA Kind of dense: 1 leo distragas SINT 4 Hoat, warmth. 2 Troubler, Mettosys pain, sorrow; afar 4 faa a agora K ee l7zs era Mal. 8. -8 Calamity, misfortome “9 Sige ness dineaso, injury. 8 Hast, hares STMIT «Hosting, ignitins x STATA, 1 Heating. —2 Distrestings HMMEMENg Sam oA Heating, inlenings OER Phi 2 Suffering best or pain, boing sick? Sara SHAAN Ms. 11. 15 of, alan VA A * ame Ch. Up. 6.15.1. STAT An upper story, a room on Me 1 howto. ~8 A kind of wooden oat or 810%" STAR «. OverBowing (an water) 4. Morbid or gy burning’ op ‘snfreaey 4 N. of the Iunar amansion or asterism called 1 2 of another asterism valled $4. aati 11 iver! Mb. 8. 1 Mb. 5. 152.7. ‘STTeT A part of the column ( Bri. 8. 6. 58. 80). STV Vel. A serpent (lurking in the geass )s ‘Ay. 5,18. 5. BUTE a. Situated undor or below. sqerst [see PV. 2. gh; viceaerd ext SHA Sk. TUPMAt eas ] 1 A land at the foot of » sowntain, low lends AEATRRWARE Th LAs TA as Ratt PRerawerafet aera S. 5. maith Frege CI Siva B. 0.52. -2 A volo, valley ‘SUEEL 1B. o bite or or condiment )- SIE: 1 Anything whieh excites thirst or sppstite, 4 relish, condiment &e.; TORIC Ws Mb en Pe IV. 1. 48; of. B. IIL. 4.47. fearaetaragara Die 153: ‘sinaitiadsi fa aeehteneam, Vo. 2. ~2 Biting, atngin 8 The venereal disease, chanere: ~§ (a) A tree the root of which is weed for boseoradish (Fg). Co) ¥ of gnothor plant (#818). “WAL Contexts SFIS Reheat aerate aM Zh TET! SB. on MS. 6.8.35. SqaAAA Context, moution of a thing by way ot context; BAUTHREAG ATL SB. on MS. 6. 8. 25: gray sadiae darvaitureenh eam g &. ‘SB. on MS. 6.8. 35+ BeeRIL a. AMlioted with chanere, Sazat a (pl) About or noisly tens sieve =f isd ama: agarieitare Mbh. on B, IL. 2.25. Sax, +P. To fail bo wanting dry up urbe consumo. ~Caus. To dau to fail at eee, extiiguih Srgiregeat sno reel any aereaca Aw. 12.5. 27. SqeTaR a. Vode Wanting. Sqat 3.U. 1 To give in addition, -2 Yo offer sive, geant (in youerel). te mai eh gual Be. 6.98.2. -3 To add. (1 A.) (Vea.) (a) To take upon onosell. (2) To etect, taite, support Sq « Ved Giving s presents Vaj. a0. 9. At (ot, snaeaivet B. LIL. 3.106) 1 A presenty an offering 10 8 king or a great many a Nas va ee Starisey tas: Muh. Ve 1.17. seer (ae, See HAH R.A. 70,5. 41, 7-80: B. Vs 1.47. of also Sima: Siva B. 15. 3.2 A bribe. STAT a, One who gives, or grants; seaTaIget RUM PA, 4 107. ky 2 landing plage on a bank of 9 8. -2 The counizy in the visinity vat anything (as a relish SME 8 UT. To offer as present: A eTIEG at S14. 3. SUT, “THA 1 An oblation, present (in general). “2 A gift aunde for procuring fever ot protection, such ae a Diibe. saga 4 N. of the daughter of the demon Vrisaparvan and mothor of Dusyanta. “2 ob daughter of Vaiévanara Bas Bala o. 4 Smonred, covered, anointed. -2 Spot ted over SAET 1 An ointment, Iiniment. “2 A. cover. -8 A minor oF secondary Indy (such ss fat which ‘gs on diseased parts of the body ) SOPEAG U. 4 To instructs tesehs explaing advises AR aRsguiel Far aed, .arIaaed A Se M1. 5; SeAUeEH Gee KL, 156 it is easy fo tdvite others: SIMG9RR Bg. 4. 24; R16. 43. -2 To Point indicate, rofor to: BRRUHUGEY MAL R, 8. 78: SvigeaMiaeals K. 120, o2 point out or tell. -9 To siya the vight pleco to thing, arrange. -¥ (a) To mention, specify, tell ;_[% geaafges seat ero Mk. 9.7; gia admfeq Pp. v1.8. 109. (6) To Inform, announce. -8 Lo prescribe, soley sanction lay down; 3 fadias anatat waivia] Ms. 5. 162, 2. 1g, 8. 14s 43. -8 To rule over, gover» command. —7 ‘Tonaune, eal 9 Grate 255 Ms. 1282. afta, 2after An intormotiaie quavier, eid stad, Si a aad td, ane ere oe Matter Up. 6 ‘FARR 4. Being in an intormedinto quasi ‘SARE yp. p. 1 Spovitied, pointed out, partioularized s ayudar gedit Xu. J-2. aiecrtih aaa, P. Vi & 109. 2 Teugh isirected, sien ~3 Put forward as plea gr reasons —¥ Hnilted, HL Advico,cowneals (in drama) 8 pease pea Sty SUR: 1 Insirwotion, teaching, advice prowription + SF SIR, oe ete Mies Up, de aA sa ott fyi wah. 1 (aco the ace inter sia) Reatvieotee ania ema: Ku 1.3 CREAMS mony 1, ¥. 105 S: 2 85 Mes 8, 2725 Avra. 25 10 39. 975 K. 265 Me 6s TIER asa TE 1. “2 Pointing ont or tloting tor TC: POAT: Nis, -3 Spuvitication, mentioning» naming. TEA plea, protoxts “8 Initnion communication of ax inkatory Mann or formula, 2 4 (at fT seaman SI —B CT gram) A form fy muy am inentny form (ony word ot tt ota words each aban aly supont Ge Wea sualandae high show what partculse gramsatisl les are to be applied. Pat srararcaml Sk. Comp. Sertaree, TAMA, » parable, moral fable ANCA Ne of a philosophical work by Sankaricharya. SEE «Giving instruction, tering. HE An instructor, © side, proeptar. saaTaH 4 ‘he stato of being provept ot rules 1% fecorrgecat i Ku. 5.98. —2 Instruction, tevehing. “3 Doctsine. Advising instructing: Ff seer 316 Mie on B. 1. 3,2. A Information, doetrin TURMT a. Advising, instructing. . 1 A teacher, ‘advisor. ~2 A word or affix ge in the form in which i appears in yremmaticsl rules. BARE «. Giving instruction or sdvion. on. (EE) A teacher, provoplor especially spivitual prevepto wart Rafer at amaetieear at: Ve. 1. 25+ ‘SoH N. of a plint (420%). STE A Lind of ant. Sq «4 Partaling in an iitiatory oF other roligious rites. —2 A near relation. SIEMIP. To seo, holds Jook ats perceives pose: 1'To be oF bocome visible. -Cans- 4 To exute to see) show or exhibit. -2 To place before, show upy communicate, make (oe) acquainted (with); SR area. aeaegaia afr aeertvaatam R. 4-10. 8a present falso appearance, deceive 2 parson by a false appearence ilude, ~$ To oxplaisy illusteatet eqreeaaertst faareqaefira: Y. 2.8 FITHK a. Showing. a2 1One who shows the ways # auido. 2 A door-kooper. —B A witness. STITT 4 Exhibiting, repre aA sommes nine SAE a. Seeing, witnessing (as the tun and moon)- fF: Aspects iow (Yeas os SAT / Show, view, appearance: SIRE u. Secing, overlooking. m. 4 A supervisor. Inspectors harigaay weer: FH, Bhai.) 18-22 TEA witness: Suauramea a By. 13.225 PA wee, Re wit aan cate ae erat aeatGET Mh. on V- 2. 91 FP, aa A sainoe or infri god (os the Yokses, Gandharyas and Apsoras SERENA hind of inseot, white ant (Mar. aA). SURE 1A nipple of the udder of cows “2A milling vessel, aloe cages SUF 1P. 41 ron near oy run towardes © fet mre Hal: rrerectegagara, Si 12- 42. ~2 To attack, assault, rush ats namergarr 2A a R15. 25 IRSA, Mb, SWRA 1 An wih lamity. ~2 Injury, trouble, ppy accidents misfortune, ne aA aril siete: Deo. Bob; Pate Buew Pt. 1. ~8 Outrage, violence. “4 A national distress (vhether eaused by the king or famines seasons ste.). -8 & national || distucbanee, rebellion. 6 A. symptom, # superveniont aan ons ou on hit» eran SN from another ). ~The sixth part of a Vedi mua conisting uf soven Line. sea aHrawea WY at ahaa... 228 ATI Ch. Up. 2.8 2 8 A servant“ Siglaagcatat = arse sek Mb 12. 00. o2 Lees, wastes faqharalyet sat | MARS ‘re Ba Fe Panera Ram. 2. 108. M4 STEP. 1 Attacking, oppressive, YInical, ZORA py. 1 Visited ty calamition “PPTOSOg, attacked, infested; Memfmewgad, HT. 4 8. 2 (Ty astr.) Telipsed. ~8 Boding evil» mnuopielts, A term wool hy the Baskalen for « std of Sandy alao allod 325188 g. FURIE A siderdoor. ABT An argent small islands mine" lang STA A bylaw, w soyondary oF mines Pelion, precept Copp. 92)5 uy a: we sagt Ms. 2. 257, 4.147. -2.A horetioy faleo faith: ‘FTA 3 U. 1 To place or apo aren os inj ata pg Sg abst a ageaiondiad flare Ro ovary ke 19-445 Mu 1a ggg Bie AergrengH€hS 1. 8.77 troamute UPS 1? Beary? Ms. 4.543 Sateen Ae eye swage RAEN String ans -3 C4) TPNH Nags SMEAR Mle, A096, CL) To Put Sey Cun a hare 10 a carriage 0. ): 21 OS ed ET. CES causes bring on or produces age RE (aa) S08 Me 1. 55, “6 To impose” charge with Cas y duty); aqurenee™® lay & commend upon, enjuins intr bg serena first Ro 19. 26. -7 1 use ase pillow; Squrq arsqyonral pply, employ, lay or bestow upon BET 8.25. gy pave ove" 10 To ada, place in sdditi A innrt se: bows swe locates Gaga Saez ta 8. Preade withowt the neeeeaton BE Te deceive Crag) ra aaa Bean, te Gs ea STAT 4 Imposition, forgery» frauds dewsity ‘rik, protonea; stifver si weeteaed Gene: Me, 8.108 =2 Trial or test of honesty, (Heiwara sour waar. BMT); (said to be of 4 kinds:~ 1 loyalty, 2 disinterested ness, 8 continencoy 4 courage i. e. Ht Religious alluromont, S194 Monetary allurement, 404 Love allurement, #8194" Alluremont under the pressure of four. fren smiieiien atten aig alee” gaa Reaaim: ): (aria) sateantatises eal: eftary 7: Kalika P. stan®: disrtrewrmrarang | Kau. A. 1.105 orarergearetart Mb. 15.5.14. -8 A means oF exper dient; seaaTibEeT BH var HCY Si 19, 58. FCI gram.) A. penultimate letter (srearmmitd saat), seriery gf TT P. I. 1. 65. —Comp. —¥a a servant who has boon guilty of dishonesty. “St Elson of the penultimate letter (e.g. in the case of a REE compound ending in St) D. IV. 1. 28. ~2If% «, tried, of approved loyalty. STATA a. Used (as a Mantra ) in the putting up of the sacrificial brickes P. IV. 4.125. a4 Placing oF rosting upon..~2 A pillow, eushion; TRRIgITATT U1, Mgeqend BAe Bh. 8.79. —8 Peooliarty, individuality (FR); WaT D, VI. 9.09. Ske # Affection, kindness. —8 A. religious —cbsorvance among especially the Jainas for preparing the ground for future monkhood. ~8 Txccllence or excellent quality; Graal (a Ma Bae azeaier a S|. 77. Chere Ze also means a pillow). —1 Poison, 8 A. mall wooden pin of a stringed musical instruments areivearat rarest swseet eeeMT Mb. 4. 35.16. A 1A pillow, cushion. -2 A. footstool SrarasH, A pillow: cushion; Hema. aerapier a. a be placed neer. Wah A pillows vty ag ie eTegUe: “eT NY AMD. 1. 162.10, eran o. Using a2 s pillows am gait senftt Ku. 5. 12 sft: (se-urfe] avait Sr: PTTL 3.92, 4 Heady Aishonesty ; ART RIA MEY U. areg ie Reva fertiar fagafa a@iafe afaqaonfs Ki. 1. 45, also Mb. 12, 5717; eo USSF alto. -2 (In law) Sopoter iy of the tut Tle saggsion aT G54 TaPreeR Ms. 8. 165. —8 Terror, tareaty compulsions false inducomont WeraFWaGtinna amereraMgne V2 Fee, 5 Tina pest of x heel belroemthe oer the circumference: ot the wheel itself; Ta 4 3744 ala Ry. 9. a9. 4. 5 Foundation ( withthe Buddhists). srfeeR: A choat nave, one who impose by threats, fraud &e.5 see SHY", the more oorrect form Seti eer: PRTRTEST Mi 288, og ZUR p. p. 4 Placed in or upon, deposited; S15 "raves M. 1.21 taken as a busi “2” Prooeded by = Joined, mixed, connected with. —K Poowcsed of) ataigeren arar nyt egeras: (31) Rim. 6. 128-435 fedaiea: Si. 16.7, -8 Ready: deputed to act asa spy, ~8 Given, bestowed. —7 Brought over inated to rebellion (Jaa); sak canequiea: ane mR Mb. 8.40.46, -8 Somowhat goods Mb. 12. safefe: /. 4 The putting or placing upon. -2 De votednest tos Vy. Ts ZUM: An infgrior metal, semimotal. They aro seven ; SATTTIAa: Ger ars aTCaMleNa | get wel az Ta frag 4 rerHgI -2 A secondary seoretion of the body (six in number); e.g. milky menses, adeps, sweat, fecth, hair, and lymph ; tard tat a7 CR grat: are Qed sive ewree) saree SMNGLU. 4'To run towards, approach bastilys 3H ae Ber, ea, ceanareee Ch. Up. 1.3.8. 72To resort to}, to havo roooutsa to for assistance; 4 vote 4 avian hag. 8.1. 1. 3 To run slide (A); Ry. 8.3.91. -§ To worship. TTMAA: A follower. AH 1 Going afters follow Jing. -2 Moditating upon. -8 Worship: Bhag. 7-16. BaPI Seo under SAH. > smite «. 1 Fumigeted. 2 Boing at the point of death; 8 Suffering extreme pain. At Death. —At, SaGPEA The quarter of the heavens to whieb the sun 38 provooding. SMP L, 10 P. 1 To hold ups support mustain. -2 ‘To Iwar, carry. ~8 To hola 28) consider or rogerd_ ns ol SINCE Ma. 12, o7s aero eh) ee Bg 7. 6; 9.6. —¥ ‘To oomprohond,, pervsiysy hears experience, observes get Taare Bhs. ~B To reflect or meditate upon. STUTEOA { Consideration, reflection. —2 Drawings pulling (as by hook). SPA F 1A ray of light. -2 Holding up- STA LP. To blow or bresthe outs excite by owing» fans sit genaadet Ma. 4. 59+ STEHT 4 Blowing upon, “breathing. ~2 The olfort of tho, voiee which gives rise to the sound S8MiMHa av below. SAAT: A lip. AH Blowing upon, breathing. (a) sfecogemarh Ay. 8: 82 STURT «. Blowing upon, fanning. STEM: Tho aspingte Visnrga before the Totors Land Rs saan Sk, + SrTeaeAT a. { Destroyed. “2 Mixed. ‘SqHAAA A subordinato constellation, secondary sag (theie number is sai to he 7295 HAA: BHF Faeliresarsits weTAWAEM Sat. Br. STHEA A disease of the fingor-milsy whitlow. (aur. 1822). sare A suburb. ; end SAA I P. 1 To come tor arrive ats approach or tend towards, 2 To befall fal othe lot ob ory appon (used by itself or with gone» dats» oF a0e. erson ssa: ene eaAATTY Me. 025 {OTE Hpi. 2. 1a; sea anh Aha hag; SA ee Br. “8 To share in. —Cawse 1 To lead towards, introduce (ith gen. )- ~2 To offer, give samp. p. 1 (a) Come near, broughty axriveds approzched, hrought’ near to; S. 5.19; Tk 12. 10% 1) Gots obtained; aC Iaat a Mica. 8. 7) 5.52 Pierre K. 1295 V. 3. 22; V. 2. —2 Presenting itself fallen to the Iot of, bofallen, ocurred; FREE gagre gelieetd a Me, 11; wares Garg TA ATH V. 8. Oy awe 295 4. 33, 50 BEST Me, 1025 Mal. 10; 93, 192, 5483 8? that readily. or ‘without efforts presented ieelf S. 83 S17, R_ 10.29 aneonsecusly committed. ~8 Formed, brought abputr effected. —B Presented to, offred, given’ Sree sensi R$. 68. —B Bent down, humbled» sub~ Jevted, surrenderods Haat R17. 8h 8: 815 weineri TIT Mb. 6 Dependent on (for protection )- “T Approximato, near (in time or #pa0o- ) SIA f.4 Approach. 2 Bending, bow» salute tion “8 Tilinationyatlesions Va}, 20.1 —¥ TBS falling to one's shares Re. STAT a. Coming to, STATE a. Ved. Bonding towards. STAR 4P. 1 "To tio up, tio togethor. ~2 To form indo a Dundley bind together, ~8 To inlay» at with * sai. hhoing presents Ne FTAR o. Covered with, inlaid. STAEAA A A cloth in which anything is bound P+ 2 Binding, tying togother. STATE! 1A bundle; Zam wT sume: Av. 9 ~2 An unguent applied to a wound of sore, a plaster, poultice: reve gaia Sade. —8 Tho tio of a Inter & peg to which the strings of a lyro aze attached aud by which they are tightened. ~& Inflammation of the ciliary glands, aye. SIME 1 Applying an ung: plastering, nt. 2 Ancintings ‘SIATTT A particular Prskeit dale a ae A varity ot FRM. Tei formed by swoetsounding letters (anqdeasrat ): + od example cited in K. P. 3 Hvata Wt F8 a LC Fe SH: | cremate am oe feat Ta STATA n. A surname, nickname SATA, The part which is near the nose ez THGS 1.416 turow or pleco down MENTE Rope a eoeivea Mf. 9. 224 ~2 Ho dehosits PE 4. v. aa 1 Tho ae of deposit G2 An open deposit, any nrtile argo by ling im ino ies Forms, uty ee 2.255 (on which Sita. aha ae sea amd ce ) 8 A deposit sealed or coveted up (1) ng or Placing down, ‘given in another fale = neers ors t0 Dring ae asad Be wut on plage ET a ae Toad near to enemas (qert) Abas wae SERGE Git. 5, —a to produto, earaae eae Teer ec 8S Te Pees, etry oe ena Mal. 5. 25, 3 Tata Fay Ms. ae - Zs AT a, ‘Depositing’ sabrartm 4 Placing nost- ‘trusting to one’s oa) 3A deposi SHEL A depen, to another. srerdrafaty cian aS © URS CIntaw) A agslod 4 Moab Tg Meche a aerced ae in aS ato ot. 2.05 ang Warade, 22a , placing near, ‘a. Depositing, Pretexty guise 5 au eat Batt geting Seat a fear ite Rg sa, ae 8 Be tag to" thy & cosy Pl sil & Sega hae sar in addition ~gh, 1 To fiy dow” ‘To be statod ine! ar afi, 1? Be stated wa TORE. sudden ant’, Approachings erie Siig A BATE: Ky. A Teele attack OF arene Coming (um6* safiaey 5 0 eaplain SP 1 ty oo? sata, , is Faeegie zl Written, com? Binding. 3 Desripton. ‘safest, Tavitaion inn safrde 1 P., X. To make happy» gladden; A Sis aeBgoT TAB Ch. Up. 3. 19. 4 safiriia A main oF roysl rosde saftey A way to ao ont: Heh. & sgferaic: An attacks assaults WaRtawet Ta eagaii Ram. 6. 75.2 Sara, Tho sot of settesing oF pouring down yon. safer a. 1 Besioging:—2 Oconrying,inkabiting safetar: A suburbs Hariv. SAAT a. Placod, establishod, colonized s #4 Prreareaers BeAMAMATA Kn, 6. S73 Re 15. 2. ‘SafrAfeT a. Attached to, inherent. zafrag /.[ said to be fron 31-82 “knowledge devived from sling at th feet of the precopors bub, focording to Tndian authori, it menne to. destroy eccranes by rerorling the lovrlcdae Gu EASES Spire an outing off tho bonds of worldly existenge | Sea Sa roa TFET. eet anergy We at A ete Hered saeranraeate eateries | sartgde tanec; Sankara] 1 N. of certain mystical itinga attached to tho Trshmapss, tho chief aim of ie i fo sin ho el ig of he Ves 2. 40: Mol 1. 7s (other etymalpien also sxe Ge tecitets the name’ (1), see eer aaTeterad frat reef ak aeaIgaRERAT or ©) Prarie enPeah seen Ve | TENET TT or Go) aaeatetecrngrepeaere | aaiaareN wear BWAGRAC || Tn the Hw 108 Upanisads are Tented, at soine mora have een added to. thi Baibars hey are wid to bats bot ereires Gee tix Dardanne or aysiens of philosophy, particularly of the Vodaate Philisophy. ‘The moro important pea sads are:— Eerracarepeargraiatan: | Rats = ere geeicoas ara tt. -2 (a) An esoteric or secret doctrine, ‘Ayationl manning words of myslary; TeAmnennTte er eden Bae 1. 85.1808) My miele Togu or instructions Sea? Ty Renner Savqea faeare My. 2. 2. ~8 True knowledge. roger AiR the Gopecme Spit. 5 Sacred er douse I Geoceor, scolason. “8A ‘neighbouring EAt =1 A lonely pluco. -9 A riligions obgorvango. -9 Moe Aitetions ae Foaet WO cecefaeey ee aT HATA Gh. Up. 1. 1. 10 10 One that takeo to (like best azine, SAA Bri. Up. 2.1, 2, at sat SURAT a. 4 Sitting at tho fet (ol another, such nn a proooptor ).~2 Subjected. srafaita X. To devote ones salt tos Mb. ‘afTeRT: A street, a principal road, high wey: (about 40 cubit width ). TOR TERAOTH, 4 Going out» issuing. —2 One of the Sariakiras or religions rites, i. c. taking out « child for the first time into the open ait (which is usually performed inthe fourth month of its age); of. 3% ai et er Ms. 2.34.8 A main oF royal rod. ‘saat 1 P. 1 To bring near, fetch; Sarat BEATE Trea: Tene. 45, 00; efor M7. 07 SH Me. 9. 295s ML 2 by Y. 8, 190s 84 Ue WER V5: Reo. 825 Kuz. eG eWtGUTR. 2.095 BU. 0.705 Ku. A 05) OT SHAYLA Mik. 93 M. 8. (%) To hand over, give over: arargeaeautesinayeiter K. 101; Mal- 13 8.13.25 safest (ey ALL revently made over (for in srofon <2 My big oy mbjat pen ot Nt “HIT Bea TET: S. 1; R. 18. 89; K. 173. -§ To bring about, eauso, prodiicey accomplish: S7raat, Pi 8. 180: mavens Guests IK. 171. ~8 To bring information, communica, 8 To Dring into ony stato, Toad. or. reduce to} SASHMETP A5Mgee Kin. 1147.7 "To fake into ono’ psesion, lad say) leads K, 16).-8 To bring near to onetell i. invest with the sored thread (Ate P. I. 2 35); SHUM Ch. Up. 4d. 5. 1 ETT U. 25 ATA. BA Sk R82; Bic. 15) Me, 2 49,8, Mo. =B "To hire, employ cs hired soreaniss SFE Sk. ~Caue. To onuse (a master) to rotive Ca pupil) ‘cause to invert with the sncrod thread. oferelar oresge wafers Ms. 11, 191. SHAT 4 ringing year» feohinge <2 Gaining attaining, procuring, ated eeragarrarcentat OA EE fear fre ea fae Phas, 12. 8.45. -8 Tmploying ~4 Investiture with the snored thread, ata ne ‘sacred study, handing a youth of the firs three east fos teachers tess a cut TEE | HS) AE re sore fg (Hy i ee beth is conferred upon he. ose #04 TU tha. agen ty wbidh tho cwremony m9 De Performed hy the three enstn are renptively $10e 1122 snd 1224; (agp Mv 2 S708) of whet, materi fe. the cords: shou’ bo, is suentioned in 2. 41-46). Bho furs umar of the Soewentetad Tne slog Cin logins, the, apolontion to the speci] onto in gustan eaters eae ates FY Torka K. -B Introduction, initiation Cinto ‘ny sefoneo ); see next ‘ceremony spiritual he becomes 2 TA STATAH 1 Leading to,or near. 2” Presonting, offerings WaIGRATY Ga: aaWea: V. 4. 13. =8_ Investiture with, the acred throad; aig arn Sir egret desir] Mbh. 6.6.84. aremadareatt salsa RS: Ms. 2.108, 173, —§ Employment, application. “8 Introduction (into any science ) saa: aT = sg. y. STATE a. Leading to. — 4 (3 AM are: ) A character in a dramatic or any other work of art next in importance to the heros ( alaeea aviewterat ‘SHIH: ); e. g. Laksmana in Ramayana; Makaranda in Malatimadhava &e. &e. ~2 A paramour. SAAT A character ina dramatic or any other work of art next in importance to the heroine} eg. Madayantika in Mzlatimadhaya. saeta p.p. 4 Brought near. -2 Known. ~ Obteined, attained. -¥ Presented; given. -6 Adduced <6 Married (7), Ted to a man sat sat aremedee Ry, 10. 109. 4. 7 Tnititea; wad weRaErar RSIe: Ms, 2.49.—A: A youth led to the teacher and invested with the sacred thread. Soe 7. coo ZHI, SAMA pot. p. 4 To bo brought near; 19 @ Wega: 2.4. -2 To be employed or observed &. SAAT a. Ono who leads or brings near, — Reanfattserst afgat adit Ku. 1.603 arsafaarren- Fett Mal. 9. m.(—AT) A preceptor who performs the SU7a# ceremony, an Achazyas tat AA A AT Pai seo | arse seraran oh Fae: eae: II Pe 4. 6B. STFA a. Driven, wafted; getaway: Ae, Si 4.03. manTHLE P. To dance bofore somebody 5 dance with insulting gestures. STH A place for dancing. SAHA Spectacles. STIE_ 4P. 4 To lay upon place or put down, put near, place before. ~2'To entrust any ‘one with> commit to the care of. -8 To explain, describe. minu- aly. “4 To propose, suggest, hint, point out, statos Rieatg way 3; EQUI TTagTaeS MEL 2 spoken; ayers Saw | Ki 2.3 tells or Points out; Fitment S. 5 what is this that is pro- Posed or said. ~8 To prove, establish argumentativelys AAAS raed Cay saqgrea: Y. 2. 19. ‘JAPA p. p.1 Placed near, deposited. 2 Said, proposed, spoken. —3 Pledged, entrusted. ~4 Given, communicated ; Fneieaiaeaea, (ter) Bhag, 117-43. 8 Brought forward as an example, addyood, hinted. “EAH, The holding of hionds to the chest (a move in fighting); S(-2eweaeet eee PTR faPqeated ATLA TAM | Rim. 6.40, 26, BHAT 1 Pleciny near tor juxtaposition, “BA deposits pledge. -8 (a) Statements suggestion, proe posals AI SFA MUN. on Le Le Ty Le 1. 21, 46 ote. This is a misstatement (a favourite remank of the eraearare), aR: By qT INGA: S. 5; Mal, 1,88, (0) Proface, inteoduction ; Malas sehiceaarnear ame ‘Amaru, 97; 74% WICAAAWA Ale; so TH Veg overtures of peace. (¢) Allusion, references hinting ats Sea Sarma S. 85 Me 45 SQ. 903. “5 A pre capt, law. ~B A lind of poaces MIRE PH 3 Pet 1 fac srergaeerard Sees: Ht. 14, og ng ( AeeAA ). Ved. Tho shoulder, arm-pit or the hair under the armpits T. Br. ‘SqIET a. Near the shoulder, being on the shoulder, ag sage: (4 Ba) Ay. 7.78. 2. zerafer [ sofe: vat, ga sin: ft] A paramoury saafata 8: wPaaran eH Si. 11.65, 15.08; Me 3.1585 4. 216, 2175 Vaj. 20.9. 4 safe «. Ono guilty of an STE fe. a mings sin (Danasigara, Bibliotheca Indie 274, Fascionto L P. ©. : SITAR, ind. Near the road. : BIG 4 F. 4 To reach, om to; approach, go neagy angarsegn Pe. 1; geeaed cewl/¥al HI Die gy oats bo sot or obtained, fall to one’s shatos 2H: tetmemey Wana GP By. 6.99; 13.18. -3 To take paws see, happen» bo produced eA UAgSTER My PASH fg you says just cos, THREAT Mb.5 saugh 20g yar WEA S, 5.26. —¥ To be possible; eg Brat cea areas ATTY Ku. 6.615 Ms. 9. Lay gah Jo. 10a; Wat ae: TEMES. B.—9 To bo engage be fit for, be adequate for, fit» suit (with loo. )y Br aa ee aE TEE Bg. 9.53 18.73 Bags e fit; A gon: Ter ARIAT S. B. -B To go amas atiack. ~7 To put in a word or statement; gy fannie su4az Ait. Be. —Cous. 4 To bring into. gy, state, eause to arrive or bo obtained 5 Frareyyafeay yay inspired with confidence get ready ; 745844 Vo, 9 "Po offer, present any ono with (neo. » bring tos fae aafer 8 wear wieeATITIRER. 15. 18, 1.85 16 aah ‘Ms. 9. 7273: 8.965 somotimes with dats 8aq fag sremcaiaig2, Ms. 11. 765 9. 2443 oF with tony sist Reon at age Y.1.315. 3a )gy cause 0 happon or occur, bring about} ¥e K, 96. (>), To accomplish, effects cause, do> perfor; aay ara WeAgIaaG K, 62, 113, 120, 19k; Bq ssa Re 11-915 17-355 Mo. 29. -8 (a) To mak sare statement, adauoe, pub forrard. (} )'To justly, 28 Po make goods establish, proves aamnat AeretaringT. agaf® Prab. ~8 To pronounoe, declare. = To make Aor adequate for; START GT Ms, 0, $6. -8 To furnish with, endow with; Kam, 11. 573 K.25 Sa seu Tia ASAT Subhig.—9 To find outs ascartains aferonsaei Qa aaeatTTET Ms. 3. 206. —10 'To examine. qe: /. 1 Happening, oseurring, becoming vst blo, appearance, production, birth; SFRTAT mmIees- TEAL Si. 1. 69 (HA); zaTYBTTTTNG Bg. 18. 9. —2 Causey reason, round; BAY 3: we FATE: Ki, 3.52. Ha Reasoning, argument; SwartarefSd a Ki. 2. 15 ‘ais Grout raatweaM | Nag. 5 argumentative: giving a reason for the establishment of a matter; S. D482. =F Tiness, propriety. 8 Termination, end, ~6 Aco. Gation, connection. ~7 Acceptance, adoptions My “B Ascortainment, demonstration, demonstrated con- lusion; T8ETIEA ger Ki. 2.28. =O (In Arith. or Geom.) Proof, demonstration. “10 A” means, an expedient, 14 Assistance, support, help; ac: 4H Sabet aa Raerteweston As Ki. 14. A. “12 Doing, effecting, gaining; accomplishments eiaaft gaia: Re 5. 12s aewsaIAA: | hash P.5 H. 8.1115 seo SrgNaftl, 13 Attainment, getting 9a are aahaae: R. Lh. 783 Ki. 5. 1. “15 Religious abstegetion (Wane), 246 Accidents chances SINTRA sky Mb. 12. 288. 11. 16 Suitability, expediency; 299- argent 24 FH FAME: Wi. D1: Blog. 4. 28 68 eiGomp.-8: (in logic) a kind of conteadiction in which poth the contradictory ascertons are suppoted to be Gemonstrable (e.g. sound is elomal becauso it is produoed; iti eternal because itis nok tangible), Riyayadardana. ~@f21er a. Unproved, unzintonablo, destitute of argument or proofs Raj. 7. STITT p. p. 1 Obtained secured; sehieetegreR aay R31; Ve5. 155 R, 1.60. 2 Accompanied or etfonded. byyin company with; #88 ster efacheem RR. 2. 16, 22. ~8, Coming, presenting itself; SHI ‘agiaie: ofegager alard wet Mbb. 4.2.18, saz aur E metearad Pat: Ram. 6. 10.20 8 Rights ft, proper» suitable (with gen. or loo); su9mee coh: V. 25 SITALAT FAV TAT Hed this epithet holits the winds Jv7AaqeAa, Taft S. 2, -§ Possible; suamagavay V. 2; Ku. 8.12. 6 Full of, endowed swith, possessed of, furnished withs Seva aHf€2 N11; Moe 9. 141, 244; MATT S. 5, 7 Demonstrated, proved. ~8 Offered, presentod. -® Cured. ~t0 Allowed, rood (MT); BIE Hela Tent aeery | SAAS, Brey FAG AHA Ram. 2.101. 18, 14 One who hiatiapprosched a feucher (as 0. pap peeemeSuE for protection. SqUMITH a. 1 Produwing, effecting. -2 Well roasoned, SAUAAT 1 Effecting, eccomplishing, doing. TAT: . ~2 Giving, delivering» prosen- ting. 8 Proving, demonstration, establishing by arguments; 3% aii a oe so oRSEAITTEAA Mb. 5, 2, 2. -§ Examination, asvertainument, exposition (of a. sajoot). SAUTE «. 4 To be affected or done. -2 To be proved or shown. ~3 Coming into existeneo. FINE «. Selt-produced. Doing, Gods F=asarger =A: Ak. STTTA 1 A word prefixed or previously uttered ageisg ea Ki. 18. 44 (ae); eT a Tse fraraa R. 16, 40. -2 A title, a degroe: epithet of respect suc an te, ARs oH Rrewres amet sarmeafifa Mu. 8. -8 A secondary word of a son- tence, a preposition, particle &e. prefixed to « verb or noun derived from a verb which determines or rualifios the sonse of the verbs aWrzAtg P. TI. 2. 195 sco Sic, thereon ). °H#92%: a kind of Dat. comp. in ‘which the last member is some form of « vorbal cha- acter} e.g. WAAR, AH, AaB, Ko. ‘saTHAT, -e OT Investigation, examination. ‘gaasia, 349% «Closely touching. “#1 Impro- gation or admixture (Ve Srguidang aT AAI Ry. 6. 8.8 ‘SqTAA n. The day before the Parvan oF change of tho moon, SaTGRI false ribs. ‘SqUTA: 4 An unexpected oecurronce. —2 A calamity, nnisfortune, accident. 38% @ sféerad 207.1 SB. on MS. 6. 4. 23. 8 Dostraotion. STTARA A minor sin» orimo or sin of the second degrees aevtaeaears crag alg | aT ae ei argegueam IY. 2. 2105 Ms. 11, 08. SATA «One rho has committed on SITE, srmatineaacisen@AAN: Ma. 11. 107, 117 FATT: Tho upper or dwarf pillar subordinate to a lerger column. SANG a. Having shoes, shod (28 2 hors) Sa = SHAH gq. ¥. YB 285. pert: say 1A shoulder. -2 A. flanks sido) -8 The opposito side. “Phe lesser ribs. Taig 0 P. 1 (a) ‘To press down or against, hurt, iniuro, pain 5 ats FRL=IHT Ki, 8. 5, 8 165 Si. 10. 473 GaigTaH, TaTedied, waleagaied Sk, () To oppress, devastates lay waste s Gymirenied troubled Ma. 8.67) 7- 1953 Kim, 8.72. -2 'To exlipser “3: A. suporhuman eatieay 505 | saiteae 41 Pressing down, devastating, laying SAGA p. p- 1 Violontly attacked, beset, distress waste. -2 Inficting pain, injuring; saPa/arezad pained &e. ~2 Harassed (by Rrhu), eclipsed Ms. 6. 62; 12. 80, ~8 Paio, agony. ed by prodigies, ~$ Moistened, waterod °3a, . E woepiniys target 4 fH A suburb. —€ The environs of a city} 2 aa samara fe fe Pred cia H Dag. 4. 95. 95. aif a. (81 /.) Belonging to s suburb, suburban. SIGINT A seoondary or minor Purina (for sn ‘enumeration of their names, soo under CI"), sagfeTEt Yawning, goping: saritiranits, —arerey int. just preveding or at the time of the full-moon day. SUTTAAA Pointing out, indication. STA 4 Delivering over, entyusting. -2 A Dribo,, present ; Ram. 6. 13, 7. saaiddiaitt Rages SMa: Pt. 1. 95. —3 A tribute. STASNTTA 1 Seducing, alluring. 2 A bribe, un induooment, allurement ; S=aMaen-guasta Dk. 48. STAM: A secondary life-wind (belonging to the body ). sae = se, g. v. STAI Overlooking, disregarding. SGT Invitation, summons. BG] A. 1 To float, swim 5 aeTeat AAI Sk. -2 ‘To overwhelm, cover with ; STH Ram. -8 To assault violently, assail 5 to trouble, oppress, distress 5, AAA RH R.10.5) 14.64; Ms. 4.118. -¥To jump or spring upon. 8 To depart from. ~Caxs, To water. ‘SABAH { Misfortune, ovil, calamity, distrosty advor- sitys $4 aeageraart uRemRTT Ku. 4.465 Sieg: wagratten aa RR, 2.48; -2 (a) Au unluky sccident, injary, trouble; Ham aeafeeromt B.5.65 Me. 17. (+) An obstsoles impediments @ (atfaich) fe censiaey geOaqrert Ki. 11, 20. -8 Oppromion, harassing, troubling; 3¥teata Sarat geateaer Ku, 2.82. ~A Danger, foar j seo S72" below. -B Agitation, pertarbation 5 K. 146. 6 A portont or natural Plisnomenon foreboding evil. -7 Particularly, an eclipse of the sun or moons *AtRWeAIEE@ V1. 11, =B.N. of Rabu, tho asconding node, Sareacteranaa A aNd 8 Anarchy i N. of Siva. ~14 Doubt, soepticimn ( with Buddhists ). 12 Loss, absonoes saat feratewit a ae agra hag. 10. 84. 95. STHIT a. Ono who has suffered a calamityy aise ftrossod, troubleds K. 208. -2 Suffering oppression; aa eavefat: er Ro 1g. 7, FIGHT N, of the capital of tho Matayas; Mb, 8 Pressed, squoozed s ain zara: Ki. 8, 09. “AT Morbid sonsibility of uterus, a particular disease. qT: 1 Connection. -2 An affix. -8 A partion: Jar mode of sexual enjoymonts Ch. P. 44. , EOE A pillow; Pater sya Ro. 85.9, at down, opprossing SITET Increases A. Rim. 7. 6. 29. zqaftta a. 1 Increased, m: factaTalesterm, (a4) Dh Dk. 42. 2 Accompanied bys fea Bhag. 11. 15. 28. STFA vo. Supplementary, additional. SqAE a. A few, a tolerable mumber. SIA The lower arm. 3qq:, -PZ Sound produced at the sprintain Soma} noise, sound in general; Ii Sy tery a Bees 7. 104. 17 (=Av. 8.4.17) = Aye Be emoee ania 3902 Sr eg hor 9 9b STEM 1 Fleeing (of a verse). STAT A secondary dislest STH 7 Us 4 To enjoys tosto (in all sensogy, anes ‘Part Ku. 6.10; WIP is not enjoy ‘J Pe. 2, 12s Ma. 12. 8-2 To ents drinks a: Rag ee 1.673 Dk. 8. 405 THAW Ku. 8. 875 Ye 3 gale “gifo possess SCHEER Hariv. ~H'Po use, mq of, receives WAG RABATAGBR LATA 25 To be useful; 34 4 4 Hse Ch, ay» rotrent. 2A aivision ke use 12, 4119) 29 aaagfen: 7. 4 Enjoyment, use, —2 (in aste. ) The daily course of a star. SWHTFT a. Enjoyings an onjoyers Posossing, Posessor. crit 4 (a) Enjoyment, cating, tating: 9 gil nee eaergeates aTeala Ms. 54, 8. 2855 zane area: By. 16. 1h BAVA R. 12.92. (2) yee applications FCAT S. 4. 4. -2 Enjoyment (op 2 troman)> cohabitation; Saieaears aeTelt gene aargewa BAT R, 1. Of. -3 Usufruct. ~¥ Pleasuegs satisfaction: amit «. Enjoying, using. : een, “S27, “BOA por. p. To be erjoyes, wed of catens GH MAGA, Ku. Ty apg Ree! sutra 8 Petersen Shane wont Pe 2.1175 SRT wR DL1, will bocome out prey. PHA Any object of enjoyment. ~2 Food. -8. Expense incurred for protection (on food, clothing, education &c. ); =441- ed camrigiand a ‘Sukra. 2. 335. TT «. Baling, enjoying STPTTT A minor or inferior ormaments implement. | STZ 8. U. To bears ae Rratesiad “aaa aeggai FH Ki, 5. 12, saa /. [se-aait fq] A round cap used in sacrifices, made of the wood of the Banian treo; 0 seerificial vestel; RAPT TBTETARA Av, 18, 4. STFA «. Procure for, brought nears Rearaage aa ae earerg aa: Bhag, 8.15.29. STAT subdivision. BTA a. Ved. 4 Highest, uppermost. -2 Most excel- lent» Dost> eminent first, 3 Nearest SIMA « 4 OF highest forme, -2 son of Kwruéravana and grandson of Mitea seat mAaeC, Ry. 2. 28.1. susten,10 A. 1 To inviks, foatl, Senties = ere address, eall tos veraet 8 (EME Ch. Up. 2. 13. 1, att iaigHPAct. —8 To porsuade, conciliate. Perera saith aOR ARR, Bhay: 0. 18. 85. STHFATLA The act of addressing, inviting, calling, <2 Porsuading, coaxing (3TH); P. T. 3,47. eam a Inviting, persuading; @at Ase gd | ad qamngenea: Ry. 9. 12.4. me 1A. mossongers Sacer SuaParacataraaial Bhag. 10.47. 19. 2 A subordinate counsellor ; Bhige 10. 71. 20. gaaeaeft A stall for stinrings Sgraet susardt Bri. Up. 6-3. 13. ‘eaafeara a. Ved, Stirring: Vaj. 80. 12. | SqHeG o. Ved. 1 Understanding, intelligent. ~2 Zealous, striving after. —8 (m.) N.of the pupil of | ala ‘Ayoda-dhaumya, who aided Siva in the propagation of his doctrine from him. gaat 2 P.. 3,4. 2. 4 To compare, likens Safa ameriion Si. 8. 83 tat AI sremsenfiaatet Bh. 8. 20. —2 To give, grant ( Ved.), SqTHI 1 Resemblance, similarity, oqualitys epee a fateet SFE Si. 1. 4, 17. 695. Ki. 6. 1 Pt. 2.8 the same is the ease with the good. ~2 (In Bhet. ) Comparison of two objects diferent from cach other, similos comparisons arTeiquar 3% and received the ocean of mille K.P. 10; or reed grat eal : Re Gs or Sen aa agentes: ae) ia ‘gore afd: eatieraaTee Ml Chandr. 5.33 Kay. 2. 145 m1 ERY Subhas. (Dandin mentions 8 yarie- es of STH; seo Kay. 2. 15:50; an to words expressive of STM see 2. 57-05); 00 K.P. 10 ad lov aleoe =8 The standard of comparison (=Hata); aa 2a foe Met Gisa) GAT By. 6. 193 (SIeTANsE Beat ‘Fay TY Waa, Ram. 5. 21.8) seo “24 below; mostly aut the en of comp.» ‘Iike’s ‘resembling’; 494 4 331%: eee so RH, SIT, II ke. FA Likeness 48 8 picture, portrait &s. ~8 Heresy, irreligious ecirinos FARE Tee aA ST Om | seat saat wigiswelesier || Bhay. 7. 15.12. —Comp, ~ZeTH. ny object used for a comparisons etseZaegeait Ku. 1. 49. “SUB a figure in Rhetoric boing a anixture of simile and inotaphor. —2av@R: A” parti cular figure combining comparison and contrast. SORTS n. An image-maker, « portrait-paintar. ‘STATA 1 Comparison, resemblance; WaeaTzal- SUHATG: Ku. 1. 90. -2 The standard of compari- son, that with which anything is compared; one of the four requisites of an Smt; suenaerafzon eat Rud. 53 Seneca we aga ager: V. 2. 35 Si. 20. 49. -3 (In NyBya Phil.) Analogy, recognition of likeness, considered as one of the four kinds of pramagas of means of arriving at correst Inowledge- Ttis defined as mfaaeoreala. aaa; ox SMR WU ea TEAL Tanke. Ke aa fae @ eve comrSRe mata fe a TAT Rem. be 50. 54.—4 A particle of comparison. Comp. STHTHTa: relation hotween tho subject of comparison and the standard of comparison. ota Philosophical swork sata pp. Pe. imilar &e. SMA: f.1 Resomblance, comparisons similar saitstafaasnavad S.D5 ceanenatact 2(tzat N 1.24. -2(In Nyaya Phil.) Analogy, inference, deduotion, Jmowledge of things derived from analogy, 9 conclusion deduced by means of an SUH, SetEwraTaicETaTT fafaaezs Bhass P. 52. —8 A figure of speech = STH q: v- 8 A likeness, picture. SIRT pot. 9, Wi, fo DaTNMaN onda comparable with (vith instr. or in comp. )5, 3 mUagtPTeT: TEAR. 6. 45 18. St 873 Wage agar WAR Ku. 7.2; Oh. Ps 29 v. |. ~The subject of comparison, that which i compared Samraiwiar Bieta aega: Ohandr. 5. 7, 9. —Comp. -STat figure of speech in which the S747 and 2a are compared to each other with & view to imply thut the like of them does not exists reciprocal comparisons Bom. Ne II. 1. 56. Compared, likened, Precker seteaENAA: K.P. 105 e. ge BARA ARCANE “set cafe Fn FAN TE | Ge. samme: /.4 Comparison. ~2 Killing. -8 Approach ing with a prayer, addrossin Granting wealth (Say.), approaching in a ily wa: affable, an epithet of Agni (B. and R.)._—Comp- Tafel a. destroyer of an enomy (Say.)s a1 Ashes FR areca agTAMMAM: Be. 5. 41.16. ono who reocives addresses in » friendly way (7). STATATAT Ved. Deliberation, investigation, consi- doration. saara f. [softer ara 33 a at] 4 “A. second, mother’, wet nurse. ~2 A near female relatives a8 gee Rare een | ag ghee SET: AE: abdak. ‘STAT a. Giving delight. -€? Enjoyment, delight. STAI, Ved. Submerging ( in water ). STAVE a. Occurring every month, monthly (Ved-)s genet REA ATTA ZEA Av. 8. 10. 19. EAT The Sraddha ceremony to be performed every month. safta«. Ved. 4 Dug up, excavated. 2 Placing near, ~f. A prop, stoy, pillar (egit); eget ‘suite, 744 Rv. 1.59.1. STAT 9 U. 1 To crash, bruise, dash to piscess destroy, kill; frsreftgraa sem: FeAX Mbh. 1. 1- 15 anfaeiRare7a N. 5.110. 2 To rub down. —3 To pass through. SAE: 4 Friction, rubbing or pressing down, erush- ing under one’s weight; 24g alana sat AS faeten Hai BiieaTg 8. D. (where Z¢ also means rough handling or enjoyment). 2 Destruction, injury, Killing. ~8 Reproach, abuso, insults harsh. or insulting, treatment; Ml. 1. ~& Unhusking- 8 Refutation of 2 charge. ~8 Stirring, shaking. SIATT a. Crushing, destroying. “At Refutation of a charge. ‘SaATAA Suppression, oppression. SURGE, ind. On the slope oF sides Ki. 7. 28 BINA: The treo Vatien Robusta, Sala tree (Mar. ar). SIT om. (P. TIL. 2.78) Ne of eleven addi tional formulas (enumerated in Vaj-6. 21.) at a secrifces Manas: aaa SeNgTAR aM Sat. Br. STA m The priest who utters the above for mulass Sat. Br. 8.8.5. 5. SMT Additional formulas at » sscrifiess Mb. 2 SqaeTA A minor surgical instruments a dary application of any kind. SOIL Vs To marry, taken wife (Ein thinsens sear fee aaefeorgardee S55. NRTA Ca Ku 1-18; Re 4.875 Si 15.273 Ms. 3 Ze lol. 2 (a) To size, hold: roe wae Bi. 15.213, TOT : Co) To takes reesivo, cecepts SARRTARAE: aa Sor pe 855,28 To thous indicate CAC); ACE WA Bk. 7. 101. -$ To lie under, support, prop up (ak), <8'To go to (a women); een aa Sinan gfaart Me. 11. 172. ~8 To curb, rest SqaFA om. A husbands sacar aaitn 1G 5.455 R715 Si 10. 4 Marriage, marryings a1 aR Sy Restraint 3 A ompDecey qTHAH, 4 Marrying, toking » wifos P. T. 2 10, feeniraan, ~2 Restraining, curbing, ~8 Placing down the fire ~4 Support. at 1 Any support of stone for holding fire-woods SUaRTETECTAT Sat. Bre 2 A sacrificial ladle. qa 1 A kind of vessel in a sneriico: 2 The formulas uttered in taking out the Soma juieo by ineans of a Indle ('Va}: 7.4 s0q4-) ~8 Mareiago (soy 0H). gaat 2P. 1 To approach> go towards, reach ; suaRengaist Ts. 1 4.15. CaN TT Be. 10, 10, ceaeiy air, wa, oe; GAP aT TARR Hi. 3. 110, -2 To atinin tos particular state, met spith &o.5 WAAL, FIA, THA, WE, FAI Re, gqata p. p Come, arrived. —a4 Arrival, return, saa, 4 Approaching, coming nears STII a cd ecirtonr adtienaets 84 CORT T| Ram g Jot. 20. 2 Acquisition, obtamings BIT Rar yg Ku. 7. 22 ratte a. Coming towsrds. i SqaTeL IU. To wish or ask fors solicits mame geaiaga K. 151. j STATAT a. One who asks or solicits, suitor, boszar, SqAAAA Soliciting, begwing approaching with q request or prayer. ‘eaamiel p. p- Begg requested, soliited. eal geeengaaif¥ar aR. 18. 58. ~AA A A roquost oF prays frin goneral 2 A. present promised to a daily f the fulfilment of © dosired object and generally vopitiate her» (the present may be an animal oF oy Tripon boing): MAN ARAN ged wereaegUa sare Pi 1 14; 2 505 9a war aE we: TENSE sireerguadient Mal. 53 eat ay Be aarcieaee feel suan(aae feed zee aie Il —8 A roquest or prayer to a deity for tho accomplishment of a desired objects K. a0. safer = sen above: Rare earhe Ratisaraarihs K. of. STATAA_ 1 The act of causing to come near, lead- ing nonr., —2 A marriage; garat efeqat = -s% frga cage) aaceciea wetaed (HEAP Dog. 10.09.98, SqTTH7 A. 1 To nso, employ; applys WePIqagaia Si. 2.93) VEU alles eH Re 8. Qs M. 5. 125 SHaTATAMA useless, good for nothing, S75 U.4.—2 To enjoy, taste: 1 31454 Me. 13 v.13 WITT a grid: R. 18. 463 Bk. 8. 305 ~8 'To devoto or yitach Snenelf to}, 7 HAGVAA is not loved Pt. 2. 293 8 Sarat erepiie Hafcqegse Subhas. ~¥ To yoke or hamess (as horses to a carringe )s WAMFATES afREA Ay. 4. 28. 3, 5 To appropriates consume, eats TH a (wa) sige sareeirceaiate FRAT Ms. 8. 40. -pass. 4 To bo used or applied. -2 To be fit or proper s TmaIgTHA Beg. “3 ‘To be of use, ho taken into accounts 88. Ge sat aa: gagoTe Pt 1. 828, SIGH p. py. 1 Attached Go. —2 Suited, appro- priate, fit rights propor. ~3 Worthy, serviceable, use- ful. -& Eaten, consumed. ~%? A subordinate officers Hau. A. 2. 5 Bhag. 9. 2.143 Stgaieat at aut faye Faatftta Ram. 2. 114. 15. sitet: 1 Employment, use, application, sarvizes Sasraleercamgvin FI Madh. N. seat or FH_to be used or employed, serve; maf oraerarmaaearn Ku. 1.7 2 Administration 4f medicines, or their proparation. ~8 Fitness, suitable Goss, propriety. —$ Contact, proximity. 8 Any act contributing to the fulfilment of a desived object. GF Good conduct, observing established customs, —7 Pood tat gaia aisesei fesrarmautaamect, Bhag. 9. 5. 2. sqaifirs ao. 4 Employing, using. -2 Conducive or ‘ributing toy serviceable, useful. -8 Appropriate, Ge proper. “4 Favourable, propitious. 8 Touching. gaatfirat or “1 1 Usofulness, utility. -2 Fitness, propristy. ~8 Ooossion, need, -# Favour. SqAAAT, 1 Harnessing a horse, Ait. Br. 5. 90. 6. =2 A team. STATA a. ‘To he employed, used or applied. SIT a. Veil. 1 Boing below, under. -2 Postariors later. -8 Nearer -t: 1 Tho lower stone on which tho ‘Soma plant is laid that it may be gromd by means 4. %. Bue 4st Sud of other stones ( HT); a4 gaqaea at Ry. 1.79.3. 2 Tho lower part of tho sucrificial post. —3 A cloud. 4A rogion, direotion. SaxaTf ind. Tn the proximity, near to; Peal seh ‘sacar ay Ry. 7. 48. 85 1. 151 SILT. 4 U. or in pass. To be reds to he eclipsed: Sawa aI a: Mu. 1. —Cans. 4 To colour, tint, dye. -2 To affect, grieve, distress, ee PA Miltted, overtaken by calamity, stressed. ~2 Kelipsed; KX. 814. ~8 Tinged, coloured; fanaatiacormalivt: Si. 2.18. —eh: 4 The sun or moon in eclipse. -2 Rahu. SILA ind. Darkening, obscuring, aaevanelee- sarmanat Bhag. 4, 20.70. SILI a. 1 Dycing. ~2 Aecting, influencing. STEM: 4 An oclipse of the sun or moon; S¥T= safe: agua Ofer aim S. 7. 225 Si. 20. 45. —2 Henoe, Bahu or the ascending node. —3. Redness, red colours colours MATITTHPATIR Ratn. 3.145 Mike 45 wae? Mil.9. -§ A calamity, afliction, injury lighting influences wrfet afar R16. 7. 8 Mishehaviour, illvonduct. 6 Roproach, blame, abuso ‘SALA: A body-guard. SHTML A guards an out-post. sacra [ Sufird aa 39 At at] A scoondary or inferior gem} Sh ara wigeM ata a er ced geal aor aa era aT | fo g Pear di faisaETE I SICA A bye-road, minor road; 4 TANT Ram. 5.58 SAH 1 P. (Sometimes H. also) 4 To eoatey ends torminatos STagITTH 4 Ar Ki. 9. 44, 18, 695 FAFA REM; ACHWAT consed Go. 2 ‘To cease or dasist from, stop ( oft. with pres. part. )s UMZAMIZEMT Pi, 15 or with abl.5 Bg. 2.955 Bk. 8. 543 9.513 or with inf. Ki. 4.175 or by itselfs BK: 8.95. -8'To bo quiet or calms teen fan Bg, 6.20.3 To await, wait fors Sat Br. 2.2, 1-25 8.8.2-29. -8 To make quiet (= Cas). Cans. To cause to conse, stop, make ‘auiot or still. SARA p. p. 1 Stoppods cossud; SHEATH ge Ac Mh. ou P. T.4. 110; taegea Ms. 5. 66. ~2 Dond; ta ‘wraeTaETAITAET Mu. 4. —3 Withdrawn or retired from; CHL, HET Re. HAIMIT Bg. 2. OM. One who is disgusted with the world nna has retired from it. ap. ~81fE «. having no foe. —* a. ceasing from works, not relying on worldly acts. —Frarhrara a. ‘one who has renounced all desire for worldly thinge, 308 -sitfrar (a. woman) whose manses have ceased. | BIE a. void of desire, indifferent to worldly attach- | rocnts or possessions. sate: f. 1 Ceasing, stopping. —2 Death. —3 “Afstaining from sexual enjoyment. ~4 Indifference. ~8 “Abstaining from prescribed aets5 the conviction that ceremonial acts aro futile and ceasing to rely on them =6 Intellect. SFE (I A A Ceasing, stoppings endings HATE Gi TaGMH Bhag. 1.8.86. -2 Abstaining from, giving up. ~8 Death. SATAN 1 Abstaining from sexual pleasures. =2 Refraining from ceremonial acts. —9 Ceasing, stopping. SICAL, P. To cause to resound; wel seal fea Bhag. 10.85.12. ‘SATA: A sort of hole used in the extraction of Soma juice ( @tanficarsy wearer Rae: ); namo of cor tain holes which increase tho sound of the stones when Soma juive is being extracted ) ef also tage aqzarAz angutay sciite Sata: | SB. on MS. 11.4. 52. SATA A near sounds P. TIT, 8, 22. Heit SICH 1 A secondary mineral, (red chalk, bitumen, ‘aria, fae &o ). -2 A secondary passion or feeling. =8 A subordinato flavour. STU: A viceroy, one inferior to the ruling autho- rity; P. IV. 2.116, sma cate aft weet ear Mb. 12. 80. 82, aft ind. 1 As a separable proposition (usually with gon., rarely with ace. oF loc.) it means (a) Above, covers upon, on, towards; ( opp. #42) (with gen: )5 eae NTH, S. 7.75 SAREE BE 2.6 spbetaft S. 2.95 seer ML, 9.12. 875 20 RUTH, RIT Ko. BRAM Ram; or ace. PAPAL yeah iid; oft. at the end of comp.; T°, 8842, 42°. (>) At the ond of at tho head of; alararagait ada KK. 158.(c) Beyonds in addition tos Smedait Searea saa, Y. 2.3535 Hae ft Suér. (d) In connection with, with regard to» towards, upons TRIETIM Gees RG. 2; Santi, 8.935 TEMG Ha:, TNT eaves hes wa aA afteaii®t on your account. (¢) Afters agetgatt sapere | Bawa P. LTT. $.9 Sk. SAE joined to Tae ( with ec. of, gen. or by itself) means (a) Just abovos Alara risaies art: Vop. (),) higher and higher, far | high high aboves Sagat waarmiem <4 era Mp. 2 | (As a separable adverb) Tt means (a) high above, upon, towards the upper side of ( opp: 94: )s P& Parner, <_emeeaTTAe Ram. 7.29, 6. sTgaR germ: 4 A PEARL 2, 25 v0 SLE mT; PEE, ever | os oft in comp. #rBRAP PHBA Y. 1.819. (6, in addition, further, moro; | STaFgw aq aaa: Mb. (c) Afterward war ta afta Senki, 2.75 a Aga more and moro, repeatedly, continuously. [ Zend upairi, upara; Gr. iupers L- supers OG Gorm. ober! Germ. uber} Eng. overs Hind upar Comp. nm high, —5T A tex paid by temporary 1 SH. The third division of the Maitrayant Suihita. “WA «. gone up, ascended, — AE a. moving above (as a bird ). ~T: Neof the King: Vasu. Peet «. piled over or above. —St a. prod wart, Upper parts 2aRtAiaviPMGe Mk, 8, 20, mae a. Vedi coming from above; Vaj-7-8.~B&% a. Vaq | raised above the ground: Ry. 10. 73.8. 4 variety of 3241 metre, “MITT: the upper portion or side TAT boing above ot higher. ~4H f. the ground ahve, REAM ind. Vel. above men: 0 Brgyee wal BIY Ry. 8.19. 12. ~WTAAL a place of rest, aes ference BATE 0.9. « boing in the upper lino or series. ~B (PA) a. Ay Staying ups Wreaaneaes ie BeAAARIT Ram, mie be erg Lying oF sitting aboves V8j- 9.85. Cm) tase of gods. ~277FL sitting above. SANIT. s, Seq ing highor, prominent. —€92L Reaching above, a vated; Fear ear size SMATA Ry. 10, Toa mm A provineial governor. 9. safeore ind. (of. S74VREP. V- 3.31] 4 Ay adverb it means (a) Ovors above fom aboy high; seeaaem aaftera = Bh. 8. ISS Y, 7, CB) Further or later on, aftorwardss ated aemraagaitzre, aft Mal. 6; sates, are the soquel. (c) Behind (opp: Ea) 5 Scerayhn crea Gh. Up. 5-22. ~2 (As. preposige it moans (a) Overs upon (with gon rarely ge)! epeequtencenntae! CHR Tea Wega es 11.8. (4) Down upon (e) Bohind (with aN comp. ~SattfaeHAT N. of a Vodic metre consistiy ) 45 of Ht syllables. S21 f. x vorso of tho Trigg Of see Nine last line of which consist of eight ay tBB N off Vedio matte having four Puggle fret of which containe 12 ¢yllables, each of the g,the others having only eight. Fe0 sada: A particular mode or enjoyment’ (also called (32K). sae 7 U. 1 To obstruct, hinder» inter stops AI Aten ar akeq Kath. Up. 1 in posture of saxngy ty, Saeibiararereaae S415. Ve. 8-83 Spat aasqut S. 43 V. 63 qagaerar Y. 2. o50. to detain, amBvEgH V. 5. -2(0) To distarp, troubles atetenatamguertes S, 1. (3) To pross, trouble swith a requests stegay daft Aatiga R. 5,22. -8 To Dveroome, subdues a Praweairargaate & Reb. 88. =H To hesioge (an enemy town Ge.)s Saerafearete ‘Ms. 7. 195; Kam. 13. saeg FEA Mu. 2. 8 To look up, pon, confine; AGE AT EAIGARA Ske =8 To conceal, hides SPRATT Get R. 7.89. -7 To cast off, ropudiate, rejects, SRegHgHTENt Ram. STE p. pA, Obstructed, impeded, stopped, confinod, captives #4 ME UETgTERATA R. 18. 18. -2 Covered, spread, concealed. —8 Protected, favoured. ~% Besieged, locked up. —@? A captives R. 18. 18. STA 1 Obstruction, impediment, obstacles IH soregaaraata: R. 6. 443 Si. 20743 aAge? Fam Td. 7a Disturbance; trouble, molestations eireetareerg- Gaara S15, 65 ABE we ATM VB SHIA iDids detentions % TeHETE S, 9, = 3 Opposition, refusal, check, restraint. -% Covering, surrounding, Blocking up. -8 Bindingy tying ssiging- wg Protection, favour. NAT FIRITTIAETT Mensures conducive to pencss Kau, A-7-~7 sublation, dropping; Sratiearfa subeearadta: Ea | MS. 8. 4. 15, Comp. Aan a. impeding, obstructing. qT a. 1 Obstructing obstructors TAS 1 maimernagvae: Ram. 6.6.16. -2 Covering, surround ing —3 Favouring. ~%A An ineer room, a private apartgent. SITATE Obstruction, impediment do. sop. 2484. ‘gaz a. Obstructing, impeding; Fare asses gaveeie BR. 18. 18. gqamam, [se evé each Tea] A drome of an inferior class, of which 18 kinds are enumer; Se Trae ear eyes Aimee FaeNs Arter | gla sevce ara MPA IN S. D. 270, Sas 1A stono, rocks eromReRE Fed Aaron, Mu, 3. 153 86% %4 vizaaradea a §. WL. 9; Me. 193 $.1. 14, -2_A precious stone, jewel. Y. 3.96, ‘ 9: sede art? eft fea. 8 Sand (Ved.). “BA doud. <5 A pall thrown from somo artifice (6 gun); #Ar aeagial My TEM: Mb. 5. 264. 4. -BT t Refined sugar, (27a Sugarcandy ). -2 ‘The upper and mallee millstone which rests on tho Drigad. [ot Le dpatwes ] Comp, “APA a. Grinding grain upon mill= Sones UE TA HreTese wATRy. 9. 11%, 3. sae A stone. STAT 10 P. 1 To looke at) observe, beholds masks nana StoRM K, 197s AeOTET aa S. 1. =2'To regard or considers RAI: Hest arate Team. -8 To mark, put a sign upon; SMAI wears TeeT Y. 1,80; 2.161; Kam. 7. 47, -$ To STIR: denote, designate, desoribe. -8 To imply in addition; suaicen SanaaTagTweAT Kull. on Me. 8. 162. 6 To mind) havo in views Kim. 16, 40, SASAF a. 1 Observing; marking; Designating, indicating (as a word ). STB 1 Locking st, beholding, observing, marking, ascertainment; HS. 4. —2 A marky characteristic or distinctive feature: SI=NyIeRTI, V. 4, 4, 33; Sia qAlar Sk. -3 Designations g4e- aa Sk, 4 Tmplying something that hes not hoon. actually expressed, implication of something in addition or any similar object where only one is mentioned; synecdoche of a part for the whole, of an individual for the species, or of a quality for that in which the quality exists (Eaareaea ala SaeaTraeeed )s Hees Arama gies, P. 11. 4, 80 Sky so Het aTeHRTE I ke. saefra p. p. 4 Observed, marked, comprehend ‘ea, implied, metaphorically expressed &e. —2 Under- stood, comprehended. -8 Characterized. SqTwEA pot. p. 1 Inforable. 2, To bo described, Aesignated &e. —8a 1 A prop, stoy, support. -2 An asylum, shelter. ~8 An inferenos. saefeniter: [ 21% (ser ele ] A kind of anton lope (38). saat 1 A. 4.0 Snow, understand, seo, perceive Caireouly); _Remeeiornag (Aa aH Pe 1. 765 ara sftiear aimaea’ K. 152.2 To asortainy find ont, learn, know; 2 aga Us 15 cad eaTEeey $. 1; My. 7.803 RB. 12. 603 Bk. 8. 973 K. 1595 M. 41, 5.6, 4.6.-8 To get, obtain» acquire, enjoy, experience happiness 6.) S99=48%: Ku. 4.42. exporioncings HaBIes MAA V. 2. 10 onjoy s HAM KafdoT Mt Mu. 2 now I recollect; Me. 11, 175 BR. &. 82, 10.2 18. 21. 5 To conoeive, become pregnant. ~Cavs. 4'To esuse to gots BUN 4 fe cael (RoReaTIeISATA Bhag. 8. 15. 57. 2 To produce, bring about. ‘SIS p. p.1 Gainods obtained. —2 Conosived. “8 Perosived, understood, Hmown, guessed. Comp, =a. having the meaning understood. (—7atat f. ) a tale, a true or probable story sqft /. 1 Getting, obtaining, acquisitions Saz=t ‘wet Pema Mh. on 1. 1. L. 39 fe H Careargaefe: R. 5. 66, 8, 17, -2 Observation, poreoption, knowledge (am); antefeasie a, savdetan Nytyn. Sites, AIM Zaee%: Brahma Sitra 2.2.28; Wa aqea 2.1.15, of. NyBya S- 2-28 20. —3 Understanding, mind (af%), -& A conjecture, guess. —8 Perooptibility appearance ( recognized # . kind of proof by the Ee ay aaa ERO ere AL acfan® -2 TIYIT EA Mb. 12. 288, 8. see HaTeeT, —Comp. SE: (in logic) A kind of sophistival refutation of an argument (c.g. the argument ‘sound is uneternal Dhecause itis produeed by some offort~’ is retuted by saying that sound is also produced’ by wind )s Nysyadaréana, ‘STET a. 1 Gaininig, acquiring. -2 Knowing, perosiving. m. Soul, self. Sara: [FAITAR A P. VIL. 4. 64] 4 Acquisitions aeeIARIA TerMEHAeITET S. 7. —2 Dirost pereoption ‘or recognition, comprehension otherwise than from memory ) same as EH q. v.); MONTE Mal. 5 wet greigaivernt BR. 14.2. 3 Ascertaining, Knowing; #curaqwsat S. 1. —% Scoing, looking at (2a )s erases afc Bhag. 10. 98. 10. SISHAF a. Causing to observe, rominding. STGRTAH, Apprehension &o. SITST pot. p. { Obtainable. ~2 Respectable, com- mondsble, praise-worthy. steafaal waNGeeaL R. BARAT A desire to obtain. SIF 10 P. To fondle, coax, flatter s ADK. 295 S75 M3, SqeTeA Fondling. STEMe 4 Thirst. -2 Tyranny. SUWBET A portent, natural phenomenon, consi- dered as boding evil. Safer 6 P. 1 To anoint, smear, besmear. -2 To defile, pollute; ait “afeaa Bg. 13. 32. 3 To stick or adhere tos a1 agauvfeentt Vash. —Caue. ‘To bes mear (orp. with cow-dungs 28 (age Tea ‘BRIT Ns. 8. 206, SABE 4 Anointingy smosring. BhBge He 1-99. =2 leaning, whitewashing. 3 Obstruciony being concealed. -% Becoming deadened ot dull (said of senses), Bhunéness, dullnese, SBATA 1 Smoaring, anointing, plastering: ~2 An sinttients unguente STEARA 4 Sorving a8 an cinkment, ~2 Anointing, smearing. ~8 Obstructing- STE 4 A. To hie close to» cling to; Mb. 8, STEN. of a grammatical work connected with the Pratiéakhyas. Comp, —afaRt /.. —areTa, Namos of Commentaries on the ahove wark. SIBIEA A sccondary metal. STAFD m. 1A priest at a sacrifice -2 One who animates (by his words ), ‘TITAS: The tree Buchanania Latifolia ( FATES) saz 1K. 1 To talk over, eo -2'To flatter, cajole, coox; FAITE Ska TARA Bk. 8. 28. ‘STANT: Censure, blame ( Ved. ). SIMA o. Consuringy blaming; wea: SARA: PAT suai: Ch. Up. saa [ suitvi a4] A gardon, grave a planted forests Wy=mAAIAATAT: WF: AWA: Me. 233 R. 8. 73. 1B. 793 “OAT a garden crooper. ~Comp. ~PAT! Ne of a work on gardening- BTA 10 P. To describe in detail; BTA Fe gear, Mu. 1. saath Minuto or detailed description. sqavher Minute description, delineation in detail; cafteraeadt Saree, Suse. 5 ¥. 1. 320. gaat N. of a son of Saikara Svimin, author op several writings on the Mim&risi philosophy. zaafETa «. Srwollon or dimmed with toars (a5 799 ), saafgat N. of a plant (sea). ‘SqaeE: Ved. Emulation, rivalry. ‘STA 1 P. 4 To dwell in or at, inhabit avai 4 graaere% Mund. Up. 1. 2 1- Sk. ~2 To bo in a state of abstinenoo, abstain fro food, fast; SFR Ms. 2. 200, 5.205 Y. 2 292, gy” (tig. alo); #URaTearea area Feet Di 4. gays go to (a master). ~¥ To enter upon, learn, taley {2 Degin. ~Caxs. To causo to fast. sqaera: [serena aT] 4 A village. -2, day preceding a Soma sacrificos or a day of prep; tion for this sacrifices a fast-day. 3 qaaerdta, STITT o. Selected for on SaRyy (as 0 day). SUAETH A fast. FTAA, A fast Festingy “2 Tho stolo of being BeTaiRA /. Support of life (ns food, sloop &e. ), START a. Ono who fasts. STAG a. Staying now; Agaararfagy Mb. 3. 118-14 BE 4 A tasty MAMET gy at Y.1. 175, 3. 1905 Ma, 11. 196 (a fost is « religions agp and consists in abstaining from every kind of songue} gratification). ~2 Kindling « sagrod fire. -3 firealtar, The ara SAAR SOAITH a. Fasting, oberving a fast. HT A fast. STATA «. Fasting. Rater 3 Pena sarc a grata | erate: fasting; -Ulés oot gem 2a a ah TANT a, Ono who has fasted, -TL A fast, fasting. STA 1 P. 1 To bear or load near, lead towards. 2 To bring about, commenoo. ~B ‘Po gather together + geerilaagtia (ares Bhiig. 10.85. 22. ‘STS p. p. 1 Collected, gooumulatod, increased, stored ups 38ea9aIS, 5, 75° BM. 5.15 V. 2.75 s0.°H@:, "CE Ge, -2 Brought near, proximate, near; SHeAeUTTASICA Ki. 17. 5b 13.23. ~8 Arrayed for batile (as an army). ~# Boyuns commenced aghé Meganaeaqaea(l: Ram. 0.106. 18. steer CAREW: S. 7, 10 causing sound. ~5 Married. —6 A. pattlearray. ZT A second) favourite wie; ef. ataat in Ram. 1. 14. 35. STAC Ved. Anything placed on the neck of an, ox under the yoke, to raiso it to the right level for a yokefollow of groater heights M. W. of. Sat, Br. 144.7. STARA (Tn music) Protiminary singing, bum ming 2 tune before boginning to sing it aloud; M. 2. sales Carrying to, bringing near; Sage crane He TEMTATERT, Team. 1. 11. 29. saati®a «. Plowing towards. gaara, EN 1 A king’s riding elephant (male or female): =aaRIwarat Trae Mu. 2 2A royal vehicle (in gonoral); Sawaramasi war eeegay Ram. 7-15. 88. gaat Ved. Blowing ats WA ABTA aTaP: Ay. 12-1. 51- STAT! 1 Addressing sperking to, conversing. reverones, respect Bhai. ‘ztedana: { Immotinto conncolion. 2.8 doscondant, sree 4 U. 1,To put fogethue, add, inerease, —g ‘To join, connect ‘a7 Kem. 1.19.3 To any 2h direct towards. saeifier pr A endowed ith + 0 surrounded by’: regard to, devote. sqeararey Adaing, joining aareteam ind. Aost twilight S276 82 Star, $i 065s : “syeiearer Laying down, giving up, resimation, saqarat 3 0. 1 To pat on (os fel Om Beg y -2 To arrange. eneqarane, Gathering together, heswiiss ware craeeey, Sk aceite o To be Drow together oF 2am gg az 4 K. 1 To como toy arrivo ats Tn 2 G euquétle Mb. -2 To get, obtain. —Caws- 1 To yes or lead near. “2 To give, grant. —3 To rest agg Order of prices, ordain. (Budd. ) o ‘saebafe: /-4 Appronching, arriving BT ing into any condition. wasp. py. 4 Gained, obtained: WEI a afters sere Ram. 7. 25, 42, 2 Arriveq 7 Aa Furnished with yostowings gatevd™ Rae Ty Familiar with. 6 Bnough, suficont: ~ a snorifice Cas an animal), immolated: 7 Degg Jecmtads 8 Cooked droned (as food), =? Stayt canna ne mm honae Sa ae MB Saat Condiunent- ‘ Jemnseted with, fired Mh: 2 domaine , rterring to -3 Atha EE sae SAAT, “TT 1 Conversations sateetaaiaare Ki. 8.3. —2 Priondly persuasions SHUT Soe P. 1.8.47 Sk. Sra, saa, STITT Seo under IV, A VT STATA, Vans, PA To subdue.2 ‘Do prepares dressy cooks Waa Maro aeragueraat Bhi. 11. 27-20. 10_P., To appense, conciliate, pacify: sealant gata 2, STEMAAT, Appeasings pacifying, AR ind. Ved. Tn the lap, on the hips near, at hand; a4 94 Sule WE: Ry. saefit: A plough ageq: N. of an Asura, son of Nikumbka and younger brother of Sunda. STAT The diso of the sum or its halo. fivefly. BG 1 P. 1 fo yo towards, approach deny nears aei fatATaMe Tait. Up. 3 11. etc. 2,3, Stay ge, waite aie TIANA “a Bp. 16. 2 To go against, attack. 8 To have Inderoourse Cas of a woman with a man) Mb, 3. ‘Sqat c. PLLL.3.71 Approaching. S41 App roaehing (as a cow ). 7 TATERTC. oh also SHED Te tintrg saataraiRRaA az Ae WAI. ~2 Tho first proguancy of cows THGOT Sk. 3 A fontinuows Tnnoe ATES GRA ..,,,. Bke 7-65. BqEFEOTe 4 Cloing towards. ~2 Rapid owing of fhe blood towards the heart (as in sikaoss ).~8 That ‘which ia approuched a8 a rouge. saat A cow ft for a bull (ef P. TIT 1104), sau sear set 2 areata Ay AISLE: Bk 6 52 BUega 6 P. 4 To pour out or on, offer (water &e.) =2To add toy anmex; to joiny attach, conmoct with, bring to; gat Raat: Trafsemaat Bri. Up. 1.9.6. 8 "To heset with, oppress infasts ANIA eae ee fray. 1. 2723 Ma, 4.613 seo SYA belows 2%, sunita &o. 4 To eclipeo: Ms. 4.37, -8 To come in contact with. -8 To produce, fet, creates 344 sere rererat GA%: hag. 4 19.19. 7 To destroy. Feltcid'Giskons, Gicuos ange coseenel Rein ivease’ also a disease euperinduced on another; A Wasa erat Suse —2 Misfortune, trouble, calamity, Jnjury, harm Heeanea: HT Rata. 1,103 ATA M. 4. sorrows SR samted aa gira Ram. 9.63.2. -8 Portents natural phexomenon foreboding evil. -§ An eclipse, 8 An indization ‘of symptom of death. “8 Adi “1 Possession BE aos A by an. evil spisi. -8 A yroqesition proixed to xeote: faaraeat Sa: stazeaganer: | Sine franin Stereamen Sell suaies gat fear fate: faraka % ad starearatemray wee arearaareniteaalaa a2is aaesigqeanl:| Durga under Nivalta 1, 9. 22a ataieariolen fart rape qv: | Skanda, The #1276 defines S75" thus sitenteaniges mrenigueae & emit | sea softererear eaicanBslercI) A. pootastor has framed the following “SHEA stanza with tho Fala S¥ePir: Par ( Panint Ted. 50), seis Pram rer Geer amen safe sve en wen Zensrga ete anata 3B, Uy 4, GEL, SE, A, HE on FAL or Fy (8, (2), M, a8, I, aR, B.S, HY, AAR, TR, SH or Bit FREE and SATE ho taken a8 separate words, There are thro thaories as to tho chacuotar of these prepositions. According to one theory roots have various meanings in themselves. ( frat); when propositions 0 profixed to thom they simply hring to light hose meanings aleoady existent but hidden ia them, but they do not express thom, being meaningless them selves; ef. Sis10. 15:—eeaita eapereTaneTeCIeSeT | Fase agers aarat orgaiegeer a class of writings gue wrest go the Vedanune: (thove are four = ten Exaataradarea ). 6 N. of the class of sacreq, Certs of tho Tainas. ~Oomp. ~Htee A kind of sont Tap i evfaa A doity, whoco #4 ie cbsorved on thee fifth of bright hold of Aéwina month, sqacP. 4 To approach, aren sis Prd aR saat By. 1,46. 14-2 To stond or wait npoe Depts “8 Te te ein or hambl “also )5 SME ‘To treat (in medi ‘garafta p. p- Attached to any one’s dione at (fu gram) That rule of Sandi Teme ag Vinge becomes €bolore’® and “saree: 4 Position (of a word én a aeniauea 2a Pronelanss +8 Same a8 START gy, above 4 rar pt. ( Tvod only with tho root &) Suppeeys sng: taba oe Bt Having supported: TAS PT. 4.73 8k. ‘saTaATA Anointing» plestering tho ground wi conden Thapom See} M3. 5. 10D, 129, 1285 Crag sera gu serqe% Med sith), saraerr, Rannet for congetating mills gy Br. 7.4.2 “gaye: 4 Tranagtettion of deviation from sabi an eae) TE Disorderly conduet, rudetot Geant 2 B.A fe 7. 303) 4 Te ycane acm ae F¥i00) og by whigh| aT AIR, obtain ET Marea ae A gp ¥.2.121.-8 To sive to, furnish with; SW Tet ENE; Ku. 741. —§ Mo take, appropriate to. one ramos AFIT Si, 6. 28. 8 To take away ry away; steal. ~8 ‘fo sez» attacks Pt 3. IL. “7 To take, lay hold of NTioMTPATTE 1. 9. 54s to draw (water )~8 fo agsumo a form. -8 To feel, perceives experiences 91M JERR: He. 6. 21, ~10 To conritors Fegard, ~14 "To take in addition, in: ude, comprise: Se NoetsefernnrereTTeAT TET arinizeeg aT SD. 2 42 To employ, apply; uso; ea geiguetet Mb. 18 To uundetiako, begin as in Jair: Taegu Mb, 12, 228. 49. 15 To mention, enumerate; 2 qeearerrTz, Sk. Cavs. 1 ‘To cause to use» apply oF employ. =2'To mako use of. SATE). ys 1 Goty recciveds acquired, obtnineds fea: R. d,s FRIAR K. 96, 165, 3B, HG. 2 Appro priated. “3 Taken away, seized. ~8 Felt, porosived, Togarded. 8 Employed, used 7 eit: aeareageer arora meNOMAG TTA Ku. 7. 20. 8 Comprised. —7 Begun, commenced.” 8 Mentioned. -9 Allowed in ‘arguments granted, conceded. —M An clophant out of rut, Comp. ~£8 a. Speedy» quick, feet. —at a. Colebrated in songs SU ARH MRE Ku. 5. BO. TATE a. taking p arms armed. STII 1 Toking, receiving, acquisition, obtaine ings Perse arg: Yale AORTA. Ms. 8.4175 127; fear? K. 75. -2 Waking away, appropriating to oneself. -8 Employment» using; beooming femuliar With. 4 Mention, enumeration PHENO. ee Mbi. 1.1.9. “8 Saying, speaking. -B Tnclud- ing, containing. 7 Withdrawing the organs of senso and perception from the external world and iia objects. 8 A ctusos motives naturel or imme inte caulo? WENTERE SHU. dy. 3 SEESE Readers’ Aes 47, UV. 6. 9 The astorial out of which mado, the material onto rare ser exgarets ARE Adhikaranamal. 10 ‘A mode of expression in. which a word used llipt- cally, hosides retaining its own primary sense, conveys mother (in addition to that aphich is ectuelly. expres sod )s evra TI... TUM K.P, 2, mf (With, Buddhists) conooptions grasping at or clinging 1 existence (caused by ET and oausing 9). (With Ramsnujes) propszation (of perfumes, Rowers se. 25 one of tho fivo elomosits of worship). 42. Effort of ody’ or spacch. “13 N. of the four contantmoxts mentioned. in SUSUR as SEG MeTUaLeM TEA K. 50. Comp. “RIT a material causes 3BIAITE He a aaTEGIHNAT SD. —eaTaMT = ara Gey eo. K.P. 25 8. De Me aire pot. p- 1 Capable ‘ot bang thew. “8 Oapable of being endured; Mal. 10. ~8 Accopiable, ‘Admissiblo. -§ To be choson or selectal. —8 Excellent, admirable. sarfeH: A sort of insect. “ETN. of plant 141 Ola. Sit Fa). SAAT SV. {To place near oF upon. —2 To offers sive impart. a ae ENEMA: Bhim 410. 28. 11, ~8 To put om waar. 2 To. creates calls produces WMeHeNeTET Bh. 3. 855 Gr. 10. 8 To {rie efeck -8 Nv kezp old. 7 To sede ‘STAN 4 Fraud, deveit, trick. Cn Vedanta). 3" Disoriminative or distinguishing property, attribute, peculiarity s TEIN" tc: i B.2, This of four kinds — aft, 37, Fem, Gar, 5 A file, nickname; (aia, mamieiarers, ed do.) Ae. EguiTr (modem. use). 8 Limitation, condition (ag of time, space &e.)s a gUROUAITTe Ha) FRNOE MDL. 1.3.2 starts Prob. 2 country altogether (or naturally ) beautiful Colt oocurring in Vedanta Phil); eeignfrctact Me: S. Bs 9 9g aiteaneiaa: Sees U6. 125 Ma =6 A trace, mark purpose, ovsisions object. ~B (In lgi for a genorel effets SIAC as SH (wot fuel) is the SUPT of the heew ME fn tho iafareboo 94 544 45:, ~ Reflation on duty or a virtuous reflection. 40 A san who is carotal t0 support his family. 11 Am incidental purposos an additional: adjanct (ovhich does not modify vigil ides to whioh it ie added ), IEC? aeeee gu: ee fr | fereques foe ef | etsrecnfatee it fee stand 1 ei. ames cee teat | SB.on MS-4.3.20: sleo SB.on MS. 12-4. 18, ~Comp. -C a. That which comes only incidentally adding another adjunct or Sa, Safret: oa: | aan Aste sitaa seat ayaqy ereararedoaae | SB on MS. 42-20. 712A sabstitute, substitution; ae! war-aat eae sue Ram. 2. 111. 29. SAPEH o. Exceeding, supernumars ‘sarfee p. py. 1 Deposited, plaved. —2 Put on, ao ee showing. © Accribed or atinibted to (0). ~B Aree upon, done by mutual agreement, 8 fiery Portent, danger or destruction from fre Sarena: [Seana sien, SeoENT] AA toucher or preceptor in gonoral. “2 Pertioularly, a spiritual teachor, religioge receptors 1 Set wes Bert aR qwedtenaacae al eae Mbhe Led. Chy ¥.1, 35 @-subvieacher who instructs for, wages only ina part of the Veda and is inferior to an S114 CORTES )5 ole Mss 2. 1415 eRet G Hee ReTRATT 2 Deception: disguise additional. ara: | Aseria aeatqueas: 4 TAT soc HANTS, ‘and under 2412 also. —aT_A female preceptor. 2 4 A female preceptor. St aida aeN STH, sana ond Vert. ag aaeareaniter 77 TT TA: on P.IV. 1.49 Se. -2 The wile of s precoptor “Comp. aE N. of « geaminar frequently refer red to by the commentary on the Unadi Sitras. sereMA The wite uf» proceptor- Vert. MI reageTeTaA | on PTV. 1.) waTeRg: A second sts Mb. 18- STAG a. [See aH Mat a] 4 Like a cart, being in a carts Warititemage aif sure: ada, Ry. 10. 105.4. —2 Tike a father (uncle &e). n. 1 The space in a carriage; freefimamart, Ay. 2. 14.2, -2 Any- ‘hing placed in a carriage, eatragelond Barf [semefay sueeNE: |] A sandal, shoos Surresreniges at salsa a HE. 1. 122; Ms. 2.2405 31 fe Pea erat a O& sregTARAL HL. 5.51; ot. ¢ What 4 nod in tho hones cannot go ont of Hes’ or ‘ Habit 15 second nature near or home (a wife): Ba Nea to he ends tot bt nos Ef ile, lg margin, skirt» point (of anything): ai Fic ei: R. 7,50, Ku. 3. 69,7-925 Amara. 275 U. 1.265 RS" K. 196, -2 The comer or angle of tho exes REM Clg Ke, 5.745 AAMT ARCH 3A. 295 18.26, ~3 Immediate proximity» vicinity 5 lemratesaRatiive Rg. 57, SHATTER B72 16.21; Me, 21. ~§ Side or slope (FA): Me. 18. ~8 The last lettor but ones SURAT «. Near, pros Vieinty, proximity; Mths &, SUT a. Proximate, nears eee 2 Last but one; Smareqarcred rea a, «SE Tho comer of the eye, FEAL Vicinity. sae J-4 Reching to. -2 Obtaining, getting. ATEAL /. Bringing near or taking away (SEC Sa swiaviaiear wa oe Tepe 1 28-2 (Bfonior Wile gre an Suge hh appers tobe SRB, SATE foe nor NG «- Approachod, como ne “A An ovens, Peon ofan GAH wa] { Proximity: “2 A mistake, Ps MOR setae tat Sait. 7- BB 6, SELLY. 4 4 lt, dali ro sport, ame ones, delight in, To cease, oso: (trom )y aaaTTeAET TE Re 16.33, mato, neighbouring —F AHL Arvival. Ku. 8.58; to rest, come to a standstill TOTS ram Rata. * sqTeH py. { Deli fod. “2 Raturneds Kis 105 8 Enguged in, oooupied with. —¥ Frequentingy resorte ing to. -8 Leaving off iving upy froo from; Ae Ram. 7. 5.48. BATCH: ‘The avt of consing. SATE: Hoxinning, commencement. OTE 2D. No woop fors SHER wEPTAR: Bs Be Ae BATES a. Grown, increased, attained tos eT attained to majority : °% K- 173 whowe affection has, inoroused. ‘Sard 1D. To bring neato: —Jaue, ‘To gala sequin, wags a. Acquitings cumin gander, “AT Acquiring» gaining gAUHa w. Vrocureds swquiced. Mbhe 13019 Bend «. OF Hite worth saat 1 A. 4 To censure, blame, roviley soo) taunt wahaetaearetagee Remgares st garage SUN Gequesee woatec! Kur 5.55; 1 7.45 Ge 9, 60s, Bie 3, 80,6. 125. “2 To obtain (Ved.). = A aly aivquensis Ch. Up. 2 22. 3. -3 To lay hold of, scize (a sacrificial animal )- revert, BAHL 1 Also taunt consures 3h seqaaren weiter S53 TOM alveoT MEL art myéalf open to your oomure; SAIaRAgaTOrR U. Ty Dalaylage putting of ~B- Touring, oonduetin gs SPecengaraes ae NH AVVRT: Mp, 5. 1. 2 warfis: N. of one of tho Buddha’s most omin pupils; be was formerly « barber. ent -grtere et, «. Ved Submissive, compliant, obediong sana a. Ved- Brinwing or granting wealth. Raps ger TRATITIG Biv. 9 S43 e qqrarcory, Bringing down, talking down. warftay P. ‘To enters enter into any state SATA a. Covered, veiled. ssarga.t . 4 To tum ot go tavardo, PFE, ate naa away. fron Tourn. 8 fo gee — Toll on the ground; STIRCat eat cea met Bam. 2.29, Bb Cave 1 To win over, indueé Mal. gy Sere aioe to tars lead or iring. eke TE ae gine tor -B'To cau, produ ~8 Te stretah cout moro sad moFe- a Santer, STATA 1 Coming or turning back, returns tegatana Hat: (@afa) R. 8, 33. —2 Revolving, turning round. -3 Approae 5 Ceasing- SUT f. Vod. Return, wae a serach BACT BA Ay. 6.77.8, SMA p- p14 Returned, come, arriyod. ae we ara Thay. 9.6.80. 2 Consed, refraining. ~8 Tit propor. ~# Turned round} rolling of wallowing om Rt A hioreo rolling on tho gromd (to the ground fatigue). remove hi SArEATA: A vulnoreblo oF unprotestad: place. Att a gaewhateatiiswar, Yy. Uo. 722.5 de satataette «. To bo expoctad SaTPBF 1. T. "To havo rocouray toy resort to TE SUORT Bae Mk. B18. 97 ere aPAREMPAM wAATT (ea) Se _ Sq: 1 Recourse (for aid)» asylum, supports aera arebaaraI Bh. 2.48; TaZOTMAT K. 195 resting-place, -2 Reeoptasle, ropionts ame a ae eave: Ii. 18. 40. ~8 Reliance, depondonee upon. ~8 A cushion, pillow ot reclining bolster (Mar. 12); ectrarsd a cree TATE Teton. GL 7 cravat «4 Raving oe doending pon. 2 Supporting (fig: also) boaringy holdinge protecting Rectuatenat at eMEATAMAT: Bee WG HL =8 Am ike direct dopendents (as againat SIF airet: dopondent) ifeeipantecert HAAS AT Mb. 12.87. 2b. —¥ Soo sa (4). BANAT «. One who has clusped or Inid hold of Mb. garg 2H. 4 Lo sit moar to (sith aco)» ait at (de of (as a mark of submission and respoct )s the frait upon convoy worships stfeskacecgestras he Ue LLL, Se. at ae SM Bye 12.85 9. 14, 15. SarIeAATBIAETATAT Ku. 2. 365 AFT ques azar Advad. 15; Si. 16.475, Ms. 8. 189. =2 Lo use, occupy, abide in» resides tea earner Banrar fz a At Ram. 1. 85.1. Ms. 5. 93. ~8 pass, Cas time); 304 Cad | Rim, B ‘To approach, go to or towards; SHaNRMmee AY RanevafeAC: Bk. 5. Jor: westegttee 7.80. ~B To invest of blockade (as am encmy’s town), ~6 To ho intent upon be engaged ay tale part ino (Perform ae aenered rite)} 1 meat aca, K. 176, 179; Wye” F wa Mb. 5 Mee 222, 8. Lol, 7-223, 11.42. —T To undergo, autor 8 aoggamt wacal SAYUTT Mb; Me. 11. 18k —8 To remain or continu in my stato of actions oft: with pros pos aeeRIA ANT aT sae BINT Bg. 126. AT expects wait tors RENUEEE ALD, —10°Fo attach ea. need to, practise: 348% (RT: ARH Y. 9. 102. —A4 To resort to, omploy, apply, wsos Fare 21 #8, D. a5 sieaetena: Suse. “12 To. respects rocosuize, sokuowleige. “18 To practise archery. SMITE! 1 One who waits apon, « worshipper. ~2 ‘A sorvant » follower, —3 A Siidea, « low fellow. —8 ‘A worshippor of Buddha nguished fom the Dhikgn, “Comp. ~XIME N. of one of the Angis) or chief Jaina sacred witings. SUE, “AT 4 Sorsive, sorving, attondango, wt jing upons Me aetarenia (Faasaa ); saree age BF aod N. 1. 94; Pt. 1,100; Me. 8,107; Bg. 18. 73 Y. 8.108; Bh. 2.42. ~2 Engnging in being intent on, forming; fa” Mle 65 4° Ms. >, 8). 8 Wor Ship, respect, adoration. ~& Practice of archery. 8 Re- garding ag, refleoting upon. ~6 Relizious meditation 4 soieleaahitemniaes: Mukti Up. 1. 1. ~7 The stored fire, TReH sre af: Se Aa, YB A.B Tnjuring, hosting; (fr 982). Comp. ~Saterer= ava, N, of tho fret section of the Ganeéa Parage. SUE Servioes attendance. -2 Worship, adorax tion; areata aa gat Ve AA Bhs. 11.13. 2. =8 Religious moditation. 2 guetfafae ita Mund. Up. 2.28, sareita a. 4 Sitting near tos Sereiag fi May EUG Mh. 3.285. 1-2 Attonding on, sorvings Mb, 4. sane a. A worshipper: ‘satfeai /- 4 Sorvice, attendance upon (especially a doity ). -2 Worship, adoration; #=hareenfeaia Bhag. 11.07. 1, eeteedaneena es aA | gsT= (erates sear Fea U' Kasam. SUT pot. y. 4To bo served or worshipped. —2 ‘To bo porfornied oF accomplished. ~8 To be respecte A, EA respectability. ZEST gt Pecriminy vty, 2 a ore by elephants and horses )5 Mlb. 5: 195-9.) 8 Gollestion, heaps BarereaTaceee ea AEST: AM Mb. 5.48, 24. SUEAAAA Sunsets Mb 10.1. SARAH jut, About sunset ‘SATE A sovondary or minot weapon ‘SUIT o. 1 Mounting standing —2 Devolod to onoselt. =3. Satisfying Mb- te SATRATE N. of « snored place STEMS €yORRE Qe ETRE Mh. 2. 2.29. SUE 1 V1 To offer, give. —2 To cause, produce + erigay. KC. 121. -a To make, prepare. -# To seize. 8 To propitiates Bhag. 10. * STE any SME: Slight refreshment (fruits, sweetmeats &.) ‘SH 2P. [S44] 1 To approach, come near, arrive ‘af reach (a place, person de.) 5 eH ATEAGNT Mun Up. 8.1. 8. SMA S. 15 so TOMA, RL Ge. AM we SeITH AF Bg. 8.28, 10.15, 9.98. —2'To go to (a master)» become a pupil. 244 T33 Penéna. Up.1.25 8. 1. -3 To haye intercourse with (a woman ), cohabit; aarger a: Ms. 9. 4. ¥ To under go, porform, undertake, practise; 7, 95%, &c. ~6 To go to or past into any state; a7 R. 16. Ku. 2.45 to fall into (misfortune &c.); HH, SGX, gem, gaa, fear Ge. -6 To obtain, attain tos 44 flan gi: aEaETAS Kaus. Up. 1.1; 34 get afeonaeaane, Ki. 4. 22. 7 To incur, be present at. -8 ‘Lo, fall to one’s lot or share, befell; Sarit gouitiagtia wf: Bt. 1. 961; Bg. 6.27. -B To consider as» admit, acknowledge. aa: 4 (a) Means, an expediont, remedy; Fa aiggeiac: Bg. 6. 96, 20% Peweieeeaad Praia Pe, 1. 406; A een shtrePVeACA Amaru 253 Thay. 10,48. 25 Ms. 8.48, 7.177. (1) A plan, oon feivancos Peat Mu. 1.5. (e) A mode, ways stratar om ou 3 ACER w Aeord IAA TL 2A Tac, ireumstance; U. 7. —8 Beginning, commencement. ~% Bifort, exertion s anaar a Ree TESAgHTA ee) ‘Bg. 6.36; Ms. 9. 2483 10. 2. 8 A means of suocess agninet an enemy s nogotiation, UF bribery; ¥#: sowing dissensions3 and gee: punishment (open attack); some authorities add three more: WT deceit; SWI trick, deceit or neglect Pree conjwinss thes making the total number 7), sastersen’t gy (eat sree Si 2. 6k; Meta Baar aerate aPear Ms, 7. 109. 8 Joining (as in HEEB)? Arproads. 8 Taldaton, thread care mony (aaeernys em Regeene ate sate MB. 6, 2. 22 (shore IC explains 39H aU as 3% ward SE FAA). Comp. —aTT: (In Rhet-) Doprecatory speech making montion of the remedy Kav. 2.5L. AACA, the four expedients ageinst Py cei chove (5). erat dice wee Giont oF aohame. “A a ferilo in expedient. “Gere fonts expolionts. 1. 6. ot pun Spptication of means of remedy 5 Cetaatieg argarent: aeiaa Ms. 9. 10. ~FURET Alternative strategie means; Kan. A.9- saaAH 1 Going near, approsch. ~2 Becoming a papil of ~8 Tngnging ia gry elisiows it, 4 Undertaking, begin! ". ~8 A present, gift; Shar ML 13 MAAC aes aca Bed. 793 Toft Fe ware age INAT a. Conducive to. | SFA a. 1 Skilled in the uso of means, | | means. -2 Approaching. —8 Having sexual course with. SE a. Vo. Approaching. Sap. po 1 Come near, approached, arrived ran Ba 3 Pretont. -8 Endowed with, posowed of havingy instr. ot in comp. 5 RMI sTaleomraht S. =§ Blockaded. —8 Fallon into. -8 Approsched sexual gratification SARE fF. Arrival, approsch. atta «1 Appronching near to. 3 CAR ‘one who uses expedients; Ms. 7. 215. aH itt ot. p. 1 To bo yon to oF approached. ag) ‘To be effected by means? 35 M1. 8 gece “4 o be soughits Ms. 7. 215. -8 To be obtained, ~8 To be approached sexually; ~W A thing to jy obtained ; #42: ata SEPT Bhag. eg Fifer a. (34193 PTTL 2 109) Ong wy has gone near Sufanifa bake: yelavareat Si Ta 3A 1 T. 1 To neglects overlook, disrepair, | niyo at} Pomnatzengvs Re 1. ks Seda ay