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Erin Dudley

My Philosophy
ISTC 301-005
I believe that educators should play the role of a facilitator in the classroom,
allowing students to learn and grow from themselves, their peers, and their
experiences in the classroom. It is the teachers job to provide the students with
opportunities to do so. Educators should develop lessons that include stimulating
activities that all of their students can participate in and learn from. Education for
each student is a different journey, a different experience and it is the educators
responsibility to be aware of this and react accordingly within their classroom.
Educators should also be attentive to their students based on personal, academic,
ethical, and emotional needs of the students. This varies from student to student
and class to class which is why instructors need receptive of these characteristics.
This philosophy has been developed over time and has been influenced by
numerous factors such as my own learning, my experience in the classroom as a
teacher, and my morals.
My philosophy, like many others, is never set in stone and is always
influenced by new factors. Three of these factors that are the main influences are
my own learning, my experience in the classroom as a teacher, and my morals. As a
student and an aspiring teacher, the combination allows for guaranteed observation
time. I take notice to my teachers, the things they do and how they teach the
material. Ive collected memories and activities of previous classes beginning with
an early age all the way up to my current age. I learn from my teachers
experiences gaining knowledge into which lessons work and which do not, as well as
how to connect to my students. I have also had multiple opportunities to fill the role

of a teacher in classrooms. I have had a few internships in two different elementary

schools in first and fifth grade classrooms. In addition to these internships, I have
taught a third grade Sunday school class. In each of these experiences, I was able to
practice the knowledge I had heard and read about over and over again. For
example, my text and teachers have taught me strategies to keep my class on task
and working hard. Until I was in the classroom, I expected these strategies to work
consistently. Once I was there using the strategies, I realized very quickly that they
would not all work and I would have to react quickly, changing the strategy just
slightly so that it would have more positive outcome. Nothing can quite prepare
someone for something like experience. Doing and participating has a stronger
effect than reading about someone participating. For this reason, I feel my
experience has been my strongest influence. It has strengthened my knowledge and
preparedness as well as my desire to teach, specifically at a first grade level. My
first grade teacher has always been an inspiration to me since I was in her
classroom. I had the opportunity to return to her classroom as an intern working
under her. I learned a great deal from her both at the first grade level and as a
college student. I was able to see the workings behind the enjoyment and
knowledge I experienced as her elementary student. My morals have also been an
influence reminding me why teaching is such an important job, why the world needs
teachers. I want to have the influence on students that so many of my teachers had
on me; I want to make a difference and help students love to learn as much as I do.
Each teacher has a different influences that affect their teaching and their
philosophy. These influences also have an effect on teachers ideas about the role of
technology in the classroom and learning process.

Technology is a force that captures the attention of so many and is constantly

improving and advancing. Technology has certainly played a role in my learning. In
elementary school, teachers used technology, but at a very minimal level and it was
never something big in my life as a child. Overtime, technology has grown
immensely. I now use technology every day, both for educational purposes and as
entertainment. The technology that I have access to serves as materials to use to
enhance my learning. Instead of writing with paper and pencil, I am able to take
notes and finish other assignments online. I am also able to check my assignments
if I missed something. When I am a teacher, I will certainly use technology in my
classroom, but as the role of advancements to lessons. It will be used in ways that
encourage students and motivate them. Technology can motivate and encourage in
wonderful ways as well as provide materials for students of all different learning
styles. Visual learners have something visual to connect the lesson to. Auditory
learners can listen to things on their technology and kinesthetic learners have
something to do with their hands. Although technology can have a negative effect,
it can also have a wonderful, positive outcome when it is used correctly. Within my
classroom, technology can be part of the lesson with graphics and videos, be a side
activity for students to fill their empty time with educational time, or be used for
projects and other activities. Technology can even serve as a bridge between
teachers and students. It is common ground that they can relate to each other on. I
believe that technology has serve as a great tool for teachers and students.
Philosophies of education guide educators throughout their career, providing
them with a plan to refer back to. My philosophy will remind me of my values and
beliefs as a teacher. It can also take me back to why I wasnt to be a teacher and
what things have influenced me to travel down this path. Within my philosophy, I

believe that technology, specifically, is something that should absolutely be used

within the classroom to benefit the students and their learning. It can serve many
different purposes and enhance student learning and growth.