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waaatt wawata Den. P. To cat, devours Pt. 4; Mal. 7 Rater A bandage. afta a. 1 Baton, avallowed up (as n mouthful ) =A Ohowod. -8 (Teneo ) Takin, seizad; as ie 33a aie. AG a. Ved. Sounding, creaking (as the A shield. -2N. of a Risi (299 tram ); Ry. 7. 18. 12. AGT: 1 An armour. -2 A pricldy shrub. watz (21) Soo wuz, oft merraenzgeA Ram. 6.89. 27. saregtiiceseftar N. —Comp. WT: door panel; Kau. A. 2. 3. FAT, A lotus. al a. Ved. Selfish, stingy; a mean or contemp- fible enemy 5 4 Fnfteat + fe Fea Ry. 10.107. 3. fF a. [EE Un. 4. 198] 1 Omnisciont; Mb. 1. 5. 273 WH TTMMAATAMTCL By, 8. 9; Ms. 4. 24. ~2 Tutel. ligent, clever, wise; WA8zatart = exqr edaeamy, Bhig. 7-19, 10,18. -3 Thinking, thoughtful. —§ Praiseworthy. fi 4 A wiso mans a thinker, nage; ‘Blinrgaat 31%: Bg. 10. 97; Ms. 7.49, 2.151. 2 8 poots Eafe caitd ara alah Y. 2; we: am silt R. 1. 8: ee Wem: Gea aaitarh senewie U1. 1: Si. 2. 86. -8 An epithet of Sukea, the preceptor of the Asuras; HARA WII: K. 58. —§ Valmiki, the first poet. -8 Brahma; Bhag. 5.18. 6.8 'Tho sun. ~f. The Dit of a bridle; see 3981. Comp. -S4B: an opithet of Valmiki, the first poet. -93: an opithet of Sukra. SET A 9 great poots hele aferrafgesragieEte BAL occurring in the last vorse of every canto of Neisadhs Chatitn. ~2.N. of a poet, author of a poota salle aTWSAT. TTATTM: sn epithet of Valor. AUT: convention of Posts HT The bit of a bridle. azaw: . ah: (ema) Mu. 4.7. ey iA Pootrys gwAeT aula Ik Fa Bh, aeseFeeciree ig W2t Rh ue ee aS get Pere: | eat eal eat: waa arm: Yak Shay waa Baraieet BaF | P. Re 1, 99, FATT 1 Intelligence; #4: way Ry. 10. 124. 7. -2 Poetic skill. aft (at) 7H The bit of a bridle. ACA A lotus, ASU a. Slightly warm, topid; 4a Ct Taha’, spahengragsal | RL. 67. aEqgePaTAG: GATT, Be. B17, Re cea 50 ‘%eTA (opp: #7) An oblation of food to deceased ancestors; 09 1 94M: ae: ara wenRTAT Ms. 8. My 2 A fire. on P. VI. 4.80. ~Comp. ATEA: fire. of manos. “AE, mn.» ATE» TL, 1 P. To sound HMA whip (usually in ple). -B1 A whips #261 spas fer aveaien area FAA: Il Mk. 9. 35 (where the word may be m. or f.) =2 Flogging. 3 A string, rope. - The mouth. “5A quality. —6 Fats #2 Weft afta: | aM waaitear to atanhea 2 TAA SB. on MB. 9. 4. 222 Comp. AAR the three modes of floguing a horses emg, aeaalgaireae weer q. [earadla, @2n-7t ] Vit to be whipped or flogged. S44, 1 Spirituous liqnor. —2 A horse’s flank. penal: UA, », Water- ABR! A mungoose- ANG oor x18 mat. -2 A pillow. ~3 A Dod teat A fe AH SA: hag. 2.21. ged Food. -2 Clothing. ~8 Food and clothing (aecording to faa). #3 (A) = m., w. 1 The backbone. -2 A of grass, ~%: One of the nino divisions of Jambudvipa. arent, HEH BT A sort of grass. ~FT The backbone. a. [Up 1. 106.] Foul, dirty, disgracatul, ote Gedateaner Riot ‘eareitieee fae, i 7 1.42. -@A, 1 Dejection of mind, lowness Ls oe ‘of spirits; delusion ( Ate ); aareitd waite or ern ot a eeaaeé AEaUAAT Mb; SARC ee. fae Pia aqueqaq Bg. 2.2. -2 Sin. -8 A swoon, Srakageraral Se Bhag. 5. 13.7. —¥ Consterna- tion, alarm. afta: ( pl.) N. of a country, the modern Kasinir, oe CL) Rest meme Mbhe e ee also on III. 2. 114. (Its position is thus described in Tantrasi— SReITaHCs SRGAMRTEITG: | mena, eae, CareTataAe ) “Comp. —W, ~S,, —TFTT y, fhe saffron 3 ARETE AZAISTA Pera By, 1. 71. v1 RAT «. Having black teeth. “7 4A tortoise, -2 A sort of fish. -3 A kind of deer. -% N. of a Risk the husband of Aditi and Diti, and thus the father both of gods and demons, (s0 called because he drank #4 ‘liquors of. RII ISI RATT a eau: | Mark. P-) [He was the aon of Martchi, the son of Brahma. He bears a very important. share in the work of creation. According to Mahabharate = a and other aecounts, he married Aditi and 12 other daughters of Daksa, snd begot on Aditi the twelve Kaityas. By his other twelve wives he hed a numer ‘ous and very diversified progeny’: serpents, roptiles, birds, demons, nymphs of the lunar constellation. Ho was thus tho father of gods, demons, mony beasts» Dirds and roptiles-in fact of all living heings. Te is therefore often called Prajepati } Comp. —A°a7 an epithet of Garuda. BT LLU. (ae, wa) 1 To rub soratehy scrapes BAIT 4H Sk; Bk. 8. 49, -2 To tests trys rub ona towl-stone (as gold); 22a wnPtaaaan sigifa® aHET N, 2. G9. ~8 To injure, destroy. -$ To itoh. 5 'To leap. “II, 10 B. (3099%) To hurt. BT a. [¥99F] Rubbing soratching. 4 Rub- bing. -2 A touchstone: #228 saAaTeReITaTy aaeT® N. 2. 69; GaAa a ARRAY Mk. 8. 17.-Comp. SMPERT, “TTT 9 touch stones Vike. 1-8) he arora. [#4232] 4 Unripe immature. —2 Re moving, destroying} adopting one’s self to @Aift wi- mimi AER Bhag. 10. 90.49. -ME 4 Rubbing, 3 argafaccettecareReme a dase U2. 93 aanarvinceamaliam Ki 5.47. 2 Test of gold by the touch-stone. BAT = Fal q. v. Bey ge ase | Bhag. AMT! Rubbing, seratchings Parerensheafeaiona Bhag. 2. 7. 18. RUF 1 Firo. -2 The sun. api a. Injuvious, harmful, Iurtule aftr a. 1 Rubbed, tested. -2 Hurts injured. wef: /. AVost, trial, -2 Injury, trouble, pain. MAT o. { Astringent, $2.2 Fragrant, egea- Pivau%: Mo. 81; U.2215 Mv. 9.41. ~8 Red, dark-red; ZvezctaresU7w: Kn. 3. $2. —5 ( Hence ) Sweet-sounding, Mal. 75 ef. also Fae storwarare: Bu. Ch. 1.68. ~8 Brown. ~8 Impropers dirty. ~2, aq 1 Astringent flavour or taste (one of tho six rasan): S00 23 5 wat aReaAa (SE Te wre aerf e UA eas A FAME Suse. cf, also “RATE aa: and wala: a fAareaft | Ibid. -2 The red colour. =3 A decoction with one part of a drug mixed with four, eight, or sixteon parts of wator (the whole Doing oiled down until one quarter. is_left); Ms. 11. 138. =§ Plastering, smearing; dM AawaaeH Ku. 7.175 anointing. -§ Perfuming the body with unguentss farses aIPeHRTAER: fee 1. -G Gum, rosin, extract or exudation from a troe. ~T Dirt, uncloonness. ~8 ‘Dulness, stupidity ; Pmeraaaraeteetre: Mp. 12. 179. 28. 9 Attachment to worldly objects: Oh. Up.7 25. 25 56t Fat sou frifecrivesarafiahisie: hag. 1. 15,29. —10 Decoy, ruin -% 4 Passions emotion. 2 Keliyuga. Comp. Za w. the 4 tree (Symploces racemosa ) “AEA The yellowish-red garment of mouks, mendi- eats. ETUPAT a. 1 ngod, reddened, ocloureds TG warmer Ku. 4. 36; Si 7.11. -2 Affected. maT a. Yielding a resinous exudation, asteine gout -2 Dyed of a red colour. 8 Worldly-minded. ..N. of several plants :-—@az, a1 &e. apfret A bird in general. apdtat A kind of birds Un. 4.16. 8% (B) LET The backbone, tho spine. ERT A kind of poisonous insect, HE a. [PET ] 1 Bad, evil, ill, wrong; THETA ‘Ei EAE AT R. 15. 43. ‘gone from bad to worse’, ((redused to a wretched condition). 2 Painfoly grie? vous; Hermsect: sae R. 14. 56; Fis ay Bae we: Ratn. 1. full of cares; Ms. 7.503 Mal. 9. 375 Y. 8.29; ser aft: oder eet aa Mee: ata sqeerea atieer 281 Chim. 59 8 Dificults ag wiser: V. 8.13 U.7. “4 Hard to subdue (as an cnomy ); a f& saat fea: Ms. 7. 1965 aemrgehe gure 210. “8 Michiovous, hurtful, injurious; #2tS3t aeft orqe cH Alt Bhag. 5.2.14. —8 Boding evil. 1 Sorrowful miserable. BH 1 Evil dificalty, misery, suffering, hardship, pain #8 FeRVEIAT S, 65 Feta ada: Pt. 1.163 y.1. —2 Sin, wickedness. —8 Dif- fioulty, effort; 8% somehow or other. BH ind ‘Alas! Ah! #1 fag eR; ete arcauftyages: sean AB Pt. 4. 78. —Comp. “ATTA a. arrived or got with dificulty. -%T a. giving pain, troublesome. FIT FIR! the world (9s the soone of miseries ). AGE gone who praotses hatd penance; &. 7. Surfers a wife's sister’s sone “ATGE a brother of a. sto mother, —W7F a, attended with troubles; A gi say gee feta eae Pt, 1. 1635, 2.121. BNET a. to be accomplished with difficulty. —€aTAH, a bad station, a difficult or disagreeable place. HWA Den. A. from #8. Fes wi aria BETA ‘Mbh. on P. THE. 1. 14. TL. 1 P. (aula, att) To move, yo appronch, “IL 2D, (#88 or #3) To go. -2 To destroy. FRA A touedestonos of. WAT Cough (HF). Comp. TEA: ‘cough relieving’, the plant Gendarussa vulgaris (Mar. S788!) RAAT A poisonous spider. RAN = aI qv: ait: me bi - - aa . 5 ark (0m Rag: Fo ioe, Cas orows do). 8 A start marke (REE peers <8 A Kind of measure. —1N. of a Detete RG A Kind of gras N, of svar plants svarar, rl Sosy BRAT Ved. The prop of a carringe-polo; (Mar. A female crow. RUT ce iz Iv an cone Fam); Sot. Br., A multitude of crows. -2 A modu coat ee —atertTeRETA seo under at ae aedica, ‘Tin. eee fant. “aft: an owl: sage )feat, FET Musk; weafemiiemmi — Koa, 1) ‘The Gara arm By. 2.43 1. 121; Ch P. 7. ~Comp. | makes WAGE Kavirijag We SRST, SEE the mskedeer. —afeeRT (FY) 12 aA By. 1.76. sew, Zea f species of jesmin WA the navel of the muske-deers areafernt /. Clranftssrem (Dew) ug Tike to a | aa, monkey tricks; PV. 1. 127. aT [stele Am eR) A Tho monkey species. -2, Monkey-Iike ahavibur, monkey tricks. CHEIEA wd aA Mbh. on P. I, 8. 25. —3 N. of a sage, the son of A: aerate o. (tf) Latesiy] 1 groys of a dinty white colour. ~2 Not hoarding much, very frugal gage a whet gear awl TIA Bhag. 9. 18, 25. “aA 1 A flo of pigoms. -2 Antimony. 8 Natron. <4 Fosil, -& Tho grey colour. —Comp. 2% antimony appli to the oyes as eollyrium. a area N. of a sage, son of I, AIS IE Bu. Dp. 87 1 aICTET, HALE A penitent. aIeagIe: Avowsl or confession of sin. qIGe@ A bitter seed (Mar. Was ). aYaFEAA Tho sinte of Deing a trunks HeEe rang: TASTE FATA My. 5.34. UT ind. An interjoction usod in calling out to sxiother. ara: [4-9] 1 Wish, dasiros HataiaTa R. 2. 65, 5.67; off. sod with tho inf forms "GE desirous to gos AST IH: Bg, 2. 625 Ms. 2. Oh, =2 Objact ‘desires Hae WAM SEG Ms, 2.5; Bri. Up. 1.8.28, ath. Up. 1-25. -3 Affection, love. -# Love or Goairo of sensual enjoymonts, comsidered ag one of Feared of fo (SOM), of A and otaRTa, -8 Dove of carnal gratification, lusts Ma. 2 2145 7 Fpaineratat aie ra SAU Bhag, 10. 2. 25. —6 ‘Tho ged of love. ~7 N. of Prodyumna. 8 N. dr pelnrtma. 9 A kind of mango tree. 10 The Supreme Bing. ~AY Dose, wishs 3H 3 aera a Aik se Mp 3.179.2. HLA Object of desire. —2 Semen Bale. [ Kama is tho Capid of the Hindu mythology= the son of Krisna and Rukmint. “His wife is Rati, When the gods wanted « commander for their foreas th their war with Tarakn, they sought the aid of Kesma in drawing the mind of Siva towards Parvati, ‘hove isate alone could vanquibh the demon. Kama wetertook ie missions hut Siva, boing offended who disturbance of his ponance, bumt him down ah the fire of his third oye. Subsequontly ho was “lowed by Siva to bo born again in the form of Predyunna at the request of Rati His intimate friend jp Vavunta oF the springs snd his eon is Anirnddha. He B armed with a bow and azrows—the bowsstring being’ f Hine of bees, and axtows of flowers of five different plenis }.—Comp: ~21f2 ta fiteoflovg, violent or ardent. Tove. -2 violent desire fire of passion. "S41975U4 in flaming fe of love. -2 80 apbrodisinc. RB: a finger nail (ahioh ploys an important part in erotic acts ) 8 =2 the male organ of generation. —4HT: the mango free. =the influence of love or desire. TAPMBA a. overcome by love. —AAG soo erent. 3 a. blinded by love or passion. (Fat) tho (Indian ) cuckoo. ~22 musk APF «. getting food st will. a libidinows, Tustful. evar rleasant grove. ~@t 4 en epithet uf Sivas ira safe fagaiie Fe Ram. 7.6.5. -2 a mineral subs- tance. ~2f%A, «. amorous, lastly lasc aa: AN. of Pradyumna. aan 41) P4aT /.4 Self-control. 72 & Kind of Yogic power. -WaGTH suppression of Passion oF desir, stoicim. “MUA eating at will. 2 untestrained enjoyment. —ateat, aft N. of Dung. “ATE a, love-sick, affaoted by loves HMGeME a ¥4 4 GAT Subhas. “APART an epithet of Aniruddha, son of Pradyumna. “AIH «. lustful, libidinows, ene amoured. art: eaitve By. 2.43. Mb. 1.119, cL Ms. 7.27. ~MFaH_ 1 arsow af the god of lovee —2 mombrum virile. (4) the mango-tres. ~ATEE we 4 a Tulture. “2 Garuda. —20e a. lovestrisken, alfested by loves nat f& saiveamremn aay Mo. 5. —arare: the hhermitago of the god of love; Ram. 1. -G a. @xereome with love or desire, impassioned, lustiul, “4B: the mango tree. EH a, striving to oben Agired object, AY aE a4 Bs. Is, ot. mn, 1 an epithet of Kubora; —2 tho Supreme Soul._-8 a person possessing all wealth. vie ara, “wei aaerarPrareaT Mb. 12. 287. 56. a | voluntary libation of water. -2 a voluntary bation of water to doocased friends exclusiva of those whe feggntitled to it by law; ies afeamecenage. (oR Y. 3.4. ~ZaRa a. affected by or overcome with passion, WET N. of Rati, the wile of Kama, HTH “BREE a. allowing tho dictates of love or Pion, UT HTT CHE Bg, 9.21; a aneRMTAY | TRA By. 2. 70. Te a. seting at will, indulging | qnedevves. (t:) A-volantary action, smc | deed Rim. 2.101. 18;Ms. 11. 41,452 dave bean cvoe of desire; ys anata we wat Pears ran | 19. “Ei 1 the paramour of harlot. => harlotry, ihe facing st ily Mex $5 ove 2 grat {ng or falling «desire: (—m.) the Supreme ae, PR a. Tuts (er) ta varamoar. "2 ance {hort 8 copulation, “ANT 4 dallicnoe, of Ie Amorous sport. ~2 copulation. a, going of ont, frm tarde able to ack or move a8 one lik, (at) | 4 an uuohaste er Kibidinows womans Y. 6, ag") female Koka» “tt o- shle 40 go to any dane places Sharer saint macs FARR. 13, 76, ~am: 1 the quality of passion, affection. ~2 satiety, poctog anjoyment. 8 an object of senso. ~az, ae et moving freely or unrestrained, wandering at wily | aly oeaeieeaa WA Bt Up. 7. 5, 8s ae RG Ku. 150. AE a. unchecked unrestrained. (=r) 4 unrestrained mation. action, wantonness; #2 +8 one’s will or pleasure, fre 20. Mbb, on Siva Sita 8. 4. amariaai Ske: Me ii =F sensuality. 5 selfishness. ~FCH «- 4 ME untestrainels Me, 65. —2 lbidinows, stale “9 willed. (-m.) 4 Garula. -2 0 sparron- ay 1 by passion or desire; Ms. 7.46,47, 50. 57 anger! eh st ‘Faalhe: Mb. 12. 24. a7. —stetaft betel ee (ane). -F See rear, RAL. COME love or passion; R. 9.98. (—m.) 1 an se are Sanda. —2 of Siva. —aray, N. of a work: ip ‘the (Indian ) cuckoo. -% a. fulilling dest and ing a request or desire. (—Z2) an pith of SEY p and of Siva. -Z8ATHa particular festival on the 3 ,. full moon in the month "set (Mar. B1rewte- WARE q. v. -TET a. looking lovely- one’s satisfaction, a kind of cet mon’ , g tutess BP. Zara. ‘ilkng one’s dost’ LOG: very desired objects set stage feat Re 1 BU Mal. 8.11. -Z51, “gx. a fabulous cow yi desires; QI aa Agaalen FITTE Bey feel oh sings aaph. on B. VE. 1 Bh female cuckoo. -Zaq jf, a womnant wats Reeser aim He: Bhag. 7 O17 eat the god of love, 2 N, of Siva. ~3 N- of Moire jo -RiRET. a. granting dasires. AH ae ing “TZ! J. tho cow of plenty, a heavenly cow al dices: tect gy or Sct Sa rang Subbasita. —vaRqq m. an epithet ©. N SRR, caret f. Rati, wife of Cupide srt of Balarama; also of Siva. 9% a. geeotnd nds (-3) 4 a kind of ocitus. -2 the Ee or BoP) SHATAH expressing one’s desires wish ae aA ee goes coats Guestion; 6 Emme wei, Up. 4% © species of the mango tree. mee ie Bae: FHI « portaking of sonsugl enjoyment? sa SOR Kate oe sate Cpl.) some a feations sam ainiilg Be, 16. 16. AE aay te, the god of love celebrated on the full-moom is aah month of Chaitra. -AT@aq uw. N. of oO: Sais FRURS , infuonced or infatuntod_by 105. dif fagaieenarh: eaiveem U. 2. 5. eet A iy charge. 2 the spling ~2fti@ a. lustful» 4 tet SraIe Fa Se: Bh. 9, 112. RT a asa wae Am Bt wills soa EAI) (gh HE Mo. 6. -2 beautiful, pleasing Ca be & district lying in the east of Bengal 4, Bore em portion of Assam 5 adrar: arae ITA, ea aoe FRI 4 taking any form at wil se 5 0 P- 8. 10. 6.2 begutifal. -m. 4 a pole-etts ps VidyadharaReq1, Serr « harlot, cout@Z2™ Jo" membrum virile. ~B¥@ a. overcome with P™ /