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The continuous increase of the Indian population forces the development of urban areas, causing the
reduction of agricultural land.
As a consequence, the problem of food supply, in terms of quality and affordability, rises amongst the
The micro greens or urban rooftop farming is likely to be the answer to this issue.
Even though still in the beginning phase and further developments of the concept are urgently needed, the
idea is a simple, practical solution to multiple issues and represents a win-win situation for everybody i.e.
social community, companies, environment.
The primary reason for which urban rooftop farming is required in India is the child and adult
The second argument is the rapid urbanization, expected to expand from 31% to 41% by 2025, in order to
support the growing population, as showed by World Bank.
As it will seriously affect the agriculture-oriented country, reducing the arable land, food prices will
increase, given the rising transportation costs caused by larger distances.
Moreover, the food quality will worsen as vegetables and fruits will have to be frozen for longer periods
of time, affecting the nutritional value that reaches the end-consumer.
Also now a days fruits and vegetables contain harmful chemicals or pesticides which are used on them.
These create problems in health also can cause adverse effects during long run.
Water has become a serious issue in urban cities so vegetables are grown using drain or gutter waters in
bad conditions like near rail tracks.