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a Stomach, sour bilet tamarind tree. (BA) tamarind feu 4G. ve “BRE a kind of urimary disease. ZA a having in acid taste. (—B: ) sournessy acidity. ~BET a kind of betel ( aiaarsaraadiae: ). atfornr, aot, ~etteant Wood sorrel (Mar. #t), -ST a class of sour things inehudi plints with acid leaves and fruits. a plint (after ary Arahat). “ATE? hog-plum. —aANE-RT «sort of betel: ~ARTR! a sorrel 3H). ~gaT: the tamarind tree. ATE a kind Of sorrel (Alar. at, SRT ). RUA a sort of sorrel Tn, gaze, sia, BPH, TZ) commonly used 4 web. (RA) = APL, AH, “ATT A the “2 x sort of sorrel (aa). 3 N. of a Plant (fare), (ZL) rice-water after, fermentation afer), -e fear N. of a plant (8). BBR N, of u plant (#7), a sorb of bread-fruit eo, Rt A kind of soreal (Mar. 3%). alte (seit) ant 1 Sour fasto in the mouth, soar Stuctation. -2° The tamarind tro. ~8 Woodssorrel Uso Gersitzar, Batieeat, and Balle. Comp. TERE © sort of cake. RGA ws. Soumess. RR Sourness. geet, ce 4 Not withered or faded (flowers &e-)- qe glean, clone, bright (feco)s pure nnclouded + (qearrrg writsarorneta. Globe-amaranth Mar. offic ), -A5{ A lotus. BRT «. Vigorom, not fading. “FE f. 1 Vigour: reshness ; verdure. Arerfera Clear, clean, Maranths, (BELA. (sometimes P, so, ese PA, siaiais, fags, afac.) ‘To g0- "RU erate Ih. 1. 3 ai A collection of globe- ally with 3% ) aeate aie AIS 4 Goings moving (aostly ‘actions of former iy ae Ging moving “1 Si ¥ comp, as in SF). —2 Goo x ee “8 Good fortune, good luck (gare, i ie pelbcareed Ref. 26. HE AOA HeLa ‘ aia, 1 1, “4 A, mov onan th i 5). 8A die or vubo (to play, with.) Sy ‘he ear Re Fee 5a safari a be rahe gree IR NR qoemp, “aie ucky a aa, ATA a. fortunate, My ood fang SF i 5. 90, ~attPaTA, bright ith AFT a, Lorgege] Going (at te ol H Toys, ee Raa ERAT: Pros path, rg PG walking; as in THA! BE WL ae aad, way, road; Saaisaieaart: Ry. 8. 93.7. AFR (aaa R. 16. 44. —3 A plooo, site, abode, place of resort; Bri Up. 2.4. 11. 1 @20PFY A Ms. 1. 10 (ocveurring in the derivation of the word aga). -$ A way of entrance, an entrance (to an 4a); aay a wy uNTAAT 8 Rotation, circuletion period: fear: 1. anicat stm; 8°, 42°. -8 A particular period in the year for the performance of partieufur sserifieial or other religious works: N. of eortain snerificial por- formances; as TAHA, —T The sun’s passage, north and south of the equator, -8 (Hence) The period of this pnssago, half yeur, the time from one selstice to anothers see SATAN and WAM; ef. also TAM and feat, 9 the equinoctial and solstitial points; 5%, ‘AAR wintor solstice; TAT SA summer solstioo: 10 Method, manners way. “11 A Sistra, soripture ‘or inspired writing. ~12 Final emancipation; 42: Far feast Syot. Up. —18 A commentary s treatise, AS Tho deities presiding over the wyanas. —Cemp. alg, HIT: the are between the vernal equinoctial point and beginning of the fixed. zodino or frst point of ‘Aries. “2 The correction (in minutes ) for ecliptic deviation, Siryasiddhintn. ~1@ the interval betwen the solstices. “WE! A planot’s longitude as corrected for ecliptic deviations iid. ~S a month caused by 7 Change of the 75 sun’s passage from one side of the oquator to the others Sttasfeait adeareeaiew | SB. on MS, 6. 5. 87. “AEH: aariea ‘f. passage through the zodiac. “Je the ecliptic. AeA ou. Ved. 1 Not consumptive, healthy. 2 Gonsing health; eFeT aeAthee: Ry. 9, 49, 1. EAL ‘Healthinoss, freedom from disease. —Comp. EM «. causing health, making healthy and sounds Ay. 1. 2.5. -arfa: f. health; saawetfe Ae ge 4A Ay. 2.5. AAG « Without a sucritic waa « Not offering saerifice. «14 oseaane7 By. 4.31. -8 No sacrifices a bod suctifiee; Ms. 8.120. “Comp. —STAL «. not performing a sacrifices F78aA wa} 7 GAT Ry. 6. 67.9. ‘AAGT 0. Unfit for sacrifice: aaFeA a. 4 Not Ait for sacrifice Cas #4). -2 Not fit to perform a sacrifice (as 9 boy not: invested with the sacred thread ). ~8 Profane, valyar, commons waBaT eaTa Wal Ay. 12. 2 87. AAT uw. Ved. 4 Profane, impious. -2 Odsteuetor or destroyer of saotifioes. ayanasicéa, “1 formula or verse. AATAT a. Not sacrificing according to the ress godless, impionss S424 F AEB Ms. 11, 14. 20. ‘WAR a. Not attempting Bk. aaa wa aaa a. Uncontrolled, unchecked. gata a. Not attempting; 47%: 4aaie: Bg. 6.37. aatat 4 incontinent. Of unsub@ued desires or passions, que a. Not requiring any effort; Taraarcarerae- qaaaa R. 4. 55. cf. also Terie ae gd ae afaey Udh. 71? Absence of effort or exertion; aaeada, —PAA, —TTA without effort or exertion, easily, readily. Comp. —#Uf%4, «. making no effort or exertion, indifferent; idle. ~a, Za, easily produced, spontaneous. -@¥4 a. easily obtainable; feaaranaa- wea, Bh. 3. 10. TAH Ved. A foots log. AAA ind. Not as it should he or is intended to he, unfily, improperly, wrongly. —TH Ved. Without efforts tat ae sat Bat Ry. 10. 28. 10. —Comp. -2@ a. 4 nob true to the sense, unmeaning, nonser cals Weameaal acmaart: fart: Mu. 3,4. -2 congruous, unfit, false, Sere TAA AAT S. 3, 25 incorrect, wrong; Howat ferrit amaisrata y. g.5 °aq¥a: incorrect or untrue knowledge, wrong notions aamraata area SgUAsaTa TAA: | ar OM Taraterhahet ard 8a singeat. -aRaTeAAT, Communicating a news in an undesired manner, i.e. to tell a good nows in a whispering tone, and to declare a bad news loudly. P. ILL. 4. 59. eniaa ear aaa af: FISK. EZ a. 4 not as wished or desired, disliked. -2 not enough or sufficient. ~SITAT «, unfit, unworthy. (-@) unfitly. A a. 4 not as it should bo, unfit, unsuitable, unworthy s €naareel eae, Ve. 2. -2 vain, useless, profitless. (7) 4 unfitly, ‘unsuitably.-2 in vain, uselessly; @@2fa @” Ms, 3. 240 8 wrongly + Vo. 5. ~T27FL msuitableness, incongruity, uselessness. —2TAWAL intimation or occurrence of some- thing or act which is not expected. ~§%, -99 a. unprecedented, unparalleled, unusual; 222 @isaengat BR. 12. 88. —WeIF «. having the faco tuned away 3H a. acting wrongly. —@ a. not actin according to the Sistras, irreligious ; Haaranaerey = 5 faait fat 4g: Narada. MAMTA ind. Weongly, erroneously, improperly ; araraesita a at oa aT Bee 1S. gL wadifata: Name of an author (nephew of A Diksita )- Bers AIT A Norrestraints having no restraint; fai. oars J Re. 10. 46, 6. —2 A powerful weay for restraining enemies. AaPAAeATISY aie ys fawdt Ms. 2. 118. aqafPaa a. Unrestroined, unchecked, self-willea, AAT a. 1 Unrestrained, uncheck af ed, undecorated (as nails Ge. ); ETH ee ape Me. gs or 30 AA a 1 Doficint. -2 Having worth regi barley, such wus coremony (a5 corel this sense ). A 4 Name of a worm bred OTF ie < half ¢ -2 (A m., WA n. also). ‘The dare Pe, ae month; Tavat 3 at aac, at ATE APPAR A Sat. Br. -3 An incongruous enemy” AHA «. Unit for harley. FATA, «. Visreputable, infamous, Ae FIT in this souse. a. (HW?) Infamy» Ue miny, ill-repute, stain, dishonours seme! ails: Bg. lo. 5. ait weetaia Ms. 8 . ag Arca: EH. 3, 275 ETATTTI IT ass Comp. ~#T w. (& /.) disgraceful ignom AAT a. Infamous, ignominious- il 2 x i aa a. [EVITA] Goings moving? J al YA Tron (of sat aeareceiPel ad Baa TA Sulkra 4b. 169. aioe ug “ea Far TH 8.43, -2 Stool. ~B Gol pray ‘ron i ‘Aloe wood. -6 An ito 17, ale if Taser eke aero DO TE ctl Going. m. Fire. [of 1. wes, criss Got? eh oer Gor. aiain Comp. arora, STL ® Pel for aco oF club tipped with irons a pele gluvtsa! grain. ~AaTRH a, Ved, furnished with Tos Kit - ' mF. at heels. -H@, GT an iron goblet: a weapon, which throws out iron-balls) SPeqaTaea: Mb. 1. 297. 25. BUS" ion =2 excellent iton. -3 a largo quantity © yoad ( aaEHA ) 1 “beloved of irom’, © MOE” a mea aare! wea, Ku. 2 sama gaze R17. 683 Uy a erarifé ML. Bh. on P. LIL. be 7 pa stones °F a loadstones SEAM pla OTB Mal. 1, aw fam LOS eee —2 the upper part of tho thigh. FRE | oat iron. ~3¥H: an iton versal, boiler 83 © 5 prele a rope partly consisting of iron. “BU of iron} one of the ways of curing JP" iW: ). Tan iron hammer: ~ mado of some preparation of iron. ~* aaqeaietasr, Ms, 3. 133. -3 AIDC, 1 oy sisting of iron halls; @geMissret 2 2 ade nae [at aie tte aft P. UT Dat hammer, forge hammer 3 Taare pag it 7.5.58. Fara salsa T. 14. 83- rebel HTS a. having iron nets; of ampeta be | (a1) an iron net-work; sarah 1 ipo" | FLRim. 3.95. 35, —are u, maeiog F | “3, -F% a. Ved. ixon-toothed, »* RRA, ving iron weapons Tt ROI (as chariots aera fried aE Ry. 1. 88. 5. —FAT a proper name; (fat dara Pp. V. 4. 143), ~E9S? an iron lub, K, 76, ATG: iron metals Har ageaftagraeara- Haw: Us, 21, “aTrAL ( seEHTAAL) N. of 2 hell Cwbore Tedhot iron is forced down the throats of those who are. condemned to it). fe: A canon-bell., —SAFevAT Sra FFT ) an arg: Name of a son of Dhrituragtra. HEAL rust of ions so CCH, °C. BE a. (-GH/.) {having an iron mouthy face, oF beak, ~2 tipped or pointed with irons WH aerate a semaigaR Ms, 10. 84. (—@) an arrow Ciro Pointed ); eae: SRAAAGAA R. 5. 55. “TH 1 an pecespenr } -—B, an ict nail, pointed iron spikes area ca: Tang TAT R. 12. 95. TT a lying in, mado of iron, (said of fire), “AeA 1 an iron lance. —2 a forcible means, a violent proveeding (Aigo: sara: gle) (of. HB: also K.P, 105 SERA seaeadreraeyes a1 (a? oo Yihaving iron pillars or stakes, (e structive. G1 24 8aTgTH Ry. 7. 4. 8. qaTAT ‘Tho stato of not being passable; Ram: 4. garantie o. (-ats.) 4 Not true, wrong, unjust, improper. -2 Not real or guanine, ineongrux ous, absurd. qayaredal 4 Uniituess, inoorreviness. —2 Absur ity, incongruity. saTAT, 1 Not going or moving, stoppi =2 Natural disposition, nature. ararareray, [ 9t7 oraat Ta: TATRTE: |] Good or bad use, “a: AL particular position of the pienes on, chewwboard. A place on 0 chessboard, whigh the ‘coos of tho opponents eaunot occupy’: ara Fi ec aa eet vues ST: ST aivieatay Sarall )- y [wares] A piece at. chess or back Sener rae A Sine aR (Mer. frase ear) P. V. 2. 9 Sk. aatftad a. Fortunate, lucky; BR. 4. 26. -@ Sankarseharya- aatam a. Naturally red. BaraTH Not cansing to unite. MAG «. Ved. 1 Unit for copulation. Sagat agra: Ay. 8.6.15. -2 Destructive of good things. AAA «. [fr € “to go’ Nir. ] Ved. Agile, nimble. mats ind. [§ 3% Tn. 4. 221 ] Fire. ware a. Voi. Indefatignble, imexhoustible. valiant, invincible. -€42 4A mystical, name for the chief lifewind; sara suincaiseman fe Gt Bri. Up. 1.3. 8. -2N. of Adgirasn. maratefiaa N. of somo verses of the Simaveda. of ind. 1 As a gentle address in the sense of ‘friend’, ‘oh’, (ah? (arqaaeair ); or simply as a_vocative parti- cles Af PaPraraatHiea M. 15 AA RIEU. 8. 7 Oh ‘you rathless ones A a HEAT S. 73 AL faqesererat gaat a ga aril Mik, 5. 825 910% mradarsrrdaa 2 MAU. 43 soo also By. 145,11, 44. -2 Asa patticle halé. N. of 112 of entre d fa doi fe ait Ku. 4. s or persuations Afi waitiaagh at Py. 2. 150. “8 As a particle of ge i (am); af sifaaa sig Ku maar AAG 5. 625 A I 5 Mi 3. ef. a FataTa: ot yoked or harnessed; Atari si ineds united or con- nected. ~8 Not devout or pious, inattentive, negligent. . 663 SARA SAR aA een, + Unpractised, mused, unemployed are, =I. -8 Unfit, improper, unsuitable; AYS4 faze: P.1V. 2.64 Mbh. -6 Untruc, wrong. -7 Unmarried. -8 Opening externally. -9 Redueod to straits, miserable. ~Comp. —HHE ma. an official (perhaps for 4Z%°). -#A a. doing improper or wrong acts. ~T2TH the sense of a word to be supplivd, as the sense of af q. y. unsuitable; °4 PRET 7 Ku. "Ta incongruous, 6. safe: 7. 1 Disunion, separation. -2 Unreasow ableness, want of conformity to correct principles. ~3 Tinfitness, impropriety, incongruity. AIT, AS a. 1 Soper AT Pre-yuga period, efor BaysgT Bhag. 1.24.2. —Comp. —A Ln. Vive. AH: , “AAAT!, BIC Seo under ABH. —aAR: having, seven horses: FUGUE: Si. 11. G1. AGAI ind. Not all together, gradually, seeiativ: segngaties AH Ki. 10. 61.—Comp. ~AEWT appre- hending gradually. WTAE successive order, suocossive- ness. ingle. -2 Odd, unev cosmogonic time; ar AGL fF. A women, that, bears only one childs (=a g. v. ). AGI o. 4 Not in pairs or couples; single, separate. 2 Odd uneven Casa number) say OE Me, 3.48 attest, (ae ) Ki. 12.19, “Comp. ~z!,-T: having an odd (i. ¢. 7) number of leaves: the THU treo; (Mar. atertia ); RRRAEDE- afeaere Ki 1. 16. Rare, Wat, Stara haying od (8) eyes, N. of Sivas iPemaramaHA: Ky, 9. Pe CaM, A ei having odd (5) arrows; No of Cupid. —ate:, EA: having seven horses, the sun. f BER a. Ved. Not oxi See FH. Sat. Br. 3. sting in couples, o€4, uneven. ABT a. Not being in couples, odds FBoven): Wa vaHeeh wa ge g 48 a Ta Ge aftrarat V. Ratn. ~Comp. 833, ~atr:, ayer See Cupid (having 4 arrows). -2@!, =anef, AqPOEPASEAA Si. 6 50. ‘ AF, Comp. —HeaTH wiped of a king (son of Sindhwl4 ag hor Be of anothet Ois father of Rituparna ) Bri. Up. N a i (son of Bhajamana; ) V. P. ANN: O°N toh the Mb. -ferE a. (in Vaid Phil.) pnt inseparable and inherent. ~Fat: . things or notions are inseparable | kind of sacrifice. B.D Pe ga SNe e 7am Ry. ood al of fighting or war. “Comp. ~817 a. Of eat armies (or ) irresistible. 14 Ry. 10. 138. ATTA ind. Without fighting: ATA A non-combatant- AMA «. Uneong FRIITTAA Ry. 10. 105. ATT wv. 4 Undisturbed, unshaken- a 3 oople ATAMATA, «. Whore no young PP BT ind. 1 As a yooati eT page gontle address. (= af); 3 sieiara ) 128. -2 An interjection “how a BATT NA (i) ‘griot?, ‘dejecti U. * yecollection "+ eerie: ‘anitation’; («) fatigue’. AAT o. 4 Unconnected with: connected. -8 Making vigorous Separation, disjunction, interval is impropriety, incongruity. -3 An ii"PY ai —& Inefficncy of a remedy ~8 Medical treatment against ‘B? Nonapplication or misupplieati™ spin 78. sort of disease (cured bY PT usb 7B A widowers absent lover Od). Gath “10 A hammer (for aia, oF also? ~12 A conjunction of two planet et 718 Falling from the practice of © aaa Sr Bias, 6.8.16, “Comp, ANE: aterm for RAR, fads, seats, and Gera as standin Between yovrels and consonants; Haetet Feet Sa font | eltsrarar fata sia UU ya (ato Alf.) The se of Sieg man and Neiya woman: 4 arora ENA Me 10 2; seo oratary; (his business is carpentry )- HAE, Te ke. see under HR seit: A blacksmiths Vaje 30. es a 4 Unfit, improper, unsuitable, useless. Not ascertainable by senses. aa ZI mw. 1 No warrior, 0 bad warrior. -2 One Who is not equalled by other warriors: BCT a. Not to be warred against, unassailable: eresistibles arardtent aerarat searar SETHI: Ram. PT The capital of solar kings, Dorn of tho Tine of Raghu, (the modern Oudh) situated on the river Sarayg, “wegaleectat alarareateae | Bk. [Tei ae to havo extended 48 miles in length and 12 miles in breadth. Te was also called Stketa, ond one of its Suburbs was Nandi-grama, where Bharata lived govern” ing the Kingdom during the abseneo of Rama. The town ne tm important part in the story of the Ramfyanss eye Second book (oeararie2 ) dealing mostly with vents that tok plaerin that ey during tho yout "ys of Rama. | SA. 4 Without origin or source, eternal SMe Rese, Ku, 2.9. —2 Not born from the rer mn in a ses ot approved by_ lay oF religion. FOF aa teally? SF 3 RAM SA BE Bream athe 13, Jol, abe Ae fe A Not the wombs BAGt mesh at qe Y. 2- 208; Ms. 11. 174- 2 Not © particular verse of tho Samaveds. -far: 1_N. of Nahin and Siva. -2A. pestle. scone ue ® ‘not bom from the womb, not Prose in_ the x ary course of generations TE fat sie Ry gy arene, ANAM DR. 1D. 47, 483 AS Nail 39 wae Mis 1. 30. (st) Ne of Wisnu- ON. of Siva. (—3T)» ee N. of Site, deughtor St Fanaka, who yas born from a fare ino folds Uo ae ay enftae Pama tea Re TL AT? My. 1. go, FAKE o. Without the wo Seite Absence of simultanelty 8 ranting Cait f.) Not otymologically eds OHH APH VHB aorived (98 * srnion e+ Ana. Tnoonsstent with reason Om" ays silts aT Leah emt, PE a 7 sitele, ey Bey alee =8 Going (atthe end of comp. ),—T 4 Thespoke or radius ofa wheel; 8% £4 THANM Mund. 2.2.63 Praga. 2.6. (Com also): Te aria ae ae: Baar Pe. 1.81. ed also sieeattda) Rania saraRaeAAPratima 3 =2 A spoke of the time-wheel: a Jaina division of time. 3 A comer (#17) or angle; PivsT? 4% Syamastava. <4 Moss (247%). —9=942 q. v. —8.N. of an ocean in Bralaag’s worlds ACOaeTeaT ey Aas ITE = aepatal aga Chan. Up. & 5.8. Comp, — AIT (pl) the intervals of the spoke: WmRIPOCIRes, Seaecranteatelaten, Ve 1, 5. “AE, AER [iG gene zt at] 1 a wheel or machine for raising water from a well (Mar. Tet). (Tt usually consists, of a single whoel with spokes on each side serving as handles to turn it, and a rope with a bucket attached to it passes over this whoo ); °2 Sa2Hre Pt. 4 tum: 1g this machines "8 a bucket so used; E9407 aration aderaraia: Pt. 4. 2 2 deep well ATH A spoke of a wheel. AAT EA aera Pt. eT a. 1 Not disturbed by evil spirits, —2 Harmless, honest- ME, ATA See under HH below. mfHA a. Passionless: “Het a passionless beings a elass of divinities with Buddhists. ATA, -ATH, “ATH a. 1 Dries, clon pure (fig also )s ararateTaATsAaTA Ram. 5. 18: Oe -2 Free from passion (qq). 8 Not having the rnonthly coursos. /. (—#1R) A. young girl who bss iar reached the age of pubortys a git! before menstruation. wage Dev. A. 1 To become dustless or pure. =2 To lose the monthly courses. a. Not consisting of or furnished with cords; STAN ZEAL Thy. 213.9. a A prison house, acat f. N. of goddess. Gobil, aa «. (Oi f.) Ved. 1 Departed, gone aways pelonging to others, strange, unusual, foreign; distant, Pamote (opp. &%, Re or aT); (Sly. grieved, sorry Gat, ACAI); inimical, hostile, (with whom ‘one is not on speaking terms ). —2 Not fighting. ~T 4 Moving, going. -2 Bntering into, being insorted. 2g A refuge; AR aera 14 a Bag. 6.9. 21. AT oes fH [aa Un. 2. lols aa: fiat: ] A’ pico of wood (of the Sart tree) used for kindling the scored firo by attrition, the fire: producing wooden sticks 32a Fe aafieetia ga Pt. 1,216. ~Off (dual ) The two pi eges of wood used in Ikindling the saered dire. “acter ‘sida: Katha. 4.8, ft 4 The sun. -2 fire. ~8 Flint. —4 Ne of several fire-producing plants, particularly FA% AUT, 4A path, way. -2 Ved. Stinginess. -8 Digpom- chit aaa AIPATR Av. 1. 18, 2. SMES Vromna Intergeifolia, Wat N. ‘a celebrated sage ( horn from the seed of V upon an Arani at the sight of the nymph GhritachT farg: araraaraztigt: Mb. 12. 327. 81. fafa wear Saearfer areata Rim. adda. Related to the two Aranis; to be produced by them. ATTA (sometimes) mw. also, [4 wea ay aafa Bach Un. 8. 102] A land neither cultivated nor grazed, 1 wilderness, forest, desert; Parner ged Fre saree fe wal U. 6. 805 Ta RA Tz area are aifraaiea | aed aa araed sarod aa eg Chan. 44; Tae 4 Gray Mund. 1.2. 11. oft. used as first momber of comp. in the senso of Sais wild “ wild’, ‘ grown or produced in forest ”s seod; Arai, Geter; RIE: & = A foreign or distent land; a7%q sperm By. 1. 163. 11.-94; N. of a plant 2% (Mar. 71953) Comp. —4=4: headman or superintendent of a forest district forest keoper or ranger. -AAAH , ~AWAH going into the forest, becoming a hermit ; 3% azz0aaaiear. area FaTaaAAA TE Ch. Up. 8.5.3, —AVEE, AE a. 1 dwelling in woods being in a forest; Fd °aia aaeaRA TATA UW. 5 5 aed Ha alate BareTota: S, 4. 6. -2 especially, one who has left his family and be come an anchorite, forest-dweller. ~%&T wild cumin soed ( Mar. f%) Re wild plantain. -KMSAN. of the third book of the Rim which embodies Rima’s exploits in the course of his jourmey through the forests in company with Visvamitra. “Tt a wild clephant (not tamed ). MAAN. of one of the four hymn-books of the Simaveda (to be chanted in the forest). -EHi a wild sparrow. ae RaT (it. ) moonlight in a forest: (fig) an omament ot decor- tion which is useless, or does not servo its purposes just 28 moonlight in a forest is uscless there being no human beings to view, enjoy and appreciate it, 50. is decoration when not viewed and appreciated by those for whom it is intended; thus Mali. on imi fianata WA (RBA: Ku. 7. 22 remarks seanstoasp ents wa. at (CFC also), -ftT a. wild, living he woods. —W a, wild; ° at wild ginger, wild cumin (Mar. #2 fF). HA: Ne of 9 plant. “Bratt, AT ON. of a coremony performed, on the 12th day of Margadirss. A? 4 witg state or usage, wild natures TU aieasa areayiy faa: Pt. 1 -2 the duties of a Vanaprastha onchorite. ATE, INE wild vice (are). —ayrfSe RIS (%)> “RIE ‘lord of the woods’, ehithet of a Vion or a tigers so siearat oft. —aftea: [ sco arg afta: , FZ ATTY AEA ] wise in a, forest? 8 a foolish person ( who ean forest whore no one will hea him aml etigy WaT N. of the first ele aia ina forest, 7 Pt 2.86, -AVART a undfly (AM i) a kind of wild b TAR conservator of forests, forest-ket sovercignty of the woods. ~#27, } forest’, a ery in the wilderness? vain or useless speech, or a ery we heed it, or anything done to no purpose? 4. Hina Co he mearetne ree Amaru, 76. AAR 4 retiring rare 12S fot ier Ti #3 chorite- only in his errors )- Mb. -@ «. growin wilds dear ina a plant Harari, —ateg (—*I,) FS oe . Refi, Pre (CP) = Fam. ‘a wild hound *, wolf. ~TBt celebrated on the 6th day of the yestha. “BAT a forest-court ACUTE, 1 Forest-court anim fa). aera, at 7. [ AAT TT femnrontie] 1A large forests oF U8" 9 ness; FalomragearaTA: Sat. Brot MV nor or presiding deity of the woods ad we animals. 34 sieeatr: ard aaaifea Ol AeA AAO, Ak. aTVFTT «. 1 Containing a forests ATOySATT (soil. Geet) 4 A Je (3% agean: aearem: aeat 7A). ~? a amifien: [p.m 1. 4] voor yielding no oily (fig. anything whieh fe oat etenatsue peta nae f ALA a. 1 Dull, languid, apathetie gion 5 discontented, averso to. AF, Non-o0P?g) & “AT a. not ashamed of copulation: ne) a ; ithout 0" og Mit copulating even in tho streets witheu a8 )) te RAT o. 1 Dissatisfied, diwom"ey pleat Iunguid, restless. ~fate /. 4 Absene® relat 4 amusements or fesiadei Ty. 18 10, ge got A ad th arising from the longings of love + ©" ).0 to” 4 asmaieaia: | aria: ats. p.3 one o 90.5 Ma loye-lorn persons (stanza); Mb- 1?" yo. Pain) distress; etaefewrara at Kic a ty, regrets uneasiness, agitation BRAM: Ki. 5. 51. -9 Dissntistactio” * fat Languor, dullness, ~6 A pilious aise Ria 1 Angory passion. -2 Ved. Going» moving quickly. 3 Moving flame. ~% Oooupying, attacking. 8 Servants r) assistant. —6 A master. —7 An. intelligent AURA: (4, or /.) [wee thet: @ a at] t The et jtself, -2 A cubit of the pene length, from the elbow to the tip of the little higer, an oll; athaed feat Bat Al. wage: Bech aries wet agian were aaBe I Halgy.; A measure 24 Afgulas (Ginger): gear Peed: Pam. 1. Ld. 25. PARE CATH: Ka 2.4, aaaeiagtsanagy: Ki, 18. 6. 8 ‘The arms Sefer safer fare: HATE, Mb, 3. 157. 70. _ ARR: ‘Tho elbows AEC TM (ET: suet) Y. 8. 86, ATT g. Ono who does not fight in a ear. ATA: Ved. Not a chariotoor 5 AAA Ry ALT a. 4 Toothless (as 0 child). -2 Whose tooth &te broken. Ree ce 4 Not lazy» not to be subdued, inyineibles BEI Tagg ma Ry, 6- 18. 4. -2 Prosperous ( Waa). elbows sometimes the ten ‘Absonse of cooking (as on PE and #4 ATT a. Dense, thicks TIF LATAE Ki. 15. 40. STEEL w Ved, 4 Taiburt safe (also 29); Praereas- sage Vad 8. 55 sinless pare. 2 Not hurting, sounds lntary, homefigial, 3 A TACT AAPA Be. 8. 18. 9- f the 5 mae A mystical colloetive name o ATH ind. amt] 4 Swiftly, near, at hands Beau, aie tian at arc Pa Be Siva. B. 26+ Really, fidly, suitably, so a8 to answer some BT a ae Enough, sufficiently (of ‘eaR.);exoessively SRT Ry. 1. 142. 10- REE ‘Yo prepares anakco roudy’ serve} we gt a, eooating, ‘adorning, serving as ® WO gett decorating, gratification —2 Serviens Sat: ae Bee 7.29. eg To bo prosnt come © visible, appear. 'y, or go near (to help )# rrosenco, beoomtines i ‘aria Ry. 6421+ g0, 185. 18 2 Veibye, A? Coming near or into the re being present to helps FA Pctit R41 Praising readily. Av- Wie ‘or made up poison+ SRB a, Denising readily, sounding loa Sa. Low, vile 245 a ATAU «. Ved. 1 Hostile. —2 Obedient, devoted to the worship of God; faarnmamad 31 aacafe @ Faas Ry. 6. 17. 10. azattt u. 1 Not resting, active, goine everywhere. 72 Pationts adiawalt THe Ry. 10. 92.5; Beale: ‘after 3a arma Rv. fet: f. 1 Splendour. -2 Readines to servos obedionces devotion to God, honee personified in the Vedos a8 a Goddess protecting the worshippers of tho gods and pious works in gener ‘atHHT «. Ved. Going near quickly. ATA, ACHAT «. 4 Not pleosing or gratifying, disagreoable, unpleasant. ~2 Uneeasing ineossant. aTgyS: A King of Nopals Raj. T. qe [Es: APA LAL Uy. 8.182] The leat or-panol of a door (#912), SHARC AAET My, 6.27 (©, -€t also); qeqHeaeAREl AAS aazit By. 1.58. -2 A door. 8 The sheath of a Jramboo shoot (FGA). -F A covering or sheath in general, Si { An awl -2 A part of snore. =3 War, fighting. ACH j, Neof the ancostross of « celebrated Hindu family. aaeft: ‘The leaf of a doors « door. ayefiegel Ved. 1 Water (sieht faarataant ett Ds 2A vessel used in preparing Soma + srareat orefa gaa: Rv. 1. 189. 10. acta uf 1 Not giving ot offering: -2 Hard, unfriendly, envious, inimical. sata a. Ved. 1 Moving (waren), # (4 ARE age Hea iy. 1, 129.3. ~2 = HARA, abovos “RE [kt Se: Un. 4. 79]. 1 An onomy. ~2 A weapon, ~8.N, of an Asura; Safenfarce wager, Ry. 10. 99, 10. RX ind. A vooative particle expressive of a) great haste; (2) contempt or disdain ace wens SA ya: ata: G. M. aaedfat Den. P. 4 To work with an awl. ~2 To try, put to tho test, ATA a. Noiseless. arefaray [see area et PRA FR TB TIT. 1.138. Vart.] 4 A lotus (Nymphen stellata ) (itis ono of the 5 arrows of Cupid; soo under 441%! )s aeam rage: §.3.6. It is a sun lotus; of. aaeagataa- freneareR, Ku. 1, 823 81s A, BA Ke, —2 Also a red or blue lotus, -@? 4 The (Indian) crane. =2 Coppor. —Comp. -42 a. lotus-oyed, an epithet of Visnu. em copper. “ATT: Ai N. of Vien from whose navel. sprang the lotus which supported Brokana; ge HAA Zanes ATATACIATATA By. HS aafatart 246 aE m. N. of Brahma. areas Fi eA ‘farzat. Bk. 21. 12. aeraaat 1 A lotus plants sfiaagar a: af fateait Bk. 5.70. -2 An assembluve of lotus flowers. =3 A place abomnding in lots flowers. BCA a. 1 Sapless, not j A ar AL Kath. 9 1 Weak; having no strength, ineffieacious. famed aPa% 4 FTF, Ry. §. -# One who no sense of appr N. -5 Unhapp} faaWAAT Bu. ch. 5.12. At No juice, absence of juive. “Comp. -ATH: 1 eating sapless food. —2 maceration of the body. —2N@A a. 1 cating sapless food. -2 macerating the body. » tastoless, insipids aca o. 1 Devoid of taste, saploss, insipid, flayourless (of a thing ). —2 Void of fecling or taste, dull, unfeeling, inappreciative, insensible to the charms (of poetry &¢.); Athy fast farriat A fora a1 fers ar fea Tab. acdiszae: N. of 2 poct (mentioned in Sariga- dhara’s anthology ). AREA n. Absonco of secrecy. ATES Den. A. To become known. BAIT, -ATTPAT «. Cool, dispassionstes TeERTAE Brora 7 Ve. 1. 4. @AUAF «. Having no kings anarchieals ARIS save Ram. 2. 67. 9-28; Ms. 7. 3; ats stad gor qari: | der’ a fe Gag veel eater Mbs ‘aied asaais#4, Chan. 57. UAT m. Not a king. —Comp. eT a, not fit for the use of a king. -Batfta a. not established by a King» illegal. «. Ved, Unchecked, unrestrained, or without splendour; Vat Huis: Ry. 8.7, 28. ATS Ved. N. of the plant aH (Mar. efit) CaReciet deat Aled | TRE amas say Ay. 4. 97. 6. ATA ind. Immediately at once; Fa aeettean Ba ah Fare Sula. 4. 1266 sre: [a af aaa & 4.1 4 An onamy, foos, 2a: Asawrreeitinasioaiear, Wet FRA: Vo, 4. go, areifel BAAR K. 12. 89. Cin the Veda) non-offering (of sacrifices ), stinginess, hardness, malignity, ingle. yolence, failure or adversity; malignity personified Geil spitit. whose sim i was to defeat the 2000. inten tions end disturb the bappiness of mom (used in 7), a =2 ‘The number six. -8 ‘The sixth FS (astronomy ). ~Comp. -Z79t, 20% tA destroying adversities or en destruction of enemies. arena (At) a Den. P to act like Wt aziiaart Ay. Mie 1 aaataa, «. Not offerings unfriendly acting like sn enemy. AUT «. Ved. Not accustomed te off ‘ anager faa: faz: Av. 10. © P arent a. Not offering: unfriendly” hostile, inimical. orate: gression, frente Vaj. 90. 9. ATT, «(Ts FAH to perform sacrifices, sting: ATH wd cal wire wy sin, offence? eva}le, unpopular + . Rim. 2. 9. 38, ATT o, [aes Tat aE AE qqaar vealth; without sacrificial gifts, ~2 502 ~af Any malignant or ovil spit}? Rv. 10. AUS «. (Bay at areata, ‘spokes of « wheel, curved, erookeds zn &) Spr fai? Bietraee 5 Mal. 9. abs sraracrraeet Dent or crooked arm, 2 ‘The resi -3 An Robusta (84%; Mar, 1% )- te woman, harlot f —aall & rernea Be ewrled hai having curved ey: evil spirits. AVA SITET: Ry. Bw. 9. 21. 5. ATTA Loss of a royal power oF © a o. [55-24] Moving, goingr 7 4 aspiring, devoted to, zealous Ae yp onomy, foo Cel. Un, 4. 198 )3 (used eigde ‘ am adjective im the sense of meer), (4% (aly “not worshipping or devoted’, ‘hostile’ ° kit af A | 0 OL 4 4. =2 An nen of ind ai iba a which disturb mame oa Bia % species of FX or Mimosa (fe a mEt:; FaNeTETO 7 RAR; FAUCIS Mote gle ot NN. of the number six (fron the 5% M @ condition in astronomy. —6 ADY ae afte visa ciocaue eauneunN GRR ES eran NA on en Peer setae aloo 0 dlsle get a. Ved. Not harming or injurings RG agfeadiaaEe: Lala. -B A lord master. inoffensive. eo ee wind. -{0 A pious or religious man. ~Comp. [Ree «tamer or subduer of enqnigs. Fa Aw host of enemies. 2 an enemy, RR Short ol 8 % Soxual cnjuymont of. ACRE TASH ehcatartt Ri ns ATA ae Vod ready for the destruction of Pen ant praised by devoted men or worshippers. F destroyer of enemies. —Paraaal, —FaFaT schemes afte ‘against. cnemiess administration of foreign nits. -3 q, protecting from enemies. “AAR « Possessed by lords only aes Possessed hy Jovds only q_ very precious ) aot a an onemy’s joy” affording triumph an enemy, —FTATE: invasion made by enemies ved tho foremost or most powerful enemy 3 9975 4K PeraRra: 1 1. eas“ orasigg onal, off bloat (mda. ar). —RAL o_o o& (ageing oes, destroying onemies. AZ N. of a tre Me Mar. Beat Bs N. of a country; Bri. 8. sare Hg N, of sm insect bred in_exerguent. dee FAL eonstornat ion, defeat. -IET, ea teat ni ‘or of cnemies; THETA Bg. 2 4. eteemtsite FIT R. 9, 18. eR ce Later erent arait ay @a gare] luor of enemies, victorious, conquering- SRE a. Not omplys abundant; HAA aT FA Bhag. 8. 15. 6. aera, aftedta uo. the y ‘Neestral property rpetence de.) SRR mA cook: afte [ g-gg_garm J A rower, hlmsman (Vou) Sify ,. [aegete; 7 P. TIL. 2 ist. ] Ved. 1 [ePelling, rirging ongards. <2 Protecting al A FE An oar Boeforacarcarat: Si, 12. 71.2 gy. der, heleas a4at UA aT ‘rat Parana: eafAaT Mb 50. 97, -9 A ship, boat. ¥ A part of 0 carPAth: Not ontitled to a share in an heir inoapacitated by Ga Soma vessel. 1A Soma vessels [ef I. erairaum (yyretinos Je Comp. “TT + * gardeep’s shallow ‘ter ). eT q. Ved. crossing by means of oars a th 9. (FR) A whoa dienes seats oH ‘Mtipaniya, Upanigad 92. a [RS aaa Ni» AATET blameless. ca] Vea. Sines? ate “Potless, vgiftina ae Not changed to (said of the visarie ) Stkhya. : yi-pour op eva [ech faoKPr] A continu GO™T 2 “T_A sort of disease in the anys: afer o. Ved- Not being hurt or injured. imperishable, a afta a. 1 Unhurt: perfect, complete: aundecaying, secure, safes HE ee (aH Ram. 5 afte anlar ge at 3 fafa Ram. —2 Ani Serersaratteread ere wh WET Mb. 8. 60. unauspioiouss SER FARIA Ram. 6. 1A heron (%%). -2 A raven) crow. —3 An enemy? ARERAGET My. 4.18. -$.N. of various plants — Ca) the sonp-berry tree (Mar. Rt )s geTaTeeee: (aa) Ms. 5.120. (0) another plant (Mar. faa) Ram. 2919. Bhag. 8.2.12. 8 Garlic. -6 A ‘distilled mixture. -1 N. of a demon killed by Krigna sa son of Bali. -Bt 4 A bandage. —2 N. of a medical plant (#281 ). —3.N. of o daughter of Daksa and one ‘of the wives of Kadyapa, and mother of Heal. —GAL 1 Bad or ill luck; ovil, misfortune, calamity. 2 A portentous phenomenon forebodtin misfortune, unlucky omen (such as earth-quake )- 3 Unfavourable symptom, especially of approaching. doath; GAM ACT sea HA BTA | ARAMA eaeTaAAA | of also Patarijala Yogadaréana 3, 92. -§ Good fortune or lucky happiness, ~8 The lying:in-chamber, dolivery-roam, wouen’s apartments apaieezaraig S4eaTM: BUTT: Mb. 12. 69. 495. (rasa): great fares HARA TEA Rem. —6 Buitersmille 7 Spirituous liquor 3 7HEO sea IT Tanita Si. Te 7h of ME MOTE | DH FSET FSM areal: FT ars a at ancastoremr | ATA, No Comp. 3% a. Ved. having one’s lifeunhurt- AC21S eee gah arsarit Ay. 14. 2.72. honour, adore, worship; THlamataarsiyat Kn. 1. 69. -2 To praise. ~8 To cause to shines rarer: Ry. 3 44. 2. —Desid. [ araraata] To swish to worships “With 3 to congratulate, hait with i aise, sing praises of, -2 to honour, simdeal SM Be. 2. 205 =cans. to AL 1 to worship, adore. —2 to fix, settle, honour. establish. a& a Ved Shining; OAT Use feats ATST Ry. 6. 34. 4. wae a. [7L9F] Worshipping, adoring. [A worshippers Taras Ms. 11. 224. araft «Vou. [5% % ag’ A] Adorable, yonerable (Siy-)3 roaring aloud, singing loudly- Seat grat # AL By. 6. 06. 10. qdisa a. Ved: to be praised or worshipped aay aay 57 SE Ry, 8. A Le ada «. | 9ge) worshipping proising, “Ty at Worshipping, reverence or rospect paid to deities and superiors. adaraa, a. N. of o Risi belonging to the ‘Atri teanily 3 30 orareseraae Re, 5. 04. 7- aera, ae pop. [rearta, It] To be adored or worshipped, venorable, adorable, respectable, Re 2. 103 WAST MAM, Bk. 6. 70. aalfqact o. worthy of adored) adorable. Seastarara Mp. 12. 109. 21. aratt [ 212] 1 Worship, adoration; aajaia ee gai a: RT Bhag. 11. 2. 47,°2 An idol or image intended to be worshipped; AfexeafStacat: sarerat: ‘Mbh. 5.8.99. (there is some dispute among scholars ‘as to the: precise mening of this passage )s ST=I%=T- sifasiat: Nm. ‘ aiff. [or-<4] Ray, flame (of fire or of the morning twilight); araraatiaia: — sarnfarearae B12. 1; daeaigags <4 Reayeya V. 1.9. afm aaa. Ved, Shining; $4 tH RarahaeAT Ry. 10. 61. 15; SaAaAAaa, Ry. 7. 81. 2. aap. p. Worshipped> respected, honoured Re 10.553 Ma. 4. 2355 SAlmAP saat Ku. 1 59 AfSfaT a, Honouring, adoring. of being worshipped or sort Baeza 202 Prais AA a. 1 1g: honouring, worshipping. 2 Shining as 0 ray of light, radiating; # ala afar at Ry. 8. 41.8. m. (if) A ray of light. caters, n. (Fr) [ E-